My Fanfiction

A Love As Pure As Mine - A Blue Seed romance fic of mine. I know I know, it's not DBZ, but I also really like Blue Seed, so if you have any Blue Seed fics, send em on over! Warnings: Some swearing.

Anniversary Present - Bulma is surprised when Vegeta remembers their anniversary, and celebrates it in a very big way. Warnings: Some swearing.

How It All Began - My interpritation of how Bulma and Veggie-chan got together. Warnings: Major Chichi bashing and MAJOR swearing.

Vegeta: At The Mall - My side story to "How It All Began" on how Vegeta got Bulma's wedding ring. Warnings: Some swearing.

That Special Day - One of my interpritations of how Bulma and Vegeta got married. Warnings: None.

One Life Lost, Another Day - My interpritation of how Krillin and Juuhachigou got together. A lot of things go on that don't happen in DBZ, Goku is alive for one, plus more. So I don't want people e-mailing me saying, "That didn't happen!" because I know it didn't, so don't bother. This is my story! Not yours! Warnings: Pretty heavy swearing.

Piccolo: The Pop Star Days - My first non-romance story, this is pure comedy. Piccolo has a dream, and he will fullfill it. Warning: Brittany Spears bashing, Brittany Spears/Piccolo cat fights, beware!

         - Chapter 1
         - Chapter 2
         - Chapter 3

Wild Horses - My first A/U (Alternate Univers) B/V fic. Be warned, most of my fics from now on will most likely be A/U (I LOVE THEM!!!). Anyway, it's set back in the Wild West time. Vegeta is the most wanted outlaw. Bulma is a saloon girl and a technological genius (as usual). What will happen when Vegeta kidnaps her? Read and find out... Warning: Some swearing, POSSIBLY lemon later on, I really don't know.

         - Chapter One
         - Chapter Two
         - Chapter Three

That's all for now! I do have some of my stories in the lemon section (the link is in the fanfiction section). E-mail me at