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-Loving the Enemy-Part 3

-Android 18

Vegeta sat, staring into open space, not caring what his commandors or lower class saiyans thought of him. All he could think about was Bulma, his mate
that had been taken from him long ago.

"Stupid baka," he muttered to himself.

The other saiyans in the room gave skeptical looks to eachother, but tried their best not to anger the saiyan prince. In one of these moods, Vegeta will and
can, kill everything in sight.

"Where the fuck is he?!" he suddenly shouted.

The high commandor trembled in fear. "He-he'll be here an-any second n-now."

"Well I hope that bastard of a father of mine is not here to waste my time. I have better things to do than waste my breath on that selfish fuck," Vegeta

Suddenly, the main doors opened to the chambre and four saiyans entered, closly followed by King Vegeta and a raggedly slave. Prince Vegeta's eyes lit
with anger, fear, and a million other emotions, realizing that the slave was Bulma Briefs. Her striking blue hair was streaked with clots of dirt, her rags torn
up so much that it exposed almost her whole body and her arms and legs contained scratches and scars. To most, she was a sight of pure disgust, but to
the prince, she was a sight of pure beauty.

"B-bulma," Prince Vegeta whispered.

Bulma stared at him, tears shining in her eyes. "Prince V-vegeta."

King Vegeta yanked back the chain clapsed around her neck and laughed as Bulma fell back, choking wildly.

"My, my, how touching," he said.

Vegeta's eyes erupted with rage as he glared at his father. "You've had your fun now give her back to me!"

"This reunion doesn't have to be all buisness, does it?" King Vegeta asked. "I mean, couldn't we go out, rest at the planets beautiful beaches and deal with
this matter later?"

Vegeta's anger rose to an even higher level, only causing his father to grin even more. "I don't have time for these pathetic games! The sooner you get
your ass off this planet, the happier I'll be."

King Vegeta yanked on the chain harder this time. "Now, now. Can't we all get along?"

Vegeta just continued to glare, knowing that his anger was gettigng him no where. Sighing, he asked, "Fine. What is it that you want?"

"Hmm...what I want...well, for starters, a new mate would be nice, seeing how your mother died about thirthy years ago," the King answered.

Vegeta smirked. "What? Did the women on Vegetasei realize how hard it was to put up with you?"

King Vegeta glared at his son. He grabbed Bulma by her hair and kicked her forward, laughing again as Bulma cried out in pain. Vegeta winced, feeling a
part of him ache for his beloved wife.

"We can do this the easy way, or the hard way," King Vegeta said angrilly. "I want the most extrodinary and strongest saiyan woman on this planet and
the sooner I have her, the sooner you can have this creature back. But, if you do want her back, you must also keep those pathetic humans under slavery
including your own wife."

"WHAT???!!!" Vegeta shouted. "But that's proposterous!"

"Have it your way. Your the one who can either follow my laws or you can be the cause of that creature's death."

Vegeta felt sweat drip from his forehead. Finally, making a decision, he turned to his saiyan guards. "Find the winner of the Tsuma-bouki challenge now!"


"Y-you know?" Marron asked. But she didn't have to hear his reply. Just looking into his eyes told her the truth.

"Of course I know," he replied angrilly.

Marron looked up at him and tried her best to show no fear. The penalty for posing as a saiyan was sure to be death and she knew at that moment her
mission had failed. She had failed the rebels and her parents by following her heart.

"Is there a reason you could do something so stupid! The second my father finds out, you'll be killed!" Trunks shouted.

"Why?! Are you going to tell your father so he could murder me like he did my parents!" she replied, tears running down her face.

Marron burst into tears, cradling her knees to her chest. Everything had went wrong! Her life before her parents death and now the life after their death
has gone all wrong. She now had no one to turn to, not Yamcha or her uncle, or even Trunks.

"Marron. Why did you do it?" Trunks asked in a calm voice.

Marron turned to him, glaring venomously. "What difference does it make? If I tell you why, I'll only be in even more trouble, if that's possible."

