When he arrived home he watched TV for a little while, waiting for Bulma to leave.
"I'm going shopping sweetheart." Bulma said, kissing Vegita's forehead quickly.
"Sweetheart? Is that my new name?" Vegita asked coldly. He didn't really like mushy names.
"Hai." Bulma giggled then headed out the door. Vegita sighed and got up. Walking to Bulma's room he started rummaging in her closet. Found it! He
thought happily as he pulled out a large box filled with money. How much did Kakarott's ring cost again? 110 thousand, 9 hundred and 3 was it? Oh well…I'll
just take a million. He grabbed the money, and headed out the door.
Flying to the mall as fast as possible, he thought of how perfect the ring had to be. He landed in the parking lot, the people stared at him…confused and
afraid. Vegita looked through the stores. Walking into Radio Shack, he looked around.
"Where are your engagement rings?" He asked, looking at various objects but not finding a ring.
"Rings? We don't sell rings…" the manager said.
"Nani? Then where do I get one?!" Vegita asked frantically. The manager pointed to a store nearby.
"There…" he said, still pointing.
"Oh…" Vegita said a little confused. He ran out of the store through the mall. The manager watched as he skipped over to the store, his armor bouncing
happily. He skipped into the store, and saw all the rings. He almost fell over, he eyed the rings as the manager came around the corner.
"May I help you sir?" he asked politely.
"Uh…yeah…I want to get the perfect engagement ring." Vegita said still eyeing the rings.
"Well, we have quite a wide selection." The manager said pointing to all the rings.
"I'm not blind…" Vegita said coldly, picking up a ring, and putting it back.
"Sorry sir…" the manager watched him nervously.
"I need the perfect ring, so show me some that are more beautiful then these."
"Yes sir!" the manager said as he led Vegita to the back room. They walked around the small room, glass cases of countless diamond rings surrounded
them. Vegita looked at every one, and still wasn't satisfied.
"Do you have anything even better then this?" he asked a worried expression crossed his face.
"Well…yes…" the storekeeper was quite ashamed that even the best selection didn't suit Vegita. The little man pulled out a large box, and opened it. In it
were the five rarest rings in the country. Vegita looked at them, sighed and spoke.
"Where's your best ring?" Vegita asked, still looking at the priceless diamond rings. The manager's jaw dropped. He walked to one of the paintings on the
wall, and moved it aside. A small opening was under it. He reached in and pulled out a small velvet box.
"Here sir." The man said, his voice shaking. If Vegita didn't like this one, it would be the most embarrassing thing that would happen to the store. Vegita
picked up the box, and opened it. He was immediately satisfied, it was a beautiful ring. A silver band with ten small raindrop shaped diamonds surrounded a
beautiful heart diamond. He stared at it in awe. It was perfect. He smiled in satisfaction, and closed the box. The manager watched him, his fingers crossed
"I'll take it." Vegita said happily.
"Good sir! Very good! Very nice choice!" the manager said excitedly. They walked to the front of the store, and the manager pulled out a silver and blue
velvet box. He took the ring and quickly polished it, and placed it in the box.
"Sir, would you like that engraved?" the manager asked, hoping for more money.
"Huh?" Vegita asked, dragging the money from his pocket.
"Engraved, it means you put something on the inside of the ring." The manager explained.
"Oh sure."
"What would you like written on it, sir?"
"I don't know…umm…oh I got something!" Vegita said as the manager led him into another room. Vegita told him what he wanted on the ring, and the best
worker engraved it, carefully and clearly.
"There you are sir." The manager said kindly.
"Great, now I can pay, how much?" Vegita asked, digging money out of his pocket.
"Well…$1,000,000 for the ring…and $100,000 for the engraving…which is a total of…$1,100,000."
"I'll be right back, hold that ring!" Vegita cried as he sped off for the house. He got to Capsule Corp. and grabbed another million. Flying back, he landed in
the store.
