The next morning Marron woke up and was laying in Trunks' arms. Marron snuck out of her room and into the kitchen. 18 was in the kitchen making breakfast.

     "Hey Mom. Whatcha makin' for breakfast?" Said Marron not to worry her Mom.

     "I am making pancakes. Do you have a problem with that?" Said 18 with her normal attitude.

     "No, mom I don't care what you make for break fast." Said Marron with the same attitude.
     "Oh, by the way Vegeta called last night. He wanted to know if Trunks was here." Said 18 with a shutter.

     "Uh....uh.....I-I can't tell you where he is." Said Marron pretending not to lie.

     "Ok Marron speak up you know where he is." Said 18 as she dropped the spatula into the pan.

     Before Maroon could tell her Mom the truth there was knock on the door. 18 walked over to the door, but before she could answer it Vegeta walked right into the house and straight into Marron's room.

     Trunks was still sound asleep. Vegeta walked right in and punched Trunks in the arm. With that Trunks woke up abruptly from his sleep.

     "Bo what the hell do you think your doing here. Sleeping with a 15 year old girl. Pitiful. I thought I raised you better Trunks. But no you go out and sleep with her! Are you out of your mind boy! I want you up, dressed and out of her in 10 minutes straight, got it?" Said Vegeta in one big blow.
     "Yes, dad, I got it." Said Trunks quietly.

     Trunks woke up and got dressed. With that Vegeta apologized to 18 of all the stress his son put her through.
     Vegeta and Trunks flew home without saying one word. Vegeta then spoke up and said "We will talk about it when we get home."

     Fine." Said Trunks as mad as anything.

     When they got home Trunks and Vegeta sat down on the couch, both not saying anything.

     "Trunks I don't want you to see that girl anymore. Said Vegeta with his voice stern.

     Trunks then stood up and screamed to his father.

     "If you think you can prevent me from seeing my true love then you have a problem. I'm not staying away from her and I love her with all my heart!" Screamed Trunks as he left the room.

     Vegeta stood there really mad for what his son said to him. With that Bulma walked into the room.

     "Vegeta what was all that about?" Asked Bulma as she lighted a cigarette.

     "Oh you want to no huh? Fine I found out son at 18's house." Said Vegeta in a stern voice to his wife.

     "Yeah so he was at 18's house." Said Bulma as she put the cigarette out.

     "Yeah but the point is, is that he slept with some 15 year old girl." Said Vegeta with a smirk on his face.

     "Vegeta are you saying you yelled at our 20 year old son! Are you crazy, he is 20 Vgeta get with the picture. He is moving out next week." Yelled Bulma with a disgusted look on her face.

     "Bulma you actually have a point. I am sorry Bulma." Said Vegeta frowning.

     "Hey doing say sorry to me Vegeta. You have to say sorry to Trunks." Said Bulma laughing.

     "Boy get in here right now!" Yelled Vegeta.

     "What do you want now Dad." Said trunks still mad.

     "I guess I went a little overboard on you today, so what I am trying to say is I am sorry Trunks." Said Vegeta with all his heart.

     "I guess I will take the apology." Said Trunks grinning.

     With that Trunks hugged his dad, grabbed his stuff and left to his new home. But the only problem is there is someone in there...

-End or not the end. I really don't know if I am going to continue this but just tell me if I should.


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