Hey I finally got to it. I've been so busy all week so I haven't
gotten a chance to write. Well, here is chapter 2 of the Loving Lies.

Trunks was standing in the front door waving good bye to Gohan and
Videl. Pan came into the room in confusion.

"Trunks where are my parent going?" Asked Pan in confusion.

"They are going away for the weekend." Said Trunks all happy.

"Yeah and who is going to watch me?" Said Pan all snobbish.

"I am." Said Trunks looking at her.

"Oh, Ok." Said Pan walking away.

"Auu,ugh, I don't think this is going to work out that well." Said
Trunks angrily to himself.

"So Pan what do you want to do for dinner?" Asked Trunks staring at

"I don't know, lets go out to eat."Said Pan grinning.

They flew to a restaurant called "The Chinese Palace." They both
were seated in a private area because of their parents. They both sat down
and were served immediately.

When they finished Pan stood up and grabbed Trunks. She paid and dragged
Trunks outside and pushed him against the wall. Before they knew it they were
all over eachother. In the mean time the heard somebody walk up to them.
That's when Trunks saw her, blonde hair, blue eyes. It was Marron. Both
Trunks and Pan stopped.

"Why don't you two get a room." Said Marron in disgust. " What do you
two have to say for yourselves." Said Marron standing there.

"Nothing you Bitch!" Screamed Pan. "Why don't you just mind your
own business!"

With that Trunks and Pan flew back to her house.

"So now what do you want to do?" Asked Trunks sitting down on the

"Oh you will feel it soon enough." Said Pan walking over to her stereo.

Pan turned on the stereo and started singing and stripping at the
same time.

"I wanna be bad. Make that feel so good. I'm losing all my cool. I'm
about to break the rules. I-I wanna be bad...."

By the end of the song Trunks was kissing Pan head to toe. She was
moaning quietly at first until Trunks started feeling her up. They both fell
down on the couch still kissing. Trunks was on top of her kissing her neck
and massaging her breast. The both tumbled around on the couch until it was
time. Trunks made sure she wanted to go through with this. Pan nodded her
head in delight. Trunks then lower his member into hers. She didn't squeal in
pain like Marron did cause she was a super saijyan. There legs joined as
Trunks started to thrust up and down in a steady pace. With that they both
fell asleep in eachothers arms. But what they didn't know was that Marron was
right out side video taping it all.


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