"Oh Goku, to think you'll be all mine, after this is over." Serena cooed. She kissed him quickly on the cheek, and cuddled against his body, wrapping her
arms around his, she played with his fingers. The officer entered the room. All the quiet voices and continues mumbling slowed, and stopped.
"All rise!" the officer shouted. Everyone stood up, even Vegita, though reluctantly. The judge entered, who could be none other then Piccolo, wearing a
white wig.
"You may be seated." Piccolo said, grinning like mad, happy that for once he could control Goku.
"I've read your case…I think…" Piccolo continued, pulling out papers and folders.
"It appears you want to be divorced, is that right?" Piccolo asked, adjusting his wig.
"Hai." Goku replied, watching every move ChiChi made.
"Yes." ChiChi answered. ChiChi didn't believe in Japanese culture, which is pretty rude, considering that Japan brought DBZ to being.
"Ok, so ChiChi, you want a divorce, and Goku, you want a divorce, is that right?" Piccolo asked again.
"Hai." Goku nodded.
"Yes." ChiChi said.
"All right then, I now pronounce you divorced!" Piccolo said, grinning at how easy this law stuff was.
"That's all?" ChiChi asked amazed she was divorced so quickly.
"In my courthouse it is." Piccolo responded.
"Who gets the little boy?" ChiChi questioned, looking at Gohan.
"Well…umm…give me a couple reasons, and I'll decide." Piccolo said.
"Well, I'm Gohan's mother, I gave him big hopes for the future. I taught him, and I urged him to learn, unlike his father who didn't even care what would
happen to his little boy. I gave Gohan a good home, and food on his plate every morning. I deserve to take him because I encouraged him to become a
better person. I helped him become what he is today, and I want to watch over him for the rest of my life. I helped him try and reach his goal, which is to be
a great scholar, and I want to watch over him so he can achieve that goal. He's my little boy, and I don't want to lose him." ChiChi sobbed. Piccolo just
stared at her. The jury started to "boo" her, but Piccolo stopped them.
"ChiChi, that was very touching, but the jury hates it, sorry." Piccolo said, shrugging his shoulders.
"B-b-but…" ChiChi stammered, thinking she had made a wonderful speech to get her child back.
"Silence! Goku now tell us your reasons." Piccolo continued.
"Well, I don't really have a lot of reasons...just that I won't make Gohan think every day of his life. I built the house he lives in, I catch the food he eats, and
I do care a lot about my little boy, he's all that I have, him and my new family. I help him do what he really loves, fighting, and I let him do what is most
important to a child, to play, and yes, he'll have to study, but I'll still let him play. Don't take him away, he's all I have, please don't take him away!" Goku
cried, looking very pathetic while he said his speech. Piccolo wiped a tear from his eye.
"That was beautiful. Goku you have given us the best list so far, so you get Gohan!" Piccolo announced watching the happy family. Goku picked Gohan up,
and threw him into the air, the crowd cheered, and Piccolo started crying again. The family went home, a true family now, but Goku knew there was
something missing. Everyone went home, and Vegita and Bulma headed for Capsule Corp. Meanwhile, on the flight home,
"Don't you feel happy for Goku and Serena?" Bulma asked Vegita.
"Yeah, yeah, I don't care." Vegita replied coldly. Bulma didn't respond, she just sat there, thinking for a while.
"Vegita?" she asked.
"What would you say to a night out?"
"Oh hell no…"
"Come on! It'll be fun! We can go to a movie, that's all, nothing special."
"Movie? Iie…"
"Movies have popcorn…"
"Fine, I'll go, but this is not one of those stupid human date things, got it?" Vegita warned.
"Hai…" Bulma giggled.
When they got home, She told Vegita he could take off the tux. And put on something more comfortable. Vegita came out wearing spandex.
"Vegita…no." Bulma said, noting he looked good, but this was public.
"Hey, you said casual!" Vegita replied.
"I meant HUMAN casual."
"What do you want me to wear?" Vegita asked sarcastically.
"This." Bulma answered, pulling out jeans and a T-shirt. Vegita eyed the clothing, then decided it wouldn't hurt. He came out looking like a normal person,
except the fact his hair was in an upward flare, which would set him apart from any normal human. They went to the theater.
"What do you want to watch?" Bulma asked.
