-Author's Notes: Here's my first chapter of a few about a Marron/Trunks relationship in an alternate uninverse. The saiyans have taken over planet earth
and forced humans into slavery. What happens when a human rebel impersonates a saiyan? This fic will contain hentai in the next chapter. It's rated 'R'
only for this part because of language and all that.

-Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball Z or GT or the origional series or the characters so there.

-Loving the enemy

-By Android 18

A young girl sat in a darkened cave, staring intently at her mother as she prepared dinner over a warm fire. The two tried to keep their minds off of Krillin,
the girl's father, since he hadn't returned from the rebels camp all day. And now that it was night, there were many bad possiblities of his where abouts.

A breeze blew into the cave, causing the fire to grow dense for a second, but then went back to it's full flame. There was something about the breeze that
made the mother's hair rise on the back of her neck...


Juuhachigou's blood ran cold. How could they know? How did they find her and her family?

She looked at her fourteen year old daughter, Marron, and forced a smile. "Don't worry dear. I'll take care of these saiyans."

She motioned for Marron to stay put as she went forward to the cave's entrance, ready to face the saiyan warrior's. There were only three, one with dark
purple hair and two with black hair. They were only lower class warrior's so power level's were a little lower than her own, which didn't seem to bother her
at all.

"By order's of Prince Vegeta, you are to be terminated for murdering 50 of our saiyan warrior's in the past seventeen years. What do you have to say for
yourself human?" the one with the purple hair smirked, saying the last word in disgust.

Juuhachigou shrugged, still unthreatened by them. "I say that you're wasting your time and your lives. I escaped slavery seventeen years ago and joined
forces with the human rebels and there's a reason why I'm in still alive. In case your pigheaded Prince hasn't noticed, I'm stronger than any of the bimbo's
he sends to kill me."

She gave them a smirk and turned her back on them to show even more disrespect to the saiyans. She made it look as if she was going inside, until
another saiyan spoke up.

"You humans think you're so great but there's a reason why your race is being killed off so easilly. None of you humans realize that you have no chance
against our empire and you think you can have your way just because you have some what of a strong ki. It's a shame that we've had to kill so many of
you, especially that human who would make a perfect slave. What was his name again?" the saiyan asked himself, and looked as if he was deep in
thought. "Oh yes, the human's name was Krillin."

Juuhachigou gasped, tears coming to her eyes as the word's stung her like a knife through her heart. Turning around angrilly, she glared at the three
saiyans who smirked back at her, realizing they had pushed a button. They laughed at her as she glowed white, her ki rising. Suddenly, they stopped and
began to get nervous, noticing that her ki was getting awfully high.

Marron walked over to her mother, watching the saiyans as they sweatdropped with fear. She let out a small giggle, only angering the saiyans more.

"Heehee...I think they're afraid of you mother," Marron laughed.

The saiyans eyed the girl, gasping at her beauty. She was about her mother's height, with two blonde pigtails and the same small blue eyes, which
twinkled with laughter. She was even more beautiful than the prettiest saiyan girl on this planet.

Smirking, the purple haired saiyan spoke up. "How did an ugly rat like you, have a child of such beauty?"

Juuhachigou glared at him, her ki finally stopped growing. "None of your fucken buisness. Do you want me to kill you or are you going to continue this
useless small talk?"

"How about we make you a deal. If we can have your daughter for slavery at Prince Vegeta's palace, then we won't kill you."

Juuhachigou gave a bitter laugh. "You idiots can't even kill me and you don't even pose a threat to us."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that..."

In the blink of an eye, all three saiyans fired a strong blast at Marron. Juuhachigou quickly stood in front of her daughter and took the blast for herself.

"MOTHER!" Marron screamed as her mother fell backwards into her arms. Blood seeped from a huge gap in Juuhachigou's stomach, causing her to lurch in

"Marron..."her mother whispered, her life leaving her so fast. "I love you."

Her mother's heartbeat stopped and her eyes close, never to be opened again. Marron gently lay her mother's body on the ground and turned to the
saiyans, anger taking over her.

