When Trunks and Pan got out of the house they looked at eachother. Pan looked him and locked him into a deep passionate kiss.

     "Let's go back to my house." Said Trunks pulling away.

     "But won't your dad get mad?" Asked Pan backing away.

     "No. Now lets go." Said Trunks taking off.

     "Ok." Said Pan taking after Trunks.

     They both landed at the door at the same time. Trunks opened the door and they walked in.

     "Hey Mom." Said Trunks walking up his Mom.

     "Oh hi Trunks." Said Bulma not looking at her son.

     "Hi Mrs. Briefs." Said Pan walking next to Trunks.

     "Oh hi Pan." Said Bulma getting up. "How are you?" Asked Bulma hugging her.

     "I'm fine." Said Pan backing away from Bulma.

     "Oh Trunks Goten called you, and Bra wanted to talk to you." Said Bulma leaving the room.

     Trunks went to the phone and called goten while his girlfriend went to talk to Bra.

     "Bra, you in here?" Asked Pan knocking on the door.

     "Pan you can come in." Said Bra getting up.

     "So you wanted to talk to me." Said Pan sitting down on the bed.

     "Yea. I needed to talk to you about my brother." Said Bra sitting back down.

     "Why do you have to talk to me about Trunks?" Asked Pan confused.

     "Well, I just wanted to know a few things about my brother." Said Bra grabbing a pillow.

     "Ok ask away." Said Pan lying down.

     "Ok is he a good kisser or a bad kisser?" Asked Bra jumping up.

     "You'll just have to find out tonight." Said Trunks barging in.

     "What do you mean?" Asked Bra looking at her brother.

     "We are going to Goten's apartment." Said Trunks grabbing Pan and Bra's arm.

     Trunks dragged them out side and took off. Bra and Pan took of after him.

     "So Trunks what are we doing that consists of you kissing me?" Asked Bra catching up with her brother.

     "We are playing spin the bottle like we always do." Said Trunks landing.

     "Ok." Said Bra and Pan landing next to Trunks.

     Trunks knocked on the door, and Goten answered it.

     "Hey guys. Come on in." Said Goten with an empty bottle in his hand.

     "Ok, we are changing the rules a little bit. The kissing is the same but if you land on them 3 times in a row or something like that. You have to have sex with them in front of everyone." Said Trunks grinning.

     "What if they are the same sex?" Asked Pan.

     "No way. Are you out of your mind. They just have to close their eye's and pick between the two beautiful girls we have here. Even if they are related. Well, lets play." Said Trunks spinning the bottle.

     It landed on Bra. He got up and kissed his sister gently on the lips. Bra took the bottle and spun. IT landed on Goten. She got up and kissed him. He spun the bottle it landed on Pan. Goten go up and kissed her. Pan spun it and it landed on Trunks. She got up on kissed him. He took the bottle back and it landed on his sister again.

     "Looks like you get to find out how I kiss after all." Said Trunks cupping his hands on Bra's face.

     "You are pretty good at that." Said Bra licking her lips.

     She took the bottle and it landed on Goten. She go up and frenched him. He took the bottle. It landed on Trunks. He got up and kissed him Trunks on the lips. Both of them grabbed the beer and drinking it down to almost nothing. Trunks grabbed the bottle and it landed on Pan. HE go up and kissed her for about 10 minutes. Pan took the bottle and spun it. It landed on Trunks.

     "Guy's that's the third time that it's landed on both of you." Said Bra giggling.

     "Ha Ha you guys have to make out." Said Goten laughing at Trunks.

     "Goten you are acting like you are 7." Said Trunks standing up.

     "Well, you are acting like a,a,a big bully Trunks." Said Goten flailing his arms around.

     "Oh shut up Goten." Said Trunks turning back to his girlfriend.

     Trunks looked Pan in the eyes. He grabbed her by surprise and started kissing her. He took of her shirt to reveal her bra. Trunks was just about to unhook her bra when Gohan barged into his brothers apartment.

     "Trunks you are pushing this a little to far." Said Gohan grabbing him by the shirt." Goten you should ashamed of your self." Said Gohan dropping Trunks on his ass." Pan grab your shirt we are going home." Said Gohan turning to Pan.

     "Yo, Gohan it's called knocking before you enter." Said Goten standing up to his brother.

     "Well, maybe you guy's shouldn't hang out any more." Said Gohan grabbing his daughter and leaving.

     "What an asshole." Said Trunks braking hi beer bottle.

     "You got that right." Said Goten.

     "Well me and Bra we going now. Cya Goten." Said Trunks grabbing his sister and leaving.

     Trunks and Bra took off towards home. They flew past Gohan's house. Trunks was really mad at him.

     "Trunks if you don't act like your normal Mom and dad are going to ask you questions." Said Bra catching up to Trunks.

     "Yeah well if I don't what are they going to about it? Kill me. Said trunks really mad.

     "Yeah well if you go after Pan Gohan's going to kill you." Said Bra glaring at her brother. "Trunks, and really don't want to lose you." Said bra wipping tears away from her eyes.

     "Don't worry Bra your not going to lose me." Said Trunks landing and Bra landing right after him.

     Trunks and Bra walked into the house to find Gohan, Videl, Pan, Vegeta, and Bulma standing right in front of the door.

     "What are you guys doing here?" Asked Trunks confused.

     Gohan, Videl, and Pan stepped forward.

     "Trunks we having something to tell you."


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