"Don't know, how about action?" Vegita suggested.
"Iie, how about comedy?" Bulma argued.
"Fine…" Vegita agreed. They got the tickets, and sat down.
"Umm...Bulma?" Vegita whispered.
"Hai?" she looked at him under the dim lights.
"Why is it dark in here?"
"So we can see the movie better."
"What's that big white board in front?"
"The screen."
"Where's the movie?"
"Wait a little, its coming in a while."
"Where's the popcorn?"
"I'm holding it." Bulma said, holding out the popcorn.
"Well give me some!" Vegita whined, stuffing handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Suddenly, the movie began. A bright flash of light began the previews.
Vegita jumped. People in the back snickered. Someone in the back yelled, "Hey man, sit down! Your hair's in the way!" More people laughed. Vegita stood
up, and turned around.
"Vegita no!" Bulma cried, but it was too late, the Prince sent a ki blast, not at the person, but the blast did enough damage.
"Get outta here you freak!" the manager yelled. Vegita looked at Bulma, meaning he was sorry. Bulma just slowly shook her head.
"Lets go rent a movie." she suggested. Vegita looked at her, hesitated.
"Do they have popcorn?" he asked. Bulma stared at him, and burst out laughing.
"I can make you as much popcorn as you want at home!" she said, in between laughs.
"Oh…" Vegita quietly said. Bulma drove to the Hollywood Video, to rent a movie. They walked up and down the isles, looking at movies, Vegita kept pointing
out action movies, and Bulma kept pointing out romances. Finally they decided on a romance comedy. When they got home, Bulma made tons of popcorn.
Vegita ate most of it. Bulma popped in the movie, and they watched it together. Every once in a while, a funny part would make them laugh, and Vegita
would steal glances at Bulma. She's beautiful. He told himself many times. Toward the end of the movie, the hero kissed his girl. Vegita stole a long glance
at Bulma out of the corner of his eye. Bulma noticed. She turned toward him, Vegita immediately looked away and blushed hard.
"Hai?" Bulma asked softly.
"Its just that your so pretty." Vegita answered, looking in her eyes. He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her close. They kissed, a
long, sweet kiss, that reflected how they had felt about each other the whole time. Vegita savored the moment, but Bulma quickly regained her senses. She
pulled back, and gasped. Looking into Vegita's eyes, she stood up and ran to her room. What did I do? What the hell was I thinking? Bulma couldn't get the
picture of the two of them kissing out of her mind.. She didn't kiss Vegita, she couldn't! But she had, and Vegita had kissed her back. What happened?
Meanwhile, Goku had taken Serena out to a restaurant. Goku knew he should've waited a little longer, but still, he just loved her so much. Yes, he had
made a mistake earlier in marrying ChiChi, but Serena was so much better! She just made him happy whenever. Goku couldn't wait, he took her out to
dinner, and proposed.
"Serena?" Goku asked softly, under the table, his hands held the small velvet box.
"Hai?" Serena answered, having no clue about what was going to happen next.
"I have a question." Goku said, getting up from the table slowly.
"Shoot." Serena nervously whispered, watching Goku's every move. Goku slowly knelt down in front of her, and pulled out the small velvet box. Lifting the
top, he slowly said;
"Serena, will you marry me?" Goku asked, worried about the reply. For a moment Serena just stared at the ring. It was a beautiful ring, a single row of
small, clear diamonds, with a heart-shaped diamond in the middle. A thin line of gold wrapped around the band of the ring, and stopped at each diamond.
Goku lifted the ring out of the box, and read the back. "I'll love you forever and always. -Goku" he read, then he looked into her eyes, and slipped the ring
on her finger.
"Will you marry me?" he asked again, getting very nervous. Many people were watching them, waiting for the answer from the possible to-be-bride. Serena
just looked into Goku's eyes, a single tear ran down her cheek, she leaned over and wrapped her hands around his neck. She looked deep in his loving
eyes, and kissed him, kissed him passionately, and Goku knew what she meant by that kiss.
"I guess that's a "yes"…" ,Goku muttered after the kiss ended.
"You bet…" Serena said, resting her forehead against his.
"Then why are you crying?" Goku asked, looking at her, admiring her beautiful face.
"These are happy tears!" Serena cried, as another tear ran down her cheek, "Happy tears because I love you so much."
