((Author's Note: WARNING If you are a fan of ChiChi's, or if you are easily offended by
swearing, leave now or forever hold your peace. Also, live with any changes I made in DBZ
life, its my fanfic, not yours!))

In the Beginning of Time

Vegita sighed as he sat down on the couch with a well-sized snack, for a Saiyan. He
flipped on the TV, and soon enough he was watching Friends.
While slightly amused at what had happened to Ross and Rachel's relationship in the
episode, Vegita heard shouting in the background, and he got to thinking.
"What the hell am I doing here again?" Vegita asked himself, "Lets see, I was on Earth,
and then Kakarott's damned brat was crying because Kakarott had died…" his voice trailed
off, as he thought harder and harder of his past life on Planet Vegita…
For all Vegita could remember, he had no father, or at least, that's what it seemed like.
King Vegita just thought of Vegita as a nuisance, and never really cared for his safety.
Every so often, while sparring with Nappa, Prince Vegita would be hurt, and he would
always run to his father, to help him ease the pain, but King Vegita always brushed him
away, saying he was too weak to be a Saiyan. Letting him know that Saiyans never cried, no
matter what. After hearing the same speech, over and over, Vegita would go to his room,
and think, of the mother he never had. Of the mother he had wanted so bad to sit there,
and talk with, but he never had a mother, he never would.
not even caring who was in ear-shot.
Vegita just stayed put, the sounds of the two fighting pretty familiar to him by now.
Concentrating to keep the noise out, Vegita focused on the past again…
About a couple months ago, Vegita had gone to Planet Namek, in search of the Dragonballs,
to wish for immortality. After tangling with Frieza, Vegita had died, but that stupid
Kakarott had become a Super Saiyan, and had the upper hand over Frieza, easily defeating
him. The thought of that bastard Kakarott becoming a Super Saiyan, made Vegita sick. He,
Prince of Saiyans, should have become the Super Saiyan, not that shit head Kakarott.
at Bulma, once again, cutting off Vegita's thoughts. Vegita flipped through the channels,
finally finding a show worth watching, he settled back down, and once again, began thinking…
"Kakarott had wished for everyone, except himself and Frieza, to be transported to Planet
Earth. When that fat, blue, thing had said that if we used the Dragonballs to wish Kakarott
to back from the dead, he would just slowly die in outer space. Stupid Kakarott, if only
he would have seen the look in his brat's eyes…the way he had started crying at the sound
of the news. That brat had the father I had always wanted, but now it's too late for me.
I remember, when that stupid brat was crying, Bulma had hugged him, and I remember wishing
she had hugged me…"Vegita thought aloud, but barely above a whisper.
BASTARD LIKE YOU!" screeched Bulma, once again, pulling Vegita away from his thoughts.
A BASTARD LIKE ME, THEN WHY DID YOU?!" fought back Yamcha, heading out the door.
"GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" was the last comment Vegita heard, before the sound of the
door slam.
"That's it, with you two around, I can't hear a single thing, I'm going to train" Vegita
said loudly, hoping Bulma would hear.
tears. In a flash of light, Bulma was face to face with a very angry Vegita, he lifted a
hand, and was about to slap her, when he just scowled and flew out the open window. Bulma
was too frightened to move, but she quickly ran into her room, crying, out of the fright
Vegita gave her, and over the loss of Yamcha.
Vegita passed the gravity machine, and flew toward the mountains, maybe he could get a
little peace there, and at least there was no fighting between Yamcha and Bulma. Bulma,
the name brought him to a certain comfort, a certain peace. Vegita quickly regained his
senses, and shook the thought of Bulma from his head. He noticed a small patch of sweet
smelling flowers near a creek, he flew down, and without realizing what he was doing, he
picked a bouquet of flowers, and sat down to look at them. The only thing that came to
mind was Bulma. Vegita tried once again to shake her from his head, but she kept returning
to his thoughts. Without even a backward glance, Vegita was airborne and making his way to
Capsule Corp. What he was doing there, he didn't know, but he knew for some odd reason,
that he should give those flowers to Bulma. An instinct told him that she was asleep, he
quickly levitated up to her room, and laid the bouquet of flowers on her nightstand. When
she wakes up, she'll thank me for these. He thought.
Bulma yawned and stretched, she turned over. Instantly she felt something tickle her nose,
but she decided to ignore it, but when the sweet smell invaded her nose, she just had to
open her eyes. There, on her nightstand was a bouquet of flowers. Bulma gasped, and
grabbed them, not believing they were there, she smelled them, over and over again.
"Yamcha must have brought these for me over night" she wondered aloud. Oh, I just have to
show Vegita, he probably won't care, but oh well, he never care about anything like that.
Quickly she dressed in her best outfit, and when she was finally satisfied about how she
looked, she ran down the stairs with the flowers in her hand.
"Vegita! Look what Yamcha brought for me! Isn't he the sweetest guy ever?" Bulma said,
while she stuck the flowers in Vegita's face. Vegita blushed hard, he wanted to admit he
had brought those for her, but she seemed so happy. Vegita quickly brushed the thought
from his head.
"Damn, woman!" was the only comment Vegita could muster out for a second.
"Hai, Prince of Saiyans?" Bulma giggled, twirling around in her outfit, "Well, what do you
"I don't damn care, woman, I just want you to make food." the Saiyan snapped, in his usual
cold tone of voice.
"Do you ever think of anything other then food and fighting?!" Bulma shot back as she got
out a vase for her flowers.
"Is there anything else to think about? And I thought you hated Yamcha."
"Well, I did hate him, but he brought me these beautiful flowers, and I know he's sorry
for what he's done."
"I'm going to train, you can just stay here and swoon over your stupid flowers." Vegita
growled as he started for the fridge.
"Don't bother leaving, I'm already on my way to Yamcha's to tell him I forgive him." Bulma
noted, as she headed out the door.
"I don't think he'll apologize…" Vegita said quietly, even though he knew Bulma couldn't
hear him. He immediately regretted giving her those flowers, for two reasons, number one,
she didn't even know he had given them to her, and number two, Yamcha probably won't
apologize, leaving Bulma's heart broken, either that or they'll get back together, the
thought made Vegita shudder. He shook the thoughts of Bulma from his head and headed out
the door to train. Vegita's stomach growled. Maybe I should go eat first…he thought.
After what seemed like hours, Bulma finally got to Yamcha's apartment. Bulma parked her
car and ran up the stairs. Quickly she knocked, then straightened out her outfit and waited
patiently. No answer. She rang the doorbell. Still no answer. Finally, an animated message
told her loud and clear that Yamcha wasn't there. Where is he? She wondered. Oh well, I'll
just cruise around town for a while, maybe I'll find him. She told herself, as she got
back in her car and drove off for the mall. She spent the next half-hour shopping around,
for clothes, and makeup. She was in the Bath & Body Works shop, when she heard an all too
familiar voice.
"Bulma! Hi!" Goku cried out cheerfully.
"Konichiwa Goku! What a nice surprise!" Bulma answered.
"What are you doing here? Dressed up like that?"
"Oh, well, I was looking for Yamcha, have you seen him?"
"Iie, gomen, why?"
"No special reason, we had a fight, but late last night, he brought me flowers."
"That's funny…he was over at the bar all last night…"
"Really? Hmm…Oh well, he's still so sweet!"
"I can just imagine." Goku said, before a girl appeared behind him.
"Goku, who's that girl with you?" a puzzled Bulma asked, studying the girl. She had satiny
dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful face. Quickly, she hid behind Goku again.
"Oh, her? Umm…well, uh…she's kinda…my girlfriend." answered a quite embarrassed Goku.
"NANI?! Goku! Are you out of your mind?! Your married!" exclaimed Bulma, scaring the young
"I know! But, well, ChiChi IS such a bitch, I was going to divorce her…" Goku replied
"I'm sorry, I best get going, I'm just causing trouble." said the girl, for the first time.
She quickly turned around and headed toward the exit.
"Serena wait!" Goku shouted after her, he teleported in front of her, and talked to her
quietly. He grabbed her shoulders and kissed her, then put his arm around her, and led her
back to Bulma.
"I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to cause trouble." Serena said quietly.
"Iie, you shouldn't be sorry, it was my fault, I was just so surprised that Goku had a
girlfriend." confessed Bulma.
"Listen, why don't I get going, we can get together some time to talk, ok?" Bulma suggested.
"Ok, how about…Thursday, at 7, around there?" asked Serena.
"We really gotta jet, ChiChi'll kill me if I'm not home soon…" reminded Goku.
"Ok then, Thursday, I'll call you!" Bulma cried after them, as Goku and Serena jogged to
the parking lot. Wow, what a couple, good thing Goku is divorcing ChiChi, no one can stand
that bitch. Bulma thought to herself. Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah, where IS Yamcha? She
asked herself.
Hmm…maybe he went to the Capsule Corp. to apologize…well, off I go. She thought cheerfully.
She quickly headed for the exit. While she passed the Lasker Jewelers store, she saw a
beautiful necklace, of diamonds, and all of the sudden, the clerk grabbed the necklace and
put it in a bag. A young man walked out with a girl, but Bulma didn't notice since she was
admiring the other jewelry. She heard an all too familiar name.
"Oh Yamcha! Its beautiful!" a voice from behind cried. Bulma shot up straight, it couldn't
"You deserved it, your more beautiful then the necklace." Yamcha's voice said. Bulma spun
around, and saw Yamcha and another girl, kissing! She stared in horror, what was he doing?!
What the hell is that bastard doing?! Yamcha suddenly turned toward the stunned Bulma.
"What the hell do you want asshole?" asked a rather angry Yamcha.
"Well excuse me, you were the one that brought me the flowers you double-crossing bastard!"
was the reply from Bulma.
"Why the hell would I bring you flowers?"
"Because you were going to apologize…"
"And why the hell would I apologize? I don't need some bitch nagging me all day!"
"You didn't give me flowers?"
"Who would?"
"Oh you filthy bastard! And to think I trusted you! I never want to see you again!" sobbed
"Like I care…" said Yamcha, being too happy with his new girl. At this Bulma broke down in
tears and ran out of the mall. She got into her car and drove home still bawling her eyes
Vegita was training hard in the gravity machine trying to reach Super Saiyan so he could
defeat that damned Kakarott. As soon as I reach Super Saiyan, I'm gonna kill the fucker
Kakarott! Vegita screamed to himself. Suddenly, he stopped everything, and listened…he
heard a sound, not that of fighting, as usual, but that of crying. Bulma was crying in
Vegita's head. She had cried over Yamcha many times before, but this time, Bulma wasn't
home, she was crying in Vegita's head. Vegita sighed and headed for the house. Bulma's
just causing me trouble, and I'm sick of it. He thought. I hate that damned woman, all she
does is yell and cry, never cooks, never cleans, never upgrades the gravity machine, no
wonder Yamcha left her. Vegita thought. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a healthy
Saiyan-sized snack. Hmm…lets see, I have turkey, pizza, chicken, spaghetti, Mac and cheese,
a salad, Chinese food, a ham sandwich, and hot chocolate…anything missing? Vegita asked
himself. He sat down on a chair in the dining room, turned on the radio, and started
eating, and singing between bites. After about 5 minutes, all the food was gone. Dang, I
should've got hot-sauce. Vegita thought bitterly. Hmm…Bulma hasn't been home for a long
while yet…I wonder if she got back together with that fucker Yamcha…Vegita pondered. As if
by instinct, Bulma burst through the door, still bawling. Oh shit. Vegita felt like killing
himself, now why'd he have to and give her those damn flowers? That didn't matter right
then, Bulma was crying, all cause of Vegita. What was going on? Why did he feel this way?
Toward a human, with hardly any ki at all! Vegita had sworn he would never take anyone as
his mate, he couldn't risk his pride like that. But each time he looked at Bulma, he saw
Kakarott and his family, so happy. Vegita quickly shook the thought from his head, he
didn't have a father, he didn't have a mother, now why should he have a mate? He turned
his attention to Bulma, who by now, had run into her room, and thrown herself on her bed,
sobbing. Damn woman, now I'll have to listen to her cry. Vegita scowled. He went up the
stairs, and stopped in her doorway, watching her cry. Humph, damn woman. Vegita felt
different suddenly, embarrassed that he had just stopped to see her cry, he was about to
quickly and quietly slip away before she noticed he was watching, but Bulma had noticed
"What the hell do you want?" she yelled between tears.
"I was going to ask you a favor, but with that attitude, I don't think I will."
"You son of a bitch, why can all you men just leave me alone?!"
"Possibly because we are hungry" Vegita said, pointing to his stomach.
"Oh you asshole! Can't you think of anything other then food?! Like others by chance?"
"What "others" are there to fucking think about?"
"You mother fucking bastard! Get out right now!"
"Now I see why Yamcha left you, he made the damn right choice."
"Bitch! I give you food, a place to stay and this is how you fucking repay me? GET THE
"Well, in the beginning I WAS going to ask what the hell was wrong, but…"
"With your bitchy attitude, it would be a fucking miracle if you could not yell or cry for
one damn day!"
"Get out, now" Bulma said coldly, she didn't care if he had showed concern for her, she
wanted to be away from men for just one damn day.
Everyone had such a wonderful life, no worries, no troubles, she was sick and tired of all
this, she hated men, and she hated her life. She could think of only one way out, to kill
herself, to leave everything behind, to live in a world with no troubles…but she couldn't
think of her leaving her family or friends…but it was the only way, she knew it. By this
time, Vegita had left to train in the gravity machine. The radio was playing quietly, the
song Truly Madly Deeply, by Savage Garden. She calmed down, she believed she was not loved,
and she was positive she didn't love anyone, except her parents, they had always helped,
but that was when she was young, now she was grown up, she didn't need them…or did she? It
didn't matter, she knew every living thing died one day, why not die now? She didn't even
realize she had gotten up and walked to her balcony by now.
She looked up, to see stars, thousands, the sky was so clear, it had just rained a little
while ago, she could smell it in the air. A single tear ran down her cheek, as she thought
of Yamcha, that unfaithful little bastard, he cheated on Bulma every chance he got. Now he
was off, happy, with another woman, but this time, Bulma wasn't mad, she was sad that she
had even trusted Yamcha. He had never returned her love, he had never loved her from the
start. In some kind of trance, she walked downstairs, and out the door. She walked for a
long time, she knew she hated her life, she knew she had no other way out. She walked for
almost a mile, when she changed her direction, and headed for the small cliff above the
She watched the now tiny people walk around, and the tiny cars. She saw the Capsule Corp.
but it was only a small speck now, she headed higher, walked up to a taller cliff, facing
the opposite direction from Capsule Corp. Now, all that mattered was her life, and how she
was going to end it.
The wind blew through her hair, the trees moved gently, as she moved even higher, to the
highest cliff she could find then. She sat on the edge, and watched the quiet forest. If
she jumped now, no one would find her for at least a week. Even if she didn't die in the
fall, she'd die sooner or later, and a week was soon enough. She thought of everyone she
loved, and had known. Her thoughts drifted and her mind landed upon Yamcha.
She had given him all her love, her entire heart was placed upon him, and their song came
to mind. I Wanna Love You Forever, it seemed to suit their relationship, because no matter
what, she knew that she would always have a tiny spot left in her heart for Yamcha, no
matter if he had long ago forgotten about her. The winds picked up, and she stood up, she
had thought long enough. She watched the horizon for a while, and saw the sun was almost
down. Sun…her thoughts again drifted, this time to Goku, and his new girlfriend. Serena
was pretty, and she deserved Goku, he was just like her, calm in the light of fire. And
ChiChi, everyone hated her, but in one way, Bulma admired her, for being so protective of
Gohan, for caring for him, even when she couldn't care for herself. Bulma had hoped that
she would care for her child like that, but that didn't matter, Kami himself couldn't stop
her now, she had hated her life so much. She had looked forward to getting married, and
having a child one-day, but not anymore, she couldn't take the pressure. The sun was
completely set now, and so were Bulma's thoughts on the Son family. She turned her
attention to Vegita, that son of a bitch didn't even care about anything except himself,
his pride, and food. Too bad Vegita, now no one will upgrade the gravity machine for you.
