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questions that'll all be answered in the end. This part DOES contain lemon between Trunks/Marron, just to warm you. It's only small though, since their's
more of a story than sex in this fic. I've also thrown in a B/V romance. Enjoy!

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-Loving the Enemy - Part 2

-By Android 18

Trunks smirked at him. "The one and only. Now get your ass back to the palace! My father gives you a night off and you waste your time by tormenting poor
saiyan women? Have you no honor?"

The saiyan quickly scurried off, not even wanting to face Trunks. Marron sighed in relief but her relief was soon placed with cold realization that made her
skin quaver as Trunks approached her.

"Are you okay?" he asked, trying his best to seem casual.

Marron knew that he didn't want her to know that he was worried about her. Taking his hand, she glared at him, trying her best to also hide her true
emotions. She already had one saiyan who may be suspecting her identity.

"I'm fine now. Although you shouldn't have wasted your time on me," she said coldly.

Trunks smirked at her. "You realize that you've never said anything nice to anyone before?"

Marron rolled her eyes. "What do you expect me to do? Show some respect to all those disgusting soldiers hitting on me?"

"A little respect towards a royal would be good enough for me. You can't expect to go through life telling everyone off because of who they appear to be."

At that moment, Marron realized Trunks was more different than any other saiyan she had met. Unlike most, he was kind and decent enough to other's, and
something in his eyes made him seem....almost human.

"You're different than those other saiyans," Marron whispered, smiling slightly. "You don't seem as rude and as uncaring as most."

Trunks smiled back at her, surprising her even more. "I just feel that some people are worth caring about."

Trunks and Marron both stared at eachother in silence. They could have thought of a million different things to say to eachother but only one, strong word
lay deep within their soul. Is it possible that I...love him? Marron asked herself. She stared at Trunks again and a small blush rose to her cheeks. It was
hard to hold back her emotions at this moment.

"Marron...I've never felt this much for anyone in the world. I think that I...I think that it's possible that I...that I'm in love with you," Trunks whispered.

Marron gasped in surprise. Has any saiyan ever showed this much emotion? It was surpising to have one of them even be nice to you but to just come out
and say the strongest word in the universe? And of all the people, the son of Prince Vegeta?

Marron suddenly remembered something that her mother had told her long ago. "Remember the saying 'money makes the world go round'? That's not true.
The truth is, love makes the world go round. Without love, none of us can be complete. Even saiyans can fall in love, although they spend most of their lives
refusing to follow their emotions, but that still doesn't mean they'll never love. Love can make us do the craziest things."

She knew her mother had always been right about these things. So it was possible for a saiyan to love...

"You really do love me?" she asked, still unsure.

Trunks looked at her seriously. "I know I do."

Trunks pulled Marron towards him and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Deepening the kiss, Marron pushed her tongue into his mouth, massaging hers
against his. The whole time, all she could think of was how wrong this is, although in many ways it felt so right.

Pulling back, Trunks looked deep into Marron eyes. "Marron. Do you want to be with me forever?"

She knew what he was talking about. He wanted her to be his mate. She knew she shouldn't, she couldn't. He was a saiyan, one of her race's worst
enemies, and she was a human, a lower class compared to the saiyans. But at that moment, nothing mattered. Past rivalry, her mother's death, her

At that moment, only one word could leave her lips.



Marron followed Trunks into his room at the saiyan palace, gazing in awe at the structure of this building. She had never imagined a place like this, being
born a few years after the saiyans had taken over earth. She had spent most of her life in the countryside a free human, being one of the only humans to
have never experienced slavery.

Trunks wrapped his arms around Marron and kissed her wildly. He then removed her clothing and she removed his. Within seconds, both were naked and
sprawled on Trunks's large bed.

Trunks pulled himself off of Marron and looked at her with concern. "Are you sure you want to? Once we do, there's no turning back."

This was it. This was where Marron would turn back and concetrate on her mission. She had vowed not to get involved with a saiyan after what happened
to her mother and father. But, again her mother's words came back to her. "Love can make us do the craziest things..." and instantly, Marron knew what
she wanted.

Marron kissed the tip of his nose. "I've already made my decision and I wouldn't turn back for anything in the world."

Trunks smiled and kissed Marron again. This time, his kisses trailed down her lips onto her neck, gently nipping and sucking her skin. Marron's breath came
out faster, as Trunks journeyed his way down.

He cupped one of her breasts with his left hand, squeezing it softly, while his tongue played with the other. His tongue made a wet trail all around the area
of her nipple, gently teasing her. His tongue then flicked her nipple back and forth and it soon hardened. He then nipped it and sucked on her, hearing her
breathing come even faster and small moans erupt from her throat.

He went down further, his tongue trailing across her stomach and even lower towards her hair. He pulled her legs apart and advanced into her opening. His
tongue teased her small nub as he made his way up and down her slit. Her moaning increased and became louder while Trunks continued to please her.
Trunks then pushed his tongue into her, hearing Marron gasp in surprise. He drove his tongue deeper, playing within deep inside of her. Marron's hips
bucked as he pulled his tongue in and out of her.

After a few minutes, Marron released her liquids and Trunks pulled out, lapping up the liquid which had escaped her. Marron panted and looked at Trunks,

But it wasn't over yet. Trunks smirked at her as she regained her breath and pulled her legs apart again. This time, Trunks lowered his member into her as
gently as he could, careful not too hurt her too much. Marron squeezed her eyes shut and waited for the pain to pass by as it became more pleasurable.
Trunks began thrusting into her slowly, pulling her as close to him as he could so he could plunge even deeper. Marron bucked her hips in a rythmic motion
and then latched her legs around Trunks back as Trunks began to go faster.

