Lies and Deceit

It's been two years since Gohan finished his schooling at OrangeStar High School. His relationship with Videl has grown stronger. Chichi couldn't be more happy for Gohan, but Videl's father, Hercule Satan couldn't be more upset. He doesn't like the fact that he's not the only person in her life. Videl just ignored her father and went on seeing Gohan.
One day Trunks, from the future decided to stop in to see how everybody was doing. Videl and Gohan were in Gohan's room when Future Trunks came to the door. Chichi let him in and told him to go up to Gohan's room, not realizing what Gohan and Videl were doing in there. Trunks went to Gohan's room and just opened the door. When he entered the first thing he saw was Videl lying on the bed, clothes and sheets scattered on the floor.
"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone else was in here," Trunks said blushing.
"Don't be sorry, I'm perfectly fine with you seeing me naked. I should introduce myself. I'm Videl," she said grabbing the sheets. "Well are you just going to stand there or are you going to introduce yourself."
"Oh sorry I'm Trunks," he said shyly.
"Wait a minute, Trunks as in Bulma and Vegeta's son, but aren't you only eight years old, because you don't look eight to me," Videl said in shock.
"Well, I am Bulma and Vegeta's son, but I'm from the future. I'm actually twenty-eight. Is Gohan around?" asked Trunks.
Just as Trunks finished Gohan walked out of the bathroom. Gohan was happy to see Trunks. Videl didn't want to intrude, so she left. Trunks and Gohan talked for hours. Trunks laughed when he found out that Videl was Hercule's daughter. Trunks told Gohan that he was going to be staying for a while.
"Really, I'm glad you're going to stay for a while," said Gohan.
"Yeah I am too, my present isn't all that great with everybody dead," laughed Trunks.
"Well, you are more than welcome to stay here," chimed in Chichi. The boys didn't realize that she was listening.
"Thanks, but actually I rented an apartment in the city," replied Trunks. "You are welcome to stop by anytime."
With that Trunks said he had to be on his way, so he said his good-byes and left.
Meanwhile Videl was at home lying on her room. She couldn't get Trunks off her mind. Now that she's been thinking about it, she did actually mind that such a cute, sweet guy had seen her naked.
"Why can't I stop thinking about him," she thought. "I have to see him again, maybe I can convince Gohan into letting me see him."
Trunks was back at his temporary home away from home. He kind of liked it here, but he knew his mother would be upset if he stayed too long. Trunks was having the same problem as Videl, he couldn't stop thinking about her.
"Gosh Gohan is lucky to have such a pretty girl as his girlfriend," said Trunks to himself. "I wonder if I'll ever get to see her again. I hope so."
The next day Gohan and Videl got together and went shopping. After shopping they ate. Videl tried to get Gohan to stop over to see Trunks, but all her attempts failed. Just then Trunks walked into the restaurant. Gohan waved to him, and Trunks came and sat with them. After talking for a while, Videl secretly slipped Trunks a note. Trunks put it away and would read it when Gohan wasn't around. After talking for a few more hours, Trunks went home, and Gohan took Videl home then went home too.
That night when Trunks got home, he read the note, it read:

Dear Trunks,
I know you came from the future, and I know that you won't be staying long, but I can't stop thinking about you. From the moment you walked through that door, I fell in love with you. I hope you feel the same way. If not, I would still like to get to know you. Here is my number, if you ever just want to talk or are feeling lonely, call me. 666-4242.
Love Videl.

Trunks tore the number off and burned the letter. After he knew it was gone he picked up the phone and called Videl.

What will happen next, find out in the next chapter of Lies and Deceit.

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