Bulma thought while a tiny smile crossed her face. It quickly disappeared. What had Vegita
said before she left? "Well, in the beginning I WAS going to ask what the hell was wrong,
but…" Could he really care? No, Vegita didn't care about anyone, except himself. He was
too proud to even act like he cared. But what had Yamcha said? That he hadn't given her
those flowers? Then who did? No, Bulma shook the thought from her head. Vegita would never
give anyone flowers, unless it was himself. But then who had? Vegita and Yamcha were the
only people that knew which room was hers, and if Yamcha didn't give her the flowers…then…
Bulma had to find out, she knew Yamcha didn't give her those flowers, then did Vegita? Did
he really care? Bulma quickly got up, she spent more time then she wanted to, she turned
around, and suddenly a loose rock gave way. She fell. She didn't want to die, but now she
had to. She fell into darkness, total darkness…
Bulma woke up suddenly, startling Vegita, who had been watching her for some time now.
Vegita quickly got up, blushing. He turned around and headed for the door.
"Vegita?" Bulma said, weakly.
"Hai?" Vegita replied, showing no emotion.
"What happened?"
"Vegita, please."
"I sensed something was wrong, so I flew toward you."
"I watched you for a long time, you sat there, thinking."
"When you stood up, a loose rock gave way, and you fell, if I hadn't been there, you
wouldn't have been alive now, you would've fallen and hit your head, instantly killing you."
"But why?"
"I flew down, caught you, you had fainted, so you wouldn't remember me bringing you back
"You haven't answered my question."
"Why did you save me?"
"Because you gave Gohan the love I never had, and I didn't want that to die." Vegita
replied, not even understanding what he himself was saying, "You should get some rest."
Vegita quickly walked out of the room, leaving Bulma to think of what he had said last.
She didn't understand it, but for some odd reason, she sensed Vegita didn't want to say it,
but he had. He was right, she had to get some sleep. She slept the rest of the day, and
once in a long while, Vegita would come in her room, and watch her, thinking about what
he had said, and how to explain it, not to Bulma, to himself. He knew that he liked her,
that was kind of obvious to him, but he had no idea how the words: "Because you gave Gohan
the love I never had, and I didn't want that to die." connected to it. He couldn't
explain it. He remembered when Bulma sang to Gohan when that idiot Kakarott had died, but
it still didn't make any sense. He understood that he didn't want her to die, he liked her,
but…it just didn't make sense. Anyway, he had to get back to his training, if he still
wanted to defeat Kakarott, that idiot.
Meanwhile, Goku was at home, arguing with ChiChi, the "bitch from hell" as Goku called her.
She had found out about Serena, after finding a couple of unknown trinkets in his pockets,
like lipstick that wasn't hers, etc.
ChiChi screeched, frantic.
WAY THEY ACTED TOWARDS SUCH A FUCKING BITCH!" Goku screamed back, just as loud.
"GET OUT! GET OUT RIGHT NOW! I WANT A DIVORCE!" ChiChi screamed between tears.
"Number one: This is my house, I built it. Number two: I'll be glad to get your fucking
face out of my life, now I got a good girl, and trust me, she's gonna be a better wife then
a bitch!" Goku countered, matter-of-factly. He picked ChiChi up, took her outside, threw
her down, and slammed the door in her face. Gohan ran out from his room, and they started
happily dancing, "No more homework, no more books, no more of ChiChi's dirty looks!" they
sang, Goku decided to celebrate by getting Gohan a little treat, "to the ice cream parlor"
was more like what he said. Gohan and Goku started chatting at the ice cream parlor.
"What do you think of Serena?" Goku asked, worried.
"She's pretty cool, she won't make me think every damn day of my life" was the answer.
"Well, that's true, but what do you think of her as a mother?"
"Hmm…I think she'd be great, does she know how to cook?"
"Of course!"
"She'd be a lot better then the bitch from hell known as ChiChi, in my opinion."
"Took the words right outta my mouth."
"Why do you want to know?" v "Well, I was kinda thinking…"
"Spill it"
"I was thinking of marrying her, what do you think?"
"Best idea I've heard in a while, but don't you think it's a little early?"
"Huh? What do you mean?"
"Like you've been dating her for only…a week now."
"Give her a little time, maybe there'll be something about her that will bug you for the
rest of your life with her."
"Good point, but, I really love her, and I don't think I can wait much longer…"
"Give her a month."
"Oh tou-san, don't be such a wuss!"
"We'd better be heading home, come on, we'll pick up Serena on the way" Goku quickly said,
while throwing away his garbage, which happened to include his wedding ring.
"Tou-san…you threw away your ring…" Gohan remarked, seeing what his father had thrown out.
"I didn't need it." was the simple reply, but to Gohan, it was loud and clear, he never
had to live with that bitch ChiChi again. They gathered their things, and started home,
Gohan still eating his ice cream. About half way to their house, Goku switched directions.
"Where are we going?" Gohan asked, casually.
"To pick up my future wife." Goku pointed out.
"Tou-san, tsk-tsk, your not married to her yet, and remember, last time you got married,
it was to a damn bitch, and it cost you tons of money, all for what? To be divorced, now
you want to get married again, are you making the right decision?" Gohan asked.
"I hope, I love her too much to leave her…" Goku thought aloud. Gohan didn't say anything,
he just followed his father, knowing his father was making the right choice. Goku swooped
low over the city, and came to a small broken down apartment building. He landed and
quickly got out the key to her room.
"You have the key?" Gohan asked, puzzled.
"You remember the time I said I was going over to Piccolo's house for a sleep over?" Goku
asked, smirking.
"Yeah…" Gohan said slowly, even more confused as they made their way up the stairs.
"Well, I went for a sleep over all right, but not to Piccolo's house…" Goku continued, his
smirk turning into a grin. They reached her apartment, and Goku opened the door, and went
in. Their jaws dropped at the sight. A robber was in the corner, smoldering, the tips of
his boots were on fire, and the gun in his hand was melted away.
"Help! I'll go to jail, I swear I will, just get this monster away!" the robber screamed,
pointing to Serena, who had smoke coming from her hands. Serena frowned.
"G-g-gomen…I couldn't control myself…" she whispered.
"Come on, we'll take you to your new home, you can explain there." Goku answered, calmly.
"As for you…" Gohan picking the burnt robber up, he headed for the window, "I'll drop him
off at the police station. Then I'll meet you at the house."
"Ok, don't take long." Goku said as he headed toward Serena. To his amazement, she walked
toward the window, and jumped out.
"NO!" Goku shouted, rushing to the window, to see Serena levitating just below the window.
"Are you coming?" she asked.
"H-h-hai..." Goku was amazed, but he just went along.
"I'm guessing you want to know what the hell I am?"
"What are you?"
"A…a Saiyan…"
"And what do you think I am?" she said, turning toward Goku.
"…. you…a…I mean…your…I mean…I didn't think…I mean…" Goku was totally confused, he couldn't grasp the fact that Serena might be a Saiyan.
What were the odds of that?! Well, she could fly…and it looked like she had fired a ki blast…but then how did she get here? Questions were blocking
too much of Goku's brain, he wasn't watching where he was going, and *smack*…he hit a tree.
"Owwwwwwwww!!" Goku moaned. Serena helped him up, and they flew the rest of the way home laughing. Even though the situation was odd.
When Gohan had gotten home, they all sat there, thinking, of what one was going to say, and of what one might ask. Gohan broke that silence.
"So, what do you think of the house?" he asked nervously, purposely trying to avoid the fact Serena was a Saiyan.
"Its beautiful, and I heard Goku built it himself, right?" she asked.
"Yeah…" Goku answered.
"Anyone hungry?" Gohan asked, getting up.
"Sure!" Serena cheerfully cried out.
"Gohan sit down, I'll go make the food…" Goku said, still lost in thought.
"Ok tou-san." Gohan replied.
"So, what do you think of me now?" Serena asked, afraid of the answer.
"I still think of you the same, although I do have tons of questions." Gohan said.
"Like what?"
"Well, for one, who are you?"
"Serena, daughter of a third class Saiyan, I wasn't really important or anything."
"How did you get here?"
"My father was one of the few that believed Bardock when he said that Frieza would destroy Planet Vegita. He put me in a space pod, and
programmed it to take me to Planet Akira. I lived there for a while. Then I came to Earth, I heard a Saiyan had landed here."
"How come we didn't sense your ki?"
"I learned how to mask my ki on Akira, not to mention I landed on Earth not long ago, about two weeks to be exact."
"How did you know who we were?"
"I heard on Akira about a Saiyan who was sent to earth, a legendary Super Saiyan, so I came to Earth, in hopes to meet him."
"Can you go Super Saiyan?"
"Iie, but I was very close once."
"Can you cook?" came the voice of Goku from the kitchen.
"Hai, why?" Serena asked, a hint of mischief in her voice.
"You're on the job." Goku said as they heard the sound of glass shattering. Everyone laughed and Gohan got ready for bed.
"Good night tou-san" he said, hugging Goku.
"Good night Gohan" Goku answered.
"Good night kaa-san" Gohan said, while running over to hug Serena.
"G-goodnight Gohan…" Serena answered, stunned. Gohan skipped away toward his room, happy that for once, he didn't have to worry about his
morning. No school, I'm so happy ChiChi is outta here. Gohan thought, as he cuddled under the covers. He went to sleep thinking of the wonderful
things that would happen once Goku married Serena. Meanwhile, Goku and Serena, were also getting ready for bed, they had a big day ahead, the
divorce was very soon.
"Goku?" Serena whispered.
"Do you still love me?"
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Never mind then." Serena finished the conversation with a sigh. She cuddled close to Goku in their bed, and they exchanged a quick kiss before
falling asleep. For the first time, everyone slept peacefully in the Son's house. No more damn ChiChi to worry about, and no more damn nagging.
Soon it would all be over, soon Goku and ChiChi would be divorced, and he would be aloud to live the rest of his life in peace. Then again, he would
never live safely with ChiChi alive…maybe he could convince the judge to let him tie ChiChi to a railroad track, and run her over while shooting her
with small ki blasts and giving her the most painful death possible…

Next morning at Capsule Corp. Bulma woke up with a headache, and not understanding of what had happened the night before.
"What happened?" she asked, mainly herself.
"I told you yesterday." Vegita answered coldly. Until then, Bulma hadn't noticed him standing quietly in the corner, watching her.
"How?…Who?…When?…Why?" Bulma asked, very confused. Vegita sighed, and sat down to tell her the entire story again.
"I sensed something was wrong, so I flew toward you, I watched you think for more then an hour, and when you got up to leave, a loose rock gave
way, and you fell, if I hadn't been there, you would've died." Vegita retold his story, again. Bulma just sat there, listening quietly, memories of what
had happened filled her head. Tears filled her eyes, and she started crying hysterically. Vegita had no clue what she was thinking but he thought it
would be best to leave her alone. Vegita got up and walked out of Bulma's room, leaving her to think, and cry.
"Great, now that damn woman is gonna cry all the damn time." Vegita grumbled, as he turned to the window, only to see Goku with his girlfriend,
land on the steps. Goku rang the doorbell, and waited patently while chatting with his girl. What the hell is that idiot Kakarott doing here?!
Vegita thought, almost aloud.
"Vegita, get that would you?" Bulma cried from her room. Vegita scowled. I don't want to get the stupid door, damn Kakarott will be there. Without
thinking, Vegita reluctantly went to the door, opened it, and almost slammed it in Goku's face before catching himself.
"Vegita! Hi! How are you?" Goku asked cheerfully.
"Kakarott, get out of my face." Vegita said in his usual tone of voice.
"I'm glad to see you too!"
"Is Bulma around?"
"I want to tell her something, about Serena…"
"Who the hell is Serena?"
"My girlfriend."
"Kakarott you idiot, your married."
"I'm getting divorced."
"Anyway, can I talk to Bulma?"
"I don't know…she doesn't really want to talk right now…" Vegita said, just as Bulma opened the door, and walked past Vegita.
"Konichiwa Goku!" she called cheerfully.
"Bulma! I have some great news! And some even greater news!" Goku said, grinning like mad.
"Spill it!"
"Well, for one, the divorce is on Wednesday, June May 31st, at 3:00. Be there, ok?"
"Of course, we'd all like to watch that bitch drown in hell."
"Good news two."
"I brought Serena here with me…actually…its more like she brought herself." Goku said nervously.
"And that's good news?" Vegita cut in.
"Well, in one way…" Goku said, more nervous about Vegita confronting him then usual.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Bulma asked, rather curious.
"Well…she can kinda…well…fly." Goku said,
"Nani?!" Bulma screeched.
"Well, I know what your thinking…but the truth is…" Goku's voice faltered.
"I'm a Saiyan." Serena cut in, who was hiding behind Goku the whole time.
"NANI?!?!" Vegita bellowed.
"Hai, I'm a Saiyan." Serena whimpered, now wishing she hadn't told him.
"How in bloody hell can you be a Saiyan?!" Vegita shouted, ready to wring her neck.
"Well…I was kinda born that way…" Serena looked for a good excuse to avoid the Saiyan.
"What the hell is going on?!" Vegita screamed, obviously confused.
"Vegita. Calm down…" Bulma warned gently.
"Well, we were kinda thinking that Bulma and Serena could go shopping, and talk things over, while we spar, and I tell you everything I know about
her being a Saiyan." Goku suggested, nervously.
"Ok, we'll meet back here in about one hour?" Bulma said, walking towards her car.
"Sure, bye girls!" Goku called back as he walked into the house. The gang went their separate ways, Goku and Vegita to spar, and Bulma and
Serena to shop at the mall.
At the mall, Bulma and Serena walked around a bit, Bulma had brought $100 with her. So they could get a couple things, like clothes, makeup, perfume,
jewelry, etc.
"Oh Bulma! Look at this!" Serena cried, holding up a black and blue satin dress, with a metallic shine, halter straps, and a slit up the side of the dress.
"What's the price?" Bulma asked, noting its beauty.
"Hmm…$75!" Serena screeched, almost dropping the dress, it was so beautiful, and Bulma saw the hint of sadness in her eyes.
"We'll get it"
"You heard me, I'll buy it."
"But Bulma, its $75!"
"That's ok, I have some extra cash." Bulma said, pulling out $200, from her purse.
"Well, if I'm getting something, so should you!" Serena pointed out.
"Don't worry, I'm still looking." Bulma said, with a hint of mischief in her voice. She was looking at a red satin dress, with a crosshatched back, and a slit up
the side of her leg, all the way up to her thigh.
"Oh! Look at that!" Bulma said, picking the red dress up.
"Its beautiful!" Serena uttered.
"I think I'll take this one!" Bulma said, not even trying the dress on, she ran to the clerk holding the dress, and signed the check, not even noting the price.
"Well, lets go to another store, Bath & Body Works?" Serena said, as she picked up her new dress.
"Lets go!" Bulma grinned, she had enough money to buy the whole store. They looked around Bath & Body Works a little, then headed to another store,
Lasker Jewelers to be exact. While looking around, diamond earrings caught Bulma's eyes.
"Serena! Look!" she squealed, trying them on.
"I'm sorry madam, but we can't allow you to try on the merchandise." the clerk said.
"No problem, I was putting it back anyway." Bulma said quickly.
"Why don't you buy it?" Serena asked, puzzled that Bulma would put a beautiful piece of jewelry back.
"Don't you think it would be nicer if your husband or boyfriend bought it for you?" Bulma questioned.
"Well, I want it to be like that, but I don't have a boyfriend…since that double-crossing, son of a bitch Yamcha left me…but that's ok, he never loved me
anyway." Bulma thought aloud. They left the shop quickly. Stopping at a restaurant to eat, they talked a little.
"So, how did you get here?" Bulma asked, not wanting to make the situation any weirder.
"Well, when I was young, I was put in a space pod, headed for Planet Akira, I lived there for a while, then I heard of a Saiyan who had landed on Earth, so
I came to Earth." Serena explained.
"Why were you sent there?"
"My father was one of the few who believed Bardock, that Frieza was going to destroy Planet Vegita, so my father sent me to Akira."