"Ok, I have the money." Vegita said as he slapped the two million on the table. The manager stared at the amount of money. Vegita grew impatient, and
the manager noticed, quickly he gave Vegita his change, and the ring. Vegita smiled and headed for his house with the perfect ring in his pocket.
Bulma got home to see Vegita in a tuxedo, with Bulma's favorite dress in his hand. He tossed it to her. She looked him up and down. He looks good…she
"Come on and get dressed, we're going out." He said casually. Bulma stared, but she quickly ran to change. She came out, her hair up in a bun, and her
favorite shoes to match. Her dress accented her figure perfectly. Vegita's jaw dropped. Bulma walked over and closed his mouth with her finger.
"Hai?" she taunted. Vegita slipped his arm around her waist and guided her to the door. He picked her up and headed off to the most expensive restaurant
in the city. Bulma nestled down in Vegita's arms, wondering where in the world he was taking her. Vegita spotted the restaurant, and landed softly. He set
Bulma down, then escorted her into the restaurant. By now, Bulma had no clue what was going on. She just walked in, her arms wrapped around Vegita's.
Slowly she sat down, the waiters were immediately at their service. Vegita had reserved a private booth, and the waiters were already taking their order.
Vegita requested only the finest food, and the best wine. Bulma was amazed, but didn't complain about the romantic dinner. They chatted for a while, and
Bulma was enjoying herself quite nicely. Vegita on the other hand was as nervous as…well…as nervous as a man can get.
"Uh…Bulma?" Vegita shifted nervously in his chair.
"Hai?" Bulma took a sip of her wine as she watched Vegita get out of his chair. She caught her breath. He's going to propose…Bulma thought. Bulma
watched, her eyes wide as Vegita knelt down in front of her. He held out the blue and silver velvet box. Slowly he lifted it. He took the delicate ring, and
placed it on her finger.
"Bulma, will you marry me?" he asked quietly. Bulma stared at the diamond ring. Tons of little raindrop shaped diamonds surrounded a heart shaped
diamond. Thin gold stripes held the diamonds in place. Vegita looked into Bulma's tear filled eyes. She leaned over and held his face in her hands. The
waiter appeared around the corner and almost interrupted the precious scene, when he stopped abruptly and turned around, giving them time and privacy.
Bulma ran her hands through Vegita's spiky hair. She leaned down and kissed him. She kissed him for what seemed like forever. They spilt apart slowly. A
tear slid down Bulma's face.
"Of course I will…" she whispered in Vegita's ear. She suddenly threw herself forward and hugged him tightly, crying with happiness. Vegita smiled and
hugged her back. They sat there for a while, Vegita still kneeling on the floor, hugging Bulma who was leaning over in her chair. They slowly stood up,
leaving half their meal behind. They walked out, Vegita's hand around Bulma's waist, and Bulma's arms wrapped around Vegita's waist. They walked around
for a while, talking quietly. Bulma could now walk by the wedding stores and know that she'll wear one of those beautiful wedding dresses soon. They
watched the children play, and the pigeons fly away into the dark night sky. Bulma sighed, first she had kissed her prince, and now they were going to get
married! And little Trunks would soon be on the way. Bulma happily thought of the future as they walked down to a small pond.
"Well…are you happy?" Vegita asked, watching the sparkling blue water.
"Why wouldn't I be? I finally get to marry my childhood prince…" Bulma answered, nestled down against Vegita. Bulma yawned a little, it was around
midnight and she was feeling a little tired. Vegita caught her yawning. He smiled.
