Commercial #2: Miss Cleo and the Tarot Cards
Starring: Miss Cleo and Future Trunks

Miss Cleo: Hello, Momo. What can I do for you today?

Future Trunks: Momo? Who's Momo?

Miss Cleo: I call the people who call me Momo. What can I do for you today?

Future Trunks: I want to know if Gohan ever comes back.

Miss Cleo: (turns over a card) I see the Wheel of Fortune. That's a good sign for Momo.
(turns over another card) I also see the Tower. That's a bad sign for Momo.

Future Trunks: Do you know about my past?

Miss Cleo: Of course, Momo. You are a Super Saiyan. Don't cry Momo, don't cry.

Future Trunks: I am not crying!

Miss Cleo: Don't deny it Momo. The Cards, them they never lie! You are crying for your "friend" Gohan.

Future Trunks: Oh about Gohan? He's dead. And I am crying. Out of joy.

Baba Witch: (silently gags Miss Cleo and shoves her into a closet)

Miss Cleo (Baba Witch): Momo? Where did you go, Momo?

Future Trunks: I'm right here. Now, about my questions...

Miss Cleo (Baba Witch):Okay Momo. I know what you want to know.

Future Trunks: Hey, you don't sound like Miss Cleo! Is that you Baba?

Baba Witch: Miss Cleo is tied up at the moment. I am the only person supposed to tell fortunes.

Miss Cleo: (throws Baba out the window) Goodbye everyone! And remember, the Cards, them they never lie!

End Commercial