"How did you find out about the Saiyan."
"I was taught about him on Akira, my adoptive family had taught me about the Saiyan, and from that, I learned he had come to Earth."
"Who was the Saiyan?" Bulma asked, afraid it might have been Vegita.
"Oh, the legendary Super Saiyan of course, Goku." Serena said, as she took another bite of her pizza.
"And how did you know Goku was a Super Saiyan?" Bulma continued the conversation.
"Hmm? Oh, that was easy, when he battled Frieza on Namek, I sensed his blood, and when he turned Super Saiyan, I immediately wanted to meet the
living legend, so I came to Earth, following my senses, and his ki."
"You call that easy?"
"Hai…" Serena said, giggling.
"Well, what do you think of Goku?"
"He is the sweetest guy I have ever met, he just cheers me up, even I'm the most depressed person in the world, he just cheers me up."
"What do you think of Gohan?"
"I don't know what he thinks of me, but from all I've heard, he's such a good little boy. And with ChiChi out of the way, he'll finally get a chance to play, if he
remembers how!"
"Yeah, poor little Gohan."
"With me around, he won't go to school for the rest of his life."
"Well, do you think you can handle it?"
"Handle what?"
"Well, just think about it, a full grown Saiyan eats a lot, trust me, Vegita definitely eats a lot, anyway, if a full grown Saiyan eats about a refrigerator of food
a day, then think of what it would be like for three Saiyans living under one roof!"
"Well, I'll be ok, I'm a very good cook, and actually, I don't eat that much, just a little bit above what a normal human eats."
"Oh." Bulma managed to say, a little hint of worry in her voice.
"Don't worry, I'll handle it." Serena said, reassuring Bulma. They finished their lunch, and Bulma paid the bill. Bulma checked her watch quickly, they had
already chatted for over an hour.
"Serena! We have to get home, we've been here over an hour!" Bulma cried, as she grabbed Serena's hand and pulled her to the parking lot.
"Bulma, why don't we fly? I mean, I can carry you, it would be a lot easier." Serena suggested.
"Ok…" Bulma said, taking the keys to the house. Serena picked her up, and they were off, to the Capsule Corp.
While the girls chatted, Vegita and Goku discussed matters over a drink, and movie.
"So who the hell is she?" Vegita asked, scowling.
"A Saiyan." Goku responded.
"I know that you jackass, I meant who were her relations?"
"I dunno, she didn't say anything about that…"
"Kakarott, your about as stupid as a roc…wait…gomen, even THAT'S smarter then you."
"Anyway, how'd she get here?"
"Her dad put her in a space pod, and she left for Planet Akira, then she came to Earth."
"Why was she sent to Akira?"
"Her father believed Bardock, that Frieza was going to destroy Planet Vegita."
"This is really good chicken…" Goku said, chomping down on another piece of chicken.
"It needs hot sauce." Vegita replied, eating a salad with pork rinds. The doorbell rang.
"Kakarott, go get that." Vegita ordered.
"Why me? It's your house…kinda." Goku said.
"I'm the Prince of Saiyans, you asshole!!" Vegita growled. Goku got up reluctantly, and answered the door. Serena and Bulma were waiting patiently

"We're back!" Bulma cried excitedly, rushing to her room to show every one the dress she bought. She quickly brushed her hair, put on a little makeup, and
ran out to show everyone, spinning around, she giggled.
"Well?" she asked, spinning around in her red dress.
"Your ugly." Vegita answered in a cold tone of voice.
"Better looking then you, Prince of Saiyans." she shot back, knowing by the blush in Vegita's face that he had meant the opposite of what he had said.
"I think you look beautiful Bulma." Goku said, looking her up and down.
"I agree." Serena cut in.
"Serena, you try on your dress!" Bulma said, hurrying into her room.
"Ok!" Serena replied, giggling. She ran into the bathroom, and quickly put on her dress, she did her hair into a little bun, and put a little lipstick and blush
on. She came out, and just like Bulma, she twirled around, giggling.
"What do you think?" she asked, twirling around in her black and blue satin dress.
"Serena…" Goku muttered, gazing at her longingly. Serena ran over to him and hugged his thin waist, laying her head on his shoulder, she looked in his
"Do you like it?" she asked, letting him run his hands through her satiny hair.
"Hai…of course." Goku said, rather struck by her beauty. She placed a quick kiss on his cheek, then went to change. Goku sighed, and watched her round
the corner.
"Kakarott your more helpless then a baby slug." Vegita broke into Goku's thoughts.
"Huh?" Goku asked, still staring into space.
"Humph, women."
"Aren't they wonderful?"
"Dumb ass…"
"Well, what did you boys do while we were gone?" Bulma broke into the conversation.
"We just sat down, watching a movie, and eating food while we discussed the fact that Serena is a Saiyan." Goku replied.
"Oh, well, its about time for dinner, would you guys like to join us?"
"Iie, we really have to get going, we left Gohan at Master Roshi's, and who knows what the Turtle Master will teach the little guy…"
"All right then, maybe we can get together for a picnic sometime." Bulma suggested.
"How about…Saturday?" Goku asked, heading for the door with Serena.
"Ok, I'll call you then!" Bulma said, just before Goku bid goodbye, and flew toward his home with Serena, carrying her new dress.
"Well Vegita, I'm going to go take a shower, I suggest you do the same." Bulma said, pointing out that Vegita hadn't showered for weeks.
"Humph." Vegita scowled. The Prince of Saiyans take a shower? No way, not happening. But when the sound of the water hitting the shower doors caught
Vegita's ear, he decided a short shower wouldn't hurt. After Bulma had taken her shower, a half hour one at that, she hurried to her room to get ready for
bed. She combed her wet hair, and turned on the radio. The song I Want You was playing. Even thought Bulma knew she couldn't sing as fast as Savage
Garden, she did her best to keep up. After a while, she started dancing. "Ooh, I want you! I don't know if I need you! But, ooh, I'd die to find out! Ooh, I
want you! I don't know if I need you! But, ooh, I'd die to find out!" Bulma sang, she danced around a bit, and sang some more. Meanwhile Vegita had taken
his shower. He stepped out on the floor...and slipped. "Owwwwwwww" he groaned. Stupid human floors! He thought. He heard singing, and immediately
took it as Bulma. Vegita sighed, and to his horror, he realized he was stupid enough to forget his clothes in his room. Shit! I hate this! He scowled. He
wrapped a towel around his body, and sneaked out. Oh, I hope Bulma doesn't notice me…He wished as he crept down the hall toward his room. As
happens, Vegita's room is down the stairs, so he has to pass Bulma's room. Vegita crept closer and closer to Bulma's room, finally, he was just outside her
door, pressed against the wall. Don't let her see me! Vegita pleaded. He turned and tiptoed half way across, when he stopped and stole a glance at her.
He stopped, and straightened up, and stared for a while, not even realizing he was only in a towel. Bulma spun around and caught her breath. He's hot!
Bulma thought, almost aloud. They continued to stare at each other for a while, Vegita in a towel, and Bulma in lingerie. They stayed like that for a while,
Bulma admiring Vegita, while Vegita admired Bulma. Then, as if a brick hit her, Bulma suddenly realized what was going on.
"YOU FUCKER! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Bulma screeched loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood.
"I should ask you the same…" Vegita said, still staring.
"GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" Bulma screeched, jumping under the covers, picking up a book and throwing at Vegita. It hit Vegita in the head. He quickly regained
his senses, blushing bright red, he ran to his room. What was I doing?! Vegita asked himself, breathing hard. But she is beautiful…he told himself, looking
out the window. If she weren't such a bitch, and if she were at least half Saiyan, I might consider taking her as a mate…Vegita thought. Vegita quickly
shook the thought from his head. He got dressed, and flew out the open window. He had to think. What happened back there? That didn't matter, what
mattered was how she looked back at him. She had looked so longingly at him. He knew he liked her. No! No, this can't be happening to the Prince of
Saiyans! I hate her guts she's ugly, she's rude, she's hideous, she's ugly…she's…she's beautiful. Vegita couldn't erase her face from his mind. I must focus, I
must train, that'll help get my mind of that pathetic, yet beautiful, excuse for a human. His mind wandered to Bulma again. NO! I hate her! Vegita tried hard
to think of other things. *smack* He never saw that tree…
The next day Vegita woke up at Capsule Corp. What am I doing here? He asked himself. How'd I get here? Bulma walked in. She sat down at the edge of
his bed, with some soup, and a cream cheese bagel.
"Are you ok?" she asked, sounding more concerned then she should've.
"Fine." Vegita replied, with a cold tone of voice.
"You flew into a tree, luckily you didn't get very far from Capsule Corp. Unluckily, the tree didn't survive and when I found you, you were unconscious."
"I'm fine now, I'll go train."
"Oh no you don't!"
"And why not?"
"Vegita your injured, just rest a little…"
"I'm fine, my head just hurts a little."
"Do you think you'll be able to get to the court house?"
"Today's Wednesday, we have to go to the divorce."
"Do I have to?"
"Hai, Goku wants you to."
"Get ready quick!"
"Damnit woman, shutup for a second!"
"I help you out, and this is how you repay me?"
"It my way of saying thank you."
"That didn't sound anything like 'Thanks for saving me' to me!"
"Drop it."
"Fine, get dressed so we can leave for the court house, its already 2:30!" Bulma gasped as she glanced at the clock.
"I'm ready." Vegita called out as he showed up in his usual outfit, spandex and armor.
"Oh no you don't! You wearing formal-wear to this!" Bulma said, rummaging in her closet for formal wear. She pulled out a tuxedo.
"Put this on." She said, holding it out.
"Oh hell no…" Vegita said, taking one look at the tux.
"Oh hell yes." Bulma argued, sending Vegita to change, while she herself got ready. A little while later, Vegita came out wearing the tux, he took a glance a
"Damn woman." Vegita growled, looking her up and down.
"You look good your self." Bulma said, admiring how handsome he looked in the tux. She glanced at the clock.
"Vegita we're going to be late!!" she shrieked, as she pulled Vegita out the door. Vegita looked at her, and as if by instinct, Vegita picked Bulma up, and
flew toward the courthouse.
"Vegita! Put me down!" Bulma slapped at his hands helplessly, but he just looked at her.
"Don't you want to get to the court house on time?" he asked, amused at her powerless beatings.
"Hai but…" Bulma argued…then gave up and decided Vegita wouldn't dare hurt her, but she still hung on for her life.
Everyone was already there when Vegita and Bulma arrived. They quickly shuffled into the courthouse, and sat down. On one side, Goku, with Serena, and
on the other side, ChiChi with her attorney. ChiChi watched Goku, and scowled when Serena kissed him. Goku took a glance at ChiChi, then returned
Serena's kiss, just to make ChiChi jealous. Seeing that, ChiChi almost threw a fit, instead, she turned around, and kissed her attorney. Her attorney fainted,
of disgust. The entire court looked at ChiChi, someone in the background started gagging. Everyone went back to chatting, and discussing plans for later
"Oh Goku, to think you'll be all mine, after this is over." Serena cooed. She kissed him quickly on the cheek, and cuddled against his body, wrapping her
arms around his, she played with his fingers. The officer entered the room. All the quiet voices and continues mumbling slowed, and stopped.
"All rise!" the officer shouted. Everyone stood up, even Vegita, though reluctantly. The judge entered, who could be none other then Piccolo, wearing a
white wig.
"You may be seated." Piccolo said, grinning like mad, happy that for once he could control Goku.
"I've read your case…I think…" Piccolo continued, pulling out papers and folders.
"It appears you want to be divorced, is that right?" Piccolo asked, adjusting his wig.
"Hai." Goku replied, watching every move ChiChi made.
"Yes." ChiChi answered. ChiChi didn't believe in Japanese culture, which is pretty rude, considering that Japan brought DBZ to being.
"Ok, so ChiChi, you want a divorce, and Goku, you want a divorce, is that right?" Piccolo asked again.
"Hai." Goku nodded.
"Yes." ChiChi said.
"All right then, I now pronounce you divorced!" Piccolo said, grinning at how easy this law stuff was.
"That's all?" ChiChi asked amazed she was divorced so quickly.
"In my courthouse it is." Piccolo responded.
"Who gets the little boy?" ChiChi questioned, looking at Gohan.
"Well…umm…give me a couple reasons, and I'll decide." Piccolo said.
"Well, I'm Gohan's mother, I gave him big hopes for the future. I taught him, and I urged him to learn, unlike his father who didn't even care what would
happen to his little boy. I gave Gohan a good home, and food on his plate every morning. I deserve to take him because I encouraged him to become a
better person. I helped him become what he is today, and I want to watch over him for the rest of my life. I helped him try and reach his goal, which is to be
a great scholar, and I want to watch over him so he can achieve that goal. He's my little boy, and I don't want to lose him." ChiChi sobbed. Piccolo just
stared at her. The jury started to "boo" her, but Piccolo stopped them.
"ChiChi, that was very touching, but the jury hates it, sorry." Piccolo said, shrugging his shoulders.
"B-b-but…" ChiChi stammered, thinking she had made a wonderful speech to get her child back.
"Silence! Goku now tell us your reasons." Piccolo continued.
"Well, I don't really have a lot of reasons...just that I won't make Gohan think every day of his life. I built the house he lives in, I catch the food he eats, and
I do care a lot about my little boy, he's all that I have, him and my new family. I help him do what he really loves, fighting, and I let him do what is most
important to a child, to play, and yes, he'll have to study, but I'll still let him play. Don't take him away, he's all I have, please don't take him away!" Goku
cried, looking very pathetic while he said his speech. Piccolo wiped a tear from his eye.
"That was beautiful. Goku you have given us the best list so far, so you get Gohan!" Piccolo announced watching the happy family. Goku picked Gohan up,
and threw him into the air, the crowd cheered, and Piccolo started crying again. The family went home, a true family now, but Goku knew there was
something missing. Everyone went home, and Vegita and Bulma headed for Capsule Corp. Meanwhile, on the flight home,
"Don't you feel happy for Goku and Serena?" Bulma asked Vegita.
"Yeah, yeah, I don't care." Vegita replied coldly. Bulma didn't respond, she just sat there, thinking for a while.
"Vegita?" she asked.
"What would you say to a night out?"
"Oh hell no…"
"Come on! It'll be fun! We can go to a movie, that's all, nothing special."
"Movie? Iie…"
"Movies have popcorn…"
"Fine, I'll go, but this is not one of those stupid human date things, got it?" Vegita warned.
"Hai…" Bulma giggled.
When they got home, She told Vegita he could take off the tux. And put on something more comfortable. Vegita came out wearing spandex.
"Vegita…no." Bulma said, noting he looked good, but this was public.
"Hey, you said casual!" Vegita replied.
"I meant HUMAN casual."
"What do you want me to wear?" Vegita asked sarcastically.
"This." Bulma answered, pulling out jeans and a T-shirt. Vegita eyed the clothing, then decided it wouldn't hurt. He came out looking like a normal person,
except the fact his hair was in an upward flare, which would set him apart from any normal human. They went to the theater.
"What do you want to watch?" Bulma asked.
"Don't know, how about action?" Vegita suggested.
"Iie, how about comedy?" Bulma argued.
"Fine…" Vegita agreed. They got the tickets, and sat down.
"Umm...Bulma?" Vegita whispered.
"Hai?" she looked at him under the dim lights.
"Why is it dark in here?"
"So we can see the movie better."
"What's that big white board in front?"
"The screen."
"Where's the movie?"
"Wait a little, its coming in a while."
"Where's the popcorn?"
"I'm holding it." Bulma said, holding out the popcorn.
"Well give me some!" Vegita whined, stuffing handfuls of popcorn into his mouth. Suddenly, the movie began. A bright flash of light began the previews.
Vegita jumped. People in the back snickered. Someone in the back yelled, "Hey man, sit down! Your hair's in the way!" More people laughed. Vegita stood
up, and turned around.
"Vegita no!" Bulma cried, but it was too late, the Prince sent a ki blast, not at the person, but the blast did enough damage.
