"…. you…a…I mean…your…I mean…I didn't think…I mean…" Goku was totally confused, he couldn't grasp the fact that Serena might be a Saiyan.
What were the odds of that?! Well, she could fly…and it looked like she had fired a ki blast…but then how did she get here? Questions were blocking
too much of Goku's brain, he wasn't watching where he was going, and *smack*…he hit a tree.
"Owwwwwwwww!!" Goku moaned. Serena helped him up, and they flew the rest of the way home laughing. Even though the situation was odd.
When Gohan had gotten home, they all sat there, thinking, of what one was going to say, and of what one might ask. Gohan broke that silence.
"So, what do you think of the house?" he asked nervously, purposely trying to avoid the fact Serena was a Saiyan.
"Its beautiful, and I heard Goku built it himself, right?" she asked.
"Yeah…" Goku answered.
"Anyone hungry?" Gohan asked, getting up.
"Sure!" Serena cheerfully cried out.
"Gohan sit down, I'll go make the food…" Goku said, still lost in thought.
"Ok tou-san." Gohan replied.
"So, what do you think of me now?" Serena asked, afraid of the answer.
"I still think of you the same, although I do have tons of questions." Gohan said.
"Like what?"
"Well, for one, who are you?"
"Serena, daughter of a third class Saiyan, I wasn't really important or anything."
"How did you get here?"
"My father was one of the few that believed Bardock when he said that Frieza would destroy Planet Vegita. He put me in a space pod, and
programmed it to take me to Planet Akira. I lived there for a while. Then I came to Earth, I heard a Saiyan had landed here."
"How come we didn't sense your ki?"
"I learned how to mask my ki on Akira, not to mention I landed on Earth not long ago, about two weeks to be exact."
"How did you know who we were?"
"I heard on Akira about a Saiyan who was sent to earth, a legendary Super Saiyan, so I came to Earth, in hopes to meet him."
"Can you go Super Saiyan?"
"Iie, but I was very close once."
"Can you cook?" came the voice of Goku from the kitchen.
"Hai, why?" Serena asked, a hint of mischief in her voice.
"You're on the job." Goku said as they heard the sound of glass shattering. Everyone laughed and Gohan got ready for bed.
"Good night tou-san" he said, hugging Goku.
"Good night Gohan" Goku answered.
"Good night kaa-san" Gohan said, while running over to hug Serena.
"G-goodnight Gohan…" Serena answered, stunned. Gohan skipped away toward his room, happy that for once, he didn't have to worry about his
morning. No school, I'm so happy ChiChi is outta here. Gohan thought, as he cuddled under the covers. He went to sleep thinking of the wonderful
things that would happen once Goku married Serena. Meanwhile, Goku and Serena, were also getting ready for bed, they had a big day ahead, the
divorce was very soon.
"Goku?" Serena whispered.
"Do you still love me?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Never mind then." Serena finished the conversation with a sigh. She cuddled close to Goku in their bed, and they exchanged a quick kiss before
falling asleep. For the first time, everyone slept peacefully in the Son's house. No more damn ChiChi to worry about, and no more damn nagging.
Soon it would all be over, soon Goku and ChiChi would be divorced, and he would be aloud to live the rest of his life in peace. Then again, he would
never live safely with ChiChi alive…maybe he could convince the judge to let him tie ChiChi to a railroad track, and run her over while shooting her
with small ki blasts and giving her the most painful death possible…

Next morning at Capsule Corp. Bulma woke up with a headache, and not understanding of what had happened the night before.
"What happened?" she asked, mainly herself.
"I told you yesterday." Vegita answered coldly. Until then, Bulma hadn't noticed him standing quietly in the corner, watching her.
"How?…Who?…When?…Why?" Bulma asked, very confused. Vegita sighed, and sat down to tell her the entire story again.
"I sensed something was wrong, so I flew toward you, I watched you think for more then an hour, and when you got up to leave, a loose rock gave
way, and you fell, if I hadn't been there, you would've died." Vegita retold his story, again. Bulma just sat there, listening quietly, memories of what
had happened filled her head. Tears filled her eyes, and she started crying hysterically. Vegita had no clue what she was thinking but he thought it
would be best to leave her alone. Vegita got up and walked out of Bulma's room, leaving her to think, and cry.
