"Love and wars."

     Please don't yell at me if it is not that good. This is my first
timedoing something like this. I read alot of Android 18's and I think I get
the idea.

     One early morning Bulma woke up in Vegeta's arms. Bulma smiled in joy to
see her true love laying next to her. She go out of be to get dressed when
her bedroom door was swung open. Bulma looked in shock to see who it was. To
her surprise it was her 20 year old son Trunks.

     "Trunks what the hell are you doing in here! I thought I taught you to
knock first!" Screamed Bulma.

     "Sorry mom." Said Trunks staring at his moms breast.

     As Trunks stopped staring, he left the room.

     "What was all that about." Asked Vegeta squezzing his eyes closed
from the sun light.

     "It was are wonderful son Trunks." Said Bulma grinning at Vegeta.

     Vegeta didn't say anything. He got up put pant on and left. Bulma
stared at him in surprise. Bulma then chased after him.

     "Vegeta, did I say something wrong?" Asked bulma all sad.

     "No. I am just hungry." Said Vegeta as his stomach growled.

     "Ok, I will get you some food." Said Bulma kissing Vegeta passionately on
the lips.

         Later that afternoon Trunks went over to Marron's house.

     "So what do you want to do?" Aske MArron as she gently kissed Trunks on
the nose.

     "I don't know my sweet angle.." Said Trunks as he stuck his tounge
into her mouth.

     They both starte kissing eachother passinatelly everywhere. Trunks stared
at Marron while he was taking off her shirt. When he finished he laid her
own, and started kissing her again and again. He moved down every inch of her
body slowly. He got to her breast and covered them in spit by licking and
sucking them. He moved slowly down to her member and stuck his fingers up and
down feling her inside. He pulled his finger out slowly not tho hurt her. She
squeled slowly, but Trunks knew she liked it.
     After Trunks finished, Marron layed on top of him. She kissed him
everywhere and then she got to his member. Marron took it and suked on it. As
Trunks moaned his liquids over flowed in Marrons mouth. Marron slowly swalled
the liquids, as Trunks rolled her over so he could be on top of her. Trunks
slowly stuck his member up hers and moved up and down.
As Trunks removed it, Marron said happly "I love you."
     With that they were both fast asleep in eachothers arms.

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