At the same time, Vegita and Bulma were eating dinner. Happily, Vegita poked her under the table. Bulma giggled, and slightly slapped her leg. Vegita
poked her again, watching her from the corner of his eye. Bulma giggled, and gave him a stern look. Vegita just poked her again. Bulma laughed, and poked
him back. They kept bugging each other until Bulma noticed her parents had stopped eating. Mr. and Mrs. Briefs' mouths were open, and they were staring
at the couple. Bulma cleared her throat, and continued eating. She glanced at Vegita, he was watching Mr. Briefs, and devouring his chicken. Glancing at
Bulma, he smirked, and placed his other hand on her leg. Bulma gasped a little, but then held his hand under the table. Mr. Briefs got up, Bulma quickly
volunteered to put the dishes away. Mr. Briefs watched Vegita closely, but soon gave up since he gave him the 'You better stop looking at me like that if you
want to see the likes of tomorrow' look. Mrs. Briefs got up and cheerfully hugged Bulma.
"Well, we're off!" she cried.
"Where are you going?" Bulma asked suspiciously.
"Oh, to the Offspring concert they're having in town, down by the theater."
"Oh, I didn't know they're having a concert!"
"Yeah, and after that, we're going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show." Mrs. Briefs replied.
"Oh! That's a great movie! I hope you have fun!" Bulma cried as she hugged her father. Mr. and Mrs. Briefs walked out the door, and to their car. They
quickly drove off, waving good-bye. When they were completely out of sight, Bulma turned to Vegita. And pinched him.
"What was that for?" Vegita asked, confused.
"My parents almost found out! You have to be careful!" Bulma warned quietly.
"Well, what's so bad about us being a couple?"
"My parents would never understand."
"I'll make them." Vegita answered, grinning. He hugged Bulma, and then walked to the refrigerator. Bulma sighed, Vegita was everything she wanted in a
boyfriend, but her parents would never approve. Bulma decided she had better tell them before they found out from someone else. But she couldn't get up
the courage to face her parents.
The whole time, the Son family had eaten dinner, and settled down for a little marshmallow roasting outside.
"So…how was the honeymoon?" Gohan asked, trying not to burn his marshmallow.
"It was great, we had such a nice time." Serena answered, putting her perfect marshmallow in between to crackers.
"Hai…it was great." Goku cut in, digging his hand into the bag of marshmallows. The family continued chatting, and talking, while Goku kept slipping handfuls
of marshmallows into his mouth. All too soon, it was time for bed, Gohan went to his room, slipped in his bed, and cuddled up with his Mini-Piccolo action
doll. Goku and Serena slipped into their king-sized bed, and fell asleep from a long day's journey.
While the Son family slept, Piccolo had invited a couple buddies over, and he was partying! There was punch, cookies, pizza, salad, etc. The whole group
was doing the limbo, and a few were playing Twister, and Monopoly.
"How low, can ya go? Do it Chaotzu!" Tien cried out, as Chaotzu walked under the bar, without even coming close to a foot of it. Tien slapped his forehead,
he had forgotten that Chaotzu was…about 3 feet tall.
"RIGHT-HAND, GREEN!" a drunk Dende screamed impatiently. Piccolo watched the drunk Namek-jin from afar, hoping he wouldn't start hallucinating. As if
being able to read his mind, Dende started hallucinating.
"Everybody run for your lives!" Dende screamed, running around in circles, "The men from mars! They found us! They're going to turn us into jelly so they
can eat us for lunch everyday!"
"Where are they? What do they look like?" another Namek-jin asked, confused. Dende grinned, and sat down to explain what they looked like.
"Well, they're cute, and furry, and they're short, and covered with scales, and purple with green polka-dots, and yellow with blue stripes, and they have
cute little antennas, and cute little ducky feet, and they talk funny." Dende said in between hiccups. Everyone stared at him. Piccolo stood up, and grabbed
"Dende, come now, you've had one too many drinks." Piccolo said while holding the squealing Namek-jin. Dende wriggled around, squealing like a rapid pig.
The group watched them round the corner, a sickening snap was heard, and then the squeal of a pig, then all was silent. Piccolo came around the corner,
and replaced the hatchet.