"Get outta here you freak!" the manager yelled. Vegita looked at Bulma, meaning he was sorry. Bulma just slowly shook her head.
"Lets go rent a movie." she suggested. Vegita looked at her, hesitated.
"Do they have popcorn?" he asked. Bulma stared at him, and burst out laughing.
"I can make you as much popcorn as you want at home!" she said, in between laughs.
"Oh…" Vegita quietly said. Bulma drove to the Hollywood Video, to rent a movie. They walked up and down the isles, looking at movies, Vegita kept pointing
out action movies, and Bulma kept pointing out romances. Finally they decided on a romance comedy. When they got home, Bulma made tons of popcorn.
Vegita ate most of it. Bulma popped in the movie, and they watched it together. Every once in a while, a funny part would make them laugh, and Vegita
would steal glances at Bulma. She's beautiful. He told himself many times. Toward the end of the movie, the hero kissed his girl. Vegita stole a long glance
at Bulma out of the corner of his eye. Bulma noticed. She turned toward him, Vegita immediately looked away and blushed hard.
"Hai?" Bulma asked softly.
"Its just that your so pretty." Vegita answered, looking in her eyes. He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck, and pulled her close. They kissed, a
long, sweet kiss, that reflected how they had felt about each other the whole time. Vegita savored the moment, but Bulma quickly regained her senses. She
pulled back, and gasped. Looking into Vegita's eyes, she stood up and ran to her room. What did I do? What the hell was I thinking? Bulma couldn't get the
picture of the two of them kissing out of her mind.. She didn't kiss Vegita, she couldn't! But she had, and Vegita had kissed her back. What happened?
Meanwhile, Goku had taken Serena out to a restaurant. Goku knew he should've waited a little longer, but still, he just loved her so much. Yes, he had
made a mistake earlier in marrying ChiChi, but Serena was so much better! She just made him happy whenever. Goku couldn't wait, he took her out to
dinner, and proposed.
"Serena?" Goku asked softly, under the table, his hands held the small velvet box.
"Hai?" Serena answered, having no clue about what was going to happen next.
"I have a question." Goku said, getting up from the table slowly.
"Shoot." Serena nervously whispered, watching Goku's every move. Goku slowly knelt down in front of her, and pulled out the small velvet box. Lifting the
top, he slowly said;
"Serena, will you marry me?" Goku asked, worried about the reply. For a moment Serena just stared at the ring. It was a beautiful ring, a single row of
small, clear diamonds, with a heart-shaped diamond in the middle. A thin line of gold wrapped around the band of the ring, and stopped at each diamond.
Goku lifted the ring out of the box, and read the back. "I'll love you forever and always. -Goku" he read, then he looked into her eyes, and slipped the ring
on her finger.
"Will you marry me?" he asked again, getting very nervous. Many people were watching them, waiting for the answer from the possible to-be-bride. Serena
just looked into Goku's eyes, a single tear ran down her cheek, she leaned over and wrapped her hands around his neck. She looked deep in his loving
eyes, and kissed him, kissed him passionately, and Goku knew what she meant by that kiss.
"I guess that's a "yes"…" ,Goku muttered after the kiss ended.
"You bet…" Serena said, resting her forehead against his.
"Then why are you crying?" Goku asked, looking at her, admiring her beautiful face.
"These are happy tears!" Serena cried, as another tear ran down her cheek, "Happy tears because I love you so much."
"I love you too." Goku whispered. The crowd that had been watching them the whole time, now cooed and talked about the sweet new couple. And when
Goku and Serena kissed again, the crowd cheered.
"Lets see the ring!" a young lady shouted. Serena held up her hand to show off the beautiful diamond ring. They laughed, and walked out. The waiter was
so happy for the newly engaged couple, he didn't even notice they left without paying. Oh, but who cares? As long as they're happy right? They walked
home, to take their time, so they could be alone. Along the way, Serena brought up the subject of the wedding.
"When are we going to have it?" she asked, cuddling against Goku.
"I don't know, as soon as possible?, Goku suggested.
"Sure, why not?"
"How about…June 16th?"
"Works for me, I need time to get a couple things ready anyway."
"No problem."
"How do you think Gohan's going to react to this?"
"I don't know, he told me to take my time, but I just can't, I love you too much."
"I love you too. But still, do you think he'll be happy?"
"With you?! Of course!"
"Are you sure?" Serena asked, a worried look crossed her face as she watched Goku.
"He better…" Goku said, laughing, "Trust me, he'll love you just as much as I do."
"I hope so." Serena mumbled as she folded her arms around his thin waist, resting her head on his shoulder, they walked home the rest of the way like
that. They got home, and sat down, just to talk, and cuddle near the fireplace. Gohan rushed in the door, and noticed his father and his father's girlfriend
sitting on the couch, cuddling near the fireplace. Dad, I told you to wait! Gohan thought in his head. Gohan almost immediately knew what had happened.
He watched his father, with his fiancé, they seemed so happy, yet Gohan knew his father should've waited. He loves her too much, but still he might've
made a mistake! Gohan thought. Finally Gohan decided he should confront the couple.
"Tou-san?" Gohan asked, sorry that he had to ruin the precious moment.
"Hai?", Goku asked, turning to see his son.
"How's it going?"
"Great, we have a little news to tell you."
"Ok, like what?"
"Well, Serena and I…we're getting married."
"Tou-san! I told you to wait!"
"I know, but..."
"This isn't just a little "I love someone so I think I'll marry them" deal!"
"Gomen…I just didn't want you to get divorced again…"
"I won't get divorced this time, because I know I made the right choice."
"Gomen, I don't really know you, but I guess I'm kinda protective of my father…" Gohan confessed to Serena.
"That's ok Gohan, I know how you feel." Serena assured him.
"But I am happy for you two, I just think you should've waited until you knew each other better. Until I knew you better." Gohan said, ashamed of his
unusual entrance.
"Gohan, I don't know you very well, but from what I've heard, you're the best little boy a mother could have, and I want to be that mother for you, I want
you to love me like I love you." Serena said, getting up and giving Gohan a hug. They just stayed like that for a while. Hugging each other, as if they knew
every thing about the other, just by hugging them. Soon enough, Goku joined them, a total family hug. Goku remembered he had rented a couple movies.
An action movie for Gohan, a comedy for all of them, and a romance just Goku and Serena.
"Anybody want to watch a movie?" Goku asked, holding the three choices up.
"Sure!" Gohan and Serena cried in unison. Goku decided upon the comedy, so they could enjoy it as a family should. The new family chatted and laughed
while watching the movie, Austin Powers, Spy Who Shagged Me. Later, after the movie was over, Gohan had to go to bed, but Goku promised he could
watch Terminator, tomorrow. Gohan reluctantly went to bed and Serena and Goku stayed up to watch their romance movie, You've Got Mail, while cuddling
on the couch the whole time. Finally, it was too late for the pair to stay up any longer, so they just fell asleep on the couch after a while.
The next morning at Capsule Corp. Bulma woke up in her room, she looked out in the living room, and found Vegita asleep on the floor. Bulma watched him
for a while, what had happened between them? Why Vegita kiss Bulma? Why did Bulma return the kiss? Bulma was extremely confused, but one thing she
was sure of, she wished Vegita would kiss her again. She watched him, admiring his body, and good looks. Sighing, she went back into her room to change.
Lets see, what am I going to do today? Oh yeah I have to call Serena, and invite them over for a picnic! Bulma thought happily. And maybe I could get
Vegita to come…Bulma hoped.
"Maybe Serena and Goku can cheer up this shit hole I live in." Bulma said aloud.
"What's wrong with this ass hole?" Vegita asked. Secretly, he had sneaked up behind her, watching her.
"I think this is a very nice place."
"Hai, but I need someone to cheer me up a little." Bulma noted.
"I can always help." Vegita said, as he sauntered up to her. He put his hands around her waist, and pulled her close, kissing her. Shit! What's happening
to me? Why am I doing this? Vegita screamed inside his head. But his body wouldn't listen, he just kissed her longer. Bulma closed her eyes and returned
his kiss. They pulled apart, both breathless.
"Vegita…don't do that…" Bulma whispered.
"I…I couldn't help it." he answered, staring at her.
"Do me a favor."
"Ok, what?"
"Go to a picnic with me."
"Just the two of us?"
"Iie, Serena and Goku will come." Bulma whispered as their lips touched again. Bulma quickly kissed him, then held his face.
"Please come?" she pleaded.
"Hai, I'll come." Vegita answered, still lost in the kiss. Vegita leaned forward to kiss her again, but Bulma dodged it and went into the kitchen, to get the
phone. She dialed quickly. It took two rings for them to pick it up.
"Hello?" Gohan picked it up.
"Konichiwa Gohan! Is Serena there?" Bulma asked.
"Yeah, hold on." Gohan answered, as he put the phone down and called his parents.
"Hello?" Serena said into the phone.
"Serena hi! Its Bulma."
"Oh Bulma! Hi!"
"Do you think we could get together today?"
"Today? When?"
"I don't know, just as a little picnic."
"Sure, I'll bring Goku, we have some good news to tell you, bring Vegita would you?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Ok, its about 12:00 right now, should we start packing?"
"Sure, we'll meet you by the big oak tree in the park."
"All right, we'll be there!"
"Bye Serena." Bulma said into the phone, getting out a pen and paper to jot down where they were going to meet.
"Bye Bulma." Serena answered. Serena told Goku, and they got things ready for the picnic, such as food and a blanket. When they were ready, they picked
up the basket, each holding one handle, and flew to the great oak tree in the park. They set up the blanket and food just as Bulma got there with Vegita.
"Goku! Serena!" Bulma greeted excitedly.
"Good to see you." Goku replied.
"Serena told me that you were going to tell us some good news."
"Oh yeah, well, we're engaged."
"Goku are you serious? That's great!" Bulma cried hugging Serena.
"Yeah, I don't know how many times Gohan told me to put it off till later, but I guess I couldn't really wait…" Goku said a little ashamed. Serena just hugged
his thin waist in encouragement.
"Engaged?" Vegita asked, a tiny bit curious.
"We're getting married." Goku explained.
"Anyway, Vegita I want you to be best man, along with Krillin."
"Huh? Me? Best man?
"Yeah, please be best man Vegita, it's a very honorable person."
"Sure…" Vegita said, thinking over how hard it could be.
"Let go Kakarott, I'm not a toy bear…" Vegita warned.
"Gomen…" Goku took his hand off Vegita's back.
"Oh, and Bulma, I want you to be maid of honor." Serena said, watching Bulma's reaction.
"Really?" Bulma asked surprised.
"Yeah, you're the only one around here I know!" Serena answered laughing, "Not to mention, you are my best and closest friend."
"Thank you! Of course I'll be maid of honor, I'd love to!" Bulma cried, hugging Serena. The small group enjoyed their picnic while chatting about the plans on
the wedding.
"Who should we invite?" Serena asked, since she didn't really know a lot of people.
"Well, your friends and family." Bulma answered.
"How about Piccolo, Tien, Chaotzu, Master Roshi, Oolong, and Yamcha?" Goku asked.
"Sure, why not?" Serena replied, jotting down the names, "Anyone else?"
"Umm…how about a couple of your friends?"
"Sure! Ok, lets see, Amber, Caroline, Olivia, Megan, Nikki, Jordon, Natarie, and definitely Aya!"
"Ok, that's a lot of bridesmaids…"
"Anyone else?"
"Hmm…Krillin, Vegita and Bulma definitely, but how about Mr. Briefs, and Mrs. Briefs?"
"Yeah, we should invite them too. Anyone else?"
"Umm, I don't know, Lunch?" Goku suggested, not even remembering what she looked like.
"That's not even close to enough people at a wedding…" Serena said sadly.
"Don't worry, I know I've forgotten some people, we'll have tons of people at the wedding, I promise. Trust me." Goku reassured her. He quickly hugged
her, and the small group resumed their picnic.
"Where are you going to have your honeymoon?" Bulma asked.
"We don't know, Goku says he's got a small island to go to, but I still don't know…" Serena said, daydreaming of the perfect wedding.
"Well, what is your wedding going to be like? I mean how is it going to be set up?"
"I was hoping flowers, lots of flowers, every where, and then the reception would be another flower theme, I don't know why I just like flowers." Serena
said getting up, it was about time to go. They got up and repacked the picnic basket, bid each other farewell, and each couple went their separate ways.]
Sixteen days later, at the wedding.
"Oh Bulma! You look beautiful!" Serena cried from under her veil. Bulma twirled around in the thin maid of honor's gown. It was a silver gown, it went down
to Bulma's ankles, and the edge was lined with a small silver hem. It was a tight dress, that accented her figure. The bridesmaid's gowns were a little
shorter then the maid of honor's, but just as beautiful. They were light blue, with a light yellow sash. Each bridesmaid got a small wreath of light blue
flowers on her head, and the maid of honor got a silver crown. The girls chatted and mumbled. Amber, Caroline, Olivia, Jordon, Nikki and Megan twirled
around laughing and giggling the whole time. The flower girls, Aya and Natarie curtsied and talked. Bulma and Serena watched over the bunch, laughing
and chatting with them. Meanwhile, Goku adjusted his tie, for the third time. Vegita paced back and forth. Krillin sat calmly, watching them.
"Goku, are you ok?" he asked.
"Yeah, its just that I've kinda waited my entire life for this." Goku replied, fixing his tie…again.
"Well, don't worry, you'll do fine. I know you will."
"Vegita? Are you ready?" Goku asked Vegita, who was now snapped out of his little daydream. Blushing, he nodded. The wedding coordinator came in.
"Ok, your almost on." she said. She hurried them to the door. The flower girls curtsied again and fell into a fit of giggles. The coordinator sent the groom and
best men to the altar. Next the flower girls practically skipped down the isle, still giggling. Next the bridesmaids went up, they each looked beautiful, but the
maid of honor stood apart, she was the most beautiful of them. The silver dress flowed a little behind her, and she glanced at Vegita, who was staring in
awe. Vegita watched as she came close, then turned so she was right next to him. That crown suits her, she should be my Princess. He shook the thought
from his head as the sound of high-pitched giggles invaded his ear.
"Your beautiful." he whispered in her ear. Bulma blushed.
"Your not so bad looking yourself." she answered, looking into his eyes, they had the greatest urge to kiss each other, but Bulma turned her attention the
door, where the bride would enter. Vegita realized how rude it might have been if they kissed, so he decided to wait a little. The bride entered. Everyone
turned their attention to her. She was wearing a satin white dress, with a v-cut neck. The dress pulled along the floor for about a meter after her, and it
picked up tons of little flower petals along the way. Her veil was held up by a small crown, a one-pronged crown, the veil came from the inside and the front,
covering her hair and the top of her head. From under the crown came the part of the veil that covered her face, it folded over twice. Serena and Goku
locked eyes, and Serena walked without even knowing she was walking, as long as she went to her husband, that's all that mattered to her. Serena
reached the altar, and pulled up next to Goku. They locked eyes through the whole ceremony. The minister began.
"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"
Serena and Goku didn't even here half of what the minister said, they just locked eyes, and held hands. Gohan could see the love they shared, and now he
understood why his father couldn't wait any longer. Gohan watched them, and said a silent prayer for them to have a happy long life together. Finally a
small part of the speech hit the couple's ears. The most important part of the whole ceremony had come up.
"I do." Serena said, not even turning her head, just letting a single tear roll down her cheek.
"And do you, Goku, take Serena as your lawfully wedded wife--to love and to honor; for richer, for poorer; in sickness, and in health; and forsaking all
others--'til death do you part?"
"I do." Goku replied, as the minister held out a diamond ring.
"Take this ring and put it on her left ring finger, then say: 'with this ring, I thee wed'." the minister instructed. Goku took the delicate diamond ring, and put
it on her left ring finger.
"With this ring, I thee wed." Goku said quietly. Serena did the same.
"With this ring, I thee wed." she echoed. The minister smiled.
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." the minister pronounced happily. Goku
lifted Serena's veil slowly, he studied her face, then placed his hands on her lower back and pulled her close. They kissed, a long, sweet, romantic kiss, that
showed how much they loved each other. They savored the moment to the end.
