Goku and Serena still danced as the custodian watched them. By now, the custodian had cleaned every part of the place, except that little patch where
Goku and Serena still stood. Their song played for the 47th time. Finally, the disc jockey fell asleep. When their song was over, Goku noticed it didn't play
again. Suddenly, he realized they had been dancing for more then an five hours now.
"Serena, we better get going." Goku said, picking her up.
"Yeah." Serena answered, it was late at night, and she was tired, and she had almost fallen asleep. Goku picked her, and their suitcases up, and flew into
the dark night. Lucky for him, it was a warm night, so Serena wouldn't be cold. He noticed the sun had begun to rise. He watched her sleep in his arms, and
smiled at his wife. He picked up speed, and flew low over the ocean. After about half an hour of continuous flying, he flew down toward a tiny island, a small
tropical island, with palm trees, with its own private beach. Goku scanned the island for a little while, then noticed the cozy cabin he had built last summer.
He never intended on bringing ChiChi here, it was too beautiful for a bitch like her. He flew down toward the wood cabin, landed, and went inside. A giant
fireplace and chimney began the cabin on the left, with the kitchen on the right. The kitchen was huge, and a wall of windows facing out onto the beach
brought harmony to the cabin. A couple doors down was the master bathroom, a huge bathroom with a whirlpool near the corner. More doors down was
the master bedroom. A huge walk-in closet started the room, then the mini bathroom, and then the king-sized bed. Goku quietly crept in the room, and
placed Serena, still in her wedding dress, on the huge bed. He smiled, and kissed her forehead. Then he quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper,
and tied it to her finger gently. The note said:

Dear Serena,
I made this cozy little cabin last summer, feel free to look around.
We're on our own little island, so no one will bother us. Outside there's
a little porch swing, and a rocky hollow surrounded by plants, so I just
sanded it, and that's the hot tub, you can look around, there's a kitchen,
two bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a TV, and a extra
room, in case I lend this place to a friend. Don't go outside unless you
want to look at the hot tub or porch swing, because even though we're
alone, there are still animals on this island. I'll be back soon, I just went
out to get us breakfast, I'll be back soon.
Love you lots,

And Goku did just that, he went out and scanned the island, and finally decided on a good place to fish. He flew down, and sat on a flat rock, he slowly
carved a spear, and tipped it with the sharpest rock he could find. He watched the fish swim around and around in the little corral he had built. When the
tide came in, the fish would swim in there, seeking safety, and when the tide went back out, the fish were trapped. And now Goku watched them, picking
out the best fish, he speared them, and then picked up the twenty or so fish he had killed. He got up and flew off again, not toward the house, but toward
a small cave. He walked in, inspecting its beauty, he walked in further. Finally he came upon what he was looking for, a waterfall was in the cave, and a
small pool of crystal clear water. It was pure, so anyone could drink it. He rounded the corner, and crawled up a ledge. He came upon a smaller cave, a
short ledge, where a thick carpet of moss grew, and on top of that, millions of sweet-smelling flowers grew. All different kinds of flowers grew, and in the
top, a chunk of rock had been torn out, so now the sun shined through, giving much needed light to the cozy little spot. Goku reached in a small crevice, and
pulled out a fine bottle of wine, he had hidden there, since the crevice was pretty cool, the wine had been kept cold until then. Goku crept back out and
headed home, with wine, flowers, and fish. Goku returned to the cabin, and landed quietly. Serena came out and greeted him.
"Where have you been? I was worried!" Serena asked, hugging him.
"Just to get you some food, don't worry." Goku replied, handing her the flowers.
"Oh Goku! They're beautiful!" Serena cried, getting a vase out.
"C'mon, I brought wine." Goku motioned.
"You go get ready, while I cook dinner." Serena said, picking up the fish.
"Fine with me, I'll go check on something while I'm at it." Goku said, grinning, while he walked out the door. Serena cooked dinner, and Goku went to get
ready, while warming up the hot tub…

While Goku was enjoying his honeymoon, Vegita was back at Capsule Corp. Bulma was inside, reading a book happily, while Vegita was training. Suddenly,
Bulma was drawn away from her book by a giant explosion. She ran to the window, to see, Vegita lying on the ground…unconscious.