"Well, I took care of our little drunk friend, we can resume the party now!" he said cheerfully. Everyone resumed partying, and drinking. When everyone but
a couple Namek-jins, had flown home drunk, Piccolo went around the corner again. He stared at Dende. The poor Namek-jin's head was on the floor, staring
into space, while his body was still twitching around once in a while.
"Well? What's taking so long?" Piccolo asked, impatiently. The body wiggled around a little more, and another Namek-jin rounded the corner. Staring at the
head on the floor, and the squirming body on the block of wood, the Namek-jin screamed.
"What did you do to him?" he cried out. Piccolo smirked.
"Oh, don't worry, remember, we Namek-jins can regenerate our body parts!" Piccolo pronounced proudly. The other Namek-jin stared at Piccolo. Then a
single tear ran down his cheek. Piccolo watched him, confused.
"You idiot, we can't regenerate our heads!" the Namek-jin yelled. Piccolo looked at Dende's body, then at his head, his body, then at his head.
"We…we could glue it back on." Piccolo suggested. At this, the other Namek-jin started bawling uncontrollably. Piccolo realized the mistake he had made. He
started sniffling, then soon he was crying just as hysterically as the other Namek-jin. It was such a sad time for Piccolo, especially since he had liked that
little green bug from the beginning. The other Namek-jins cried, for the loss of their own kind, it was such a sad day then. Piccolo was the saddest
Namek-jin of all, for he had killed the little Dende, even though he was drunk, he was kind and loving deep down inside, and even though he was annoying
with his squeaky voice, he was still Dende, and Piccolo mourned over the loss of his little friend.

But lets get back to the 'How Bulma and Vegita got together' story.

The next few weeks went by quickly, Bulma and Vegita became a definite couple, but kept it a secret. Goku and Serena were happily married, and Gohan
was learning how to play again, although it was hard for him to understand, since he hadn't been outside for…three years. Piccolo mourned over the loss of
his friend, but quickly regained his happiness once seeing Gohan play. Every once in a while though, Piccolo would have nightmares about the dead Dende,
coming and chopping his head off.
"Mom, dad, I'm leaving!" Bulma cried out. Mr. Briefs turned around.
"Where?" he asked, suspiciously. Bulma smiled sweetly, then kissed her dad on the forehead.
"Just to go shopping." she answered. Then she walked out the door. Mr. Briefs watched her go, but what he didn't realize was that she wasn't going
shopping, she was really going to the doctor. She hadn't been feeling well for the past week or so, and she didn't want to tell her parents or Vegita, so she
just went to visit the doctor. Upon reaching the office, she hurried inside. The doctor told her the news she dreaded, and wanted to hear. Bulma was
pregnant. Walking out of the office, she bumped into Serena.
"Serena! What are you doing here?" she asked, worried for her friend.
"Oh, I didn't feel so good lately, so I came and visited the doctor, what are you doing here?" Serena asked, watching the people come in and out of the
"For the same thing you're here for." Bulma said sadly. Serena looked at her, confused.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm going to have a baby, a baby boy."
"Really? Are you serious?"
"That's wonderful! Who's the father?", Serena asked, quietly and excitedly.
"I don't know…", Bulma replied, but only one face entered her mind, Vegita's.
"Oh…well, guess what!" Serena tried to lighten the mood.
"Hmm?" Bulma mumbled, a list of boy's names entered her head.
"I'm going to have a baby boy too.", Serena said, knowing Bulma didn't exactly hear her. Bulma looked up.
"Hontou?" she asked.
"Hai, maybe they'll be best friends or something." Serena suggested, giggling. Bulma smiled, she bid Serena good-bye, as she got in her car and drove
Bulma almost hit a couple trees, while thinking deeply about how to break this to her family. She thought about Vegita. How would he react to this? Bulma
got home, and saw Vegita was training in the gravity machine that she had rebuilt. She sighed, and noted her parents were out at a friend's house.
Running to her room, she collapsed on the bed, sobbing her heart out. Her parents would never approve of Vegita being the father of her baby. And Vegita
would never approve of having to take care of a baby. She went down the stairs, and to the laboratory. Looking around, she spotted her laptop. Quickly,
she picked it up and went back upstairs. Sitting down on her bed, she started typing. Soon she was logged onto the Internet. She typed in a couple things,
and soon a website of boy's names came up.
