-Author's Notes: Okay, this is my second Dragonball Z hentai fic. The couple, well it may be 18/Krillin in future chapters. In this first chapter, Juuhachigou is upset with her
new found feelings for Krillin so she flies off and soon finds herself in a horrible situation, one that costs her painfully. This is NC-17 for rape and hentai (not as descriptive
as my other fics though).

-Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z or the characters like Juuhachigou or Krillin.

-Obsessisive Love ~ Part 1

-By Android 18

Juuhachigou leaned against a tree in the darkened night, tears streaming down her face. She was afraid of what had just happened. Krillin had almost kissed her, sending
new, unexplainable emotions throughout her body. She knew that she shouldn't be afraid but when she was an android, her policy was too feel nothing, to fear nothing.
Without emotions, there was no fear. Without fear, there was no reason to care about what happens to yourself or others and battles were more easilly fought.

After Krillin had whispered, "I love you" and brushed his lips against hers, she had pushed him back roughly, calling him a pathetic fool. With tears falling from her face, she
told him to back off and flew into the night, away from Krillin. In a few ways, she had hoped he would follow but at the same time was glad he didn't. Maybe he realized that
she needed to be alone.

Sighing, she stared up at the sky, for once noticing the beauty of this small planet. The moon shone brightly above her, casting it's light upon the pathway. The stars
seemed endless, lightly up the sky in brilliant colors of silver.

She heard a sound. Someone was walking on the path towards her. She stared at the figure, but couldn't make out his face, since he wore all black. Probably just some
traveller, she thought. But she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand on end and suddenly wasn't so sure.

He stopped, standing a few feet in front of her, his dark, cold eyes boring into hers. He was surrounded by shadows, his appearance not yet to be revealed, which is what
bothered Juuhachigou the most. What did this stranger want?

"A young woman like you shouldn't be out here at this time of night," he whispered dangerously. "Bad things could happen."

Juuhachigou felt fear rise through her. Gathering all the courage she could muster, she calmly replied, "I'm one of those kind of women who can take care of themselves."

He grinned, the moonlight reflecting off his shiny, white teeth. "We'll soon find out, won't we."

In one swift movement, he advanced forward, catching her offguard and grabbed her by the throat. He roughly thrusted her body against the tree and tightened his grip on
her. The whole world grew darker and dimmer as she lost conscienceness.


Her eyes slowly opened. Her head was spinning and she felt a sharp pain in her left arm. Surprisingly, she was cold, almost as if she had nothing on. Wait! I don't have
anything on, she realized. Her clothes were thrown aside, a few feet away.

She noticed that she was still outside, near the same tree, along the same path. Juuhachigou attemtped to get up but was too weak to move. It was still dark out and the
stranger who had strangled her was no where to be seen.

The stranger! Where is he? she wondered. Suddenly, everything that had happened that night, came back to her in a flood of memories. Krillin, his confession, her fear, the

"Wha...what's going on?" she whispered weakly. She wanted to cry more than ever but knew she had to stay strong and not let her fear get the best of her. If only she
wasn't so tired and weak...

A shadow emerged from behind the tree. "You're finally awake. Now our fun begins."

He approached her, his face still hidden in the shadows. He then leaned down and crawled on top of her body, pressing his lips against forcefully. He forced her lips apart
and she bit his tongue angrilly, tasting the drops of blood that flowed into her mouth.

"Stupid bitch!" he shouted angrilly, slapping her across her face.

Tears stung her eyes, pouring down the sides of her face.

"We play this my way and my way only! Make a fucken move or scream for help and I'll rip your body apart!"

She knew he could. He must have done something to her while she had knocked out, something to make her surprisingly weak. It was almost as if he had expected to
stumble upon her.

He was twice her height, her being created at a short height. He was also muscular and had a mop of dark hair but, unless she could see his face, his identity would still be

He grabbed her roughly, shoving his tongue into her mouth again. This time, she did not fight back. His hands traced along the sides of her body, feeling every part of her.

He rubbed her breasts, her rosy nipples hardening at his cold touch. She could feel his cock grow larger against her leg and knew the worst would soon happen.

His hands went down her stomach and reached her virginal area, touching her along her opening. His fingers dug deeper and began teasing her clit. As much as she feared
him, she couldn't help but feel aroused and began to grow wet.

His fingers all of a sudden plunged into her, causing her to cry in shock. He pumped his fingers in and out of her for a few minutes, until she had a small orgasm. He then
took brought his hand to his face and licked the cum off of his fingers.

"For a cold, heartless bitch, you sure do taste good," he whispered in her ear.

She choked back a sob as he entered her, his cock tearing her inner walls. He began thrusting in and out, which brought more pain and fear into Juuhachigou. But the pain
soon turned into a pleasure as much as she hated it. She tried pulling away but was still too drowsy to move.

His movements became faster. He grabbed Juuhachigou's ass and pulled her as close as he could towards him, to plunge deeper into her. She struggled again and tried to
grasp free but he still had too much strength over her.

Then, with one final pump, he climaxed and it was all over. Panting, he pulled himself off of her tired form. She stared up at him, his face finally revealed to her. And she
gasped through her tears.

"H-how could you do this to me?" she cried out.

He smirked at her. "All I had to do was strangle you, drug you, and then do what I've always wanted to do to you. It's not like anyone's gonna give a fuck."

And then, he puched her hard, knocking her unconscience again.


She woke up and looked around. Where was she? She then remembered him...one of the fighters for earth... what he had done...

Juuhachigou shivered and glanced at her torn up clothes at her side. After a few seconds, she reminded herself to stay strong but couldn't take it anymore. She then burst
into tears.

Minutes passed...maybe hours, but she didn't care. All she could think about was why he could be so cruel to her. She had never intentionally hurt him in any way, or even
bothered to glance at him when he passed by. She never even had any interest in him.

Regaining her strength, she slowly pulled her clothes back on. She took one look into the morning sun and knew where she should go.

The drug had worn off and most of her drowsyness had left her so she was quite strong. Taking to the air, she made her way to Kame's Island.


She landed on the Island, and, as she had suspected, Krillin was already up. When he saw her land, he quickly forgot what he was doing and ran to greet her. He was about
to put his arms around her, but stopped.

"Juu...are you okay? You look like you've been through hell," Krillin whispered.

Tears slid down her face as she tried to get the courage to tell Krillin what had happened. But she couldn't find the words. The fear squeezed the inside of her chest and she
suddenly felt sick.

"Do you want to tell me?" Krillin asked.

She nodded her head. Remembering to be strong, she held back her tears and searched for the courage to tell Krillin.

"I...I...I was raped," she whispered.

Wild sobs escaped her throat and she collapsed into Krillin's open arms.

-To Be Continued

-By Android 18

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