"Great, now that damn woman is gonna cry all the damn time." Vegita grumbled, as he turned to the window, only to see Goku with his girlfriend,
land on the steps. Goku rang the doorbell, and waited patently while chatting with his girl. What the hell is that idiot Kakarott doing here?!
Vegita thought, almost aloud.
"Vegita, get that would you?" Bulma cried from her room. Vegita scowled. I don't want to get the stupid door, damn Kakarott will be there. Without
thinking, Vegita reluctantly went to the door, opened it, and almost slammed it in Goku's face before catching himself.
"Vegita! Hi! How are you?" Goku asked cheerfully.
"Kakarott, get out of my face." Vegita said in his usual tone of voice.
"I'm glad to see you too!"
"Is Bulma around?"
"I want to tell her something, about Serena…"
"Who the hell is Serena?"
"My girlfriend."
"Kakarott you idiot, your married."
"I'm getting divorced."
"Anyway, can I talk to Bulma?"
"I don't know…she doesn't really want to talk right now…" Vegita said, just as Bulma opened the door, and walked past Vegita.
"Konichiwa Goku!" she called cheerfully.
"Bulma! I have some great news! And some even greater news!" Goku said, grinning like mad.
"Spill it!"
"Well, for one, the divorce is on Wednesday, June May 31st, at 3:00. Be there, ok?"
"Of course, we'd all like to watch that bitch drown in hell."
"Good news two."
"I brought Serena here with me…actually…its more like she brought herself." Goku said nervously.
"And that's good news?" Vegita cut in.
"Well, in one way…" Goku said, more nervous about Vegita confronting him then usual.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Bulma asked, rather curious.
"Well…she can kinda…well…fly." Goku said,
"Nani?!" Bulma screeched.
"Well, I know what your thinking…but the truth is…" Goku's voice faltered.
"I'm a Saiyan." Serena cut in, who was hiding behind Goku the whole time.
"NANI?!?!" Vegita bellowed.
"Hai, I'm a Saiyan." Serena whimpered, now wishing she hadn't told him.
"How in bloody hell can you be a Saiyan?!" Vegita shouted, ready to wring her neck.
"Well…I was kinda born that way…" Serena looked for a good excuse to avoid the Saiyan.
"What the hell is going on?!" Vegita screamed, obviously confused.
"Vegita. Calm down…" Bulma warned gently.
"Well, we were kinda thinking that Bulma and Serena could go shopping, and talk things over, while we spar, and I tell you everything I know about
her being a Saiyan." Goku suggested, nervously.
"Ok, we'll meet back here in about one hour?" Bulma said, walking towards her car.
"Sure, bye girls!" Goku called back as he walked into the house. The gang went their separate ways, Goku and Vegita to spar, and Bulma and
Serena to shop at the mall.
At the mall, Bulma and Serena walked around a bit, Bulma had brought $100 with her. So they could get a couple things, like clothes, makeup, perfume,
jewelry, etc.
"Oh Bulma! Look at this!" Serena cried, holding up a black and blue satin dress, with a metallic shine, halter straps, and a slit up the side of the dress.
"What's the price?" Bulma asked, noting its beauty.
"Hmm…$75!" Serena screeched, almost dropping the dress, it was so beautiful, and Bulma saw the hint of sadness in her eyes.
"We'll get it"
"You heard me, I'll buy it."
"But Bulma, its $75!"
"That's ok, I have some extra cash." Bulma said, pulling out $200, from her purse.
"Well, if I'm getting something, so should you!" Serena pointed out.
"Don't worry, I'm still looking." Bulma said, with a hint of mischief in her voice. She was looking at a red satin dress, with a crosshatched back, and a slit up
the side of her leg, all the way up to her thigh.
"Oh! Look at that!" Bulma said, picking the red dress up.
"Its beautiful!" Serena uttered.
"I think I'll take this one!" Bulma said, not even trying the dress on, she ran to the clerk holding the dress, and signed the check, not even noting the price.
"Well, lets go to another store, Bath & Body Works?" Serena said, as she picked up her new dress.
