Trunks walked into the house, but some reason it felt strange. He didn't
know what to think of this strange power. Trunks went super and drew his

"Who the fuck is in here!" Yelled Trunks watching every step he took.

"Ha, you won't find me you insolent fool." Laughed the evil creature.

"Where the fuck are you?" Said Trunks standing in fear.

"Guess who I am and I will come out to fight you Trunks!" Said the evil

"I don't know who the hell you are, but who or whatever you are you
better get the fuck out here!" Yelled Trunks.

With that the evil creature started to walk out from it's little
hiding place. Trunks stood there in fear no knowing who or what it was. All
he could do was listen to the little "creeks" from the foot steps of the evil

Trunks was really frightened by the sound of the foot steps. He didn't
know what to do about it.

"This is it." Said Trunks. "I am going to die right here and right now!"
Said Trunks to himself.

With that the evil creatures started talking to Trunks.

"Ha, now it time for you to know who I really am. My name is Cell I am
an android created by Dr. Gero. He created me to take over the world but that
failed when Gohan destroyed me, but now I am back for more." Said Cell
laughing in joy.

"Wait, you're Cell. I heard Gohan talking about you when I was a baby
but that's all I can remember." Said Trunks.

"Well, now it's time for you to die." Said cell laughing.

With that cell took his finger pointed it at Trunks, and as the
blast was forming Marron walked in, in a shock. The beam was heading straight
for Trunks, but before it could hit him Marron jumped in the way of the beam.
With that Trunks felt tears forming in his eyes, as he said:

"Marron Nooooooo!!!!"


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