My Fanart

Copied Pictures (Not Traced)

Yes, there is a difference between copy and trace. Copying is looking at the picture and drawing it, tracing is puting a piece of paper over the origional drawing and tracing the lines, I seiously hate doing that... Well, that was just to let you know!

Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
Vegeta Sitting With His Knee Up
Vegeta With Scars
Bulma and Veggie's Wedding Kiss
Chibi Trunks Looking Authorative
Goten Kicking
Maron in a Swim Suit From The 2000 Calender
Mirai Trunks: Face Close Up
SS2 and SS3 Goku
SS Gohan Blasting At The Screen
SS Goku (decent...)
SS Goku Behind A Dragonball (also decent...)
SS Goten Powering Up
SS Goten: Face Close Up (one of the best, shading!)
SS Gotenks Lookin Cool
Vegeta: Precious Face Close Up!
Floating Vegeta (one of my firsts, decent, and no, I don't know what that spot is...)
Veggie-chan With A Mustache
GT Goku
Trunks Powering Up

More to come, although I don't copy much lately.

Free Form Pictures (Not Copied)

These are pictures that I did not use other pictures for, so they are completely MINE!! Please no take..... unless you ask. If you ask I will most likely say yes, if you put a link to my page.

Sailor Juuhachigou!
Veggie's Profile
Someone I Drew From Behind (Not DBZ)
A Girl In A Chinese Dress (Not DBZ)
A Cute Little Dragon (Not DBZ)
Juuhachigou Angrily About To Blast
Juuhachigou Leaning
Juunanagou As A Sex Toy, My Best Friend Frootie Requested It...
Juuhachigou And Krillin Kissing While Juuhachigou Is Pregnant
Krillin Had A Skiing Accident, Juuhachigou Finds It Funny
Just Some Lady I Drew Recently (Not DBZ)
A Cute Pixie (Not DBZ)
An AWSOME Picture Of A Cool Lookin' Gir (Not DBZ)
A pretty girl that is actually colored on the computer!

More to come! I am always drawing new exciting pictures!

Tell me what you think of my pics! If you have any suggestions, tell me! Or if you have any pics of your own, send em on in. Just make sure you send them as attachments, otherwise I won't be able to see them.