The next morning Pan woke up shockingly. She looked around the room and noticed that she was on the couch in her living room. She felt something warm and soft. She looked down to see Trunks lying there. She took her hand and combed it through his air gently. Trunks woke up and saw Pan still laying there.
     "Trunks your finally awake." Said Pan standing up.
     " How long have you been awake?" Asked Trunks staring at her beautiful body.
     "Long enough to see your beautiful face." Said Pan turning around.
     Trunks got up and walked over to her.
     "You're so beautiful. I love you soo much." Said Trunks holding her and kissing her head.
     "Trunks I am going to go take a shower, you can join me if you want to." Said Pan running to the bathroom.
     "Oh, I will never turn down that offer." Said Trunks running after her.
     He walked into the bathroom to see Pan stepping into the sower. Trunks stepped in after her. They glared into eachothers eyes. Their bodies touching against eachother. Trunks brushed his hand against her cheek. Before Pan knew it Trunks locked Pan into a deep passoinate kiss. While Trunks was kissing her neck the front door swung open. Trunks stopped kissing her abruptly.
     "Pan sweety were home!" Screamed Videl from the front door.
     "Oh shit! Why the hell are my parents home." Screamed Pan to herself.
     "Are you taking a shower Pan?" Asked Videl as she knocked on the bathroom door.
     "Yea!" Said Pan pushing trunks to stop kissing her.
     "Where's Trunks?" Asked Videl looking in every direction.
     "He went out to buy some breakfast." Said Pan finally letting Trunks kiss her.
     "Videl! You might want to come see what I found on the living room floor." Said Gohan holding some articles of clothing.
     "Now what did you find." Said Videl walking into the living room
     When Videl walked into the living room she saw Gohan holding Pan's Pants and Trunks' shorts. Videl walked back to the bathroom and barged right in. Videl almost screamed but instead she called Gohan into the bathroom. Gohan never thought to see his own daughter in the shower with Trunks.
     They were both kissing each other very fast and passionate. Trunks was massaging her breast while they were kissing. Pan slowly moved down kissing his neck and feeling his tight abs get even tighter every minute she touched him. Pan was moaning quietly, but it got loader every time he squeezed one of her breasts.
     Gohan and Videl were very surprised by the way her daughter took the actions. By then, since the sower is big they fell over until they were completely lying down. Trunks didn't even ask her this time, he stuck his member right into her. Her legs went around Trunks. He started to thrust up and down at a steady pace. Pan was screaming his name at the top of her lungs. Trunks let out one more thrust as they both collapsed into eachothers arms. Videl and Gohan walked out of the bathroom and closed the door quietly. They stood by the bathroom door to wait for them to come out. They could here Trunks sweet talking her. Pan giggled as Trunks walked to the door. Trunks opened the door and let Pan go first. She didn't even notice her parents were out side the bathroom.
     "Where do you think you are going young lady." Said Videl in a stern voice.
     "I-I'm going to my room to get dressed." Said Pan looking at her mother.
     "Yea, right. And what are you doing young man." Said Videl turning to Trunks.
     "I was going to the living room to get my clothes and get dressed." Said Trunks turning to Videl.
     "Oh you mean these cloths." Said Gohan holding up Trunks' clothes." Go get dressed We want to talk to you guys when you are done." Said Gohan with madness in his voice.
     "Yes, Gohan, Dad." Said Pan and Trunks at the same time.
     Pan went to her room and Trunks went into the bathroom. When they were done getting dressed they all sat down in the living room. Videl and Gohan sat on the couch that Trunks and Pan used last night, and Trunks sat on the love seat with Pan n his lap.
     "Is that the only time you guys had sex?" Asked Gohan folding his arms.
     "Yes." They said at the same time.
     "Ok, lets ask our witness. Marron you can come in now.
     Marron walked in with a video tape.
     "Ok, since you guys choose to like, Videl here put this in.
     Videl got up and pressed play. She sat back to see her 14yr old daughter having sex with 19 yr. old Trunks. Videl turned it off. Trunks stood up and dumped Marron right in front of everybody. Marron ran out of the house crying.
     "Trunks why did you just do that?"Asked Videl walking up to Trunks.
     "Cause Pan is my new girlfriend." Said Trunks tilting his head.
     "Okay. I give up go do what ever you want." Said Videl walking away.
