My Enemy Juuhachigou

Disclaimer: I do not own dragonball, dragonballz, or dragonballgt. Authors note: This
story is Based upon Kurrin thinking about Juuhachigou and may suddenly switch from thoughts
to action.

I love her. Everybody else thinks that she hates me, but that is only because she dosn't
show it in public. Bulma and Vegeta don't show they love each other In public, yet it is
still known that they do love eachother. They just don't show it in public. They are pretty
much like 18 and I.

When nobody is around, She is a whole lot nicer to me and dosn't yell. She and I will just
be a normal couple that kisses, hugs, things like that.

I remember what it was like before she came into my life. I just got dumped by Maron. It
broke my heart. I never knew she had a lot more boy friends.

When we saw the real androids 17 and 18. I was petrified of both of them. I was even more
so petrified of 18 because she might have some problem of getting annoyed at small problems
(turns out I was right) and just destroy you for something small (like maby being small).
Then during the fight with vegeta, I learned just how strong she really was. When she
started to come over towards me I almost ran away with fear but my legs wouldn't move. I
knew she was going to kill me. Well at least I thought.
Then she kissed me and had my heart from then on. Just with one single kiss.

Then when Cell was tring to absorb I would rather of died than let her get absorbed. I
felt so angry with myself for letting her get absorbed. I even cried for her when we were
training for the tournament.

Then during the fight with Gohan and Cell 18 was spat out and I felt a whole lot better.
When she awakened she yelled at me and hated me (at least I think) but I didn't care, at
least she had a chance. Then when we wen't out on our first date (She didn't know men are
supposed to ask women out so she asked me out, I was too scared to ask her out) and that
was one of the best days in my entire life. One year later I get up the courage and buy a
wedding ring and ask her to marry me. She says yes and that was the best day in my life. I
was so happy, from there my entire life changed. Later marron came along We were both very

That was a long time ago since she was my worst enemy. Now she is my wife. We are happily
married now. It is hard to think of her as an enemy now that I love her with all of my

Kurrin looks into 18's eyes while she is sleeping. She is so beautiful. Marron starts
crying in her bedroom. 18 gets up and sees Kurrin has been up. "hello, you never are up
this early, Marron startle you?" "yeah," kurrin said, "I was thinking of a way to get up
with out waking you." "Don't worry about it Kurrin I wouldn't have cared" she said and
then kissed him.

Yeah, I can't think of her as being an enemy even if it is true. I can't believe how much
she has changed.