Juuhachigou first appeared in the Android Saga as one of the evil adroids meant to destroy the planet and the future. This information was brought to the Z fighters by Mirai (Future) Trunks. She was evil during the Android Saga and was intent on destroying Goku with her twin brother, Juunanagou (#17) and fellow android Juulokugou (#16). While the searching for Goku, Juuhachigou and Juunanagou would do other things, like Juunanagou would try and have fun by taking short cuts through the woods and Juuhachigou would shop for better clothes than the "ugly" clothes Dr. Gero started her out with (I personally thought she looked shweet).

    But, although she was evil in the Android Saga, she showed a little bit of compassion when she told the scared to death Krillin, "Good luck," and kissed him. This started his love towards her (^^ ::giggles:: I love that part!!). She also sort of lost her evilness during then Cell Saga when she was caring about what was going to Juulokugou and how she wouldn't leave him alone to be hurt. Krillin saved Juuhachigou as much time as he could, and surprised the hell out of her, when he destroyed the controller to shut her down and told her to run. He ALMOST told her he loved her. But, the noble sacrafice that Krillin did (basically sacraficing the world so that she could live) was only delaying the inevitable. Cell absorbed our beautiful heroin and morfed to his last, perfect stage. And that pissed Krillin off. He attacked the complete Cell head on, tears in his eyes, but he was no where NEAR strong enough to even inflict pain. (::sniffle::) Luckily later, thanks to Gohan, Cell spits Juuhachigou back out, and Krillin carries her back to safety.

    At the very end of the Cell Saga, when the Dragon is granting wishes, Krillin uses the last wish to make Juuhachigou and Juunanagou human, a wish the Dragon is not powerful enough to grant, and a wish which Juuhachigou hears him trying to make. But since that wish could not be granted, Krillin settled for taking the self-destruct bombs out of the androids still alive. Krillin thought that Juunanagou was Juuhachigou's boyfriend, and Juuhachigou jumps out and tells him otherwise. Then Juuhachigou basically insults him, yet tells him it was a nice thing to do, then tells him she hopes they meet again sometime.

    Lo and behold, the next time we see Juuhachigou (the Buu Saga), she's married to Krillin and has a beautiful and, at the time, no-nosed daughter named Marron. Gohan went there to bring Krillin the information that Goku was coming back for the World Martial Arts Tournament and upon hearing that there is prize money (she's a total money freak), insists that both her and Krillen enter the tournament. In the tournament, she was origionally put up against Mr. Satan (AKA: Hercule.... ugh... I hate that name...), but Buu matter kind of messed things up for that. So Mr. Satan suggests a Battle Royal, meaning all the remaining contestants go up against each other, which worked against him... kind of. Juuhachigou and Mighty Mask (Trunks and Goten) easily disposed of the other two contestants besides the wimpy World Champion, Jewel and Killa, then go up against each other. Trunks and Goten probably would have won, had Juuhachigou not ripped their outfit in half, exposing them and getting them disqualified (while flying away, Trunks yelled, "Your tournament sucks!"). So, as was the order supposed to go, Juuhachigou went up against Mr. Satan. She gave him a few kicks and punches, then got him in a headlock... and tried nagotiating. She made him promise that she would intentionally lose if: he gave her 2,000,000 zeni; the prize for winning the tournament, doubled. He of coarse accepted, he couldn't NOT be the World Champion and lose to a girl, could he??? So Juuhachigou pretended to get knocked out of the ring, but not before letting him know how pathetic his "strongest attack" was.

    Now I don't know much about DBGT, but I have seen some episodes. Now DBGT has the most touching, saddest Juuhachigou scene in all of DB/Z/GT: the episode where Krillin dies. Evil Juunanagou comes back to unite with another Juunanagou to create Super Juunanagou. He runs in with Juuhachigou, Krillin and Marron and proseeds in trying to get Juuhachigou back to his side. Krillin interferes and tries to defeat Juunanagou, but he ends up getting killed by Juunanagou. This sends Juuhachigou into a blind rage and she tells Marron to get away from there. Marron hesitates, then obeys and escapes while Juuhachigou attacks her evil brother head on. But he was too strong for her and she is defeated. In her last minute, she crawls over to Krillin, takes his hand and whispers, "I love you, Kuriren..."

    Now, I haven't seen the end, but from what I've heard, Juuhachigou helps Goku in defeating Super Juunanagou. I really need to watch all of DBGT... ^^