     "Videl yo can't just give up. You are putting Pan in some great danger." Said Gohan walking over to her.
     "Yeah but if we try and keep them apart, they will just find away back to eachother." Said Videl hugging Gohan.
     Did you guys have protected sex? Asked Gohan walking over to Trunks and Pan breaking their kiss.
     "I think Trunks should answer this one on his own." Said Videl kissing Gohan.
     "Oh ok that shouldn't be to hard." Said Trunks stand up and holding Pan in his arms. "No, we didn't have protected sex." Said Trunks looking at them.
     "Pan how could you. You are only 14." Said Videl hugging her daughter.
     "I'm not your little girl anymore. I was your little girl when I still had my virginity. Now I don't and I love who I lost it with and if you don't believe it I can prove it." Said Pan walking back to Trunks.
     "Okay then prove you love him." Said Gohan laughing.
     "Pan turned to Trunks and locked a deep passionate kiss, They were both kissing for 10 minutes.
     "Is that all?" Said Videl looking at Trunks and Pan.
     "Yeah." Said Pan hugging Trunks.
     "Trunks do you have anything to say?" Asked Videl glaring at him.
     "Well, she's beautiful, and-and well I lover her. " Said Trunks kissing her.
     "Ok I guess that's good enough." Said Gohan walking away.
     "Trunks dose your dad know this?" Asked Videl looking at him.
     "No." Said Trunks stopping dead in his tracks.
     "Well, I think we better give him a call." Said Videl walking to the phone.
     "No. He doesn't need to know what's going on." Said Trunks turning back to videl.
     "Come on Trunks do you want me to call him for you."Asked Videl in a baby voice.
     "Yea you tell me what he said." Said Trunks taking Pan to her room.
     "Gohan we have to keep an eye on them cause they just went into Pan's room." Said Videl picking up the phone to call Vegeta.
     While in he mean time Trunks started kissing Pan again.
     "Pan if I'm going to have to stop." Said Trunks staring into her eyes.
     "No, I don't want you to." Said Pan going into a deep passionate kiss.
     "Pan if I don't stop now I'm not going to be able to." Said Trunks kissing her.
     Trunks started to undress Pan and massaging her breasts. He started felling her up. She was moaning quietly and loader every time he kissed her neck. Pan lower her kiss until she got to his boxers and pulled his boxers off with her teeth. She grabbed his boxers down and off. She grabbed them out of her mouth and threw them on the floor.
     In the mean time Videl called Vegeta.
     "Hello." Said Vegeta in the old raspy voice of his.
     "Can you come over for a few minutes, I need to talk to you." Said Videl listening to her daughters moans.
     "Yea fine. I will be there soon." Said Veget hanging up the phone.
     "Well Vegeta is coming here Gohan. Are they still at it Gohan?" Asked Videl walking to the bedroom door.
     "Yea." Said Gohan rolling his eyes.
     With that there was a knock on the door.
     " Come on in Vegeta!" Screamed Videl from the hallway.
     Vegeta came into the house and closed the door quietly.
     They walked over to Pan's bedroom door and herd Pan screaming Trunks' name at the top of her lungs.
     "Who the fuck dose Trunks think he is." Said Vegeta bragging into the room.
     Trunks looked up and saw his dad.
     "What the fuck do you think you are doing boy." Said Vegeta walking over to the bed side.
     "Dad you know what, I am sick of all this crap you give me. You are always trying to run my life. I am 19 years old I can choose to do what ever I want to do." Sad Trunks lying back down on the bed.
     With that Trunks stuck his member right into Pan. Vegeta was surprised what Trunks did to Pan. Vegeta left the room in disgust cause of what his son did.
     "That went well." Said Videl closing the door.
     "I can't believe Trunks did that to her excepcially right in front of his dad." Said Gohan leaving so he couldn't her the racket.
     After 2 more hours went by, Trunks started sweet talking her.
     "Did you know you are one sexy bitch." Said Trunks kissing her on the cheek.
     "Oh Trunks." Said Pan giggling.
     They walked out of the bedroom. They were holding eachothers hand.
     "Hey sweetie." Said Videl looking at her daughter.
     "Mom me and Trunks are going to go to the mall and meet t some old friends." Said Pan kissing Trunks on the cheek
     "Ok. Bye baby." Said Videl waving to her daughter.
     Pan and Trunks walked out of the house with evil grins on eachothers faces.


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