"I just want to know who and what put you up to this," Trunks replied.

"After your father sent his saiyan warriors to kill my parents, I was alone. So then, I lived with the human rebels and trained to become stronger than the
saiyans. They then asked me to be part of a mission that'll free our people from slavery. I agreed to it. My mission was to pose as a saiyan and find some
way to get to Prince Vegeta and kill him when he least expected it. So, your royal highness, as you can see my friends put me up to this and I wanted
revenge on that murderous scum you call father!"

"What?! So you used me to get to my father?!" Trunks yelled.

"No, I didn't, okay. I fell in love with you and if that's a crime, then just end my life now because within the next few days it won't make any difference. I'm
to die no matter what!"

"And you think that I don't feel the same? I'm in love with you too, even if you are a human," Trunks whispered.

Marron looked at him as if he were crazy. "You mean, you don't care? You don't care that I'm a human? That I'm supposed to be a slave to your people?"

"That doesn't matter. And who's to say that you are going to be killed? If you can fool me, I'm sure you can fool everyone else."

Does that mean that you want me to stay with you, living my life as a saiyan?" Marron asked.

Trunks nodded.

Marron sighed sadly. "I'm sorry Trunks, but I can't. As much as I'd love to stay with you, I have my own people to look out for. Look at what's happening
around you. There's people dying every day because they can't take it anymore. They can't stand being a slave, being raped, pushed around, or even killed
for stupid mistakes. Most of them give up their life, unless of course their body gives up first. How can you stand to be who you are with all this suffering
that revolves around you?"

Trunks gave Marron a small, sad, smile. "If only you knew."

A loud knock came from the door and one of the slaves entered, bowing down to the saiyan prince. "Master Trunks, you are to go-"

The slave suddenly noticed that Trunks and Marron were both naked and blushed wildly. "Um-uh-s-s-orry-sir-uh-"

"Where is it that I am to go?" Trunks asked.


The slave scurried off. Trunks quickly slipped into his clothes, as did Marron.

"Do you want to come too Marron?" Trunks asked.

Marron smiled at Trunks. "Sure, although I'm not all excited about being near Vegeta at the moment. He killed my parents and for that, he should suffer

"He already does suffer and it's not even his fault," Trunks whispered sadly.

"W-what do you mean?" Marron asked.

"You'll find out soon enough."


King Vegeta waited patiently, keeping the captive Bulma close to his side. Prince Vegeta, on the other hand, looked ready to explode from the tension and
his nervousness. The room remained with silence, no one even bothering to start a conversation.

The doors opened with a squeak, causing everyone in the room to jump now that the silence had be broken. The royal saiyans watched as two figures
approached, one, a prince of the saiyans, the other, a beautiful saiyan woman. Both looked around the room, Trunks's eyes falling upon the slave woman
and Marron's eyes glaring at the saiyan prince (Vegeta).

"M-mother?" Trunks whispered.

Marron turned away from Prince Vegeta and looked incredulously at Trunks. All the while, King Vegeta stared in amazement at Marron's beauty.

"She's perfect. You sure do have a fine choice in finding saiyan women, even if you are a total disapointment," King Vegeta said to his son.

Vegeta's scent picked up Marron's and he smirked. "You're too late. My son's scent is all over her."

King Vegeta finally noticed what his son was talking about and he turned to address his grandson. "Trunks, isn't it? I'll make you a deal. If you want your
mother back, how about you give me your saiyan woman for her. If not, I'll gladly dispose of her."

Trunks and Prince Vegeta glared at him, while Marron was still trying to make sense of the whole situation. Is it possible that Trunks was half human and
half saiyan?

"Who are you?" Marron asked, walking over to the slave. Something about her seemed to click in her memory, like she should know who this slave woman

Before the woman could answer, two of King Vegeta's guards grabbed Marron. Trunks raced forward to get the two guards off her but King Vegeta's other
two guards held him back.