Marron began screaming Trunks's name, her pleasure reaching to it's maximum peak. Their bodies became drenched in sweat, their movements becoming
even faster. After a few minutes, Trunk's did one final thrust and both of them climaxed together.

Trunks fell on top of Marron, breathing heavilly just like her.

"I love you," Marron whispered, sleep overcoming her.

"I love you too."

And the couple fell asleep in eachother's arms.


Her chains clanged against the floor of the ship, tears soaking her vision. She looked around but couldn't see in the dark of the space craft. All she knew
was that she was in her galaxy and heading to her home planet, where she would reunite with her familly now that the deed had been done.

"Damn you king Vegeta, damn you!" she shouted.

He had taken her from away everything that mattered to her twenty one years ago. He had seperated her from her beloved mate, Prince Vegeta, and her
son, Trunks, when he was only at the age of two. All because her father-in-law was too ashamed of the fact that his son had mated with a human.

It was because of him that Vegeta held the humans captive and that they were forced into slavery. All because King Vegeta didn't want the saiyans to mate
with humans like his son did. So he got saiyans to think of humans as lower species and enforced new laws, bringing death upon anyone who mated with a
human. And the only way he could continue to enforce these laws while living on Vegetasei, was to have Prince Vegeta rule over planet earth and capture
Bulma so Vegeta would do whatever his father said.

King Vegeta knew that his son would let the humans go, since his son saw nothing wrong with them. After all, he was in love with one of them. Bulma had
meant everything to him and in order to keep her alive and his father pleased, Prince Vegeta would have to follow his father's rules.

The door to her chambre opened. She crouched in fear as King Vegeta entered the room.

"Stupid woman! Get up now! We've reached you're home planet!" King Vegeta shouted.

The woman held back her fear and glared at him. "The name's Bulma for the last fucken time!"

King Vegeta laughed at her courage. Here she was, a pitiful human chained and locked up in a ship with the strongest saiyan alive and she had enough
courage to tell him off.

"Hahaha! You humans really are something!" he laughed.

Bulma continued to glare at him as he left the room. New hope and memories flooded back to her. It had been so long since she had seen Trunks and
Vegeta that she would do anything to be with them.

Tears welled her eyes again, but, this time, they were tears of hope. If all went well, King Vegeta would give her back to her family. She had spent the last
twenty one years being his personal slave and now it was time for him to let her go.


"Vegeta," Bulma whispered.

Vegeta cocked his eyebrow and stared at her. "What the hell do you want woman?"

Bulma giggled. Crawling on top of Vegeta, she kissed his lips delicately. Vegeta deepened the kiss further by shoving his tongue through the opening of her
mouth and massaging his against her own.

Both began to shed eachother's clothing, neither caring whether Bulma's parents were to walk in on them. Vegeta's hands trailed all over her body, rubbing
her hips, her stomach, her breasts...anywhere he pleased. Small moans of pleasure left Bulma's lips, only encouraging Vegeta to go further.

"I love you Vegeta," Bulma whispered.


Vegeta woke with a start, sweat drenching his tense form. Again he had dreamed of her, his mate, Bulma Briefs. These memories invaded his dreams
occaionally for the last twenty one years, ever since Bulma had been taken from him. He had loved her so much and would do anything to be able to smell
her hair, touch her body, make love to her...

"Prince Vegeta," a saiyan called, entering Vegeta's room.

"What do you want?" Vegeta growled groggilly.

"According to our scanners, a ship has just entered our atmosphere. We believe that it's your father, King Vegeta, of the planet Vegetasei. I just came to
wanr you," the saiyan replied.

Vegeta sent the saiyan away and sat in his bed, different emotions running through him. But only one thought came to mind.



Trunks woke up, smiling happilly as memories last night ran through his mind. To him, it almost seemed as if it were a dream, a dream that he had never
wanted to wake up from. But it was no dream. Laying beside him now was a sleeping Marron, her golden blonde hair shining from the reflection of the
morning sun.

She is a dream come true, Trunks thought happilly. In all his life, he had never been this happy. Being raised only by his father and getting used to be made
fun of by fellow saiyans, including his own father, he never did have a happy childhood.

Trunks stared at Marron's sleeping form, until a sudden, evil thought came to him. The most sensitive spot on a saiyans body was the birthmark left after
their tail had been cut off. If he were to poke her there, she'd wake up and possibly yelp in pain.

Snickering, Trunks pulled off the blanket and reached along her back for her dark brown birthmark. To his surprise, he couldn't find that mark. Again, he
reached along her spine but she didn't even stir.

"What the..."

A sudden thought dawned on him. The only woman to stay in super saiyan form, an unknown saiyan who had first been seen yesterday, a saiyan who
showed no respect to the royal family...

"Dende, she's...she's..."

But the words refused to leave his lips. How is it possible? How can she be that strong? Trunks wondered.

Marron stirred awake and gave a small yawn. Sitting up, she looked at Trunks, smiling lovingly. But when she noticed the grim expression plastered on his
handsome face, she instantly expected the worst : he knew the truth.

"You're a human," Trunks whispered in disbelief.

-To Be Continued

-Android 18

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