The Loving Lies Chapter 5
By: Pan

     "What do you mean you have something to tell me." Said Trunks confused.

     "Well, we don't, Pan dose." Said Gohan glaring at his daughter.

     "Umm, Trunks I-well-I have to tell you that um I'm going to have a baby, you're baby." Said Pan jumping into Trunks' arms.

     "What you've got to be kidding me!"Said Trunks putting her down.

     "Nope. I'm going to have a little boy or girl." Said Pan kissing him.

     "I'm so happy Pan I don't know what to say!" Said Trunks kissing her back.

     "You don't have to say anything. I'm just happy to be with you." Said Pan wiping tears from her eyes.

     Gohan walked up to Trunks and grabbed him by his shirt.

     "You better take good care of my daughter and that child cause I ain't helping you." Said Gohan putting him down.

     "I will Gohan. I promise." Said Trunks fixing his shirt.

     Gohan motioned Videl to come with him. Videl got up and left with Gohan. Vegeta and Bulma left the room that Trunks and Pan were in.

     "Pan. I don't know if you want to but there is a really nice house down the street, and it is for sale. I was wondering if you wanted to live there with me?" Asked Trunks holding her hands.

     "You know what I would love to live there with you. And since we both have so much money, how about you buy the house and I will buy the furniture and you can by the paint to ok?" Asked Pan folding her arms.

     "What a great idea." Said Trunks. "Now we can do whatever we please together without getting in trouble." Said Trunks pulling pan closer to his body.

     "You have such a tight muscular body Trunks You're skin is so smooth and your eyes are so blue and you just look at you Trunks you are the sexiest man that I know. I don't think any other man would turn me on as much as you do." Said Pan throwing him on the couch.

     After Pan through him down on the couch she threw herself down on top of him. She laid down on top of him and forced her tongue into his mouth. Trunks decided to kiss back, but then he go a little carried away. Trunks decided to take her shirt of and her pants to revel her G strapped thong. After a few minutes of kissing her, Gohan and Videl came back to celebrate. Bulma, Vegeta, Videl, and Gohan started to walk to the extra room. Bulma opened the door to see Pan and Trunks half naked. Pan and Trunks stopped really fast and put their clothes back on.

     "May I help you?" Asked Trunks standing there.

     "Umm, ok I will just pretend that never happened ." Said Bulma setting the food down.

     "What happened?" Asked Trunks.

     "What you know what happened young man! You were making out with you pregnant girlfriend." Said Bulma.

     "See how she got pregnant, they just can't keep there hands off eachother." Said Gohan laughing.

     "I just think it's because Pan's just a little to atracted to his body." Whispered Videl to Bulma."

     "You have a point." Whispered Bulma back to Videl.

     "Ok you guys why did you come back?" Asked Pan walking up next to Trunks.

     "We wanted to celebrate your pregnancy." Said Videl hugging her daughter.

     "Ok. I never thought pregnancy was something to celebrate." Said Pan kissing her by friend.

     "Well, let party! Everybody else you can come in now." Said Bulma jumping.

     "Mom you didn't have o invite the whole world."Said Trunks surprised.

     "YesI did. Everybody deserves to know what you did." Said Bulma hugging her son.

     "Hi Trunks, Pan." Said Everyone.

     Bulma stood up on the table to get everyone's attention.

     "Ok I brought all of you here today because my son and Videl's daughter are going to have a baby."Said Bulma clapping.

     Everyone started to cheer for them.

     "OH can we get you two up here." Said Bulma.

     Trunks and Pan walked up and stood there next to Bulma.

     "Why don't you two kiss for us." Said Bulma.

     Trunks and Pan looked at eachother in happiness. Trunks leaned in and kissed her remembering all the good times he had with her.

     "Don't get carried away you two." Said Bulma into the microphone.

     Trunks and Pan broke the kiss, while everyone clapped and cheered in happiness. While everyone except Marron was. Trunks looked over at her and notice he had tears strolling down her face. Trunks just stood there and looked away wondering if her tears were of joy or sadness.

     After the Party was coming to an end Trunk had to make an announcement.

     "May I have your attention? I have to ask my girlfriend a question but I want everyone to see me do it." Said Trunks standing on the table.

     Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Pan and Trunks. Trunks then took out a small red velvet box and reveled a big diamond.

     "Pan I've been meaning to ask you this but I could never find the right time to do it so um, will you marry me?" Asked Trunks shyly.

     Pan looked at him in shock.

     "Well, yes I will marry you Trunks, I would love to." Said Pan jumping into his arms.

     Everyone started clapping and cheering for them. Trunks put her down and she looked into his blue eyes and locked a deep passionate kiss ever.

     Marron walked over to them which broke their kiss.

     "May we help you?" Asked Trunks hugging his fiance.

     "No, I just wanted to say congratulations and that it was nice knowing you guys." Said Marron with tears in her eyes.

     "Marron it sounds like you are saying good-bye to us." Said Pan.

     "Well, that because I am." Said Marron. " well, you see my dad got a job in a different state and we are moving there so I just wanted to tell you guys that. Well, I hope I see you guys soon and I will miss you all sincerely." Said Marron hugging Trunks and Pan.

     "We're gonna miss you guys a lot." Said Trunks hugging Marron back.

     "Well, good-bye." Said Marron running off.

     With that Trunks and Pan hugged and waved good-bye to one of their best friends that they will never see again. But one thing they will remember is their true love and their future ahead.


-Pan =)