"VEGITA?!" Bulma shrieked, "VEGITA!" she ran down the stairs, the whole time thinking, Please don't die! I take back everything bad I ever said about you!
Just please don't die! Bulma finally reached the door. She ran outside, and collapsed at Vegita's side. She checked for a pulse, yes, he had a pulse, but a
very faint one. He was breathing, just barely. She picked up his limp body as best she could, and dragged him into the house. She knew Vegita had hated
doctors, so she thought best to treat him at Capsule. Corp. Now Bulma was no scientific genius, but she knew how to stitch a wound closed. So she worked
for about an hour, stitching all the open wounds together. She lay Vegita on a bed, and let him rest. She brought a book with her, and watched over him.
After a while, his pulse increased, and his breathing steadied. It was too late for Bulma to stay awake, so she fell asleep, by Vegita's bed. Late at night,
Vegita woke up. What the hell is Bulma doing in my room? He thought. Then he noticed that his fingers were covered with blood, and he quickly discovered
that he had stitches in his forehead. He tried to move, but a stab of pain made its way up his leg. He groaned. How am I going to train? He thought bitterly.
Bulma woke up. She noticed him, and smiled.
"Vegita, are you ok?" she asked, while standing up.
"Fine, but I can go now." he replied coldly.
"Oh no you don't!"
"And why not?"
"Vegita, you can't even stand up! Just rest for a day, I can fix the gravity machine by then, and then you can continue your pathetic training."
"A day?!"
"Well, a normal person would have to wait at least a week, but you can wait a day…" she said, giving him the 'Don't make me' look.
"Fine…" he said, purposely avoiding that look. Bulma got up and brought him some soup.
"Here, eat this."
"Soup? Soup is water…" Vegita said while slurping up the soup.
"Don't complain." Bulma said softly. She watched him eat. Their eyes locked, and Bulma reached out and took Vegita's face in her hands. She looked deep
into his eyes, then kissed him. She kissed him deeply, and longingly. Vegita just gave into the feeling he hated so much, defeat. Bulma slowly let go.
"You should rest now, Prince." she said, giggling.
"Damn woman…" was all that Vegita could mutter. Bulma walked out of the room. He heard her voice as she looked over the ruins of the gravity machine.
"Oh Vegita…this is going to take forever to fix!" she cried. Vegita just smirked, he decided a day of rest shouldn't bother him that much, especially with
Bulma around. Vegita sighed, and went back to sleep. A day of sleeping wouldn't hurt at all, anyway, that stupid Kakarott hasn't even trained for a month
now. I'll easily be able to surpass him. Vegita thought, ideas of Goku dying a slow painful death invaded his mind. He smirked. Bulma walked in the room.
"Vegita, I'm putting off fixing the machine until I get new parts." Bulma said, afraid of the reaction.
"NANI?!" Vegita screamed, ignoring the throbbing in his temples.
"Vegita, the parts are coming by mail, they should be here tomorrow, or the day after."
"Damnit woman, go out there and buy the parts!"
"Vegita! I can't just go out to some stor…" Bulma tried to explain, but Vegita interrupted her.
"I don't care! I want you to fix that damn machine!" Vegita shouted. Vegita didn't even notice Bulma was shaking of fear. A couple tears streamed down her
beautiful face. Vegita realized how much he had hurt her. He started to apologize when Bulma stopped him.
"I give you a good home, I give you food everyday, I built you that damn gravity machine, and I fixed it millions of times, and I nursed you back to health,
and THIS is how you repay me!?!? By yelling at me!? By making me fix the damn gravity machine every single day of my damn life!? Don't you care for
others!? Don't you even care about other's feelings!? Is the only one aloud to get a day off, you!? You know what, I'm going to give you a little lesson: GET
A LIFE!" Bulma shouted at Vegita between tears. Bulma stormed out of the room. Vegita could hear her run up the stairs to her room. Bulma collapsed on
the bed, sobbing, thinking that all men were the same, they didn't care about anyone, but themselves. Vegita sighed, and decided he'd let her cool off for a
while. Why didn't I think before I said that? If I like her then I shouldn't yell at her! Get it through your damn thick skull Vegita! He scolded himself.
