Lies and Deciet-Chapter 3

     There was a knock at the door. Trunks and Videl looked at each other. They had a pretty good idea who it was. Videl picked up her stuff and hid in Trunks' bedroom. The knocking continued. Trunks answered the door.

     "Finally, what took you so long to answer," shouted Gohan.

     "Take it easy man, I was in the shower," said Trunks. I didn't think I should answer the door naked," laughed Trunks.

     "Oh sorry, I didn't mean to scream at you," said Gohan.

     "That's all right, what's got you so tense anyway?" asked Trunks.

     "I called Videl this morning, and her father told me she wasn't home. I don't know where she is," said Gohan.

     "Well I don't know either, so why are you asking me?" asked Trunks.

     "I'm asking you because she's had this thing with you ever since you showed up!" yelled Gohan.

     "Well I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I haven't seen her since she was with you last night!" Trunks yelled back.

     "Fine I guess I'll just have to go look for her all over the city then!" yelled Gohan.

     Then Gohan walked off. Videl came out from hiding.

     "He sure was angry," said Trunks.

     "He'll calm down after he finds me," said Videl.

     "Well, how and when is he going to find you?" asked Trunks.

     "In a few hours and I'll be shopping," smiled Videl.

     Then Trunks leaned in and kissed her. She didn't want to hurt Gohan, but she couldn't pass up this opportunity. They continued kissing until their towels fell to the floor. Their attraction to each other was too much for them to stay apart.

     An hour passed by, and Trunks and Videl were still lying on the kitchen floor. Videl kissed Trunks, then got up and walked off.

     "Where are you going?" sadly asked Trunks.

     "I'm going to get dressed," she replied. "I can't go shopping looking like this."

     Videl got dressed and took off for home. She had to change out of the dress or Gohan would be asking questions.

     She got home, luckily her father wasn't there. She quickly changed her clothes, then flew to the city to shop. She shopped for only a few minutes before she ran into Gohan.

     "Finally, I found you," yelled Gohan. "Where were you?"

     "For your information I have been out shopping all morning," she screamed back. "If being your girlfriend means I can't shop anymore, then I'm just going to have to break up with you."

     "No, you can go shopping anytime you want," said Gohan. "I just got worried when you weren't home."

     "Well, let me treat you to lunch to make up for it," she said.

     OK, but I'm going to continue shopping with you," smiled Gohan.

     Videl said ok and they walked to the next store, holding hands the entire way.

     They shopped until lunch time. Videl let Gohan pick out a restaurant. They sat down and ate. They talked about what had happened earlier. Gohan told Videl about what happened with Trunks too, even though she already knew what happened.

     "You should apologize to him about your behavior!" yelled Videl.

     "Yeah you're right I should," said Gohan. "As a matter of fact, I'm going to call him right now."

     Gohan got on his cell phone and called Trunks.

     "Hey Trunks, what's up?" exclaimed Gohan.

     "Not much, what do you want? If you still want to know where your girlfriend is..."

     "No, I found her. She was out shopping," interrupted Gohan. "I'm calling because I wanted to apologize about this morning."

     "Oh, that's all right. You were just worried," said Trunks.

     "Well, I wanted to invite you to dinner tonight," said Gohan.

     "Sure I'll accept," replied Trunks.

     "Good, I'll see you then," exclaimed Gohan.

     They hung up the phone. Videl tried to hide her excitement. Then they left to shop some more.

     Later that night they met Trunks for dinner. Trunks and Gohan had a good conversation about Trunks' time period. Videl felt weird because she was with her boyfriend and the man that she's been having a fling with. She just sat there quietly. Dinner was over and Trunks went home. Gohan took Videl home, then went home too.

     Shortly after Gohan left, Videl went over to Trunks' house. Little did she know that she was being watched. These eyes followed her all the way to Trunks' house. Then they disappeared.

(Who could be watching Videl? Does someone know about her affair? Find out in Chapter 4 of Lies and Deceit).

~Princess Videl~