"Tired?" he asked softly. Bulma looked up at him and nodded slowly. Vegita smiled again and picked her up. Bulma sighed and snuggled down in his strong
arms. She laid her head into the curve of his neck and fell asleep as he flew of toward Capsule Corp. with his new fiancé. Vegita smiled down at Bulma's
sweet face, her full red lips, her sparkling eyes, and her soft, sweet smelling hair, all nicely done in a small bun. He could almost see the two of them living
together. He could imagine their wedding…suddenly he thought of Goku's wedding. How complicated it was! All those bridesmaids, and all those best men
and everything. He almost dropped Bulma thinking about how hard the wedding would be to put together. Bulma stirred a little. Vegita looked down and
held his breath. Bulma opened her eyes slightly, saw Vegita's sweet face, and snuggled down deeper in his arms. She sighed and went back to sleep, a
small smile crossed her face as she fell asleep. Vegita smiled back at her. His princess was in his arms, and now it was about time they get home. Vegita
scanned the city, spotting Capsule Corp. he slowly flew down and landed silently. He walked quietly in the house, walking along the dark halls, he found
their bedroom. Carefully, he set Bulma down on the bed, and kissed her goodnight. Then, being bored to death and not even close to sleepy, he jumped on
the couch and turned on the TV quietly. He flipped the channel on MTV and proceeded to watch the Bloodhound Gang shave a guy's head in their music
video Along Comes Mary. Slowly, he started to fall asleep. Soon, he had stayed up until three in the morning. He finally closed his eyes, and fell asleep to
the song Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.
Bulma woke up to find Vegita missing. She suddenly thought the worst. She ran into the living room, only to find the prince asleep on the couch. She smiled,
and kissed him on the cheek gently. She started making a huge breakfast, eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, etc. Every once in a while, she
would stop cooking, and spin her new ring around slightly. She sighed, and eyed the couch, seeing the prince was still asleep, she continued cooking. He'll
wake up to a wonderful breakfast with his wife…Bulma thought happily, watching the ring glisten in the early morning sunlight. Bulma sighed, and placed all
the finished food on the table. She waited patiently for Vegita to wake up. She smiled and played with his hair, while she imagined their future together.
She went in front of the mirror, and pretended she was wearing her wedding dress, she started to daydream, and imagine herself in a beautiful dress, she
twirled around and around in front of the mirror, her eyes closed, picturing the wedding. Suddenly, two strong arms stopped her from spinning. She opened
her eyes to Vegita's stern face. He looked angry…very angry. Bulma gasped and stepped back, hoping he was just kidding. Vegita grabbed her quickly,
gently, but enough to scare her. Bulma couldn't move, she was so afraid…he had been so gentle and kind…now what was going to happen to her? Bulma
closed her eyes, expecting anything that was going to hurt her. But all she heard was a quiet laugh. She opened her eyes, there was Vegita, laughing!
"Scared you, didn't I?" he asked, still laughing. Bulma stared in awe.
"YOU IDIOT! YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! WHY?!" Bulma screeched. Vegita's face grew angry again. Then he smirked.
"I was mad at you…" he said, grinning. Bulma almost ripped his head off.
"Why? You idiot! Never scare me like that again!" she yelled.
"Well…I saw you in front of the mirror and I knew what you were thinking, you were thinking of you in a wedding dress. I was mad at you for not being in
that wedding dress, you know…you'd look a lot prettier wearing the dress then pretending to wear it…" Vegita commented, eyeing the food on the table
every five minutes or so. Bulma looked at him. She smiled, it was sweet of Vegita to say such a thing, but still, did he have to scare her like that? She
laughed, it didn't really matter anyway. Hugging him, Bulma looked in his eyes, and decided to start a small conversation.
"When will it be?" she asked nervously. Vegita looked at her, then at the food on the table.
"Breakfast? It should be coming up in a couple minutes…" he joked.
"No, the wedding."
"Oh…after breakfast?"
"Seriously, when?"
"Uh…this weekend?"
"Make it realistic for crying out loud!" Bulma said, she had no clue that Vegita was being quite serious.
"No joke…this weekend?" he asked again, his lips drawn tight, he eyed the food again, then paid more attention to Bulma's little chat. Bulma nodded slowly,
after the wedding, her prince would be all hers.
"Fine…but then I better get some stuff ready now…" Bulma said quietly, slipping from Vegita's grip and to the phone. She pressed a couple buttons while
she watched Vegita eat the entire breakfast…that was meant for the two of them. She quickly called Serena.
