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Story Title: Piccolo: The Pop Star Days
Chapter Title: A Day With A Friend
Chapter Number: 3
Genre: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Hey! Chapter 2! It's going to be rather short, I'm sorry. But this story takes place in one day so.... Anyway, the next chapter will be longer, I swear. It will have songs in it n shtuff. ^^ And just to let you know, all the songs in this story are written by either me, my friends, or me and my friends. THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!! And now, it's time for name mentioning: a big thanks so far to: Sara (Frootie) and Izzy (MoonChild). They both are on FanFiction.Net under the names in parentheses. Okay! On with the story!! ^^
"..." – speaking
*...* - thinking

     "Hey Goku!!" Piccolo yelled through the phone to his friend.
     "Hey Piccolo!! What's up??" Goku yelled back with equal excitement. (They are both acting on the same level... scary isn't it?)
     "I'M GONNA BE A SINGER!!!!!!!!!!" Piccolo screeched into the receiver. Goku gasped on the other end.
     "Really?!?! THAT'S SO COOL!!!" Goku cried.
     "I KNOW!!" Piccolo screamed, then both started screaming like 2nd grade school girls and hopping around the room like bunnies.
     Then Piccolo stopped, stared at the wall with a blank look, then his face lit up. "Hey! I got an idea!" He heard the screaming and rumbling of Goku's house stop suddenly. "Why don't you come over and help me write some songs?!"
     Goku gasped. "You really want me to help you? OH MY GOD!! YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!"
     "I KNOW!!"
     "Okay, I'll be right over bye!" ::click::
     Piccolo hung up the phone and squealed with happiness. Then he gasped and cried, "I need to clean!"
     He ran to the kitchen and grabbed his frilly pink apron from the rack, along with his light pink Bandana to keep his antennas out of his face. He put the apron and bandana on and ran into the hall room closet. He grabbed the vacuum and went to the living room. He plugged it in, and then vacuumed the room in literally 5 seconds. He stood back and looked, then sighed at the beauty. He put the vacuum back in the closet, then walked over to one of the windows. He ran his finger along the windowsill and gasped.
     Then he looked at the window and gasped again (yea... He gasps a lot...).
     He ran back to the hall room closet muttering, "Oh my oh my oh my!" and threw open the door. He reached in a grabbed a bucket, soap, scrubbing tools, Windex, and other cleaning things.
     He spent the next 10 minutes zipping from window to window, spraying with Windex and wiping with a specially designed towel to not smudge things that he crocheted himself. Then he went around to all the surfaces in his house and dusted them all.
     When he was finally finished, he put all the stuff away, then went to his room to change. He came back out in a maroon smoking jacket and an old, antique pipe. He sat on the couch, and puffed a bit on nothing, being as he didn't light the pipe or even bother to fill it with tobacco. He sat on the left side of the couch with his right arm on the back of it, legs crossed in a manly manor (Hey! Alliteration! School.... ugh...).
     Finally, after waiting about a minute in that same position; still smoking on nothing; Goku arrives and dances through the door.
     "What took you so damn long??" Piccolo cried, looking angry but still sitting in his nonchalant fashion.
     Goku looked at the ground and twiddled his fingers. "Well..." he started nervously, his cheeks red with embarrassment. "I was dancing in the air all the way over here and uh... I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going and uhh... I uhh... kinda... ran into a tree... It knocked me out for about 20 minutes..."
     Piccolo looked at him and raised an eyebrow (does he eve have eyebrows? Aren't they just skin? Something to think about). He sighed. "That's okay, but we really have to get to work, it's already 10 am—" Piccolo stopped suddenly and looked down at his pipe. He scowled at it and chucked it across the room. "Stupid piece of shit doesn't even work... And this robe thing is hot!" He took that off and threw it into an unknown place. Then he stood up and turned to Goku. "Let's start!" he cried as he crouched down in girlie position. Goku did the same. "OK!!!"

     For the next 10 hours Piccolo and Goku worked on songs, they came up with a total of about 15 songs and were very proud of themselves. As a matter of fact, they were in the middle of celebrating when the unthinkable, yet inevitable happened.
     The ringing of the phone interrupted their dancing and screaming. Piccolo rushed over to it and picked it up.
     "Hello?" he answered politely, hoping it was his agent. But it wasn’t. Not even close.
     "PICCOLO!!! TELL GOKU TO GET HIS SAIYAN ASS HOME THIS INSTANT!!!!! I KNOW HE'S THERE!!!" yelled Chichi, pissed off as always.
     Goku heard her voice loud and clear from the other side of the room. He screamed and jumped behind the couch. He peeked his head above it and said, "For Christ sakes tell her I'm not here!!"
     Piccolo looked at him nervously, beads of sweat running down his face. *What do I say? What do I say??* he thought. "Um... He's not here."
     He turned to Goku and mouthed 'I don't know what to day!' Goku thought for a minute, then whispered, "Tell her that there was a world crisis that I had to overt. It started about 5 hours ago and we both went. Tell her I'm on my way home now and that you just got back." Piccolo shrugged.
     "Okay. Here's the story. Me and Goku went out to overt a world crisis about 5 hours ago. I got home about 30 seconds before you called. Goku is on his way home." There was a silence.
     "..... Oh....." was all he heard. Piccolo smiled, but it soon faded. "Wait a minute... This is one of Goku's hair-brained schemes to not get in trouble again, isn't it?? ISN'T IT????" Piccolo held the phone away from his ear and held it in Goku's direction. "GOKU!!!! GET YOUR BUSTED ASS OVER TO THIS PHONE AND TALK TO ME NOW!!!!!"
     Goku sighed in defeat from behind the couch and dragged himself over to the phone. Halfway over there, he heard "AND DON'T YOU DARE ACT ALL PATHETIC AND SLUMPY OVER THERE!!!!!!" from the phone. He instantly stood up straight and plastered on an obviously fake smile. He took the phone and said, "H-hi honey...."
     "Yes... I'm sorry baby.... I'll be over soon.... Please don't kill me....." Goku pleaded.
     "Yeah you'd BETTER be begging for your life!!!" was what he heard before the phone hung up on the other end, leaving him listening to the dial tone in hopes that his salvation would come of it. He sighed and hung up the phone. ".... I gotta go....." he whimpered.
     "Yeah, I had gathered that much," Piccolo responded solemnly. "Tomorrow I'll call my agent and tell him about all the songs we came up with."
     "Good. Let me know what they tell you, okay?" Goku looked up with a smile, teary-eyed.
     "Sure thing buddy!" he cried as he threw his arms around Goku, then they both started bawling.

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