"I love you too." Goku whispered. The crowd that had been watching them the whole time, now cooed and talked about the sweet new couple. And when
Goku and Serena kissed again, the crowd cheered.
"Lets see the ring!" a young lady shouted. Serena held up her hand to show off the beautiful diamond ring. They laughed, and walked out. The waiter was
so happy for the newly engaged couple, he didn't even notice they left without paying. Oh, but who cares? As long as they're happy right? They walked
home, to take their time, so they could be alone. Along the way, Serena brought up the subject of the wedding.
"When are we going to have it?" she asked, cuddling against Goku.
"I don't know, as soon as possible?, Goku suggested.
"Sure, why not?"
"How about…June 16th?"
"Works for me, I need time to get a couple things ready anyway."
"No problem."
"How do you think Gohan's going to react to this?"
"I don't know, he told me to take my time, but I just can't, I love you too much."
"I love you too. But still, do you think he'll be happy?"
"With you?! Of course!"
"Are you sure?" Serena asked, a worried look crossed her face as she watched Goku.
"He better…" Goku said, laughing, "Trust me, he'll love you just as much as I do."
"I hope so." Serena mumbled as she folded her arms around his thin waist, resting her head on his shoulder, they walked home the rest of the way like
that. They got home, and sat down, just to talk, and cuddle near the fireplace. Gohan rushed in the door, and noticed his father and his father's girlfriend
sitting on the couch, cuddling near the fireplace. Dad, I told you to wait! Gohan thought in his head. Gohan almost immediately knew what had happened.
He watched his father, with his fiancé, they seemed so happy, yet Gohan knew his father should've waited. He loves her too much, but still he might've
made a mistake! Gohan thought. Finally Gohan decided he should confront the couple.
"Tou-san?" Gohan asked, sorry that he had to ruin the precious moment.
"Hai?", Goku asked, turning to see his son.
"How's it going?"
"Great, we have a little news to tell you."
"Ok, like what?"
"Well, Serena and I…we're getting married."
"Tou-san! I told you to wait!"
"I know, but..."
"This isn't just a little "I love someone so I think I'll marry them" deal!"
"Gomen…I just didn't want you to get divorced again…"
"I won't get divorced this time, because I know I made the right choice."
"Gomen, I don't really know you, but I guess I'm kinda protective of my father…" Gohan confessed to Serena.
"That's ok Gohan, I know how you feel." Serena assured him.
"But I am happy for you two, I just think you should've waited until you knew each other better. Until I knew you better." Gohan said, ashamed of his
unusual entrance.
"Gohan, I don't know you very well, but from what I've heard, you're the best little boy a mother could have, and I want to be that mother for you, I want
you to love me like I love you." Serena said, getting up and giving Gohan a hug. They just stayed like that for a while. Hugging each other, as if they knew
every thing about the other, just by hugging them. Soon enough, Goku joined them, a total family hug. Goku remembered he had rented a couple movies.
An action movie for Gohan, a comedy for all of them, and a romance just Goku and Serena.
"Anybody want to watch a movie?" Goku asked, holding the three choices up.
"Sure!" Gohan and Serena cried in unison. Goku decided upon the comedy, so they could enjoy it as a family should. The new family chatted and laughed
while watching the movie, Austin Powers, Spy Who Shagged Me. Later, after the movie was over, Gohan had to go to bed, but Goku promised he could
watch Terminator, tomorrow. Gohan reluctantly went to bed and Serena and Goku stayed up to watch their romance movie, You've Got Mail, while cuddling
on the couch the whole time. Finally, it was too late for the pair to stay up any longer, so they just fell asleep on the couch after a while.
The next morning at Capsule Corp. Bulma woke up in her room, she looked out in the living room, and found Vegita asleep on the floor. Bulma watched him
for a while, what had happened between them? Why Vegita kiss Bulma? Why did Bulma return the kiss? Bulma was extremely confused, but one thing she
was sure of, she wished Vegita would kiss her again. She watched him, admiring his body, and good looks. Sighing, she went back into her room to change.
Lets see, what am I going to do today? Oh yeah I have to call Serena, and invite them over for a picnic! Bulma thought happily. And maybe I could get
Vegita to come…Bulma hoped.
"Maybe Serena and Goku can cheer up this shit hole I live in." Bulma said aloud.