"Hello?" Serena asked into the phone at her house.
"Hi, its Bulma." Bulma answered quickly.
"Oh hi! So…what's up?"
"I need to tell you something…"
"I'm getting married…and I want you to be my maid of honor."
"What! Are you serious?"
"Sure I'll be your maid of honor! I'd be so happy!"
"Thank you! Well, I have to go now, I'll send out the invitations today, ok?"
"Fine with me."
"Thanks again, bye Serena."
"Bye Bulma!" Serena hung up. Bulma rushed around, making calls all day long, getting a few bridesmaid dresses planned, the cake, the church, the
reception, etc. Bulma was running around all day, while Vegita sat in front of the TV, trying to figure out why it was so important to have all those
bridesmaids and maid of honor, and stuff he couldn't even pronounce.
A week had gone by, and the big day was just two days away! Bulma was frantic, she ran around the house all day, hundreds of flowers surrounded the
house, and the telephone was ringing all day. Vegita was getting quite mad, and what a headache he got!
"Why won't the phone stop ringing!?" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Bulma laughed. Poor prince, he has to live with all this…Bulma thought in her head,
still laughing.
"Well…go train or something." Bulma suggested.
"What? Did you just say I could go train?"
"Well…that's new…" Vegita said, totally dumbfounded. Bulma giggled and pushed him out the door. The phone rang again, this time it was the church. They
said they had everything set for Saturday. Bulma sighed and got out her list of the most important things to check off.

Church reservations
Reception reservations
Wedding Cake
Reception DJ
Groom's tuxedo
Bridesmaids' dresses
Best men
Guest list
Bride's gown

Bulma almost threw a fit. How could I forget the most important part of the whole wedding? She screamed to herself. She hadn't found the perfect wedding
dress yet, and time was running short. Bulma ran to the car.
"Vegita! I'm leaving to get a couple more things!" Bulma shouted at Vegita as she drove off. What was that about? Vegita wondered. Bulma raced to the
nearest store. She ran inside.
"Lemme see all your wedding gowns lady!" she shouted at the clerk. The clerk stared at her, dumbfounded. Then the manager runs in, to see a very tired
and frantic Bulma yelling to see wedding gowns.
"Ma'am…if you will just come this way…" the manager began. Bulma rushed to the way the woman was pointing. She ran around, looking at all the gowns in
less then five minutes.
"Do you have anything better?" she asked quickly.
"I assure you, these are some of the best gowns in the country."
"Listen lady! My fiancé gave me the best diamond ring he could find, I intend to look the most beautiful for him on Saturday, and you better not ruin it!"
"Now then, do you have anything better?" Bulma asked, acting as if nothing had happened. The manager motioned for Bulma to follow.
"This way ma'am…" Bulma followed quietly, she made a big scene, but amazingly, she was acting as if nothing had happened. The manager led Bulma into
several rooms. Bulma looked through all the dresses, taking her time on her favorites.
"Is this all you have?" she asked.
"Sorry ma'am, but yes." the manager was waiting for another series of blows.
"Oh…then I'll take this one." Bulma answered, holding up a white dress, with a v-cut neck and a long train, and Bulma could tell it would fit her perfectly.
"Yes ma'am…" the manager couldn't believe that Bulma had picked the most expensive dress in the whole store. Bulma happily paid, and then smiled as she
went home, everything was perfect now. Bulma could imagine the wedding, and each time she laughed when she saw Vegita in a tuxedo. Bulma sighed and
thought of how they might raise little Trunks up. Pictures of a young, healthy, black-haired, half-Saiyan boy entered her mind. But she couldn't imagine in
her wildest dreams, Vegita holding a baby boy.
Finally the big day…and trust me, no one was more nervous then Bulma and Vegita. Vegita tried quite hard to get his tie on right, and he kept messing with
it whenever someone fixed it for him. Vegita paced back and forth in his tuxedo.
"What's the matter Vegita, cold feet?" Goku asked, grinning like crazy.