"Aaron? No…" Bulma said the names aloud, while she scanned the screen. Finally, she picked out a couple names she liked, and printed them out:
1. Adam
2. Darien (He's from Savage Garden, so live with it!)
3. Kalman (This one's Hungarian so I just stuck it in there ^_^ )
4. Travis
Vegita walked in the room, Bulma was so busy with her list of names, she didn't even notice him. Vegita looked over her shoulder. What's that woman doing
now? Baby names? Vegita thought. He sneaked up to her and whispered in her ear.
"What are you doing?" he asked. Bulma spun around, then realized it was only Vegita. She sighed, and turned toward him. A single tear slid down her face.
Vegita immediately sensed something was wrong. He quickly reached up and wiped the tear from her face. He kissed her cheek, then kneeled in front of her
to listen. What can be this bad? He wondered. Bulma's lips moved, and she quietly blurted out the news.
"I'm pregnant…" Bulma managed to whisper between tears.
When Goku heard the news of his to-be-baby, he was probably the happiest person out there. Serena was overjoyed at how Goku reacted to the news.
They went through tons of names before Gohan had suggested Goten, and the name stuck, Goten it was, the new baby boy would be the Goten we all love
and cherish. Of course, just to make things fair, Goten is half Saiyan too, don't ask why, but he is, we couldn't have Gohan be left out, could we? Anyway,
the rest of the day, the Son family spent their time thinking of changes they'll have to make to the house when the baby arrives.
Meanwhile, Piccolo was going around collecting the Dragonballs to wish Dende back to life. When he surfaced from the ocean with the seventh, he giggled
with happiness. Then, setting them down, he thought of what to wish for. Dende came around the corner. Piccolo jumped up.
"Ha ha! I shall wish to rule the universe!" Piccolo screamed out.
"No, you don't want that." Dende answered.
"I don't?"
"I wanted to be immortal!"
"No, wrong answer."
"Oh…dang…I'm bad at this wishing stuff…"
"I want a beer!"
"Ooh, good one!"
"Yeah, I'm good, I'm the man!"
"But weren't you about to wish back a certain green little man?"
"A certain Namek-jin named Dende."
"Oh yeah! But I really wanted that beer." Piccolo whimpered sadly.
"Well…you should wish back your friend." Dende argued. Piccolo suddenly looked up.
"DENDE!!" he screamed with joy. Running over, he hugged him. Dende let him calm down.
"I was on a coffee break, and my stunt double had to take over, so instead of killing me, you killed a midget man painted green with toilet paper rolls glue
on his head, it wasn't very nice to kill my stunt double, so you should wish him back." Dende told Piccolo. Piccolo did just what Dende had asked for. Soon
the poor midget man, painted green with toilet paper rolls stuck to his head was standing in front of them once again. Piccolo apologized, and handed him a
cup of coffee and a peppermint candy.
"I'm SO sorry, normally I don't go around killing people like that." Piccolo said.
"It's…Ok…" the midget man responded, afraid of Piccolo.
"Come, let me buy you a latté." Piccolo urged the little midget man. The midget man ran off screaming.
"Not a big coffee drinker…never was." Dende explained. The two Namek-jins sat and talked for quite a time, while Vegita and Bulma were arguing.
"What do you mean?" Vegita asked, quite aware that if he was the father of this brat, he'd have to take care of it.
"I told you what it meant." Bulma answered, not wanting to explain again.
"What the hell do you want me to do with a brat?!"
"Nothing! I just want you to be here for me!"
"What difference does it make?! Sooner or later I'll have to take care of the brat!"
"And what's so bad about taking care of YOUR son?" Bulma demanded. Vegita glared at her, then walked to the balcony door. Bulma spun around, wishing
he would just come back and tell her he loved her. She felt a light breeze, and she quickly glanced over her shoulder. Vegita was gone.
"Nani?" Bulma cried, confused, "Vegita? Vegita!" Only the gentle rustle of the leaves on the trees outside answered her cry.
"Vegita! Vegita don't leave me! Don't leave…" Bulma sobbed, knowing perfectly well why he had left. Her tears turned into anger. She walked to the
balcony, and looked up into the sky.