At the reception, the bridesmaids were off with their own boyfriends, telling them about how sweet a wedding that was, and how much they would
appreciate a wedding like that someday. The flower girls went around, putting flowers on any couple that kissed, having fun and giggling uncontrollably.
Krillin was off flirting with some girl, and Yamcha was off with his new girlfriend. Piccolo was meditating with Gohan by a tall plant, and Tien and Chaotzu
were off looking for food. Bulma was getting fruity punch when Vegita crept up behind her.
"Hi." he said, admiring her figure, while getting a couple cookies.
"Oh, hi Vegita." she answered, watching his every move.
"You were beautiful today…" Vegita whispered.
"Thank you, you looked good yourself." Bulma mumbled as Vegita blushed hard. Bulma giggled, and sat down in a chair. Vegita sat next to her. Music
started playing, and Bulma looked toward Vegita with a longing look. Vegita looked back and shook his head, as if to say 'I'll do it, but I know I'll regret it.'
Bulma smiled and pulled him to the dance floor.
"I've never danced before…" Vegita confessed.
"That's ok, I'll teach you quick."
"Ok, put your hands on my back, and I put my hands on your shoulders, and you just follow my moves, ok?" Bulma said, while gently showing him the way.
Vegita looked into her eyes, sighed, and thought. What the heck, its not like I'll have to do this again…he thought, but he was wrong, once a slow song
was over, another would begin, and Vegita would have to dance again.
"Why do I bother with you woman?" Vegita asked quietly.
"You know why…" Bulma whispered, putting her cheek in the curve of his neck. She sighed, maybe Vegita would be the boyfriend she always wanted…and
maybe not. Time would tell. Soon, Yamcha decided to do something funny, for his ex-girlfriend, Bulma. He went up on stage, and dedicated the song Don't
Want You Back to Bulma. Bulma was furious, when the song was over, she went up on the stage, and smiled.
"Yamcha, I think this song would be just perfect for you and your new girlfriend." Bulma said, as Another Dumb Blonde by Hoku started to play. Vegita
smirked as Bulma proudly trotted back to him. He watched her as she sang along. Bulma noticed, and Vegita instinctively blushed hard. Bulma decided not
to bother him about it. They liked each other, and both knew that very well, they just haven't gotten up the guts to say it. Then the song for the bride and
groom came on. Serena and Goku walked up there slowly, holding hands and murmuring quietly. Goku put his hands on her lower back, and Serena
wrapped her hands around his neck. I Knew I Loved You was their song, and from the beginning of the song, to the very last note, they were in their own
world. They kissed, and cuddled, Goku whispered sweet things into Serena's ear, and Serena just kissed and snuggled against him. It seemed like a lifetime
before the song ended. The crowd was so happy for them, they could do all but hold back their tears for the happy couple. Vegita watched them, and
understood how Goku felt, how he felt toward his love, and why marriage was so important. Bulma is my Princess, but now I have to marry her to prove
it…Vegita thought, he didn't notice Bulma poking him until she pinched him hard.
"Ouch…" Vegita cried out softly.
"Gomen, but you weren't listening to me." Bulma answered.
"What do you want?"
"Don't you think we should get home pretty soon?" Bulma asked, watching the rest of the crowd shuffle out the door.
"Sure…" Vegita mumbled as an evil grin came across his face. Goku and Serena were still dancing, lost in a little trance. Gohan watched them, then went out
the door, and to the car that waited to take him to Master Roshi's.
"Where's Kakarott's brat going?" Vegita asked, noting that Gohan had gotten into a car without his parents.
"To Master Roshi's place." Bulma said as they got in their car.
"Because Goku and Serena are going on a honeymoon, and the can't just leave Gohan by himself."
"Honey? Isn't that food?"
"Iie, honey is food, but honeymoon is a vacation newly-wed couples take after their wedding, so they can get away from everything, and just be alone."
Bulma explained while starting the engine.
"Oh." Vegita said, watching the other cars fly by as Bulma stepped on the gas a little.

Goku and Serena still danced as the custodian watched them. By now, the custodian had cleaned every part of the place, except that little patch where
Goku and Serena still stood. Their song played for the 47th time. Finally, the disc jockey fell asleep. When their song was over, Goku noticed it didn't play
again. Suddenly, he realized they had been dancing for more then an five hours now.
"Serena, we better get going." Goku said, picking her up.
"Yeah." Serena answered, it was late at night, and she was tired, and she had almost fallen asleep. Goku picked her, and their suitcases up, and flew into
the dark night. Lucky for him, it was a warm night, so Serena wouldn't be cold. He noticed the sun had begun to rise. He watched her sleep in his arms, and
smiled at his wife. He picked up speed, and flew low over the ocean. After about half an hour of continuous flying, he flew down toward a tiny island, a small
tropical island, with palm trees, with its own private beach. Goku scanned the island for a little while, then noticed the cozy cabin he had built last summer.
He never intended on bringing ChiChi here, it was too beautiful for a bitch like her. He flew down toward the wood cabin, landed, and went inside. A giant
fireplace and chimney began the cabin on the left, with the kitchen on the right. The kitchen was huge, and a wall of windows facing out onto the beach
brought harmony to the cabin. A couple doors down was the master bathroom, a huge bathroom with a whirlpool near the corner. More doors down was
the master bedroom. A huge walk-in closet started the room, then the mini bathroom, and then the king-sized bed. Goku quietly crept in the room, and
placed Serena, still in her wedding dress, on the huge bed. He smiled, and kissed her forehead. Then he quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper,
and tied it to her finger gently. The note said:

Dear Serena,
I made this cozy little cabin last summer, feel free to look around.
We're on our own little island, so no one will bother us. Outside there's
a little porch swing, and a rocky hollow surrounded by plants, so I just
sanded it, and that's the hot tub, you can look around, there's a kitchen,
two bathrooms, a living room with a fireplace and a TV, and a extra
room, in case I lend this place to a friend. Don't go outside unless you
want to look at the hot tub or porch swing, because even though we're
alone, there are still animals on this island. I'll be back soon, I just went
out to get us breakfast, I'll be back soon.
Love you lots,

And Goku did just that, he went out and scanned the island, and finally decided on a good place to fish. He flew down, and sat on a flat rock, he slowly
carved a spear, and tipped it with the sharpest rock he could find. He watched the fish swim around and around in the little corral he had built. When the
tide came in, the fish would swim in there, seeking safety, and when the tide went back out, the fish were trapped. And now Goku watched them, picking
out the best fish, he speared them, and then picked up the twenty or so fish he had killed. He got up and flew off again, not toward the house, but toward
a small cave. He walked in, inspecting its beauty, he walked in further. Finally he came upon what he was looking for, a waterfall was in the cave, and a
small pool of crystal clear water. It was pure, so anyone could drink it. He rounded the corner, and crawled up a ledge. He came upon a smaller cave, a
short ledge, where a thick carpet of moss grew, and on top of that, millions of sweet-smelling flowers grew. All different kinds of flowers grew, and in the
top, a chunk of rock had been torn out, so now the sun shined through, giving much needed light to the cozy little spot. Goku reached in a small crevice, and
pulled out a fine bottle of wine, he had hidden there, since the crevice was pretty cool, the wine had been kept cold until then. Goku crept back out and
headed home, with wine, flowers, and fish. Goku returned to the cabin, and landed quietly. Serena came out and greeted him.
"Where have you been? I was worried!" Serena asked, hugging him.
"Just to get you some food, don't worry." Goku replied, handing her the flowers.
"Oh Goku! They're beautiful!" Serena cried, getting a vase out.
"C'mon, I brought wine." Goku motioned.
"You go get ready, while I cook dinner." Serena said, picking up the fish.
"Fine with me, I'll go check on something while I'm at it." Goku said, grinning, while he walked out the door. Serena cooked dinner, and Goku went to get
ready, while warming up the hot tub…

While Goku was enjoying his honeymoon, Vegita was back at Capsule Corp. Bulma was inside, reading a book happily, while Vegita was training. Suddenly,
Bulma was drawn away from her book by a giant explosion. She ran to the window, to see, Vegita lying on the ground…unconscious.
"VEGITA?!" Bulma shrieked, "VEGITA!" she ran down the stairs, the whole time thinking, Please don't die! I take back everything bad I ever said about you!
Just please don't die! Bulma finally reached the door. She ran outside, and collapsed at Vegita's side. She checked for a pulse, yes, he had a pulse, but a
very faint one. He was breathing, just barely. She picked up his limp body as best she could, and dragged him into the house. She knew Vegita had hated
doctors, so she thought best to treat him at Capsule. Corp. Now Bulma was no scientific genius, but she knew how to stitch a wound closed. So she worked
for about an hour, stitching all the open wounds together. She lay Vegita on a bed, and let him rest. She brought a book with her, and watched over him.
After a while, his pulse increased, and his breathing steadied. It was too late for Bulma to stay awake, so she fell asleep, by Vegita's bed. Late at night,
Vegita woke up. What the hell is Bulma doing in my room? He thought. Then he noticed that his fingers were covered with blood, and he quickly discovered
that he had stitches in his forehead. He tried to move, but a stab of pain made its way up his leg. He groaned. How am I going to train? He thought bitterly.
Bulma woke up. She noticed him, and smiled.
"Vegita, are you ok?" she asked, while standing up.
"Fine, but I can go now." he replied coldly.
"Oh no you don't!"
"And why not?"
"Vegita, you can't even stand up! Just rest for a day, I can fix the gravity machine by then, and then you can continue your pathetic training."
"A day?!"
"Well, a normal person would have to wait at least a week, but you can wait a day…" she said, giving him the 'Don't make me' look.
"Fine…" he said, purposely avoiding that look. Bulma got up and brought him some soup.
"Here, eat this."
"Soup? Soup is water…" Vegita said while slurping up the soup.
"Don't complain." Bulma said softly. She watched him eat. Their eyes locked, and Bulma reached out and took Vegita's face in her hands. She looked deep
into his eyes, then kissed him. She kissed him deeply, and longingly. Vegita just gave into the feeling he hated so much, defeat. Bulma slowly let go.
"You should rest now, Prince." she said, giggling.
"Damn woman…" was all that Vegita could mutter. Bulma walked out of the room. He heard her voice as she looked over the ruins of the gravity machine.
"Oh Vegita…this is going to take forever to fix!" she cried. Vegita just smirked, he decided a day of rest shouldn't bother him that much, especially with
Bulma around. Vegita sighed, and went back to sleep. A day of sleeping wouldn't hurt at all, anyway, that stupid Kakarott hasn't even trained for a month
now. I'll easily be able to surpass him. Vegita thought, ideas of Goku dying a slow painful death invaded his mind. He smirked. Bulma walked in the room.
"Vegita, I'm putting off fixing the machine until I get new parts." Bulma said, afraid of the reaction.
"NANI?!" Vegita screamed, ignoring the throbbing in his temples.
"Vegita, the parts are coming by mail, they should be here tomorrow, or the day after."
"Damnit woman, go out there and buy the parts!"
"Vegita! I can't just go out to some stor…" Bulma tried to explain, but Vegita interrupted her.
"I don't care! I want you to fix that damn machine!" Vegita shouted. Vegita didn't even notice Bulma was shaking of fear. A couple tears streamed down her
beautiful face. Vegita realized how much he had hurt her. He started to apologize when Bulma stopped him.
"I give you a good home, I give you food everyday, I built you that damn gravity machine, and I fixed it millions of times, and I nursed you back to health,
and THIS is how you repay me!?!? By yelling at me!? By making me fix the damn gravity machine every single day of my damn life!? Don't you care for
others!? Don't you even care about other's feelings!? Is the only one aloud to get a day off, you!? You know what, I'm going to give you a little lesson: GET
A LIFE!" Bulma shouted at Vegita between tears. Bulma stormed out of the room. Vegita could hear her run up the stairs to her room. Bulma collapsed on
the bed, sobbing, thinking that all men were the same, they didn't care about anyone, but themselves. Vegita sighed, and decided he'd let her cool off for a
while. Why didn't I think before I said that? If I like her then I shouldn't yell at her! Get it through your damn thick skull Vegita! He scolded himself.
Back at Goku's little tropical cabin, Serena had finished making dinner. Since Goku had insisted on them having wine in the hot tub afterwards, Serena put a
bathing suit on under her bathrobe. They had a wonderful dinner of fish, Serena had prepared it baked, with lettuce under it and lemons surrounding it. She
knew just how to keep in the moist flavor. They enjoyed every minute of it. For dessert they had cherry cheesecake. Which Goku noted, is 'Absolutely
amazing'. After Serena put the dishes in the dishwasher, they walked out on the large deck to watch the sun set. Goku whispered something about the hot
tub in Serena's ear as he got out a bottle of wine. Serena slipped out of her bathrobe, and slowly stepped into the hot tub. Goku slipped in after her. They
sat there for a while, chatting softly, while drinking the wine Goku had brought with them. Later, they cuddled while listening to the birds sing. Goku
watched Serena for a while, and when Serena caught him watching her, they kissed. Goku caught Serena's chin and ran his hand softly through her dark
brown hair, as he held the kiss a little longer.
Meanwhile Vegita sat thinking. Quietly he watched Bulma do the laundry. The Prince of Saiyans would never do laundry, but he might just go over there and
make Bulma feel better. Vegita grinned, an evil grin. He advanced quietly. Bulma didn't notice Vegita behind her until he was breathing in her ear. Bulma
spun around.
"Vegita! Go away!" she cried.
"Why, can't I watch a person?" Vegita asked sarcastically. Bulma watched him out of the corner of her eye as she continued to do the laundry. Vegita just
walked to the window, looking at the ruins of the gravity machine, and of the continuous amounts of boxes being delivered. Vegita scowled. He wanted to
be training right now! He couldn't wait a whole week for those damn boxes to come, he couldn't wait for Bulma to start rebuilding. He had to train, now!
"That's it, go out there and rebuild the machine!" Vegita begged.
"Why should I?" Bulma asked, still steamed about last night's show.
"Because if you don't, you'll be stuck with me till you rebuild the machine, and I'll just be going around destroying things in a vain attempt to train."
"Iie, I'm not going to fix that machine, until you say sorry." Bulma retorted. Vegita looked horrified. Me? The Prince of Saiyans, say that I'm…sorry? Vegita
thought, looking at Bulma, whimpering slightly.
"If you don't say your sorry, then no way are you ever going to see that machine again." Bulma said, smiling as thoughts of blackmail invaded her head.
Vegita sighed, and cleared his throat.
"G...Gomen…" he whispered in her ear. Bulma grinned.
"I can't hear you…" she said mischievously.
"Gomen…" Vegita said a little louder, watching to see if anyone was coming. Bulma grinned again.
"What did you say?" she teased.
"Gomen." Vegita said in a little above normal voice. Bulma was satisfied. Vegita didn't know it, but she had captured his voice on a tape. She giggled, and
held it out.
"Oh Prince, I have you recorded!" she taunted. Then she took off down the hall.
"NANI?!" Vegita cried as he ran after her. We're playing human games…he thought. But he didn't mind, as long as he would catch Bulma, and Vegita knew
he could catch Bulma. He ran after her, she rounded the corner, and playfully, she hid in the closet. Vegita looked cautiously around the corner, only to find
she was no where in sight. Vegita listened hard, he heard an occasional giggle. He looked around, and located the sound in the closet. Quietly, he crept up,
and suddenly ripped the door open. Bulma looked up at him from the floor. She shrieked, and ducked under his arm, still giggling. Rounding another corner,
Bulma put a chair, right at the edge, a vision of Vegita tripping invaded her mind. Hiding under the sink, she waited silently. Whenever she saw Vegita's
surprised look as she had told him she recorded him, she giggled. Vegita quickly rounded the corner, to discover a chair in the way. He skidded, in a vain
effort to stop crashing into the chair. It didn't work, he went sliding into the chair, and he found himself on the floor moments later. Bulma peeked out from
her hiding spot, only to see Vegita lying on the floor, not moving.
"Vegita?" Bulma asked suspiciously. Vegita didn't move.