"What's wrong with this ass hole?" Vegita asked. Secretly, he had sneaked up behind her, watching her.
"I think this is a very nice place."
"Hai, but I need someone to cheer me up a little." Bulma noted.
"I can always help." Vegita said, as he sauntered up to her. He put his hands around her waist, and pulled her close, kissing her. Shit! What's happening
to me? Why am I doing this? Vegita screamed inside his head. But his body wouldn't listen, he just kissed her longer. Bulma closed her eyes and returned
his kiss. They pulled apart, both breathless.
"Vegita…don't do that…" Bulma whispered.
"I…I couldn't help it." he answered, staring at her.
"Do me a favor."
"Ok, what?"
"Go to a picnic with me."
"Just the two of us?"
"Iie, Serena and Goku will come." Bulma whispered as their lips touched again. Bulma quickly kissed him, then held his face.
"Please come?" she pleaded.
"Hai, I'll come." Vegita answered, still lost in the kiss. Vegita leaned forward to kiss her again, but Bulma dodged it and went into the kitchen, to get the
phone. She dialed quickly. It took two rings for them to pick it up.
"Hello?" Gohan picked it up.
"Konichiwa Gohan! Is Serena there?" Bulma asked.
"Yeah, hold on." Gohan answered, as he put the phone down and called his parents.
"Hello?" Serena said into the phone.
"Serena hi! Its Bulma."
"Oh Bulma! Hi!"
"Do you think we could get together today?"
"Today? When?"
"I don't know, just as a little picnic."
"Sure, I'll bring Goku, we have some good news to tell you, bring Vegita would you?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Ok, its about 12:00 right now, should we start packing?"
"Sure, we'll meet you by the big oak tree in the park."
"All right, we'll be there!"
"Bye Serena." Bulma said into the phone, getting out a pen and paper to jot down where they were going to meet.
"Bye Bulma." Serena answered. Serena told Goku, and they got things ready for the picnic, such as food and a blanket. When they were ready, they picked
up the basket, each holding one handle, and flew to the great oak tree in the park. They set up the blanket and food just as Bulma got there with Vegita.
"Goku! Serena!" Bulma greeted excitedly.
"Good to see you." Goku replied.
"Serena told me that you were going to tell us some good news."
"Oh yeah, well, we're engaged."
"Goku are you serious? That's great!" Bulma cried hugging Serena.
"Yeah, I don't know how many times Gohan told me to put it off till later, but I guess I couldn't really wait…" Goku said a little ashamed. Serena just hugged
his thin waist in encouragement.
"Engaged?" Vegita asked, a tiny bit curious.
"We're getting married." Goku explained.
"Anyway, Vegita I want you to be best man, along with Krillin."
"Huh? Me? Best man?
"Yeah, please be best man Vegita, it's a very honorable person."
"Sure…" Vegita said, thinking over how hard it could be.
"Let go Kakarott, I'm not a toy bear…" Vegita warned.
"Gomen…" Goku took his hand off Vegita's back.
"Oh, and Bulma, I want you to be maid of honor." Serena said, watching Bulma's reaction.
"Really?" Bulma asked surprised.
"Yeah, you're the only one around here I know!" Serena answered laughing, "Not to mention, you are my best and closest friend."
"Thank you! Of course I'll be maid of honor, I'd love to!" Bulma cried, hugging Serena. The small group enjoyed their picnic while chatting about the plans on
the wedding.
"Who should we invite?" Serena asked, since she didn't really know a lot of people.
"Well, your friends and family." Bulma answered.
"How about Piccolo, Tien, Chaotzu, Master Roshi, Oolong, and Yamcha?" Goku asked.
"Sure, why not?" Serena replied, jotting down the names, "Anyone else?"
"Umm…how about a couple of your friends?"
"Sure! Ok, lets see, Amber, Caroline, Olivia, Megan, Nikki, Jordon, Natarie, and definitely Aya!"
"Ok, that's a lot of bridesmaids…"
"Anyone else?"
"Hmm…Krillin, Vegita and Bulma definitely, but how about Mr. Briefs, and Mrs. Briefs?"
"Yeah, we should invite them too. Anyone else?"
"Umm, I don't know, Lunch?" Goku suggested, not even remembering what she looked like.
"That's not even close to enough people at a wedding…" Serena said sadly.
