Just a Dream

[author's note: hi! i have no clue what's goin on here! felt dramatic, when i
feel dramatic, i write! here's the short outcome, enjoy!]

Kusanagi sighed, staring at the window of the school, patiently waiting
for Momiji to appear walking down the hall, chatting and paying no attention
whatsoever to anything but the intimate conversation between her, and her
friends. Kusanagi felt his eyes light up when one of the girls that usually
accompanied Momiji around the school. He was surprised when she was not with
them. A frown appeared on his face, he scrunched up his nose and shook his
head, erasing any thoughts that had previously entered his brain. Kusanagi
leaned back against the tree trunk, watching the squirrels and birds frolic
around in the branches. He suddenly felt sick to his stomach. Cute, yes, too
cute, definitely.
Momiji walked down the sidewalk, not really paying attention to anything
happening around her. She glanced up at the store signs, occasionally
stopping to stare at her reflection in a window. She would turn away quickly,
hating the image before her eyes. She continued to walk down the street,
staring blankly at the faces of the people around her, catching each sign in
their eyes, each emotion, each new idea and thought. Momiji found herself
running down the sidewalk, turning into an old deserted alley. She wiped away
stray tears as she ran, angry with herself, angry at the world. Momiji ran
without knowing she ran. She just wanted to get away from it all, she wanted
out. She stopped when she reached the end of the alley, throwing herself at
the wall, and slowly sinking down to sob at the dirty, water-covered ground.
Kusanagi felt something immediately ache in his heart, and he jumped up
from his light daydream to hop to the top of the school, glancing around on
the horizon. He was gone in a minute, disappearing to hop around on the other
rooftops, heading for the middle of town.
A dark figure landed in front of Momiji, covering her up with it's
shadow. She cringed, squeezing herself into the corner, hoping she would
become invisible. But the figure advanced, and Momiji hardly noticed. She
didn't understand what was eating up at her, what was attacking her heart and
ripping her mind in two. She just hoped crying would help resolve it. The
figure stopped when it was just a few feet away.
Kusanagi looked down at Momiji, his heart ached to see her so helpless.
Her clothes were slightly ragged and muddied, she was continuously sobbing.
Her hair was a mess, and she was covered with disgusting sewage. He reached
out to touch her, but she just scooted away, completely ignoring him. She
pressed herself to the corner, trembling with fear.
Kusanagi felt something else well up inside him. He had a great urge to
hold her, to hug her and relieve the pain she was feeling. He hardly realized
that when his feet touched the ground, the footprint he left behind was made
up of bubbling acid and burnt a small, foot-shaped hole into the ground.
The shadow got closer, until she could see a hand reaching out to touch
her. She wanted to turn away, wanted to run, but she couldn't move. She
turned to stare at the hand as it came closer, and closer, to touch her
shoulder. The instant the hand came in contact with her body, Momiji's soul
ripped apart, and all she could do was let out one last scream before her
entire body was pulled apart and sucked into the blue seed that sat on
Kusanagi's hand.
Kusanagi stared in horror at his hand, trying to reach out to where
Momiji once was, trying to relive the moment, and hoping to bring her back.
He felt a completely new emotion fill him, a mix between anger, and utter
grief. He dropped to his knees, pounding on the ground, screaming out
Momiji's name, in hopes it would help bring her back.

"Momiji!" Kusanagi heard his own scream as he sat upright, dislodging his
thoughts and blinking his eyes clear. He took a few deep breaths, realizing
it was just a dream. No, not a dream, a nightmare. He gazed down beside him
to see Momiji, wide-eyed, staring back up at him. She had a look of worry and
slight fear across her face. Kusanagi sighed, leaning back against the large
The two had come to rest in the forest, a lake at their feet, sandy
shores beckoning them to jump in. Long grass flowed around behind them, where
the forest started again, a nearby waterfall churned quietly. Kusanagi ran
his hand over the soft grass, letting a smile escape his lips. He looked back
down to Momiji, who was unknowingly smiling also, not even understanding what
he had just dreamt of. Without warning, Kusanagi pulled Momiji in close,
lifting her chin to kiss her on the lips lightly. When he pulled away, all
either could do was smile. Soon enough, Momiji was resting her head back on
Kusanagi's chest, happily daydreaming about the long life ahead of her,
Kusanagi's strong, protective arms carefully wrapped around her.
One day, Kusanagi would tell her what he had dreamed. He would tell her
about some of the awful dreams that plagued him in the night, and some of the
soft, beautiful dreams he dreamt of. But not now, now was just a moment to be
remembered, forever.

[author's note: so, how you like? me think its weird. that's cuz me be wierd.
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