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Oh...yeah...back to my fic. This is a slight A/U because it takes place before the Buu saga, when Goku returns to Earth for one day for the Tenkaichi Boudouki tournament and it's a little different...since I don't know how it ends, I just made it so that Goku leaves at midnight for the other world. Enjoy^_^!!!

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-Love or Lust? by Android 18

Tears cascaded down Chichi's cheeks as she stared blankly at the clock on her wall. It was seven o'clock, just one hour after she had made supper for Gohan, Goten and Goku. After supper, while she was left to slave over the dishes, the three saiyans had decided to spar before Goku returned to King Kai's planet, much to Chichi's disapointment.

She had began to sob when she was sure he couldn't hear her, after he had left. She had been working on finishing the dishes while crying her heart out, even ending up breaking most of them. The whole time, she asked herself 'why'? Why did it upset her so much? She should be happy that Goku is spending time with their children.

But, then, over the last few years, she had been avoiding the most important question of all, the one that would define her marriage. Was this love or lust? Was she truly in love with the saiyan and did he love her or was it their lust for passion that kept them togther? She had kind of forced him to marry her which could explain why they weren't so much in love as they could be. Was this marriage a mistake?

Sighing, Chichi whiped her eyes and just headed towards the bedroom, not caring whether Goku even would get the chance to say goodbye.


"Wow! You two sure are tough!" Goku exclaimed, huggin his son Goten and patting Gohan on the back.

It was just after 10 and he would have to leave in less than two hours. He had planned to spar with his sons until it was time to leave but then he had begun to feel extremely guilty for not talking to Chichi. Even when he greeted her today, their seemed to be an unmistakable tension between them.

Sighing, he turned to his sons. "Hey guys. How about we go back home for now? I kind of want to see what your mother is up to."

Gohan smiled and Goten gave a laugh. "You sure? I bet she's going to get on my case for not washing the dishes tonight! But, it's not everyday you get to see your father who's been 'dead' for the last seven years."

"And it's not everyday you meet your father for the first time, since he had died a hero years ago. Even though you weren't around, you were always my hero," Goten finished, hugging his father tightly.

Goku laughed. "Hahaha! Thanks kiddo! Well, let's call it a night."

And the three saiyans took off into the night, leaving behind a trail of dust.


"Chichi? Where are you honey?" Goku asked.

Gohan and Goten immediately went into their rooms, huggin their father fiercely and saying their goodbyes before he left. It was now ten thirty and they were both tired from today's events.

Goku could sense something was wrong. He hadn't paid much heed to Chichi's thoughts earlier today, when they were mild thoughts of hurt and confusion. Now, they were off the wall.

He headed towards his bedroom, opening the door slowly. The room was pitch black but he could hear the crying and sniffling coming from the bed. He gently walked over, sitting on the edge opposite of Chichi.

"What's wrong honey?" he whispered.

Chichi sat up but didn't bother looking at her husband. "How could you do this to me? Leaving me all alone for those years as if not caring what I thought of your death, what I thought of living alone to raise our two children. All it was to you was a game. Go off and fight, die and don't come back because Chichi won't give a fuck."

Goku tried to place a hand on his wife's shoulder but she shrugged it off angrilly.

"Chichi...I didn't know...I'm sorry...I just thought you were strong enough to handle this. I know it's not easy being alone but you have to get used to it. I'm not around forever."

Chichi then turned to face Goku, glaring daggers at him. "You think I'm strong enough to cope with your death?! You think I can just wipe my eyes and all of a sudden start dancing around and singing happilly because my life is not with you anymore! Do you think I can accept this as easilly as a christmas gift?!"

"Chichi...I didn't mean..."

"Don't you even care? Don't you even care about how I feel? How much I miss you all the time? Then again, why should you? All I am to you is the bitch who forced you to marry me!"

"What?! I didn't say that Chichi!" Goku said.

"Just stop it! All you care about is eating and fighting! You don't care about me at all! The second you see me, you act as if you want to be else where! You don't even want to spend time with me on your only day on Earth! Why the hell are we even still married?! The only thing you probably enjoy getting from me is sex!"

As Chichi said this, she broke down into even more tears. She just sat on the her part of the bed, crying away as Goku tried to calm her down. After all failed, he just put his arms around her and held onto her tightly as she cried on his shoulder. He was quite surprised that she didn't bother to push him away.

"Chichi," he began. "The reason why we're still married is because you're strong enough to deal with this situation, maybe not that great all the time. Also you're smart, you're funny, you're amazing...but most of all, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on."

Chichi then stopped crying and sat up to look in her husband's eyes. A smile spread across her features, her heart lifted immediately and two, small tears of happiness, escaped her swollen eyes.

"You...you think I'm beautiful?" she whispered.

"Hey, if I were judging a beauty contest, I'd be stupid not to pick you," he joked.

Chichi laughed. "And you sure wouldn't get more than a slice of bread out of me."

Her laughter made his heart lift also. He knew his poor wife was now reasurred and all that mattered to him was that she was happy. She sighed contently and just stayed inside his arms for the next few minutes, not wanting to let go. Her hand traced it's way along his muscular back, making small circular motions.