"Lets go!" Bulma grinned, she had enough money to buy the whole store. They looked around Bath & Body Works a little, then headed to another store,
Lasker Jewelers to be exact. While looking around, diamond earrings caught Bulma's eyes.
"Serena! Look!" she squealed, trying them on.
"I'm sorry madam, but we can't allow you to try on the merchandise." the clerk said.
"No problem, I was putting it back anyway." Bulma said quickly.
"Why don't you buy it?" Serena asked, puzzled that Bulma would put a beautiful piece of jewelry back.
"Don't you think it would be nicer if your husband or boyfriend bought it for you?" Bulma questioned.
"Well, I want it to be like that, but I don't have a boyfriend…since that double-crossing, son of a bitch Yamcha left me…but that's ok, he never loved me
anyway." Bulma thought aloud. They left the shop quickly. Stopping at a restaurant to eat, they talked a little.
"So, how did you get here?" Bulma asked, not wanting to make the situation any weirder.
"Well, when I was young, I was put in a space pod, headed for Planet Akira, I lived there for a while, then I heard of a Saiyan who had landed on Earth, so
I came to Earth." Serena explained.
"Why were you sent there?"
"My father was one of the few who believed Bardock, that Frieza was going to destroy Planet Vegita, so my father sent me to Akira."
"How did you find out about the Saiyan."
"I was taught about him on Akira, my adoptive family had taught me about the Saiyan, and from that, I learned he had come to Earth."
"Who was the Saiyan?" Bulma asked, afraid it might have been Vegita.
"Oh, the legendary Super Saiyan of course, Goku." Serena said, as she took another bite of her pizza.
"And how did you know Goku was a Super Saiyan?" Bulma continued the conversation.
"Hmm? Oh, that was easy, when he battled Frieza on Namek, I sensed his blood, and when he turned Super Saiyan, I immediately wanted to meet the
living legend, so I came to Earth, following my senses, and his ki."
"You call that easy?"
"Hai…" Serena said, giggling.
"Well, what do you think of Goku?"
"He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, he just cheers me up, even I'm the most depressed person in the world, he just cheers me up."
"What do you think of Gohan?"
"I don't know what he thinks of me, but from all I've heard, he's such a good little boy. And with ChiChi out of the way, he'll finally get a chance to play, if he
remembers how!"
"Yeah, poor little Gohan."
"With me around, he won't go to school for the rest of his life."
"Well, do you think you can handle it?"
"Handle what?"
"Well, just think about it, a full grown Saiyan eats a lot, trust me, Vegita definitely eats a lot, anyway, if a full grown Saiyan eats about a refrigerator of food
a day, then think of what it would be like for three Saiyans living under one roof!"
"Well, I'll be ok, I'm a very good cook, and actually, I don't eat that much, just a little bit above what a normal human eats."
"Oh." Bulma managed to say, a little hint of worry in her voice.
"Don't worry, I'll handle it." Serena said, reassuring Bulma. They finished their lunch, and Bulma paid the bill. Bulma checked her watch quickly, they had
already chatted for over an hour.
"Serena! We have to get home, we've been here over an hour!" Bulma cried, as she grabbed Serena's hand and pulled her to the parking lot.
"Bulma, why don't we fly? I mean, I can carry you, it would be a lot easier." Serena suggested.
"Ok…" Bulma said, taking the keys to the house. Serena picked her up, and they were off, to the Capsule Corp.
While the girls chatted, Vegita and Goku discussed matters over a drink, and movie.
"So who the hell is she?" Vegita asked, scowling.
"A Saiyan." Goku responded.
"I know that you jackass, I meant who were her relations?"
"I dunno, she didn't say anything about that…"
"Kakarott, your about as stupid as a roc…wait…gomen, even THAT'S smarter then you."
"Anyway, how'd she get here?"
"Her dad put her in a space pod, and she left for Planet Akira, then she came to Earth."
"Why was she sent to Akira?"
"Her father believed Bardock, that Frieza was going to destroy Planet Vegita."
"This is really good chicken…" Goku said, chomping down on another piece of chicken.
"It needs hot sauce." Vegita replied, eating a salad with pork rinds. The doorbell rang.