"All men are the same! They all pretend to love you, when they never do! You're just like Yamcha! You always were!" she screamed into the air, with tears
running down her face. She sank to the floor, sobbing.
"Don't leave me Vegita…don't leave me…" she whispered. She thought about how much she had loved Vegita, but now, Vegita was gone…and now, she
had to take care of this half Saiyan brat by herself. Oh, Vegita, if you only knew how much I loved you, then you wouldn't leave me…Bulma thought
unhappily. Vegita's face entered her mind, and she watched them fight, and kiss, and cuddle. Bulma sniffled, by now she had stopped crying, and she sat
sniffling on the cold balcony floor. She lay down on her side, and curled up. Vegita, don't leave me…she thought sadly before drifting off to sleep on the cold
Vegita flew through the cold, dreary, night sky. She's having a brat…he thought bitterly. I hate that damned woman! I hate her for having that damned
brat! Why couldn't it be just us? Why does she even want to have some crying mini idiot that eats all day and sleeps all night? He asked himself a hundred
times over. He flew low over the hills. Scanning the horizon, he flew down to a small cliff, high above the rising ocean. He sat down, to think. The little place
was beautiful, the night was warm, and the scent of the forest made a pleasant spot. The forest surrounded the whole place, except a little half circle
clearing. The ground in that charming little clearing was submerged in sweet smelling flowers. The forest ended at the cliff, and the sparkling blue water
would lure anyone in for a dip. Vegita sighed, and sat down on the small, flat rock in the middle of the clearing. He sat there for a while, thinking. Damned
woman… he cursed in his head. Vegita knew perfectly well that he had… 'loved' Bulma from the first time he met her. He had admired her fiery soul, and
'bad' reputation. Vegita thought over and over of how beautiful she had looked a couple times over, and how deeply she had kissed him that first time. His
arms ached, and he longed to hold her, to keep her near, to live with her by his side every day. Vegita watched the clear blue water, the only thing that
entered his mind, was Bulma's beautiful blue eyes. Vegita tried to shake her from his head, but the sweet smelling flowers just brought back memories from
the day he gave her the flowers and she had thought Yamcha brought them for her. Why? Why did I have to be such an bitch and fall for her? Fall for her
beautiful eyes, her gorgeous hair, and her wonderful personality…I don't know how, or why I fell for her…but in one way, I think I don't mind at all…Vegita
thought sadly. He was upset he would have to take care of a stupid crying brat. But Kakarott and his family always seem happier when they are together
with their brats…Vegita thought, considering the idea that a family with Bulma wouldn't be so bad. He thought some more, watching the gentle waves.
"Can I risk my pride like that? Can I love a woman, and risk my pride like that?" Vegita asked himself aloud, "Hai…I can risk my pride, the only other warrior
is a third class low life Saiyan, and I will never have to answer to him…"
Vegita got up, he glanced at the water. The sun's almost up…he noted seeing the light pink lines on the horizon. Quickly, he was airborne, slowly scanning
the treetops, wondering if he was going the right way. Finally, he spotted Capsule Corp. not far away. Swooping down low, he hovered by Bulma's balcony.

At first, he didn't see her lying on the floor, but she stirred in her sleep, and he noticed her. He watched her sleep, but soon she started shivering, and he
could sense how cold she felt. Slowly and carefully, he picked her up. Carrying her to her bedroom, he set her down on the bed gently. Bulma seemed to
sense Vegita was near. She didn't want to see Vegita leaving her again, so she quickly opened her eyes and called out his name, not even knowing if he
was there or not. Vegita looked at her solemnly. Tears slid down Bulma's cheek as she watched her prince walk up to her. Vegita knelt down in front of her,
and placed his hand against her cheek.
