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Story Title: Wild Horses
Chapter Title: The Kiss
Chapter Number: 3
Author: Trixie D
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Arg! I am having a bad case of writer's block on this story AND Piccolo: The Pop Star Days!! Ya know, I know how to start and end them, but in between... ::sigh:: No clue, right off the top of my head at the moment... ::clears throat:: Well! Enough of my incessant babbling about my inability to plan, how are you? Just kidding... hehe... I'm boring you aren't I? Hell, I'm boring myself... -.-' Again, I don't know what's going to happen in this chapter. All I know is that Vegeta is starting to deny caring feelings he's developing for Bulma... blah blah blah. Enjoy!
"...." = talking
*....* = thinking

     Vegeta woke up early as he always does. Then he remembered Bulma. He looked down at the content Bulma sleeping curled against his chest, and smiled. Then a weird, new feeling filled his mind, one that resembled caring. He instantly denied it and mentally slapped himself.
     *What are you thinking?!* Vegeta thought, frowning. *You don't care for this woman! She is nothing but your whore, your personal toy. Nothing more.* This thought in his head, he slowly got up, so's not to wake her up, on account of he hates her bitching (and he hasn't even been with her for a full day!), and got dressed. But one thing stuck in his mind and baffled him to no end: Never in his 'career' as an outlaw has he ever had his own whore and not had sex with her the first night, or more accurately the first hour that he had her. He pushed that thought to the side and continued outside to let his horse out and do his morning 'chores'.

     Bulma woke up and stretched, not remembering a thing that had happened yesterday, thinking it was all just a bad dream. After yawning, she opened her eyes and looked around. *Wait a minute... This isn't my room... No, it can't be real! It HAD to be a dream!* she thought as she started to panic. She looked down and saw herself in the red and black underwear that that man had given her. *Vegeta, wasn't it?* she remembered. *Yes, that was it... Vegeta... Oh God! I shouldn't be trying to remember that jackass's name!!*
     She looked behind her to find her clothes, but only saw a pile of ripped fabric. She angrily blew the hair out of her face. "Mr. VEGETA must not have liked my clothes. Well I did, and that means that he's going to get it!"
     She stood up and grabbed the blanket so she wasn't revealing herself to the world, or more accurately, the cave.
     She walked over to the rock in front of the entrance, which was open, and smiled. She poked her head out of it and looked left to right. Not seeing anyone, she walked out, hoping to escape.
     But when she was about 2 feet away from the cave, someone grabbed onto her and put their hand over her mouth. She started to scream, but even if the sound went past the other person's mouth, who would hear her? She was in the middle of nowhere. Then she stopped screaming when she realized who it had to be.
     She threw herself out of his grip and turned around, looking Vegeta sternly in the face. "What the hell did you do that for??" she asked angrily. Even if she knew the only person besides herself was Vegeta, it still scared the shit out of her.
     "Just to get you all riled up. Trying to sneak away are you? Well, you might as well get it out of your system, because you'll never get away from me," he smirked.
     "Oh you wanna bet?? I am sure my friends are out looking for me right now and when they find you, you are dead. Either that or in jail for the rest of your life." With that she flung her head to the side, adding a "humph" to it. This only made Vegeta smirk even more.
     "Ya know, woman. They may be your so called 'friends,' but they don't care for you so much that they would risk their lives to find you."
     "How would they be risking their lives?" Bulma asked, opening one eye and turning her head slightly towards him.
     "Haven't you figured it out yet, woman? I am the most wanted person around, I am the most dangerous person you'll ever meet."
     "No, I believe the most dangerous person I'll ever meet will be a strong drunk asking for sex..." she muttered, loud enough so he could hear.
     "How about a completely sober, strong person asking for sex?" Vegeta asked, smirking yet again (he smirks a lot in this story, get used to it).
     ".... What do you mean by that...?" Bulma asked, starting to get nervous. She, regrettably to say, was a virgin.
     "Do you even realize the whole reason why I took you? YOU are my personal whore—" Bulma's eyes widened "—and there are some ground rules that you'll need to follow—"
     "Whoa whoa whoa!" Bulma interrupted, slightly annoying Vegeta. "For one thing, I am nobody's personal whore!! And for another thing, if I was ANYONE'S personal wore; which I never would be; I wouldn't be yours!!"
     "Oh, and you think you have a choice?" Vegeta smirked.
     Bulma turned around, her lip quivering slightly. This was not how she envisioned her first time. She had hoped it would be after her marriage, with the man she truly loved, in a warm bed. Something special. But it's not like she could fight him, he was extremely strong.
     "What's your problem? You should be happy to be able to be the greatest outlaw's sex toy." Bulma turned back around angrily, tears welling up in her eyes.
     "For your information Mr. Full-of-himself, I am a virgin! And I didn't want my first time to be HERE!!!" she yelled, gesturing to her surroundings: a cave, and miles and miles of desert, with the occasional tiny bush or cactus.
     Vegeta, for the first time in his life, was genuinely shocked. *I can't believe that a beautiful creature such as her is still a virgin... She must have had men literally THROWING themselves at her, and yet she didn't even accept one invitation?"
     Bulma saw Vegeta staring at her for a while, a blank, unreadable expression printed on his face. She decided to wave her hand in front of his face... nothing. He just kept on staring at her, and it was starting to annoy her. So she took a big risk: She smacked him on the side of the head and yelled, "Vegeta!! Wake up!!"
     Vegeta growled and turned his head away, his face flushing, then turning a light shade of red. Bulma noticed this and grinned evilly.
     "Oh my God... Is the great and powerful Vegeta BLUSHING???" she cried. Vegeta growled again, angrily.
     "Shut up woman, you don't know what you're talking about..." he mumbled. Bulma started laughing uncontrollably.
     "My goodness! What WERE you thinking??"
     "Nothing!!" he screamed, but she continued laughing. So, he decided to shut her up. Quick as lightening, he right next to her, his arms wrapped around
     her waist, staring her straight in the eyes.
     *Holy shit.... what's going on....?* Bulma thought, feeling anticipation rise up.
     Vegeta was feeling similar emotions. *God what am I doing? But it's like I can't stop myself...* he thought as he leaned closer, slowly closing his eyes.
     Then their lips finally met. The intensity and passion that they began put into that kiss surprised them both. Bulma couldn't even believe what was going on, she was basically being raped, or close to it, and she was.... enjoying it! Vegeta couldn't believe how good she was at this. He had been with a lot of women, a LOT of women, but nothing has ever felt like this...
     Bulma, on instinct, ran her hands on his shoulders then around his neck and in his hair, as the blanket she had wrapped around herself fell to the ground, leaving her standing there in just her bra and panties. She had kissed guys before, but not one of them had felt this... wow... She felt Vegeta pull her tighter and deepen the kiss. Bulma surprised herself as she was tempted to wrap her legs around his waist.
     *Oh my god...* Vegeta thought as he pulled her closer. *This is.... amazing..... amazing.... Holy shit..... What am I doing?!?!* He quickly pulled away, surprising Bulma, and turned in the opposite direction, then just stood still for a while, leaving a dazed, confused and EXTREMELY aroused Bulma behind him.
     Finally he turned around, his face flushed, said, "I thought that'd shut you up..." then walked back into the cave mumbling to himself. Bulma was very confused at this moment. *All right... What just happened?*

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