"Don't worry, I know I've forgotten some people, we'll have tons of people at the wedding, I promise. Trust me." Goku reassured her. He quickly hugged
her, and the small group resumed their picnic.
"Where are you going to have your honeymoon?" Bulma asked.
"We don't know, Goku says he's got a small island to go to, but I still don't know…" Serena said, daydreaming of the perfect wedding.
"Well, what is your wedding going to be like? I mean how is it going to be set up?"
"I was hoping flowers, lots of flowers, every where, and then the reception would be another flower theme, I don't know why I just like flowers." Serena
said getting up, it was about time to go. They got up and repacked the picnic basket, bid each other farewell, and each couple went their separate ways.]
Sixteen days later, at the wedding.
"Oh Bulma! You look beautiful!" Serena cried from under her veil. Bulma twirled around in the thin maid of honor's gown. It was a silver gown, it went down
to Bulma's ankles, and the edge was lined with a small silver hem. It was a tight dress, that accented her figure. The bridesmaid's gowns were a little
shorter then the maid of honor's, but just as beautiful. They were light blue, with a light yellow sash. Each bridesmaid got a small wreath of light blue
flowers on her head, and the maid of honor got a silver crown. The girls chatted and mumbled. Amber, Caroline, Olivia, Jordon, Nikki and Megan twirled
around laughing and giggling the whole time. The flower girls, Aya and Natarie curtsied and talked. Bulma and Serena watched over the bunch, laughing
and chatting with them. Meanwhile, Goku adjusted his tie, for the third time. Vegita paced back and forth. Krillin sat calmly, watching them.
"Goku, are you ok?" he asked.
"Yeah, its just that I've kinda waited my entire life for this." Goku replied, fixing his tie…again.
"Well, don't worry, you'll do fine. I know you will."
"Vegita? Are you ready?" Goku asked Vegita, who was now snapped out of his little daydream. Blushing, he nodded. The wedding coordinator came in.
"Ok, your almost on." she said. She hurried them to the door. The flower girls curtsied again and fell into a fit of giggles. The coordinator sent the groom and
best men to the altar. Next the flower girls practically skipped down the isle, still giggling. Next the bridesmaids went up, they each looked beautiful, but the
maid of honor stood apart, she was the most beautiful of them. The silver dress flowed a little behind her, and she glanced at Vegita, who was staring in
awe. Vegita watched as she came close, then turned so she was right next to him. That crown suits her, she should be my Princess. He shook the thought
from his head as the sound of high-pitched giggles invaded his ear.
"Your beautiful." he whispered in her ear. Bulma blushed.
"Your not so bad looking yourself." she answered, looking into his eyes, they had the greatest urge to kiss each other, but Bulma turned her attention the
door, where the bride would enter. Vegita realized how rude it might have been if they kissed, so he decided to wait a little. The bride entered. Everyone
turned their attention to her. She was wearing a satin white dress, with a v-cut neck. The dress pulled along the floor for about a meter after her, and it
picked up tons of little flower petals along the way. Her veil was held up by a small crown, a one-pronged crown, the veil came from the inside and the front,
covering her hair and the top of her head. From under the crown came the part of the veil that covered her face, it folded over twice. Serena and Goku
locked eyes, and Serena walked without even knowing she was walking, as long as she went to her husband, that's all that mattered to her. Serena
reached the altar, and pulled up next to Goku. They locked eyes through the whole ceremony. The minister began.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"
Serena and Goku didn't even here half of what the minister said, they just locked eyes, and held hands. Gohan could see the love they shared, and now he
understood why his father couldn't wait any longer. Gohan watched them, and said a silent prayer for them to have a happy long life together. Finally a
small part of the speech hit the couple's ears. The most important part of the whole ceremony had come up.
"I do." Serena said, not even turning her head, just letting a single tear roll down her cheek.
"And do you, Goku, take Serena as your lawfully wedded wife--to love and to honor; for richer, for poorer; in sickness, and in health; and forsaking all
others--'til death do you part?"
"I do." Goku replied, as the minister held out a diamond ring.
"Take this ring and put it on her left ring finger, then say: 'with this ring, I thee wed'." the minister instructed. Goku took the delicate diamond ring, and put
it on her left ring finger.
"With this ring, I thee wed." Goku said quietly. Serena did the same.