"I don't like those human names…I like Trunks better…" Vegita said quietly, he looked down, he was a little ashamed about how he had acted, and was
hoping Bulma would take him back…but wasn't sure if she would. Bulma held his chin, and pulled his face up so she could see Vegita's eyes. Smiling, she
noted that his eyes were a little wet, she kissed him, kissed him happily, she was so glad that he was back in her arms. Vegita picked Bulma up, and sat her
in his lap, they whispered for a while, but pretty soon Bulma was asleep again, asleep in her prince's arms, just like she always wanted. Soon, Vegita
became a little sleepy, setting her down on the bed, he lay down beside her. He held her tight, her head in the curve of his neck, and his arms around her,
holding her, so she never left him. He fell asleep like that, holding his true princess, his only love, his Princess Bulma. They both slept happily that night,
knowing the other wouldn't leave, dreaming of their future together. Bulma dreamed of the perfect wedding, Vegita being the groom of course, while Vegita
envisioned pictures of a black haired brat clinging to his head, and crying its ass off. Even though the two were dreaming of totally different things, they
were both dreaming of the other, and how happy they would be together, and how they would live, and how they would teach their young son. They both
enjoyed the idea of living together from now on, and even Vegita decided that the baby's parents should be married. He knew Bulma was thinking the same
thing, so he thought that he should get an engagement ring, and propose…but the only problem was…where was he going to get a ring? And what were
Bulma's parents going to say? And what was Kakarott going to say? And how should Vegita propose? Too many questions flooded Vegita's head, but
amazingly, he slept peacefully. Tomorrow I shall ask Kakarott my questions, and hopefully he shall not attack me like some kind of rabid pig…Vegita thought,
visions of Goku hugging Vegita entered his head. Vegita shivered, but then went back to sleep, his problem was solved, he was just going to ask Goku for
help, but Goku would ask who he was marrying…and Vegita couldn't let anyone know that he loved Bulma…then again it wouldn't be so bad….
Mr. Briefs walked down the long hall, whistling happily, his daughter had slept in, and he had to wake her up. He stopped at her door, knocked once, and
walked in. He almost screamed at what he saw.
"BULMA! VEGITA! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" he shouted, waking up a startled Bulma and Vegita. Bulma looked at Vegita, and smiled. Vegita nodded
slowly. Bulma got up from the bed. By this time, Mrs. Briefs had joined them.
"Mom, dad, I have something to tell you…" Bulma started, "You should sit down for this." Mr. and Mrs. Briefs sat down in chairs, and Vegita walked over to
the corner. Bulma glanced at Vegita, and then began to explain.
"Mom, dad…I'm…pregnant…" she said slowly and regretfully. Mrs. Briefs sat up.
"Oh honey! That's wonderful! I'm going to be a grandmother! I feel so happy for you and Yamcha!" Mrs. Briefs cried, hugging her daughter.
"Mom, it's not Yamcha's baby…" Bulma said slowly, trying to remember what she was going to say.
"Oh…whose is it?" Mrs. Briefs asked suspiciously. Bulma slowly walked over to the corner, and wrapped her arms around Vegita's thin waist. She dragged
him out in front of her parents.
"Vegita's…" she said happily, but slowly, she knew her parents wouldn't approve. Mrs. Briefs slowly sat down, and glanced at her husband. Mr. Briefs was
sitting there, his eyes showed clear anger.
"Vegita! How dare you fool around with my daughter?!" he screamed in Vegita's face, forgetting that Vegita could squish him in an instant.
"I…well…I mean…I didn't want…" Vegita tried his best to explain his love for Bulma, but it couldn't come out, and at that response, Mr. Briefs got even
"Vegita I demand that you marry my daughter! Its your baby, and I will not allow you two to be anywhere near each other unless your married! And Bulma
what were you thinking?! To have a relationship with…with someone that has killed thousands? Thousands upon thousands of people?! Bulma I am
ashamed of you!" Mr. Briefs yelled at Bulma, not even noticing how red his face was. Bulma looked up at Vegita, a tear slid down her face, and she ran to
her room. Vegita followed her, slipping his hands through her hair, he followed her, and they sat down on the bed. Mr. Briefs stormed up to the room, but
stopped when he saw Bulma and Vegita sitting on Bulma's bed. Bulma was laying down, her head in Vegita's lap. Vegita was stroking her hair, running his
fingers through her thick, gorgeous hair.
"Oh Vegita…I love you…I love you with all my heart…" Bulma sobbed. Mr. Briefs could hear them talk and he listened quietly.