"Shut-up Kakarott…" Vegita grumbled, the only reason he hadn't ki blasted the poor fool was because he was a friend of Bulma's.
"I was just kidding…sheesh…"
"Yeah, well I thought weddings were supposed to be serious…"
"Take a break Veggie…"
"Sorry Veggie…ta."
"…" Vegita was very annoyed, and very worried. He started to pace back and forth again, wondering if he could actually create those grooves in the floor
like the Flintstones. Goku watched him, almost laughing at how nervous he could be.
Meanwhile, in the girls dressing room…
"Bulma! How good to see you again!" a girl called from the crowd of guests.
"Hi…" Bulma didn't even recognize her.
"So I hear you and Yamcha got back together again!"
"Oh hell no…"
"What? Then who's the lucky guy?"
"Vegita…" Bulma said, lost in thought about the future. The girl looked at her, and started laughing, very hard.
"What's wrong?" Bulma asked, very confused.
"You and what-his-name? Oh that's funny! He killed millions, you would never fall for a bad guy!" the said between laughs.
"Too late…" Bulma answered dreamily. The girl was about to protest when Serena came out, all dressed up like the other bridesmaids.
"Serena! You look so beautiful!" Bulma cried, she had let Serena wear the dress they had bought a long time ago. Bulma smiled as she watched Serena
turn around in her blue and black dress. Bulma laughed and chatted along with the other girls. The bridesmaid all wore light blue. And the flower girls wore
light yellow dresses.
"So, are you excited Bulma?" Aya, a flower girl, asked.
"Yeah, how's the 'Prince of Saiyans' taking this?" Megan laughed. The girls laughed.
"I bet he's pretty nervous." Amber cut in.
"Not as nervous as Bulma!" Nikki said, giggling.
"Hey! This is my first wedding here!" Bulma argued, though laughing along with the girls' comments.
"You should be nice to the bride." Jordon said, defending her friend. The girls laughed.
"We were just joking Jordon! Its no big deal…" Natarie said, eyeing her dress in the mirror.
"No, its no big deal…only that's she getting married!" Olivia laughed happily. The girls agreed, this was important but at least they could loosen her up a
"Gals! Its almost time!" Caroline said, sticking her head out through the curtains, "Get ready!" Bulma sighed nervously, this wasn't any wedding…it was
hers. Bulma watched the clock quietly. Caroline looked up at her.
"What's wrong?" she asked shyly. Bulma looked at her and smiled bravely.
"Nothing…its just…I've waited to marry my prince my whole life…and its finally happening…" Bulma said happily. Caroline left her to daydream casually. The
coordinator walked in the room.
"All right, everybody ready?" she asked. Bulma looked to Serena, then at her bridesmaids and flower girls who were all watching her.
"Hai…" Bulma took a deep breath. Could she go through with this? She closed her eyes, and saw Vegita's face. She sighed happily and got ready. I waited
for this my whole life, I'm not going to back down now. She thought to herself. She watched as her flower girls walked up, gently sprinkling light purple
flower petals her and there. She smiled as they reached the altar, and went their separate ways, to join their boyfriends. Bulma gasped. There was Vegita
and Goku waiting quietly and patiently at the altar. Bulma had been so worried she didn't even notice them. She studied his face closely and noticed his
eyes were closed. What's wrong with him? She asked herself. Is he ok? Bulma looked a little closer and realized he didn't look tense at all. Almost as if he
was asleep. Oh god! Don't be asleep! Vegita!
The bridesmaids walked down the isle. Bulma struggled to not look over their heads. Vegita! How could you do this to me? How could you fall asleep at our
wedding? Bulma almost started to cry and run down the isle, but she couldn't move…she just couldn't believe what was happening to her. This was
supposed to be the most wonderful wedding ever! And Vegita you bastard! How could you do this? Bulma screamed in her head. She could feel tears
building up, and she just wanted to throw the flowers on the ground and run away. But she couldn't she didn't know why, but she just had to go through
this. She looked closer at his eyes, and realized they weren't closed at all. He was just peeking out at every person that walked by, and she could make out
the nervous habit of twitching in his left eye. She almost laughed out loud. How could she not trust him like that? I should've known he would never do that
to me…Bulma thought, but still, she was relieved that Vegita hadn't fallen asleep.
