Master Roshi's Fiction

Very funny writer! Though very twisted (my kinda writer! ^^).

A Day At Master Roshi's House (And Other Places) - Too twisted, weird, messed up. Warning: Self BLEEPed. A little weird.

Slim Fast Commercial - A funny little fic starring Mr. Buu. Warning: None.

Great Chefs - A funny little story about Goku as a chef. Warning: Don't read if you like Gohan a whole lot.

Miss Cleo And The Tarot Cards - Trunks calls in for a tarot card reading from Miss Cleo... Warning: Just... weird.....

Queen Latifah - Goku, Gohan, and Chichi go on the Queen Latifa show, other people show up too. Warning: Again, if you LOVE Gohan with all your heart and hate to see anything bad happen to him, don't read.

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