The Loving lies
By: Bra

Ok I am not the owner of Dragonball Z or Gt I just writestories.
Ok peeps here is another one of my stories for you.

One day 19 year old Trunks went to see his old man Gohan. Well in this world
Trunks had a sneaky old mind.
When Trunks rang the doorbell he was thinking about how he was going to get
Pan in bed with him.
After a few rings of the doorbell Gohan came running to the door in a hurry.

“What took you so long?” Asked Trunks as he watched Gohan tie up his robe.

“Oh…I-Iwas doing some work with Videl today.” Said Gohan blushing.

“Oh I understand.” Said Trunks elbowing him in the stomach.

With that Videl walked up to the door to see what Gohan was doing.

“Gohan come on.” Said Videl pulling on Gohan’s arm

“Just wait a minute will you honey.” Said Gohan in Videl’s ear.

With that one of Trunks’ old plains came in his mind

“Hey Gohan, Videl I have a plain.” Said Trunks grinning

“Oh not one of his plains.” Said Videl laughing

“Ok you guys, go rent a hotel room for the weekend and I will watch Pan for
you.” Said Trunks grinning.

“Oh that’s a great idea.” Said Videl. “Come on Gohan lets go pack.

Trunks walked into the house and saw Pan’s Journal lying onthe
table. It said:

I love Trunks so much, I wish I could be his girlfriend but know
Marron has to be his ugly girlfriend. I will find one way to get him close to
me, one day. I just need to think of a way to break the two of them up. I
don’t know but I will soon. Well write later.

Trunks started blushing.He put Pan’s Journal down.

“Hey dad have you seen my journal.” Screamed Pan as she walked
into the same room as Trunks.

“Is this what you are looking for Pan.” Said Trunks as he grabbed her
journal from the table and handing it to her.

“Yes Trunks that is it.” Said Pan taking it from him.“Thank you
Trunks.” Said Pan as he ran to her room.

Pan walked into her room and lay on her bed. She turned onher
stereo and put on Irresistible by Jessica Simpson. She started to sing to it.
“You know, I don’t what it is, but everything about you is so irresistible.
Don’t you try to tell me that he’s not my type. To idol what Ifeel inside…
I know I’m meant to say no. But he’s irresistible up close and personal,
now inescapable I can hardly breath. More then just Physical deeper then
spiritual. His ways are powerful. Irresistible to me. Don’t you think I’m
trying to tell my hear what’s right that I should really say goodnight But I
just can’t stop myself falling Maybe I’ll tell him that I Feel the same That
I don’t want to play no game cause whenI fell his arms wrapped around me I
know I’m meant to say no…

When Trunks heard her sing, he started to melt. Then a thought hit
him. “He’s irresistible up close and personal.” It all made sense she liked
him more then her journal said. But for Trunks is it going to be alot easier
for him to get pan in bed with him. But the only question is will she let him
do it?



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