"Vegita!" she cried frantically. Bulma ran to his side, still holding onto the recording, only to be flipped over, and pinned to the ground. Bulma eyes went
wide. Vegita grinned, he had been playing the whole time. Pretending to have been unconscious, and fooling Bulma to the point where he could attack her.
Bulma giggled, and soon she was laughing again. Vegita just smiled. Bulma quieted down, and watched Vegita's every move. Vegita slowly lowered his
head, and kissed Bulma. Bulma's eyes went wide, but she gave in, deep inside, this is what she wanted. As a child, she had always wanted to marry her
fairy-tale Prince Charming. And now, he was kissing her. Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegita shoulders and kissed him back, kissed him passionately,
kissed him deeply, and Vegita just gave in, defeat had to be…
Meanwhile, Gohan was suffering at Master Roshi's house. Oolong kept burning the food, and Master Roshi refused to move from the TV, until 'Bathing Suit
Babes 2000' was over.
"Master Roshi?" Gohan asked, afraid he wouldn't answer.
"Hai?" Master Rosh answered without turning his head from the TV.
"Can we go out to eat?"
"Oh look! Pamela Anderson!"
"Ok, you know what?"
"Blue is my favorite color too Pamela!"
"I'm going to go and find Piccolo, maybe I could train a little with him, ok?"
"Pam-el-a! Pam-el-a! Pam-el-a!"
"I take it you agree…"
"And she wins! Go Pamela!" Master Roshi shouted as he stared at the TV screen, his eyes almost popping out of his head. Gohan headed for the door, he
left a note with Oolong, so Master Roshi would know where he was. Gohan flew out the door, the sky was dark, and the stars shined over head.
"I wonder what tou-san is doing right now…" Gohan thought aloud. He flew along until he had felt a powerful ki to his left. Changing directions, he headed
for Piccolo. He landed on a shallow patch of earth. Looking around, he saw the Namek-jin leaning against a cliff. Gohan slowly approached.
"Mr. Piccolo?" he asked quietly. The Namek-jin stirred. Opening his eyes slightly, he looked Gohan up and down.
"What are you doing here?" he asked, yawning.
"Well, my parents just went on their honeymoon about a day ago, and I was supposed to go to Master Roshi's, but I didn't really like it there, so I was
wondering if I could come and stay with you, to train and stuff…"
"Sure, why not?"
"Get some sleep, we'll train tomorrow." Piccolo said as he settled down and went to sleep again.
"Hai." Gohan responded, sitting next to the Namek-jin, and instantly falling asleep. Gohan and Piccolo were sleeping peacefully, while in the tropics, Goku
and Serena were sound asleep in their king-sized bed. Meanwhile, Vegita and Bulma slept quietly on Vegita's bed. Oolong was asleep by the oven, still
trying to cook something that wouldn't burn so easily. Master Roshi was swatting flying girls in his sleep, and Krillin was having nightmares about hair loss.
Yamcha had broken up with his girlfriend, so he was sleeping alone that night. Tien was having a happy dream about being the Third Eye Blind mascot, and
Chaotzu was dreaming of becoming a circus clown. Everyone slept peacefully that night, including ChiChi, who had recently gone on a diet plan.
The next morning, on the tropical island that Goku built his little wood cabin on, the couple slept happily on their bed. Goku woke up with his arm around
Serena, she had laid her head on his chest, and snuggled down. Goku sighed, and slowly removed his arm from her back. He quickly and quietly slid his
hands under her head, and lifted her head so he could free himself, to go get breakfast. Serena stirred, but didn't wake up. Goku planted a kiss on her
forehead before going to dress. He put on casual cloths, jeans and a T-shirt, socks and mountain boots. Getting up, he went outside. Looking around the
island, he decided on a breakfast of pancakes and waffles. He levitated, turned around a little, and flew off, knowing Serena wouldn't wake up for a while.
Turning Super Saiyan, Goku added speed to his flight. Heading inland, he made his way toward the nearest town. Once finding a small town, He landed. The
townsfolk watched the strange supernatural being that could fly. He went inside the nearest grocery store and bought a box of pancake mix, and a box of
waffles. Paying for them, he headed back toward the island, leaving the people of the small town bewildered at this flying, spikey-haired boy wonder that
flew. Goku smiled, and gave a friendly wave to the people, even though he knew they were too stunned to answer. Goku just chuckled and flew back to the
island, with the box of waffles under one arm, and the box of pancakes under the other. Once he got back, he quickly slipped in the house, with the food.
He heated the food in the microwave, and set it on a plate with syrup and a piece of toast. He prepared fresh squeezed orange juice, and set it on a little
tray. He quickly ate his own breakfast, and took the tray of food to the master bedroom. Serena was still asleep, and he quietly placed the food on her lap,
and then sat watching her, running his finger through her satiny dark brown hair, he kissed her eyes, and waited patiently for her to wake up. After a little
while, Serena stirred, and woke up, to see Goku watching her, lovingly.
"Good morning." Goku whispered. Serena smiled at him, and gave him a quick kiss that he deserved. Goku watched Serena eat breakfast, and after a while,
he pulled her away form her meal, and kissed her.
When Bulma woke up the next day, she was lying on her side, pressed against Vegita, her head rested on his arm, and she had her arm across his chest,
and around his neck. Vegita was lying on his back, sprawled out on the bed, with one arm around Bulma, and the other behind his head. Bulma watched
him for a while, admiring his body, and his almost perfect face. Bulma sighed, and snuggled down against him. She fell asleep again, dreaming how perfect
Vegita was for her, a little mean and annoying sometimes, but still, he was all she wanted. Her thoughts traveled back to Yamcha, she smirked at that loser
that had betrayed her so many times. Bulma was just about to go to sleep, when she heard the doorbell ring. Oh, it better be something good, I was so
comfortable! Bulma thought, scowling at the thought of some stupid boy selling trading cards or a little girl selling cookies. Bulma threw on a bathrobe, and
walked sleepily to the door. To her amazement, Yamcha was kneeling on the first step, with a bouquet of flowers.
"Yamcha?!" she cried.
"Please take me back Bulma, I made a mistake, and I realized how much I loved you." Yamcha pleaded.
"Yamcha, we're through, I'm in love with someone else now, and I don't want you back."
"But Bulma, who would you ever fall in love with? Remember the times we were together!"
"Iie, I don't want to, I'm in love with someone else now, and I don't need you."
"Bulma! Remember the wonderful times we had together! The ice cream parlors, the fair, the late night dinners!"
"Yamcha, I don't remember all those, because you never took me on those, you took all your other girls on those trips, I was just a hopeless idiot in love
with a traitor! A traitor that cheated on me every single chance he got!"
"Fine, you say you're in love with someone else, well who is that? Who would give you more love then I did?"
"Anyone Yamcha, anyone."
"But who?" Yamcha asked as Vegita stepped up behind Bulma, just in briefs. Yamcha stared, He noticed Bulma was in a bathrobe, and Vegita in briefs.
"Vegita, what do you want?" Yamcha snapped bitterly.
"Nothing, I just wanted Bulma to come back to bed." Vegita replied casually.
"That's a good one Vegita! Bulma would never sleep with you!" Yamcha laughed. Bulma turned toward Vegita, and whispered something in his ear. Then
she turned to Yamcha, while Vegita walked off.
"Too bad Yamcha, I gave you too many chances." Bulma said, shaking her head in disappointment.
"You would never sleep with Vegita, that's just too idiotic!"
"What was idiotic, was that I actually liked you the whole time you were cheating on me." Bulma said as Vegita crept up behind her again, and kissed her
"I have to go now, don't mind me or anything…" Bulma said quietly as she held Vegita's face back, she looked at Yamcha, then reached out and closed the
door. Yamcha started to pound on the door. Bulma just turned around, and hugged Vegita, then she kissed him on the cheek, and headed for Vegita's
bedroom. Vegita watched her round the corner, and then turned his attention to Yamcha who had broken down the door. Looking at Yamcha casually,
Vegita smirked.
"Hai? What do you want, flea bag?" Vegita asked, smirking.
"She's my girlfriend!" Yamcha yelled as he shot a ki blast at Vegita. It hit Vegita, and didn't even scratch him.
"Didn't you hear what she said? She hates you, and she told me she hopes you have a happy life in hell…" Vegita scowled as he held his hand up in a police
like stance. Yamcha stared horrified, slowly he started backing away, then he started running, and soon he was airborne, just as he looked behind him,
thinking it was safe, A huge ki blast came directly at him. Yamcha screamed before being swallowed up in the light. It exploded, leaving a very burnt, but
alive Yamcha. Vegita grinned and went back in the house. Quietly, he crept up behind Bulma, who had taken off her bathrobe, and put on undergarments.
An evil grin came across Vegita's face as he walked up to Bulma. He grabbed her from behind, and wrapped her in a bear hug. Bulma shrieked but realized it
was only Vegita.
"Do you know what you are?" Vegita whispered quietly into her ear.
"Iie, tell me." Bulma responded, still brushing her hair.
"Now you're my mate, as you always were."
"Vegita…" Bulma started to protest, but Vegita spun her around, and kissed her. You're my mate, and if I say so, then it's true. Vegita thought to himself.
They spilt apart. Bulma hugged him, and watched him for a while, looking into his eyes, the eyes that clearly reflected her eyes. She hugged him, and
playfully pinched him, knowing he wouldn't even feel it. They stayed like that for a while, hugging, thinking.

At the time, Gohan and Piccolo were training. They sparred for about a half-hour, when Piccolo decided on something new.
"Gohan, lets mind train." Piccolo ordered.
"Hai." Gohan said, noting the Piccolo got out a very large, strange box. Piccolo took off the top, and laid out the plastic sheet. Gohan took out the spinner.
Finally, they settled down.
"Right-hand green!" Gohan called out as Piccolo stuck his right-hand on green. Piccolo scooted around the other side, so he wouldn't fall. Gohan twirled the
"Left-foot, red!" he called out again, watching Piccolo stretch to reach the colored circle.
"Right-foot, yellow!" Gohan called out, watching Piccolo struggle to keep his balance. They played like that for a while, Twister was such a balancing act, it
was Piccolo's favorite game. After a while, Piccolo lost his balance, and fell to the floor laughing. Gohan was happy for his life-long friend, Piccolo hardly ever
laughed out of fun. Then it was Gohan's turn. Gohan was a little bit better at balancing then Piccolo, but he too, lost his balance quickly. The rest of the day,
the two played Twister, happily chatting and laughing along the way.
While Gohan and Piccolo played Twister, Goku and Serena took a short walk on the beach, then a hike in the woods. Goku took her to a little creek, and
they happily splashed in its waters. Continuing their hike, they stopped to rest of a cliff edge, watching the beach, the gentle rolling of the waves. The bird
sang, the butterflies flew around their heads. Goku took them in a small cliff, where the moss made a nice, soft carpet. They laid down, and took a nap, it
was a lazy, sunny afternoon, and they had been hiking for a while now. The week went by quickly, late night beach walks and lazy, afternoon naps on the
porch swing made up most of the week. They hiked every now and then, and watched the TV late at night. Finally, the morning came when they had to
leave the tropical paradise. Sadly, they flew off, knowing sometime they would come back, but for now, they had a happy little boy to get back to. Gohan
had probably missed his father for a while, if it hadn't been for Piccolo and his Twister game. When the couple touched down in front of their house, they
exchanged a quick kiss before Goku went off to look for Gohan. Serena went into the house to cook dinner.
Gohan was having a nice time, they had placed a small tree between two rocks, and now they were doing the limbo.
"How low, can ya go?" Piccolo cried, as he bent over backwards. His chin hit the bar, and he fell. Goku arrived to see Gohan bend over and go under the
"Gohan? What are you doing?" Goku asked, rather curious.
"Tou-san! Oh, we were just doing the limbo, wanna join us?" Gohan asked, hugging his father, Gohan pointed to a very embarrassed Piccolo, "I missed you
tou-san, but Mr. Piccolo helped me feel better."
"Arigatou Piccolo." Goku nodded, then motioned for his son to come along, it was time to go home. They levitated, and waved good-bye to Piccolo, then
sped off for home.

At the same time, Vegita and Bulma were eating dinner. Happily, Vegita poked her under the table. Bulma giggled, and slightly slapped her leg. Vegita
poked her again, watching her from the corner of his eye. Bulma giggled, and gave him a stern look. Vegita just poked her again. Bulma laughed, and poked
him back. They kept bugging each other until Bulma noticed her parents had stopped eating. Mr. and Mrs. Briefs' mouths were open, and they were staring
at the couple. Bulma cleared her throat, and continued eating. She glanced at Vegita, he was watching Mr. Briefs, and devouring his chicken. Glancing at
Bulma, he smirked, and placed his other hand on her leg. Bulma gasped a little, but then held his hand under the table. Mr. Briefs got up, Bulma quickly
volunteered to put the dishes away. Mr. Briefs watched Vegita closely, but soon gave up since he gave him the 'You better stop looking at me like that if you
want to see the likes of tomorrow' look. Mrs. Briefs got up and cheerfully hugged Bulma.
"Well, we're off!" she cried.
"Where are you going?" Bulma asked suspiciously.
"Oh, to the Offspring concert they're having in town, down by the theater."
"Oh, I didn't know they're having a concert!"
"Yeah, and after that, we're going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show." Mrs. Briefs replied.
"Oh! That's a great movie! I hope you have fun!" Bulma cried as she hugged her father. Mr. and Mrs. Briefs walked out the door, and to their car. They
quickly drove off, waving good-bye. When they were completely out of sight, Bulma turned to Vegita. And pinched him.
"What was that for?" Vegita asked, confused.
"My parents almost found out! You have to be careful!" Bulma warned quietly.
"Well, what's so bad about us being a couple?"
"My parents would never understand."
"I'll make them." Vegita answered, grinning. He hugged Bulma, and then walked to the refrigerator. Bulma sighed, Vegita was everything she wanted in a
boyfriend, but her parents would never approve. Bulma decided she had better tell them before they found out from someone else. But she couldn't get up
the courage to face her parents.
The whole time, the Son family had eaten dinner, and settled down for a little marshmallow roasting outside.
"So…how was the honeymoon?" Gohan asked, trying not to burn his marshmallow.
"It was great, we had such a nice time." Serena answered, putting her perfect marshmallow in between to crackers.
"Hai…it was great." Goku cut in, digging his hand into the bag of marshmallows. The family continued chatting, and talking, while Goku kept slipping handfuls
of marshmallows into his mouth. All too soon, it was time for bed, Gohan went to his room, slipped in his bed, and cuddled up with his Mini-Piccolo action
doll. Goku and Serena slipped into their king-sized bed, and fell asleep from a long day's journey.
While the Son family slept, Piccolo had invited a couple buddies over, and he was partying! There was punch, cookies, pizza, salad, etc. The whole group
was doing the limbo, and a few were playing Twister, and Monopoly.
"How low, can ya go? Do it Chaotzu!" Tien cried out, as Chaotzu walked under the bar, without even coming close to a foot of it. Tien slapped his forehead,
he had forgotten that Chaotzu was…about 3 feet tall.
"RIGHT-HAND, GREEN!" a drunk Dende screamed impatiently. Piccolo watched the drunk Namek-jin from afar, hoping he wouldn't start hallucinating. As if
being able to read his mind, Dende started hallucinating.
"Everybody run for your lives!" Dende screamed, running around in circles, "The men from mars! They found us! They're going to turn us into jelly so they
can eat us for lunch everyday!"
"Where are they? What do they look like?" another Namek-jin asked, confused. Dende grinned, and sat down to explain what they looked like.
"Well, they're cute, and furry, and they're short, and covered with scales, and purple with green polka-dots, and yellow with blue stripes, and they have
cute little antennas, and cute little ducky feet, and they talk funny." Dende said in between hiccups. Everyone stared at him. Piccolo stood up, and grabbed
"Dende, come now, you've had one too many drinks." Piccolo said while holding the squealing Namek-jin. Dende wriggled around, squealing like a rapid pig.
The group watched them round the corner, a sickening snap was heard, and then the squeal of a pig, then all was silent. Piccolo came around the corner,
and replaced the hatchet.