"With this ring, I thee wed." she echoed. The minister smiled.
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." the minister pronounced happily. Goku
lifted Serena's veil slowly, he studied her face, then placed his hands on her lower back and pulled her close. They kissed, a long, sweet, romantic kiss, that
showed how much they loved each other. They savored the moment to the end.
At the reception, the bridesmaids were off with their own boyfriends, telling them about how sweet a wedding that was, and how much they would
appreciate a wedding like that someday. The flower girls went around, putting flowers on any couple that kissed, having fun and giggling uncontrollably.
Krillin was off flirting with some girl, and Yamcha was off with his new girlfriend. Piccolo was meditating with Gohan by a tall plant, and Tien and Chaotzu
were off looking for food. Bulma was getting fruity punch when Vegita crept up behind her.
"Hi." he said, admiring her figure, while getting a couple cookies.
"Oh, hi Vegita." she answered, watching his every move.
"You were beautiful today…" Vegita whispered.
"Thank you, you looked good yourself." Bulma mumbled as Vegita blushed hard. Bulma giggled, and sat down in a chair. Vegita sat next to her. Music
started playing, and Bulma looked toward Vegita with a longing look. Vegita looked back and shook his head, as if to say 'I'll do it, but I know I'll regret it.'
Bulma smiled and pulled him to the dance floor.
"I've never danced before…" Vegita confessed.
"That's ok, I'll teach you quick."
"Ok, put your hands on my back, and I put my hands on your shoulders, and you just follow my moves, ok?" Bulma said, while gently showing him the way.
Vegita looked into her eyes, sighed, and thought. What the heck, its not like I'll have to do this again…he thought, but he was wrong, once a slow song
was over, another would begin, and Vegita would have to dance again.
"Why do I bother with you woman?" Vegita asked quietly.
"You know why…" Bulma whispered, putting her cheek in the curve of his neck. She sighed, maybe Vegita would be the boyfriend she always wanted…and
maybe not. Time would tell. Soon, Yamcha decided to do something funny, for his ex-girlfriend, Bulma. He went up on stage, and dedicated the song Don't
Want You Back to Bulma. Bulma was furious, when the song was over, she went up on the stage, and smiled.
"Yamcha, I think this song would be just perfect for you and your new girlfriend." Bulma said, as Another Dumb Blonde by Hoku started to play. Vegita
smirked as Bulma proudly trotted back to him. He watched her as she sang along. Bulma noticed, and Vegita instinctively blushed hard. Bulma decided not
to bother him about it. They liked each other, and both knew that very well, they just haven't gotten up the guts to say it. Then the song for the bride and
groom came on. Serena and Goku walked up there slowly, holding hands and murmuring quietly. Goku put his hands on her lower back, and Serena
wrapped her hands around his neck. I Knew I Loved You was their song, and from the beginning of the song, to the very last note, they were in their own
world. They kissed, and cuddled, Goku whispered sweet things into Serena's ear, and Serena just kissed and snuggled against him. It seemed like a lifetime
before the song ended. The crowd was so happy for them, they could do all but hold back their tears for the happy couple. Vegita watched them, and
understood how Goku felt, how he felt toward his love, and why marriage was so important. Bulma is my Princess, but now I have to marry her to prove
it…Vegita thought, he didn't notice Bulma poking him until she pinched him hard.
"Ouch…" Vegita cried out softly.
"Gomen, but you weren't listening to me." Bulma answered.
"What do you want?"
"Don't you think we should get home pretty soon?" Bulma asked, watching the rest of the crowd shuffle out the door.
"Sure…" Vegita mumbled as an evil grin came across his face. Goku and Serena were still dancing, lost in a little trance. Gohan watched them, then went out
the door, and to the car that waited to take him to Master Roshi's.
"Where's Kakarott's brat going?" Vegita asked, noting that Gohan had gotten into a car without his parents.
"To Master Roshi's place." Bulma said as they got in their car.
"Because Goku and Serena are going on a honeymoon, and the can't just leave Gohan by himself."
"Honey? Isn't that food?"
"Iie, honey is food, but honeymoon is a vacation newly-wed couples take after their wedding, so they can get away from everything, and just be alone."
Bulma explained while starting the engine.
"Oh." Vegita said, watching the other cars fly by as Bulma stepped on the gas a little.

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