"YOU STUPID FUCKS!" she yelled, her ki rising beyond her control.

Marron's power level double, tripled, quadrupled...becoming strong enough to be a super saiyan. She watched the saiyans cringe in more fear as she
became stronger.

"I think we should-" one saiyan started.

But, before he could finish, Marron shouted, "Destructo Disc" sending three discs aimed at the saiyans heads. Within seconds, the saiyans heads fell to the
ground, their body's collapsing a few seconds later.

"I'm not the daughter of the two strongest rebels for nothing," she whispered.

Marron finally seemed to realize what happened. She had no mother or father and the destruction she caused was enough to make her hurl. With one last
look at her old home, Marron collapsed to the ground and cried.


Four years later...

Prince Vegeta sat up in the box on top of the stadium with his twenty-three year old son. On this beautiful day, a tournament was being held for the female
saiyans called "The Tsuma-bouki". It was a famous tradition of the saiyan culture to hold a female tournament for the women since they were never allowed
to take part in much training. It gave them a chance to prove that women saiyans do have enough strength to take care of themselves and to put on a
show for their mates.

The last two challengers were about to face eachother to see who would be the strongest female saiyan on the planet earth. The champion so far, Nasaka,
with long, jet black hair and dark eyes, awaited for the last challenger to come out onto the field. She stared intently at the door at the other end of the
stadium, as did everyone else, as it opened to reveal a blonde haired girl, with small icy blue eyes. All the saiyans in the stadium stared at her, including the
women. Her power level was beyond a super saiyans and from the looks of it, she could stay in her super saiyan form.

She stepped out onto the stadium field, glaring at her opponent, her white skirt swirling in the gentle breeze. The new challenger wore a tight white top to
match her white skirt. The male saiyans without mates hooted and hollered, but not once being able to divert her attention.

"Wow...she's...she's..." But Trunks couldn't finish.

Vegeta snorted at his son's stupidity. "Like that women would ever go for an idiot of a son like you. A saiyan like that can have any man she chooses."

Trunks glared at his father. "What makes you think I want her?"

"What makes you not want her?" Vegeta replied. Even the great Vegeta had to admit that this girl was something else.

Trunks knew his father had got him there. He turned away and looked back down at the newcomer as the challenge was about to begin. Both girls stood in
the center a few feet apart from eachother, waiting for the signal.

"Now, in honor of Prince Vegeta and his son Trunks, we'd like to present our last two challengers. Nasaka, the undefeated champion and our new
challenger who goes by the name Marron. This next match will be to the death, the winner gaining the title as strongest female saiyan of the planet earth.
Let the match begin!"

And as the words left the announcer's mouth, the two girl's began their fight.


Marron watched as Nasaka went for her head on. Nasaka reeled back her arm to punch Marron but Marron dodged aside, being faster than Nasaka. Turning
quickly, Marron hopped forward and caught Nasaka in the stomach with a strong kick, sending the saiyan woman stumbling backwards.

Nasaka's blood boiled, angered that a woman younger than her was stronger and faster. She raced forward and attempted to kick Marron's face. Marron
backflipped away from her opponent. Nasaka became even more angered and advanced on the young girl again, this time sending punches aimed for her
face. Marron blocked all of them and in the blink of an eye, she puched Nasaka in the stomach. Nasaka gasped in pain and clutched her stomach but Marron
then puched her in the face and Nasaka was down on the ground.

The saiyan regained her breath and stood up again, wiping the blood that was seeping from her lip. She glared at Marron who only glared back in return.
This time, the saiyan gathered up her energy and took a few shots at Marron. Marron smirked and dodged, gathering up her energy for her next attack. Her
ki rised rapidly and she fired, sending a bunch of small energy balls at Nasaka. The saiyan tried her best to dodge the attack but was hit by most of the
energy balls.

"Couldn't you at least be worth my time?" Marron demanded rudely, in a high-and-might-saiyan tone.