"Well, I took care of our little drunk friend, we can resume the party now!" he said cheerfully. Everyone resumed partying, and drinking. When everyone but
a couple Namek-jins, had flown home drunk, Piccolo went around the corner again. He stared at Dende. The poor Namek-jin's head was on the floor, staring
into space, while his body was still twitching around once in a while.
"Well? What's taking so long?" Piccolo asked, impatiently. The body wiggled around a little more, and another Namek-jin rounded the corner. Staring at the
head on the floor, and the squirming body on the block of wood, the Namek-jin screamed.
"What did you do to him?" he cried out. Piccolo smirked.
"Oh, don't worry, remember, we Namek-jins can regenerate our body parts!" Piccolo pronounced proudly. The other Namek-jin stared at Piccolo. Then a
single tear ran down his cheek. Piccolo watched him, confused.
"You idiot, we can't regenerate our heads!" the Namek-jin yelled. Piccolo looked at Dende's body, then at his head, his body, then at his head.
"We…we could glue it back on." Piccolo suggested. At this, the other Namek-jin started bawling uncontrollably. Piccolo realized the mistake he had made. He
started sniffling, then soon he was crying just as hysterically as the other Namek-jin. It was such a sad time for Piccolo, especially since he had liked that
little green bug from the beginning. The other Namek-jins cried, for the loss of their own kind, it was such a sad day then. Piccolo was the saddest
Namek-jin of all, for he had killed the little Dende, even though he was drunk, he was kind and loving deep down inside, and even though he was annoying
with his squeaky voice, he was still Dende, and Piccolo mourned over the loss of his little friend.

But lets get back to the 'How Bulma and Vegita got together' story.

The next few weeks went by quickly, Bulma and Vegita became a definite couple, but kept it a secret. Goku and Serena were happily married, and Gohan
was learning how to play again, although it was hard for him to understand, since he hadn't been outside for…three years. Piccolo mourned over the loss of
his friend, but quickly regained his happiness once seeing Gohan play. Every once in a while though, Piccolo would have nightmares about the dead Dende,
coming and chopping his head off.
"Mom, dad, I'm leaving!" Bulma cried out. Mr. Briefs turned around.
"Where?" he asked, suspiciously. Bulma smiled sweetly, then kissed her dad on the forehead.
"Just to go shopping." she answered. Then she walked out the door. Mr. Briefs watched her go, but what he didn't realize was that she wasn't going
shopping, she was really going to the doctor. She hadn't been feeling well for the past week or so, and she didn't want to tell her parents or Vegita, so she
just went to visit the doctor. Upon reaching the office, she hurried inside. The doctor told her the news she dreaded, and wanted to hear. Bulma was
pregnant. Walking out of the office, she bumped into Serena.
"Serena! What are you doing here?" she asked, worried for her friend.
"Oh, I didn't feel so good lately, so I came and visited the doctor, what are you doing here?" Serena asked, watching the people come in and out of the
"For the same thing you're here for." Bulma said sadly. Serena looked at her, confused.
"What do you mean?"
"I'm going to have a baby, a baby boy."
"Really? Are you serious?"
"That's wonderful! Who's the father?", Serena asked, quietly and excitedly.
"I don't know…", Bulma replied, but only one face entered her mind, Vegita's.
"Oh…well, guess what!" Serena tried to lighten the mood.
"Hmm?" Bulma mumbled, a list of boy's names entered her head.
"I'm going to have a baby boy too.", Serena said, knowing Bulma didn't exactly hear her. Bulma looked up.
"Hontou?" she asked.
"Hai, maybe they'll be best friends or something." Serena suggested, giggling. Bulma smiled, she bid Serena good-bye, as she got in her car and drove
Bulma almost hit a couple trees, while thinking deeply about how to break this to her family. She thought about Vegita. How would he react to this? Bulma
got home, and saw Vegita was training in the gravity machine that she had rebuilt. She sighed, and noted her parents were out at a friend's house.
Running to her room, she collapsed on the bed, sobbing her heart out. Her parents would never approve of Vegita being the father of her baby. And Vegita
would never approve of having to take care of a baby. She went down the stairs, and to the laboratory. Looking around, she spotted her laptop. Quickly,
she picked it up and went back upstairs. Sitting down on her bed, she started typing. Soon she was logged onto the Internet. She typed in a couple things,
and soon a website of boy's names came up.
"Aaron? No…" Bulma said the names aloud, while she scanned the screen. Finally, she picked out a couple names she liked, and printed them out:
1. Adam
2. Darien (He's from Savage Garden, so live with it!)
3. Kalman (This one's Hungarian so I just stuck it in there ^_^ )
4. Travis
Vegita walked in the room, Bulma was so busy with her list of names, she didn't even notice him. Vegita looked over her shoulder. What's that woman doing
now? Baby names? Vegita thought. He sneaked up to her and whispered in her ear.
"What are you doing?" he asked. Bulma spun around, then realized it was only Vegita. She sighed, and turned toward him. A single tear slid down her face.
Vegita immediately sensed something was wrong. He quickly reached up and wiped the tear from her face. He kissed her cheek, then kneeled in front of her
to listen. What can be this bad? He wondered. Bulma's lips moved, and she quietly blurted out the news.
"I'm pregnant…" Bulma managed to whisper between tears.
When Goku heard the news of his to-be-baby, he was probably the happiest person out there. Serena was overjoyed at how Goku reacted to the news.
They went through tons of names before Gohan had suggested Goten, and the name stuck, Goten it was, the new baby boy would be the Goten we all love
and cherish. Of course, just to make things fair, Goten is half Saiyan too, don't ask why, but he is, we couldn't have Gohan be left out, could we? Anyway,
the rest of the day, the Son family spent their time thinking of changes they'll have to make to the house when the baby arrives.
Meanwhile, Piccolo was going around collecting the Dragonballs to wish Dende back to life. When he surfaced from the ocean with the seventh, he giggled
with happiness. Then, setting them down, he thought of what to wish for. Dende came around the corner. Piccolo jumped up.
"Ha ha! I shall wish to rule the universe!" Piccolo screamed out.
"No, you don't want that." Dende answered.
"I don't?"
"I wanted to be immortal!"
"No, wrong answer."
"Oh…dang…I'm bad at this wishing stuff…"
"I want a beer!"
"Ooh, good one!"
"Yeah, I'm good, I'm the man!"
"But weren't you about to wish back a certain green little man?"
"A certain Namek-jin named Dende."
"Oh yeah! But I really wanted that beer." Piccolo whimpered sadly.
"Well…you should wish back your friend." Dende argued. Piccolo suddenly looked up.
"DENDE!!" he screamed with joy. Running over, he hugged him. Dende let him calm down.
"I was on a coffee break, and my stunt double had to take over, so instead of killing me, you killed a midget man painted green with toilet paper rolls glue
on his head, it wasn't very nice to kill my stunt double, so you should wish him back." Dende told Piccolo. Piccolo did just what Dende had asked for. Soon
the poor midget man, painted green with toilet paper rolls stuck to his head was standing in front of them once again. Piccolo apologized, and handed him a
cup of coffee and a peppermint candy.
"I'm SO sorry, normally I don't go around killing people like that." Piccolo said.
"It's…Ok…" the midget man responded, afraid of Piccolo.
"Come, let me buy you a latté." Piccolo urged the little midget man. The midget man ran off screaming.
"Not a big coffee drinker…never was." Dende explained. The two Namek-jins sat and talked for quite a time, while Vegita and Bulma were arguing.
"What do you mean?" Vegita asked, quite aware that if he was the father of this brat, he'd have to take care of it.
"I told you what it meant." Bulma answered, not wanting to explain again.
"What the hell do you want me to do with a brat?!"
"Nothing! I just want you to be here for me!"
"What difference does it make?! Sooner or later I'll have to take care of the brat!"
"And what's so bad about taking care of YOUR son?" Bulma demanded. Vegita glared at her, then walked to the balcony door. Bulma spun around, wishing
he would just come back and tell her he loved her. She felt a light breeze, and she quickly glanced over her shoulder. Vegita was gone.
"Nani?" Bulma cried, confused, "Vegita? Vegita!" Only the gentle rustle of the leaves on the trees outside answered her cry.
"Vegita! Vegita don't leave me! Don't leave…" Bulma sobbed, knowing perfectly well why he had left. Her tears turned into anger. She walked to the
balcony, and looked up into the sky.
"All men are the same! They all pretend to love you, when they never do! You're just like Yamcha! You always were!" she screamed into the air, with tears
running down her face. She sank to the floor, sobbing.
"Don't leave me Vegita…don't leave me…" she whispered. She thought about how much she had loved Vegita, but now, Vegita was gone…and now, she
had to take care of this half Saiyan brat by herself. Oh, Vegita, if you only knew how much I loved you, then you wouldn't leave me…Bulma thought
unhappily. Vegita's face entered her mind, and she watched them fight, and kiss, and cuddle. Bulma sniffled, by now she had stopped crying, and she sat
sniffling on the cold balcony floor. She lay down on her side, and curled up. Vegita, don't leave me…she thought sadly before drifting off to sleep on the cold
Vegita flew through the cold, dreary, night sky. She's having a brat…he thought bitterly. I hate that damned woman! I hate her for having that damned
brat! Why couldn't it be just us? Why does she even want to have some crying mini idiot that eats all day and sleeps all night? He asked himself a hundred
times over. He flew low over the hills. Scanning the horizon, he flew down to a small cliff, high above the rising ocean. He sat down, to think. The little place
was beautiful, the night was warm, and the scent of the forest made a pleasant spot. The forest surrounded the whole place, except a little half circle
clearing. The ground in that charming little clearing was submerged in sweet smelling flowers. The forest ended at the cliff, and the sparkling blue water
would lure anyone in for a dip. Vegita sighed, and sat down on the small, flat rock in the middle of the clearing. He sat there for a while, thinking. Damned
woman… he cursed in his head. Vegita knew perfectly well that he had… 'loved' Bulma from the first time he met her. He had admired her fiery soul, and
'bad' reputation. Vegita thought over and over of how beautiful she had looked a couple times over, and how deeply she had kissed him that first time. His
arms ached, and he longed to hold her, to keep her near, to live with her by his side every day. Vegita watched the clear blue water, the only thing that
entered his mind, was Bulma's beautiful blue eyes. Vegita tried to shake her from his head, but the sweet smelling flowers just brought back memories from
the day he gave her the flowers and she had thought Yamcha brought them for her. Why? Why did I have to be such an bitch and fall for her? Fall for her
beautiful eyes, her gorgeous hair, and her wonderful personality…I don't know how, or why I fell for her…but in one way, I think I don't mind at all…Vegita
thought sadly. He was upset he would have to take care of a stupid crying brat. But Kakarott and his family always seem happier when they are together
with their brats…Vegita thought, considering the idea that a family with Bulma wouldn't be so bad. He thought some more, watching the gentle waves.
"Can I risk my pride like that? Can I love a woman, and risk my pride like that?" Vegita asked himself aloud, "Hai…I can risk my pride, the only other warrior
is a third class low life Saiyan, and I will never have to answer to him…"
Vegita got up, he glanced at the water. The sun's almost up…he noted seeing the light pink lines on the horizon. Quickly, he was airborne, slowly scanning
the treetops, wondering if he was going the right way. Finally, he spotted Capsule Corp. not far away. Swooping down low, he hovered by Bulma's balcony.

At first, he didn't see her lying on the floor, but she stirred in her sleep, and he noticed her. He watched her sleep, but soon she started shivering, and he
could sense how cold she felt. Slowly and carefully, he picked her up. Carrying her to her bedroom, he set her down on the bed gently. Bulma seemed to
sense Vegita was near. She didn't want to see Vegita leaving her again, so she quickly opened her eyes and called out his name, not even knowing if he
was there or not. Vegita looked at her solemnly. Tears slid down Bulma's cheek as she watched her prince walk up to her. Vegita knelt down in front of her,
and placed his hand against her cheek.
"I don't like those human names…I like Trunks better…" Vegita said quietly, he looked down, he was a little ashamed about how he had acted, and was
hoping Bulma would take him back…but wasn't sure if she would. Bulma held his chin, and pulled his face up so she could see Vegita's eyes. Smiling, she
noted that his eyes were a little wet, she kissed him, kissed him happily, she was so glad that he was back in her arms. Vegita picked Bulma up, and sat her
in his lap, they whispered for a while, but pretty soon Bulma was asleep again, asleep in her prince's arms, just like she always wanted. Soon, Vegita
became a little sleepy, setting her down on the bed, he lay down beside her. He held her tight, her head in the curve of his neck, and his arms around her,
holding her, so she never left him. He fell asleep like that, holding his true princess, his only love, his Princess Bulma. They both slept happily that night,
knowing the other wouldn't leave, dreaming of their future together. Bulma dreamed of the perfect wedding, Vegita being the groom of course, while Vegita
envisioned pictures of a black haired brat clinging to his head, and crying its ass off. Even though the two were dreaming of totally different things, they
were both dreaming of the other, and how happy they would be together, and how they would live, and how they would teach their young son. They both
enjoyed the idea of living together from now on, and even Vegita decided that the baby's parents should be married. He knew Bulma was thinking the same
thing, so he thought that he should get an engagement ring, and propose…but the only problem was…where was he going to get a ring? And what were
Bulma's parents going to say? And what was Kakarott going to say? And how should Vegita propose? Too many questions flooded Vegita's head, but
amazingly, he slept peacefully. Tomorrow I shall ask Kakarott my questions, and hopefully he shall not attack me like some kind of rabid pig…Vegita thought,
visions of Goku hugging Vegita entered his head. Vegita shivered, but then went back to sleep, his problem was solved, he was just going to ask Goku for
help, but Goku would ask who he was marrying…and Vegita couldn't let anyone know that he loved Bulma…then again it wouldn't be so bad….
Mr. Briefs walked down the long hall, whistling happily, his daughter had slept in, and he had to wake her up. He stopped at her door, knocked once, and
walked in. He almost screamed at what he saw.
"BULMA! VEGITA! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" he shouted, waking up a startled Bulma and Vegita. Bulma looked at Vegita, and smiled. Vegita nodded
slowly. Bulma got up from the bed. By this time, Mrs. Briefs had joined them.
"Mom, dad, I have something to tell you…" Bulma started, "You should sit down for this." Mr. and Mrs. Briefs sat down in chairs, and Vegita walked over to
the corner. Bulma glanced at Vegita, and then began to explain.
"Mom, dad…I'm…pregnant…" she said slowly and regretfully. Mrs. Briefs sat up.
"Oh honey! That's wonderful! I'm going to be a grandmother! I feel so happy for you and Yamcha!" Mrs. Briefs cried, hugging her daughter.
"Mom, it's not Yamcha's baby…" Bulma said slowly, trying to remember what she was going to say.
"Oh…whose is it?" Mrs. Briefs asked suspiciously. Bulma slowly walked over to the corner, and wrapped her arms around Vegita's thin waist. She dragged
him out in front of her parents.
"Vegita's…" she said happily, but slowly, she knew her parents wouldn't approve. Mrs. Briefs slowly sat down, and glanced at her husband. Mr. Briefs was
sitting there, his eyes showed clear anger.
"Vegita! How dare you fool around with my daughter?!" he screamed in Vegita's face, forgetting that Vegita could squish him in an instant.
"I…well…I mean…I didn't want…" Vegita tried his best to explain his love for Bulma, but it couldn't come out, and at that response, Mr. Briefs got even
"Vegita I demand that you marry my daughter! Its your baby, and I will not allow you two to be anywhere near each other unless your married! And Bulma
what were you thinking?! To have a relationship with…with someone that has killed thousands? Thousands upon thousands of people?! Bulma I am
ashamed of you!" Mr. Briefs yelled at Bulma, not even noticing how red his face was. Bulma looked up at Vegita, a tear slid down her face, and she ran to
her room. Vegita followed her, slipping his hands through her hair, he followed her, and they sat down on the bed. Mr. Briefs stormed up to the room, but
stopped when he saw Bulma and Vegita sitting on Bulma's bed. Bulma was laying down, her head in Vegita's lap. Vegita was stroking her hair, running his
fingers through her thick, gorgeous hair.