Back at Goku's little tropical cabin, Serena had finished making dinner. Since Goku had insisted on them having wine in the hot tub afterwards, Serena put a
bathing suit on under her bathrobe. They had a wonderful dinner of fish, Serena had prepared it baked, with lettuce under it and lemons surrounding it. She
knew just how to keep in the moist flavor. They enjoyed every minute of it. For dessert they had cherry cheesecake. Which Goku noted, is 'Absolutely
amazing'. After Serena put the dishes in the dishwasher, they walked out on the large deck to watch the sun set. Goku whispered something about the hot
tub in Serena's ear as he got out a bottle of wine. Serena slipped out of her bathrobe, and slowly stepped into the hot tub. Goku slipped in after her. They
sat there for a while, chatting softly, while drinking the wine Goku had brought with them. Later, they cuddled while listening to the birds sing. Goku
watched Serena for a while, and when Serena caught him watching her, they kissed. Goku caught Serena's chin and ran his hand softly through her dark
brown hair, as he held the kiss a little longer.
Meanwhile Vegita sat thinking. Quietly he watched Bulma do the laundry. The Prince of Saiyans would never do laundry, but he might just go over there and
make Bulma feel better. Vegita grinned, an evil grin. He advanced quietly. Bulma didn't notice Vegita behind her until he was breathing in her ear. Bulma
spun around.
"Vegita! Go away!" she cried.
"Why, can't I watch a person?" Vegita asked sarcastically. Bulma watched him out of the corner of her eye as she continued to do the laundry. Vegita just
walked to the window, looking at the ruins of the gravity machine, and of the continuous amounts of boxes being delivered. Vegita scowled. He wanted to
be training right now! He couldn't wait a whole week for those damn boxes to come, he couldn't wait for Bulma to start rebuilding. He had to train, now!
"That's it, go out there and rebuild the machine!" Vegita begged.
"Why should I?" Bulma asked, still steamed about last night's show.
"Because if you don't, you'll be stuck with me till you rebuild the machine, and I'll just be going around destroying things in a vain attempt to train."
"Iie, I'm not going to fix that machine, until you say sorry." Bulma retorted. Vegita looked horrified. Me? The Prince of Saiyans, say that I'm…sorry? Vegita
thought, looking at Bulma, whimpering slightly.
"If you don't say your sorry, then no way are you ever going to see that machine again." Bulma said, smiling as thoughts of blackmail invaded her head.
Vegita sighed, and cleared his throat.
"G...Gomen…" he whispered in her ear. Bulma grinned.
"I can't hear you…" she said mischievously.
"Gomen…" Vegita said a little louder, watching to see if anyone was coming. Bulma grinned again.
"What did you say?" she teased.
"Gomen." Vegita said in a little above normal voice. Bulma was satisfied. Vegita didn't know it, but she had captured his voice on a tape. She giggled, and
held it out.
"Oh Prince, I have you recorded!" she taunted. Then she took off down the hall.
"NANI?!" Vegita cried as he ran after her. We're playing human games…he thought. But he didn't mind, as long as he would catch Bulma, and Vegita knew
he could catch Bulma. He ran after her, she rounded the corner, and playfully, she hid in the closet. Vegita looked cautiously around the corner, only to find
she was no where in sight. Vegita listened hard, he heard an occasional giggle. He looked around, and located the sound in the closet. Quietly, he crept up,
and suddenly ripped the door open. Bulma looked up at him from the floor. She shrieked, and ducked under his arm, still giggling. Rounding another corner,
Bulma put a chair, right at the edge, a vision of Vegita tripping invaded her mind. Hiding under the sink, she waited silently. Whenever she saw Vegita's
surprised look as she had told him she recorded him, she giggled. Vegita quickly rounded the corner, to discover a chair in the way. He skidded, in a vain
effort to stop crashing into the chair. It didn't work, he went sliding into the chair, and he found himself on the floor moments later. Bulma peeked out from
her hiding spot, only to see Vegita lying on the floor, not moving.
"Vegita?" Bulma asked suspiciously. Vegita didn't move.