"Chichi...I want to be sure that you know I love you...and I'm sorry for ever hurting you like that," he whispered in her ear.

She smiled contently. "I know you love me and you don't mean to make me upset. It's just the way things are."

"I want you to also know that I feel the same way you do when I'm up there. Every time I close my eyes, you're there. I miss you so much that it hurts me just like it does to you. No one's ever made me feel the way I feel with you."

Chichi took her head off his shoulder and looked at him. Those caring, loving, dark eyes...she wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her lips on his, kissing him softly. The kiss deepened as Chichi welcomed Goku's toung into her mouth, massaging hers against his.

Her hands ran down to his shirt, pulling it up and breaking apart from their kiss to pull it off his head. Goku looked at her curiously.

"Chichi," he began. "We don't have to-"

She broke him off with an affectionate kiss, kissing him more madly than she had ever done in her whole life.

"We do have to Goku," she replied, pulling away from him. "There's not much time left. And I have been dreaming of this night for a long time...when we'd finally be together again."

His hands grabbed at her dress, pulling it off, slowly above her head and chucking the piece of clothing to the edge of the bed. Chichi pulled off Goku's pants, now leaving the two in only undergarments.

Goku pulled Chichi towards him, allowing her to straddle above him. His lips latched onto the side of her neck, sucking gently on her tanned skin. His arms held onto her small form tightly, not wanting to waste these precious moments.

A small moan escaped her lips, her hands running through his black hair. She tilted her head back, arching slightly against him. The feel of his lips...the touch of his skin...the way he could make her feel so important...

His fingers fumbled with her bra, unclapsing the white clothing and throwing her strapless bra aside. He stared in wonder as her breasts lay before him like some forbidden treasure. Her beautiful pink nipples hardened from the cool air of the Son home, her breasts heaving a little forward with every breath. His hands held onto her but his lips left her neck, delicately licking the cave between her breasts.

He kissed along the sides, the top, and the bottom of her breasts, tormenting his poor wife. Then, he kissed the tip of her right nipple, hearing his wife's breath begin to quicken. He made his desent again, this time gently suckling her, causing to breath faster. He nibbled, stroked with his toung and gently sucked her nipple, sometimes leaving to venture to her other breast.

Chichi's hands tightened in his hair, her back arching more into his mouth, demanding for more of what she had waited for for so long for.

Goku's hands rubbed along her back, feeling what he hadn't been able to feel for so many years, for what seemed like an eternity. His love for this woman was unfathomable and he had to have all of her tonight.

He slowly pulled away, placing Chichi gently on the bed. He pulled off her white panties, tossing them aside as his hunger for her grew at an increasing rate. For a moment, as the saiyan marvelled his mate's beautiful body, the slenderness of her waist, the flare of her hips, the dark curls that concealed the place where he would satisfy his hunger...he wanted her. But he'd still play his sensual waiting game with her.

He started just above her knee, placing gentle kisses along her legs. His lips travelled up, kissing her strong thighs, moving ever closer to his destination. His hands pulled apart her legs, allowing his entry to her hidden treasure, his own member throbbing in his boxers. His tongue entered the inside of her vaginal walls, exploring her, a strangled gasp escaping her, for she hadn't felt this way for a while.

"Oh Goku...h-how can you do this to me?" Chichi moaned.

Goku stroked along her clit hungrilly, teasing her before he would make entry. He continued to sample Chichi, her hips begining to buck, asking for his entry. He plunged his tongue inside of her, plunged out and plunged again, hearing the muffled cries of his wife. Her body began to tremble, her thighs tightening against his neck, her point of pleasure reaching to a high degree. She then cried out, her hips twisting as she released in pulsating waves.

Goku pulled his tongue out of her, lapping up some of her juices. He pulled off his boxers, not being able to hold off any longer. He thrust into her with an urgency, allowing her a second to relax. His lips fell upon hers, taking her mouth as he began to thrust. Her body lunged upward, wrapping her legs around him to allow him to fill her more deeply, her cries filling the room.

Goku's stomach clenched, his muscles becoming more tense. His movements became faster, Chichi's hips bucking along with him in a rythmic motion. His back arched, a convulsion of pleasure so intense it was painful, flowing through his whole body, as with Chichi. Both tried to hold back as best as they could, lasting for as long as they could.

A final thrust and both released their liquids, their final cries ringing in eachother's ears. Their liquids were released, Goku's muscle's relaxing as he collapsed on the opposite side of Chichi, his ragged breathing matching Chichi's. Sweat covered their tired bodies as they lay in silence, taking in all that happened, almost as if it were a dream, a dream they never wanted to wake from.

"G-goku," she whispered tiredly, her breasts heaving as she looked affectionately at her husband.

"I love you Chichi," he whispered, stroking Chichi's chin.

She smiled, her eyelids began to droop as sleep overcame her, her body begining to relax. At that moment, the clock stroke midnight, meaning that Goku would have to leave. His body began to vanish. But three words could still be heard before he disappeared.

"I love you..."

The room suddenly became cold. A single tear dripped down her cheek and onto the pillow as she fell asleep. But this time, there was no one to wipe away her tears.


-Android 18