"Kakarott, go get that." Vegita ordered.
"Why me? It's your house…kinda." Goku said.
"I'm the Prince of Saiyans, you asshole!!" Vegita growled. Goku got up reluctantly, and answered the door. Serena and Bulma were waiting patiently

"We're back!" Bulma cried excitedly, rushing to her room to show every one the dress she bought. She quickly brushed her hair, put on a little makeup, and
ran out to show everyone, spinning around, she giggled.
"Well?" she asked, spinning around in her red dress.
"Your ugly." Vegita answered in a cold tone of voice.
"Better looking then you, Prince of Saiyans." she shot back, knowing by the blush in Vegita's face that he had meant the opposite of what he had said.
"I think you look beautiful Bulma." Goku said, looking her up and down.
"I agree." Serena cut in.
"Serena, you try on your dress!" Bulma said, hurrying into her room.
"Ok!" Serena replied, giggling. She ran into the bathroom, and quickly put on her dress, she did her hair into a little bun, and put a little lipstick and blush
on. She came out, and just like Bulma, she twirled around, giggling.
"What do you think?" she asked, twirling around in her black and blue satin dress.
"Serena…" Goku muttered, gazing at her longingly. Serena ran over to him and hugged his thin waist, laying her head on his shoulder, she looked in his
"Do you like it?" she asked, letting him run his hands through her satiny hair.
"Hai…of course." Goku said, rather struck by her beauty. She placed a quick kiss on his cheek, then went to change. Goku sighed, and watched her round
the corner.
"Kakarott your more helpless then a baby slug." Vegita broke into Goku's thoughts.
"Huh?" Goku asked, still staring into space.
"Humph, women."
"Aren't they wonderful?"
"Dumb ass…"
"Well, what did you boys do while we were gone?" Bulma broke into the conversation.
"We just sat down, watching a movie, and eating food while we discussed the fact that Serena is a Saiyan." Goku replied.
"Oh, well, its about time for dinner, would you guys like to join us?"
"Iie, we really have to get going, we left Gohan at Master Roshi's, and who knows what the Turtle Master will teach the little guy…"
"All right then, maybe we can get together for a picnic sometime." Bulma suggested.
"How about…Saturday?" Goku asked, heading for the door with Serena.
"Ok, I'll call you then!" Bulma said, just before Goku bid goodbye, and flew toward his home with Serena, carrying her new dress.
"Well Vegita, I'm going to go take a shower, I suggest you do the same." Bulma said, pointing out that Vegita hadn't showered for weeks.
"Humph." Vegita scowled. The Prince of Saiyans take a shower? No way, not happening. But when the sound of the water hitting the shower doors caught
Vegita's ear, he decided a short shower wouldn't hurt. After Bulma had taken her shower, a half hour one at that, she hurried to her room to get ready for
bed. She combed her wet hair, and turned on the radio. The song I Want You was playing. Even thought Bulma knew she couldn't sing as fast as Savage
Garden, she did her best to keep up. After a while, she started dancing. "Ooh, I want you! I don't know if I need you! But, ooh, I'd die to find out! Ooh, I
want you! I don't know if I need you! But, ooh, I'd die to find out!" Bulma sang, she danced around a bit, and sang some more. Meanwhile Vegita had taken
his shower. He stepped out on the floor...and slipped. "Owwwwwwww" he groaned. Stupid human floors! He thought. He heard singing, and immediately
took it as Bulma. Vegita sighed, and to his horror, he realized he was stupid enough to forget his clothes in his room. Shit! I hate this! He scowled. He
wrapped a towel around his body, and sneaked out. Oh, I hope Bulma doesn't notice me…He wished as he crept down the hall toward his room. As
happens, Vegita's room is down the stairs, so he has to pass Bulma's room. Vegita crept closer and closer to Bulma's room, finally, he was just outside her
door, pressed against the wall. Don't let her see me! Vegita pleaded. He turned and tiptoed half way across, when he stopped and stole a glance at her.
He stopped, and straightened up, and stared for a while, not even realizing he was only in a towel. Bulma spun around and caught her breath. He's hot!