"I love you too…but you heard what your father said…he wants me out of your house. If it's your family, I don't necessarily want to hurt them." Vegita
answered quietly, with sympathy even. Mr. Briefs saw how much Vegita actually cared about Bulma. Mr. Briefs watched them for a moment, then waited for
the right moment. He walked in.
"Dad…umm…I'm sorry, I'll get Vegita going right away…" Bulma said sadly, glancing at Vegita, she hated to have to leave him…but if her father wouldn't
approve…then she had to let him go. Mr. Briefs kissed his daughter on the cheek.
"Iie, I was wrong…I was just upset…gomen…I shouldn't have judged Vegita by his past…" Mr. Briefs admitted. Bulma stared wide-eyed. She hugged her
father tightly, then ran over to Vegita and practically jumped into his arms. She kissed him deeply, she loved him with all her heart, and she wasn't going to
let him leave. Mr. Briefs watched them happily, and walked out of the room. Now you're truly my princess…Vegita thought in his head, as he returned
Bulma's grateful kiss. They sat there for a while, talking, thinking, and reflecting on their past life. Bulma had planned the perfect little wedding in her head,
and now she was hoping for Vegita to propose to her any day.
Goku ran to the door, Vegita had told him he would come and visit, he had something very 'Important' to ask Goku.
"Vegita! Buddy ol' pal!" Goku greeted cheerfully. Vegita looked at him, one eyebrow raised.
"What the hell is your problem…are you some kind of freak or something?" Vegita asked coldly. Goku looked back at him, starting to sniffle, and whimper.
Vegita gave him the 'Don't make me' look. Goku backed away slowly.
"Kakarott, no hugs, no nothing, I just want to ask you a simple question, that's all…got it?" Vegita asked.
"Hai…" Goku nodded quickly. Goku invited Vegita into the house, to discuss matters over a couple beers.
"So…wazzup?" Goku started the conversation casually.
"Well…umm…I kinda…I mean…I…" Vegita hesitated.
"Spit it out."
"I want to know how to…propose."
"Vegita?! You rascal! To who?"
"You…you and…and Bulma?!" Goku managed to gasp between laughter.
"Well I mean…with Bulma having a brat and all…"
"Well…the brat's parents should be married…don't you think?" Vegita asked, rather ashamed. He didn't really want to explain how he and Bulma got
"Well…that's…uh…new…" Goku said confused. He couldn't exactly grasp the fact that Vegita was a father.
"Anyway…how do you propose?" Vegita asked, getting a little irritated.
"Well...uh…you get a ring…and uh…and then go and say 'Bulma, will you marry me'" Goku explained, still quite confused.
"And that's it?!" Vegita asked surprised.
"Huh?" Goku was still thinking. He just couldn't imagine Vegita and Bulma together. Vegita…a father. And marrying Bulma? No bloody way…he thought in his
head. But it was a little too late to change the past.
"Well? Is that it?" Vegita asked annoyed.
"Yeah…" Goku answered quietly. Vegita walked out the door. Then turned around and came back in.
"Where do you get a ring?" he asked nervously, "I mean, do you go and dig it up in the ground or something?"
"Umm…no…" Goku looked at Vegita, one eyebrow raised.
"Well…do they grow on trees?"
"Kakarott! Don't toy with me! Do they grow on trees or not?!"
"Oh…well where do I get a ring?"
"At a store…"
"What's a store?"
"A place where you go shopping…"
"No…not…not…THAT place!"
"It's not that bad…"
"What am I going to do?!"
"Go to a store…and get a ring…"
"Well…how much does a ring cost?"
"A lot…"
"Oh…no problem then I have a lot of money!"
"How much exactly?" Goku asked.
"$20!" Vegita cried cheerfully. Goku almost slapped him.
"That's not going to be enough…"
"Well…how much did yours cost?"
"Well… costs a lot…"
"I do have that kind of money…"
"Yeah, I could just ask to borrow it for a while…"
"You shouldn't tell her your planning anything, just sneak out, get the ring, plan a nice day, and then propose the very day you got the ring."
"Oh…that's a lot of work…"
"Well if you really love her, you should do that, deep inside that's how she wants it to be…"
"Ok then…"
"Good luck." Goku said, motioning Vegita toward the door. Vegita left and thought of what he was going to do.

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