Nasaka gasped for breath, her ki falling from Marron's attack. Swallowing her fear, she screamed in rage. Her anger seemed to blind her and she charged at
Marron, little realizing what the blonde haired beauty was about to do. She gathered a huge ball of energy and anticipated the exact moment to hit the
foolish saiyan. Marron released her attack, placing her hands upon Nasaka's stomach and the attack went directly through her. The saiyan's body fell limply
to the ground.

A wild cheer rose from the crowds. The strongest female saiyan on the planet earth had now been decided and had proven herself worthy.

"And the winner of 'The Tsuma-bouki' is Marron!"

Marron stood out on the battle field as Prince Vegeta and Trunks floated to the ground to give her a medallian. As the ruler of the planet earth approached
her, Marron held in all her fury and anger for him. If she was to show too much emotion, her secret would be out and she would be killed instantly.

"This medallian represents your victory in this year's 'Tsuma-bouki' tournament," Vegeta said, handing it to her. He quickly turned away as if she were a
lower classed saiyan.

Marron glared at his retreating form. Self-centered pig! she thought. She then noticed that Vegeta's son, Trunks, was staring directly at her. Sure, he was
cute but she was only here for one mission and one mission only. The last thing she needed was to be chasing around her enemy's son.

"What are you looking at?" she demanded coldly.

He smirked at her. "What? Are my intense blue eyes too much for you?"

"Don't flatter yourself. An egotistical saiyan like yourself has nothing to be proud about."

With that, Marron turned away and retreated off the field with Trunks gaping at her in shock.


She sat in the saiyan bar, surrounded by many male saiyans. All were mainly Prince Vegeta's warriors and over half of them were hitting on her since they
discovered that she did not have a mate.

Marron took her drink and sighed. How she wished she could be back at the rebels camp, training with Yamcha and her uncle Juunanagou. They were the
only rebel warriors left since all the other's had died, including her mother and father. After they had been killed by Vegeta's warriors, she had went to live
at the rebels camp with the only family she had left, her uncle. Ever since, she has trained hard and become more ruthless. Now that she was stronger, she
could easilly pose as a super saiyan without other's suspecting her. All she had to remember was to be rude and not give into her emotions.

"Hey, wassa gurl like you doin ina dump like dis?" a drunken saiyan slurred.

Marron rolled her eyes at him. "Won't these bastards ever give up?"

"Wassat?" he asked.

Marron glared at him and walked to the side of the bar. She sat down on a stool and finished her drink just as another saiyan approached her. He had
black, short hair and a perverted smile plastered on his face.

Oh joy! Time to deal with more perverts, Marron thought. She was about to get up and walk away, when the saiyan grabbed her roughly by her arm and
pulled her off her seat. This surprised her since none of the other saiyans had tried a forceful approach.

"Wanna be my mate? A girl like you should be impressed that the high commander of Prince Vegeta's army has laid eyes upon you" the saiyan said.

Marron pushed aside her fear and smirked, "Take a shower first. Your scent is even stronger than your ego."

But the saiyan wasn't about to take no for an answer. Dragging her roughly, he brought her outside and pushed her against the wall. The darkeness of the
night left her blind as he held her there, in an uncomfortable possition.

"I suggest you back off now before I get angry," Marron threatened.

The saiyan laughed as if that was the most funniest thing in the world. "You? You're ki is much too weak compared to mine. There's a reason I was
appointed high commandor in Prince Vegeta's army."

"So I've heard. Could you please just back off?"

The saiyan stared at her as if she were crazy. Shit! Marron thought. She forgot that she was supposed to be rude and reckless. He grinned at her, shoving
one arm against her and using the other to reach for her shirt. His hand felt across her stomach and recah up towards her breasts, cupping one and
squeezing it. Marron shut her eyes, feeling too afraid to move.


The saiyan quickly pushed himself away from Marron and stared at the person who dare give him orders. Marron also opened one eye and glanced at the
saiyan who had saved her.

"Pr-prince T-Trunks?" the saiyan gasped.

-To Be Continued

-Android 18

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