"Vegita!" she cried frantically. Bulma ran to his side, still holding onto the recording, only to be flipped over, and pinned to the ground. Bulma eyes went
wide. Vegita grinned, he had been playing the whole time. Pretending to have been unconscious, and fooling Bulma to the point where he could attack her.
Bulma giggled, and soon she was laughing again. Vegita just smiled. Bulma quieted down, and watched Vegita's every move. Vegita slowly lowered his
head, and kissed Bulma. Bulma's eyes went wide, but she gave in, deep inside, this is what she wanted. As a child, she had always wanted to marry her
fairy-tale Prince Charming. And now, he was kissing her. Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegita shoulders and kissed him back, kissed him passionately,
kissed him deeply, and Vegita just gave in, defeat had to be…
Meanwhile, Gohan was suffering at Master Roshi's house. Oolong kept burning the food, and Master Roshi refused to move from the TV, until 'Bathing Suit
Babes 2000' was over.
"Master Roshi?" Gohan asked, afraid he wouldn't answer.
"Hai?" Master Rosh answered without turning his head from the TV.
"Can we go out to eat?"
"Oh look! Pamela Anderson!"
"Ok, you know what?"
"Blue is my favorite color too Pamela!"
"I'm going to go and find Piccolo, maybe I could train a little with him, ok?"
"Pam-el-a! Pam-el-a! Pam-el-a!"
"I take it you agree…"
"And she wins! Go Pamela!" Master Roshi shouted as he stared at the TV screen, his eyes almost popping out of his head. Gohan headed for the door, he
left a note with Oolong, so Master Roshi would know where he was. Gohan flew out the door, the sky was dark, and the stars shined over head.
"I wonder what tou-san is doing right now…" Gohan thought aloud. He flew along until he had felt a powerful ki to his left. Changing directions, he headed
for Piccolo. He landed on a shallow patch of earth. Looking around, he saw the Namek-jin leaning against a cliff. Gohan slowly approached.
"Mr. Piccolo?" he asked quietly. The Namek-jin stirred. Opening his eyes slightly, he looked Gohan up and down.
"What are you doing here?" he asked, yawning.
"Well, my parents just went on their honeymoon about a day ago, and I was supposed to go to Master Roshi's, but I didn't really like it there, so I was
wondering if I could come and stay with you, to train and stuff…"
"Sure, why not?"
"Get some sleep, we'll train tomorrow." Piccolo said as he settled down and went to sleep again.
"Hai." Gohan responded, sitting next to the Namek-jin, and instantly falling asleep. Gohan and Piccolo were sleeping peacefully, while in the tropics, Goku
and Serena were sound asleep in their king-sized bed. Meanwhile, Vegita and Bulma slept quietly on Vegita's bed. Oolong was asleep by the oven, still
trying to cook something that wouldn't burn so easily. Master Roshi was swatting flying girls in his sleep, and Krillin was having nightmares about hair loss.
Yamcha had broken up with his girlfriend, so he was sleeping alone that night. Tien was having a happy dream about being the Third Eye Blind mascot, and
Chaotzu was dreaming of becoming a circus clown. Everyone slept peacefully that night, including ChiChi, who had recently gone on a diet plan.
The next morning, on the tropical island that Goku built his little wood cabin on, the couple slept happily on their bed. Goku woke up with his arm around
Serena, she had laid her head on his chest, and snuggled down. Goku sighed, and slowly removed his arm from her back. He quickly and quietly slid his
hands under her head, and lifted her head so he could free himself, to go get breakfast. Serena stirred, but didn't wake up. Goku planted a kiss on her
forehead before going to dress. He put on casual cloths, jeans and a T-shirt, socks and mountain boots. Getting up, he went outside. Looking around the
island, he decided on a breakfast of pancakes and waffles. He levitated, turned around a little, and flew off, knowing Serena wouldn't wake up for a while.