Bulma thought, almost aloud. They continued to stare at each other for a while, Vegita in a towel, and Bulma in lingerie. They stayed like that for a while,
Bulma admiring Vegita, while Vegita admired Bulma. Then, as if a brick hit her, Bulma suddenly realized what was going on.
"YOU FUCKER! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Bulma screeched loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.
"I should ask you the same…" Vegita said, still staring.
"GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" Bulma screeched, jumping under the covers, picking up a book and throwing at Vegita. It hit Vegita in the head. He quickly regained
his senses, blushing bright red, he ran to his room. What was I doing?! Vegita asked himself, breathing hard. But she is beautiful…he told himself, looking
out the window. If she weren't such a bitch, and if she were at least half Saiyan, I might consider taking her as a mate…Vegita thought. Vegita quickly
shook the thought from his head. He got dressed, and flew out the open window. He had to think. What happened back there? That didn't matter, what
mattered was how she looked back at him. She had looked so longingly at him. He knew he liked her. No! No, this can't be happening to the Prince of
Saiyans! I hate her guts she's ugly, she's rude, she's hideous, she's ugly…she's…she's beautiful. Vegita couldn't erase her face from his mind. I must focus, I
must train, that'll help get my mind of that pathetic, yet beautiful, excuse for a human. His mind wandered to Bulma again. NO! I hate her! Vegita tried hard
to think of other things. *smack* He never saw that tree…
The next day Vegita woke up at Capsule Corp. What am I doing here? He asked himself. How'd I get here? Bulma walked in. She sat down at the edge of
his bed, with some soup, and a cream cheese bagel.
"Are you ok?" she asked, sounding more concerned then she should've.
"Fine." Vegita replied, with a cold tone of voice.
"You flew into a tree, luckily you didn't get very far from Capsule Corp. Unluckily, the tree didn't survive and when I found you, you were unconscious."
"I'm fine now, I'll go train."
"Oh no you don't!"
"And why not?"
"Vegita your injured, just rest a little…"
"I'm fine, my head just hurts a little."
"Do you think you'll be able to get to the court house?"
"Today's Wednesday, we have to go to the divorce."
"Do I have to?"
"Hai, Goku wants you to."
"Get ready quick!"
"Damnit woman, shutup for a second!"
"I help you out, and this is how you repay me?"
"It my way of saying thank you."
"That didn't sound anything like 'Thanks for saving me' to me!"
"Drop it."
"Fine, get dressed so we can leave for the court house, its already 2:30!" Bulma gasped as she glanced at the clock.
"I'm ready." Vegita called out as he showed up in his usual outfit, spandex and armor.
"Oh no you don't! You wearing formal-wear to this!" Bulma said, rummaging in her closet for formal wear. She pulled out a tuxedo.
"Put this on." She said, holding it out.
"Oh hell no…" Vegita said, taking one look at the tux.
"Oh hell yes." Bulma argued, sending Vegita to change, while she herself got ready. A little while later, Vegita came out wearing the tux, he took a glance a
"Damn woman." Vegita growled, looking her up and down.
"You look good your self." Bulma said, admiring how handsome he looked in the tux. She glanced at the clock.
"Vegita we're going to be late!!" she shrieked, as she pulled Vegita out the door. Vegita looked at her, and as if by instinct, Vegita picked Bulma up, and
flew toward the courthouse.
"Vegita! Put me down!" Bulma slapped at his hands helplessly, but he just looked at her.
"Don't you want to get to the court house on time?" he asked, amused at her powerless beatings.
"Hai but…" Bulma argued…then gave up and decided Vegita wouldn't dare hurt her, but she still hung on for her life.
Everyone was already there when Vegita and Bulma arrived. They quickly shuffled into the courthouse, and sat down. On one side, Goku, with Serena, and
on the other side, ChiChi with her attorney. ChiChi watched Goku, and scowled when Serena kissed him. Goku took a glance at ChiChi, then returned
Serena's kiss, just to make ChiChi jealous. Seeing that, ChiChi almost threw a fit, instead, she turned around, and kissed her attorney. Her attorney fainted,
of disgust. The entire court looked at ChiChi, someone in the background started gagging. Everyone went back to chatting, and discussing plans for later

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