Trunks fell down to his knees crying his eyes out. He looked at cell
and aimed a ki blast at him, but all cell could do was laugh. Trunks stood up
chopped his arm head and leg off then through a huge ki blast at him. Cell
blew up into a million pieces and desinagrated. Trunks looked down at his
loved one who still had life left in her.

     "T-Trunks....I-I....just say.....I love you." Said Marron
breathing slowly.

     With that Marron closed her eyes and that was it she was dead.
Trunks stared at her and felt tears form in his eyes again. He knelt down and
flew her to her parents.

     "Trunks what happpened to her." Said 18 running to her daughter in

     "Cell." Said Trunks speechless for words.

     "That monster is going to pay for what he did to my daughter!" Yelled

     "I all ready killed him." Said Trunks clenching his fists.

     "I think she dierves a proer barrel." Said krillin crying.

     Krillin walked into the house and called a funeral home. The
funeral wasn't that big. Only close friends and family. Trunks, Pan, 18 and
Krillin go to go up and say a few word cause they were family and really
close friends.

     "Chi-Chi." Whispered Goku poking her in the arm.

     "Goku what do you want?" Asked Chi-Chi glaring at him.

     "I'm hungry."Said Goku as his stomach growled.

     "Goku, you will have to wait untill they are done speaking." Said
Chi-Chi sticking her nose into the air.

     "Oh, ok. You could have just told me that from the start." Said Goku
with his hand behind his head.

     Oh Goku." Said Chi-Chi grabbing his arm. "I love you Goku." Said
Chi-Chi kissing him.

     "I love you to Chi-Chi." Said Goku pulling her closer.

     When Trunks finished talking they all left. Trunks stayed and sat
by Marrons coffin. He layed his head down on the edge of the coffin.

     "It's all my falt you are in this coffin and are going to be six feet
unnder. It is all my fault! I should have told you you to stay right where
you wher. I could have done it my self!" Said Trunks crying.

     "Trunks it isn't your fault." Said Vegeta. "This proved she really
cared about you Trunks. Come on lets go home." Said Vegeta taking Trunks and
hugging him.

     Both of them flew home to eat some dinner. Trunks fogot what
happened and went back to his normalself. Trunks would go down to the
graveyard to see Marron every day. The only thing that did change was his new
relashionship with his father.



I am all done with my first story. I am so happy. Well I hope you enjoyed it.