Turning Super Saiyan, Goku added speed to his flight. Heading inland, he made his way toward the nearest town. Once finding a small town, He landed. The
townsfolk watched the strange supernatural being that could fly. He went inside the nearest grocery store and bought a box of pancake mix, and a box of
waffles. Paying for them, he headed back toward the island, leaving the people of the small town bewildered at this flying, spikey-haired boy wonder that
flew. Goku smiled, and gave a friendly wave to the people, even though he knew they were too stunned to answer. Goku just chuckled and flew back to the
island, with the box of waffles under one arm, and the box of pancakes under the other. Once he got back, he quickly slipped in the house, with the food.
He heated the food in the microwave, and set it on a plate with syrup and a piece of toast. He prepared fresh squeezed orange juice, and set it on a little
tray. He quickly ate his own breakfast, and took the tray of food to the master bedroom. Serena was still asleep, and he quietly placed the food on her lap,
and then sat watching her, running his finger through her satiny dark brown hair, he kissed her eyes, and waited patiently for her to wake up. After a little
while, Serena stirred, and woke up, to see Goku watching her, lovingly.
"Good morning." Goku whispered. Serena smiled at him, and gave him a quick kiss that he deserved. Goku watched Serena eat breakfast, and after a while,
he pulled her away form her meal, and kissed her.
When Bulma woke up the next day, she was lying on her side, pressed against Vegita, her head rested on his arm, and she had her arm across his chest,
and around his neck. Vegita was lying on his back, sprawled out on the bed, with one arm around Bulma, and the other behind his head. Bulma watched
him for a while, admiring his body, and his almost perfect face. Bulma sighed, and snuggled down against him. She fell asleep again, dreaming how perfect
Vegita was for her, a little mean and annoying sometimes, but still, he was all she wanted. Her thoughts traveled back to Yamcha, she smirked at that loser
that had betrayed her so many times. Bulma was just about to go to sleep, when she heard the doorbell ring. Oh, it better be something good, I was so
comfortable! Bulma thought, scowling at the thought of some stupid boy selling trading cards or a little girl selling cookies. Bulma threw on a bathrobe, and
walked sleepily to the door. To her amazement, Yamcha was kneeling on the first step, with a bouquet of flowers.
"Yamcha?!" she cried.
"Please take me back Bulma, I made a mistake, and I realized how much I loved you." Yamcha pleaded.
"Yamcha, we're through, I'm in love with someone else now, and I don't want you back."
"But Bulma, who would you ever fall in love with? Remember the times we were together!"
"Iie, I don't want to, I'm in love with someone else now, and I don't need you."
"Bulma! Remember the wonderful times we had together! The ice cream parlors, the fair, the late night dinners!"
"Yamcha, I don't remember all those, because you never took me on those, you took all your other girls on those trips, I was just a hopeless idiot in love
with a traitor! A traitor that cheated on me every single chance he got!"
"Fine, you say you're in love with someone else, well who is that? Who would give you more love then I did?"
"Anyone Yamcha, anyone."
"But who?" Yamcha asked as Vegita stepped up behind Bulma, just in briefs. Yamcha stared, He noticed Bulma was in a bathrobe, and Vegita in briefs.
"Vegita, what do you want?" Yamcha snapped bitterly.
"Nothing, I just wanted Bulma to come back to bed." Vegita replied casually.
"That's a good one Vegita! Bulma would never sleep with you!" Yamcha laughed. Bulma turned toward Vegita, and whispered something in his ear. Then
she turned to Yamcha, while Vegita walked off.
"Too bad Yamcha, I gave you too many chances." Bulma said, shaking her head in disappointment.
"You would never sleep with Vegita, that's just too idiotic!"
"What was idiotic, was that I actually liked you the whole time you were cheating on me." Bulma said as Vegita crept up behind her again, and kissed her
"I have to go now, don't mind me or anything…" Bulma said quietly as she held Vegita's face back, she looked at Yamcha, then reached out and closed the
door. Yamcha started to pound on the door. Bulma just turned around, and hugged Vegita, then she kissed him on the cheek, and headed for Vegita's
bedroom. Vegita watched her round the corner, and then turned his attention to Yamcha who had broken down the door. Looking at Yamcha casually,
Vegita smirked.
"Hai? What do you want, flea bag?" Vegita asked, smirking.
"She's my girlfriend!" Yamcha yelled as he shot a ki blast at Vegita. It hit Vegita, and didn't even scratch him.
