-Author's Notes: Here is my first and possibly only Pan fic that I'll ever do. Marron and Juuhachigou are my favorite character's so I'll be working on more fics
about them. I'd just thought I could take a short break from my series and work on a quick Pan fic. Now, the question is, Who does Pan love? This fic is P/?
Oh, this has slight hentai just to warn you.

-Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z or GT or the origional series or the characters used in this fic.

-More than a friend

-By Android 18

From the moment I saw him, I knew it was love. All we did was glance at eachother, both too embarassed to say even the smallest word. He was older
than me, but as I grew and understood love, age never seemed to matter anymore. All that mattered was the happiness that love brought and not the age
or appearance of a person.

I remember that I had been with Marron at the time. Since she was babysitting me and she was really close to him, she thought that it would be okay for
her to introduce me. I can remember everything about that first visit...the way he looked at me...the way he gave me that amazing smile...

Marron had told me that he didn't smile much, but almost always gave off that 'evil Vegeta' smirk. So for him to smile at me, it was truly something else. It
was amazing that a tomboyish girl like me could actually get the attention of a man. Most men that I know are only attracted to the cute women, the one's
that spend most of their time on their hair and clothing. But that didn't matter to him.

A few years later, he came and watched me while I was training. I kept trying my best to impress him by showing that I could be as strong as him. But,
unfortunately, I was constantly messing up. Grandpa Goku said that I was trying to hard and advised me to lighten up, which actually worked. I bet Vegeta
wishes that he had taken a tip like that when he was trainging to become a super saiyan.

I don't get too see much of him anymore. I now spend all my time gossiping with my friends, Bra and Marron, or training with my grandfather. I'm fourteen
and the truth is, I'm still in love with him. This silly crush has lasted the last ten years. But everytime I see him, my heart flutters and I feel all lightheaded,
with a million different emotions running through me. And that reminds me why this crush has lasted forever.

I'm constantly thinking of him too. Sometimes, I notice myself falling asleep with his face plastered in my memory, smiling at me. I dream of him every night,
tasting the sweet scent of his gentle kiss in my mind. I wonder what it would be like to kiss him but I doubt I'll ever know.

Sighing, I stare blankly at the roof of my room, forcing myself to stop thinking about him. But it's impossible to forget him for even the slightest moment. I
live because of him, I love because of him and I dream because of him.

I hear a sound coming from my bredrrom window. Sitting up in my bed, I slowly walk over to my window and open it. I look out and see...nothing. I must be
losing it. Why would someone be coming at this time of night.

I was about to shut it when I heard the sound again. A slight whisper, maybe the wind, seeming to say "Pan..."

Then, he suddenly appeared. I yelped in surprise. And he smiled at me.

I smiled back, staring deep into his blue eyes. I suddenly realized that I was only in my pajamas and I feel my cheeks grow hot. But he didn't seem to care.
I try to ask what he was doing here, but I was at a loss for words.

After a few seconds of silence, he pulls me towards him and plants a sweet, soft kiss on my lips. I didn't know what to do. Every night, I had dreamed that
this would happen, for as long as I can remember.

I decided to chance it and pried the opening of his mouth open with my tongue. Intwining my tongue with his, I continued to kiss him. Before we knew what
was happening, all our clothes were shed and we were still locked in a kiss, our naked bodies against one another.

He pushes me down onto my bed, sucking gently on my neck. After a few seconds, he looks at me and asks if I absolutely want to.

I smile up at him and tell him that I want to and nothing would make me happier.

He continues sucking and kissing my body, his hands roaming around my thighs. I knew for a fact that I was the first and only woman he's ever been with
and I knew this moment was special for both of us.

His begins to suck on my breasts, making sure to rub and roam around the whole area. I gasp at his touch, which sets my skin on fire and my breasth
begins to come out faster. He gently nips at my rosy nipples, which harden at the slightest touch. Small moans escape my throat and soon he's sucking
rapidly at my nipples, teasing my body even more.

He roams down even father, his tongue trailing across my stomach area. He reaches down to the lower part of my body and slips his tongue through my
opening. He licks the area and teases my clit, hearing how it pleased me. He shoves his tongue into me, plunging in as deep as possible. I moan louder and
make the smallest of whimpers as my liquids are released from my body.

He laps up my liquids once he pulls out and stares at me, as if to make sure I wanted this. I nodded, his concern now leaving him. He pulls my legs apart
and enters inside of me, watching to make sure I didn't feel too much pain. I squint and try my best to hold back the pain so he wouldn't worry about me.
He slowly begins to pump in and out, thrusting slowly as I get used to the pain. The pain suddenly becomes more pleasurable, sending a wave throughout
my body.

He starts thrusting faster and I buck my hips in rythym with him. I then begin to call his name, and he begins to call mine. I was glad my parents were out
for the night since we were soon screaming eachother's name's at the top of our lungs. Our movements become even faster and both of us knew we were
reaching our peak.

With one final thrust, we release our liquids together and he collapses on top of me, our bodies covered with sweat. Both of pant away for a few minutes,
trying our best to catch our breath.

Once we gained enough of our strength, he looks at me and whispers, "I love you" in my ear.

I smiled at him, whispering, "I love you too Juunanagou."


-Android 18

-Author's Note's: Did I have many of you fooled? Come on, I bet most of you are T/P fans who thought this would be a Trunks and Pan romance fic. Well,
sorry but it isn't because I'm a faithful T/M fan. (All T/P fans glare at her angrilly) Uh...heh heh...gotta go!