"Bulma? Bulma!" the coordinator whispered in her ear harshly, breaking Bulma's thoughts.
"Its time!" she whispered before pushing her out in front of the people. Every one turned their heads to see the bride walk down the isle. Bulma swallowed
hard. Here goes nothing…she thought. Slowly she started to walk down the isle to the altar. She looked at all the people, smiling nervously. Suddenly she
felt Vegita watching her. She looked up, and into his eyes. She didn't even hear the music, and she didn't see the people, all she saw was Vegita, Vegita's
face, his cold yet kind eyes, and his smile. He smile that said he was happy about what was happening. Bulma just walked without knowing it, and the
guests felt it. They watched as she walked past in her wedding dress, a beautiful lacy wedding dress, with a v-cut neck, and small ruffles at the shoulders.
The sleeves ended in a hippie style cut, long and over the hand on the top, and shorter on the bottom. The dress stopped at the waist, and branched out in
a typical wedding dress style. The train was rimmed with lace, and it gathered hundreds of tiny flower petals as she walked. The veil folded over her face
twice, a small crown held it up. Vegita stared in awe. She's beautiful…and she's mine…he thought to himself. Smiling, he held out his hand and brought her
up to the altar. Bulma smiled, and they held hands. They searched each other's eyes through the whole ceremony. They looked deeply into each other's
eyes, and it was almost as if they could see into their happy future together. The crowd just watched, seeing the flood of emotions between them. Goku
smiled and hugged his wife with one arm, he watched the ceremony with pure happiness for Vegita and Bulma. The minister watched them for a little while,
then got to the important part.
"I do." Bulma said, her voice quivered a little, but she smiled in satisfaction. Vegita smiled warmly, which is not something Vegita would do very often.
"And do you, Vegita, take Bulma as your lawfully wedded wife--to love and to honor; for richer, for poorer; in sickness, and in health; and forsaking all
others--'til death do you part?" the minister said. Bulma held her breath.
"I do." Vegita said calmly. He smiled as the minister handed him the ring.
"Take this ring and put it on her left ring finger, then say: 'with this ring, I thee wed'." the minister ordered. Vegita picked up the ring, and held Bulma's
hand carefully. He carefully put the ring on her finger.
"With this ring, I thee wed." Vegita said without turning. Bulma smiled, and did the same.
"With this ring, I thee wed." she repeated. The minister smiled and spoke.
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister said gleefully. Vegita lifted
Bulma's veil and studied his target carefully. Slowly, very slowly, he leaned forward. He caught Bulma in the longest, deepest, most passionate kiss he had
given her since they became a couple. Bulma tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she kissed him back. They stayed like that, kissing for what
seemed like ages. Meanwhile, The crowd had released balloons, and sparkly dust on the newly wed couple. When they finally pulled apart, a light, hazy
glow, surrounded them. Vegita smiled, and picked Bulma up. Bulma sighed and wound her hands around his neck.
At the reception, no one cared about their lives. They just watched the happy new couple, and cooed and awed them happily. At first, Vegita was a little
embarrassed, but he got used to it.
"I want to dedicate this song to you Vegita, and to you Bulma, and may you live happily!" Goku shouted as the song Truly Madly Deeply started playing.
Bulma grinned and pulled Vegita up in front of everyone. Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck, and Vegita hugged Bulma close. Bulma laid her head on
his shoulder, and Vegita happily laid his head on her head. They danced for a while, and Vegita slowly picked up her chin, directing her eyes to his. Smiling
he kissed her. He kissed her deeply and longingly. Bulma gave in quietly, she kissed him back. This was the kiss. The kiss that reflected their lives, their
eternal love for each other, the kiss that had to end, but never would.

~~The End~~

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