King Vegeta motioned his two guards to bring Marron forward.

"What is your name?!" he demanded.

Marron glared at him. "Why should I tell you? A saiyan who depends on slaves is weakest where it counts."

King Vegeta smirked at her. "Obviously you don't know who I am. I am King Vegeta of Vegetasei, your home planet, also the strongest saiyan in the
universe. You will treat me with respect, you lower class pheasant."

Marron returned King Vegeta's smirk, spitting in his left eye. The King cried out in disgust and the guards twisted her arms behind her back, causing Marron
to wince in pain.

The whole time, Trunks was becoming more angered, his ki rising to a dangerous level, while Prince Vegeta laughed at his father.


King Vegeta's ki rose and a bright, red, energy ball formed in the palm of his hand. Marron's body trembled in fear, realizing that he wasn't just some saiyan
with a huge ego. If that blast were to hit her, she'd be killed.

Thinking quickly, Marron quickly teleported just as the King released his energy ball, hitting and killing both his saiyan guards. This only brought more rage
upon the king.

"That's it! You've all had your laughs! Now, here's my demands! If you don't give me that saiyan woman this second, I'll end this disgusting creature's
miserable life!" King Vegeta roared.

"Don't do it Trunks!" Bulma shouted to her son.

King Vegeta kicked her violently for speaking out.

"DON'T LAY A SINGLE HAND ON HER!!!" Prince Vegeta yelled.

Tears came to Marron's eyes as she watched the poor slave recieving her punsihment. This is why she had impersonated a saiyan, this was what she had
to do. She had to stop this and end all suffering and pain being laid upon the shoulder's of humans from now on. If Marron had been born while her mother
was a slave, this would be the kind of punishment she'd recieve. But, being born after her mother's slavery, Marron had been lucky.

Looking at Bulma and then at the way King Vegeta was staring at her, Marron realized there was only one way to end this. If King Vegeta knew the truth,
he'd be disgusted with her and lose all interest in making her his new mate.

"STOP!!!" Marron shouted.

King Vegeta grinned at her. "So do you agree to be my mate?"

Marron smirked at him. "What I have to tell you, will disapoint you, you stupid fuck. Idiots like you are so easy to fool, it's actually quite sad. The truth is,
there is one, little, important detail that you don't know about me. I-"

"Marron, don't!" Trunks shouted fearfully.

Marron gave her mate a small smile, as she continued. "I'm a human."

The saiyans in the room gasped as silence soon followed. No one thought it possible that a human could appear to be saiyan. But it was.

"I've been sent by the rebels to kill the saiyan who has humans under slavery. Being the strongest of the rebels, I was able to easilly impersonate a female
saiyan. And now there is only one thing left to do. I challenge the ignorant saiyan who was stupid enough to put me and my fellow friends through a living
hell. Which one of you did this?" Marron demanded.

King Vegeta laughed at her. "Stupid human. Even though you are strong, you don't realize what you're getting into. I'm the one who has you and your
friends under slavery. And it's not my fault. It's that idiot son of mine who caused all this."

"You fool! It's your anger and rage that caused this!" Vegeta angrilly said. "You're only doing this because you want to see me in pain, to watch me cower
at your feet while you hold my mate prisoner!"

"Either way, I challenge you to a death match, King Vegeta!" Marron announced.

King Vegeta only laughed even more. "Haha! Fine! But it's your death! After I'm through with you, I'll take out the rest of your rebel friends!"

Marron smirked at him. "We'll see who's death it is. Once I win, humans will be free from your treachery."

"You can't fight Marron!" Trunks protested.

"I have to! The future of my friends are at stake!" Marron replied.

All the other's backed away, allowing enough room for the two to fight. At one end of the room stood King Vegeta, laughing away since he knew the match
would end quickly. At the opposite end stood Marron, only hoping that all would go well and she wouldn't fail her friends. After a few seconds, the battle

-To Be Continued

-Android 18

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