"Didn't you hear what she said? She hates you, and she told me she hopes you have a happy life in hell…" Vegita scowled as he held his hand up in a police
like stance. Yamcha stared horrified, slowly he started backing away, then he started running, and soon he was airborne, just as he looked behind him,
thinking it was safe, A huge ki blast came directly at him. Yamcha screamed before being swallowed up in the light. It exploded, leaving a very burnt, but
alive Yamcha. Vegita grinned and went back in the house. Quietly, he crept up behind Bulma, who had taken off her bathrobe, and put on undergarments.
An evil grin came across Vegita's face as he walked up to Bulma. He grabbed her from behind, and wrapped her in a bear hug. Bulma shrieked but realized it
was only Vegita.
"Do you know what you are?" Vegita whispered quietly into her ear.
"Iie, tell me." Bulma responded, still brushing her hair.
"Now you're my mate, as you always were."
"Vegita…" Bulma started to protest, but Vegita spun her around, and kissed her. You're my mate, and if I say so, then it's true. Vegita thought to himself.
They spilt apart. Bulma hugged him, and watched him for a while, looking into his eyes, the eyes that clearly reflected her eyes. She hugged him, and
playfully pinched him, knowing he wouldn't even feel it. They stayed like that for a while, hugging, thinking.

At the time, Gohan and Piccolo were training. They sparred for about a half-hour, when Piccolo decided on something new.
"Gohan, lets mind train." Piccolo ordered.
"Hai." Gohan said, noting the Piccolo got out a very large, strange box. Piccolo took off the top, and laid out the plastic sheet. Gohan took out the spinner.
Finally, they settled down.
"Right-hand green!" Gohan called out as Piccolo stuck his right-hand on green. Piccolo scooted around the other side, so he wouldn't fall. Gohan twirled the
"Left-foot, red!" he called out again, watching Piccolo stretch to reach the colored circle.
"Right-foot, yellow!" Gohan called out, watching Piccolo struggle to keep his balance. They played like that for a while, Twister was such a balancing act, it
was Piccolo's favorite game. After a while, Piccolo lost his balance, and fell to the floor laughing. Gohan was happy for his life-long friend, Piccolo hardly ever
laughed out of fun. Then it was Gohan's turn. Gohan was a little bit better at balancing then Piccolo, but he too, lost his balance quickly. The rest of the day,
the two played Twister, happily chatting and laughing along the way.
While Gohan and Piccolo played Twister, Goku and Serena took a short walk on the beach, then a hike in the woods. Goku took her to a little creek, and
they happily splashed in its waters. Continuing their hike, they stopped to rest of a cliff edge, watching the beach, the gentle rolling of the waves. The bird
sang, the butterflies flew around their heads. Goku took them in a small cliff, where the moss made a nice, soft carpet. They laid down, and took a nap, it
was a lazy, sunny afternoon, and they had been hiking for a while now. The week went by quickly, late night beach walks and lazy, afternoon naps on the
porch swing made up most of the week. They hiked every now and then, and watched the TV late at night. Finally, the morning came when they had to
leave the tropical paradise. Sadly, they flew off, knowing sometime they would come back, but for now, they had a happy little boy to get back to. Gohan
had probably missed his father for a while, if it hadn't been for Piccolo and his Twister game. When the couple touched down in front of their house, they
exchanged a quick kiss before Goku went off to look for Gohan. Serena went into the house to cook dinner.
Gohan was having a nice time, they had placed a small tree between two rocks, and now they were doing the limbo.
"How low, can ya go?" Piccolo cried, as he bent over backwards. His chin hit the bar, and he fell. Goku arrived to see Gohan bend over and go under the
"Gohan? What are you doing?" Goku asked, rather curious.
"Tou-san! Oh, we were just doing the limbo, wanna join us?" Gohan asked, hugging his father, Gohan pointed to a very embarrassed Piccolo, "I missed you
tou-san, but Mr. Piccolo helped me feel better."
"Arigatou Piccolo." Goku nodded, then motioned for his son to come along, it was time to go home. They levitated, and waved good-bye to Piccolo, then
sped off for home.

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