"Oh Vegita…I love you…I love you with all my heart…" Bulma sobbed. Mr. Briefs could hear them talk and he listened quietly.
"I love you too…but you heard what your father said…he wants me out of your house. If it's your family, I don't necessarily want to hurt them." Vegita
answered quietly, with sympathy even. Mr. Briefs saw how much Vegita actually cared about Bulma. Mr. Briefs watched them for a moment, then waited for
the right moment. He walked in.
"Dad…umm…I'm sorry, I'll get Vegita going right away…" Bulma said sadly, glancing at Vegita, she hated to have to leave him…but if her father wouldn't
approve…then she had to let him go. Mr. Briefs kissed his daughter on the cheek.
"Iie, I was wrong…I was just upset…gomen…I shouldn't have judged Vegita by his past…" Mr. Briefs admitted. Bulma stared wide-eyed. She hugged her
father tightly, then ran over to Vegita and practically jumped into his arms. She kissed him deeply, she loved him with all her heart, and she wasn't going to
let him leave. Mr. Briefs watched them happily, and walked out of the room. Now you're truly my princess…Vegita thought in his head, as he returned
Bulma's grateful kiss. They sat there for a while, talking, thinking, and reflecting on their past life. Bulma had planned the perfect little wedding in her head,
and now she was hoping for Vegita to propose to her any day.
Goku ran to the door, Vegita had told him he would come and visit, he had something very 'Important' to ask Goku.
"Vegita! Buddy ol' pal!" Goku greeted cheerfully. Vegita looked at him, one eyebrow raised.
"What the hell is your problem…are you some kind of freak or something?" Vegita asked coldly. Goku looked back at him, starting to sniffle, and whimper.
Vegita gave him the 'Don't make me' look. Goku backed away slowly.
"Kakarott, no hugs, no nothing, I just want to ask you a simple question, that's all…got it?" Vegita asked.
"Hai…" Goku nodded quickly. Goku invited Vegita into the house, to discuss matters over a couple beers.
"So…wazzup?" Goku started the conversation casually.
"Well…umm…I kinda…I mean…I…" Vegita hesitated.
"Spit it out."
"I want to know how to…propose."
"Vegita?! You rascal! To who?"
"You…you and…and Bulma?!" Goku managed to gasp between laughter.
"Well I mean…with Bulma having a brat and all…"
"Well…the brat's parents should be married…don't you think?" Vegita asked, rather ashamed. He didn't really want to explain how he and Bulma got
"Well…that's…uh…new…" Goku said confused. He couldn't exactly grasp the fact that Vegita was a father.
"Anyway…how do you propose?" Vegita asked, getting a little irritated.
"Well...uh…you get a ring…and uh…and then go and say 'Bulma, will you marry me'" Goku explained, still quite confused.
"And that's it?!" Vegita asked surprised.
"Huh?" Goku was still thinking. He just couldn't imagine Vegita and Bulma together. Vegita…a father. And marrying Bulma? No bloody way…he thought in his
head. But it was a little too late to change the past.
"Well? Is that it?" Vegita asked annoyed.
"Yeah…" Goku answered quietly. Vegita walked out the door. Then turned around and came back in.
"Where do you get a ring?" he asked nervously, "I mean, do you go and dig it up in the ground or something?"
"Umm…no…" Goku looked at Vegita, one eyebrow raised.
"Well…do they grow on trees?"
"Kakarott! Don't toy with me! Do they grow on trees or not?!"
"Oh…well where do I get a ring?"
"At a store…"
"What's a store?"
"A place where you go shopping…"
"No…not…not…THAT place!"
"It's not that bad…"
"What am I going to do?!"
"Go to a store…and get a ring…"
"Well…how much does a ring cost?"
"A lot…"
"Oh…no problem then I have a lot of money!"
"How much exactly?" Goku asked.
"$20!" Vegita cried cheerfully. Goku almost slapped him.
"That's not going to be enough…"
"Well…how much did yours cost?"
"Well…yeah...it costs a lot…"
"I do have that kind of money…"
"Yeah, I could just ask to borrow it for a while…"
"You shouldn't tell her your planning anything, just sneak out, get the ring, plan a nice day, and then propose the very day you got the ring."
"Oh…that's a lot of work…"
"Well if you really love her, you should do that, deep inside that's how she wants it to be…"
"Ok then…"
"Good luck." Goku said, motioning Vegita toward the door. Vegita left and thought of what he was going to do.

When he arrived home he watched TV for a little while, waiting for Bulma to leave.
"I'm going shopping sweetheart." Bulma said, kissing Vegita's forehead quickly.
"Sweetheart? Is that my new name?" Vegita asked coldly. He didn't really like mushy names.
"Hai." Bulma giggled then headed out the door. Vegita sighed and got up. Walking to Bulma's room he started rummaging in her closet. Found it! He
thought happily as he pulled out a large box filled with money. How much did Kakarott's ring cost again? 110 thousand, 9 hundred and 3 was it? Oh well…I'll
just take a million. He grabbed the money, and headed out the door.
Flying to the mall as fast as possible, he thought of how perfect the ring had to be. He landed in the parking lot, the people stared at him…confused and
afraid. Vegita looked through the stores. Walking into Radio Shack, he looked around.
"Where are your engagement rings?" He asked, looking at various objects but not finding a ring.
"Rings? We don't sell rings…" the manager said.
"Nani? Then where do I get one?!" Vegita asked frantically. The manager pointed to a store nearby.
"There…" he said, still pointing.
"Oh…" Vegita said a little confused. He ran out of the store through the mall. The manager watched as he skipped over to the store, his armor bouncing
happily. He skipped into the store, and saw all the rings. He almost fell over, he eyed the rings as the manager came around the corner.
"May I help you sir?" he asked politely.
"Uh…yeah…I want to get the perfect engagement ring." Vegita said still eyeing the rings.
"Well, we have quite a wide selection." The manager said pointing to all the rings.
"I'm not blind…" Vegita said coldly, picking up a ring, and putting it back.
"Sorry sir…" the manager watched him nervously.
"I need the perfect ring, so show me some that are more beautiful then these."
"Yes sir!" the manager said as he led Vegita to the back room. They walked around the small room, glass cases of countless diamond rings surrounded
them. Vegita looked at every one, and still wasn't satisfied.
"Do you have anything even better then this?" he asked a worried expression crossed his face.
"Well…yes…" the storekeeper was quite ashamed that even the best selection didn't suit Vegita. The little man pulled out a large box, and opened it. In it
were the five rarest rings in the country. Vegita looked at them, sighed and spoke.
"Where's your best ring?" Vegita asked, still looking at the priceless diamond rings. The manager's jaw dropped. He walked to one of the paintings on the
wall, and moved it aside. A small opening was under it. He reached in and pulled out a small velvet box.
"Here sir." The man said, his voice shaking. If Vegita didn't like this one, it would be the most embarrassing thing that would happen to the store. Vegita
picked up the box, and opened it. He was immediately satisfied, it was a beautiful ring. A silver band with ten small raindrop shaped diamonds surrounded a
beautiful heart diamond. He stared at it in awe. It was perfect. He smiled in satisfaction, and closed the box. The manager watched him, his fingers crossed
"I'll take it." Vegita said happily.
"Good sir! Very good! Very nice choice!" the manager said excitedly. They walked to the front of the store, and the manager pulled out a silver and blue
velvet box. He took the ring and quickly polished it, and placed it in the box.
"Sir, would you like that engraved?" the manager asked, hoping for more money.
"Huh?" Vegita asked, dragging the money from his pocket.
"Engraved, it means you put something on the inside of the ring." The manager explained.
"Oh sure."
"What would you like written on it, sir?"
"I don't know…umm…oh I got something!" Vegita said as the manager led him into another room. Vegita told him what he wanted on the ring, and the best
worker engraved it, carefully and clearly.
"There you are sir." The manager said kindly.
"Great, now I can pay, how much?" Vegita asked, digging money out of his pocket.
"Well…$1,000,000 for the ring…and $100,000 for the engraving…which is a total of…$1,100,000."
"I'll be right back, hold that ring!" Vegita cried as he sped off for the house. He got to Capsule Corp. and grabbed another million. Flying back, he landed in
the store.
"Ok, I have the money." Vegita said as he slapped the two million on the table. The manager stared at the amount of money. Vegita grew impatient, and
the manager noticed, quickly he gave Vegita his change, and the ring. Vegita smiled and headed for his house with the perfect ring in his pocket.
Bulma got home to see Vegita in a tuxedo, with Bulma's favorite dress in his hand. He tossed it to her. She looked him up and down. He looks good…she
"Come on and get dressed, we're going out." He said casually. Bulma stared, but she quickly ran to change. She came out, her hair up in a bun, and her
favorite shoes to match. Her dress accented her figure perfectly. Vegita's jaw dropped. Bulma walked over and closed his mouth with her finger.
"Hai?" she taunted. Vegita slipped his arm around her waist and guided her to the door. He picked her up and headed off to the most expensive restaurant
in the city. Bulma nestled down in Vegita's arms, wondering where in the world he was taking her. Vegita spotted the restaurant, and landed softly. He set
Bulma down, then escorted her into the restaurant. By now, Bulma had no clue what was going on. She just walked in, her arms wrapped around Vegita's.
Slowly she sat down, the waiters were immediately at their service. Vegita had reserved a private booth, and the waiters were already taking their order.
Vegita requested only the finest food, and the best wine. Bulma was amazed, but didn't complain about the romantic dinner. They chatted for a while, and
Bulma was enjoying herself quite nicely. Vegita on the other hand was as nervous as…well…as nervous as a man can get.
"Uh…Bulma?" Vegita shifted nervously in his chair.
"Hai?" Bulma took a sip of her wine as she watched Vegita get out of his chair. She caught her breath. He's going to propose…Bulma thought. Bulma
watched, her eyes wide as Vegita knelt down in front of her. He held out the blue and silver velvet box. Slowly he lifted it. He took the delicate ring, and
placed it on her finger.
"Bulma, will you marry me?" he asked quietly. Bulma stared at the diamond ring. Tons of little raindrop shaped diamonds surrounded a heart shaped
diamond. Thin gold stripes held the diamonds in place. Vegita looked into Bulma's tear filled eyes. She leaned over and held his face in her hands. The
waiter appeared around the corner and almost interrupted the precious scene, when he stopped abruptly and turned around, giving them time and privacy.
Bulma ran her hands through Vegita's spiky hair. She leaned down and kissed him. She kissed him for what seemed like forever. They spilt apart slowly. A
tear slid down Bulma's face.
"Of course I will…" she whispered in Vegita's ear. She suddenly threw herself forward and hugged him tightly, crying with happiness. Vegita smiled and
hugged her back. They sat there for a while, Vegita still kneeling on the floor, hugging Bulma who was leaning over in her chair. They slowly stood up,
leaving half their meal behind. They walked out, Vegita's hand around Bulma's waist, and Bulma's arms wrapped around Vegita's waist. They walked around
for a while, talking quietly. Bulma could now walk by the wedding stores and know that she'll wear one of those beautiful wedding dresses soon. They
watched the children play, and the pigeons fly away into the dark night sky. Bulma sighed, first she had kissed her prince, and now they were going to get
married! And little Trunks would soon be on the way. Bulma happily thought of the future as they walked down to a small pond.
"Well…are you happy?" Vegita asked, watching the sparkling blue water.
"Why wouldn't I be? I finally get to marry my childhood prince…" Bulma answered, nestled down against Vegita. Bulma yawned a little, it was around
midnight and she was feeling a little tired. Vegita caught her yawning. He smiled.
"Tired?" he asked softly. Bulma looked up at him and nodded slowly. Vegita smiled again and picked her up. Bulma sighed and snuggled down in his strong
arms. She laid her head into the curve of his neck and fell asleep as he flew of toward Capsule Corp. with his new fiancé. Vegita smiled down at Bulma's
sweet face, her full red lips, her sparkling eyes, and her soft, sweet smelling hair, all nicely done in a small bun. He could almost see the two of them living
together. He could imagine their wedding…suddenly he thought of Goku's wedding. How complicated it was! All those bridesmaids, and all those best men
and everything. He almost dropped Bulma thinking about how hard the wedding would be to put together. Bulma stirred a little. Vegita looked down and
held his breath. Bulma opened her eyes slightly, saw Vegita's sweet face, and snuggled down deeper in his arms. She sighed and went back to sleep, a
small smile crossed her face as she fell asleep. Vegita smiled back at her. His princess was in his arms, and now it was about time they get home. Vegita
scanned the city, spotting Capsule Corp. he slowly flew down and landed silently. He walked quietly in the house, walking along the dark halls, he found
their bedroom. Carefully, he set Bulma down on the bed, and kissed her goodnight. Then, being bored to death and not even close to sleepy, he jumped on
the couch and turned on the TV quietly. He flipped the channel on MTV and proceeded to watch the Bloodhound Gang shave a guy's head in their music
video Along Comes Mary. Slowly, he started to fall asleep. Soon, he had stayed up until three in the morning. He finally closed his eyes, and fell asleep to
the song Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden.
Bulma woke up to find Vegita missing. She suddenly thought the worst. She ran into the living room, only to find the prince asleep on the couch. She smiled,
and kissed him on the cheek gently. She started making a huge breakfast, eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, etc. Every once in a while, she
would stop cooking, and spin her new ring around slightly. She sighed, and eyed the couch, seeing the prince was still asleep, she continued cooking. He'll
wake up to a wonderful breakfast with his wife…Bulma thought happily, watching the ring glisten in the early morning sunlight. Bulma sighed, and placed all
the finished food on the table. She waited patiently for Vegita to wake up. She smiled and played with his hair, while she imagined their future together.
She went in front of the mirror, and pretended she was wearing her wedding dress, she started to daydream, and imagine herself in a beautiful dress, she
twirled around and around in front of the mirror, her eyes closed, picturing the wedding. Suddenly, two strong arms stopped her from spinning. She opened
her eyes to Vegita's stern face. He looked angry…very angry. Bulma gasped and stepped back, hoping he was just kidding. Vegita grabbed her quickly,
gently, but enough to scare her. Bulma couldn't move, she was so afraid…he had been so gentle and kind…now what was going to happen to her? Bulma
closed her eyes, expecting anything that was going to hurt her. But all she heard was a quiet laugh. She opened her eyes, there was Vegita, laughing!
"Scared you, didn't I?" he asked, still laughing. Bulma stared in awe.
"YOU IDIOT! YOU SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME! WHY?!" Bulma screeched. Vegita's face grew angry again. Then he smirked.
"I was mad at you…" he said, grinning. Bulma almost ripped his head off.
"Why? You idiot! Never scare me like that again!" she yelled.
"Well…I saw you in front of the mirror and I knew what you were thinking, you were thinking of you in a wedding dress. I was mad at you for not being in
that wedding dress, you know…you'd look a lot prettier wearing the dress then pretending to wear it…" Vegita commented, eyeing the food on the table
every five minutes or so. Bulma looked at him. She smiled, it was sweet of Vegita to say such a thing, but still, did he have to scare her like that? She
laughed, it didn't really matter anyway. Hugging him, Bulma looked in his eyes, and decided to start a small conversation.
"When will it be?" she asked nervously. Vegita looked at her, then at the food on the table.
"Breakfast? It should be coming up in a couple minutes…" he joked.
"No, the wedding."
"Oh…after breakfast?"
"Seriously, when?"
"Uh…this weekend?"
"Make it realistic for crying out loud!" Bulma said, she had no clue that Vegita was being quite serious.
"No joke…this weekend?" he asked again, his lips drawn tight, he eyed the food again, then paid more attention to Bulma's little chat. Bulma nodded slowly,
after the wedding, her prince would be all hers.
"Fine…but then I better get some stuff ready now…" Bulma said quietly, slipping from Vegita's grip and to the phone. She pressed a couple buttons while
she watched Vegita eat the entire breakfast…that was meant for the two of them. She quickly called Serena.
"Hello?" Serena asked into the phone at her house.
"Hi, its Bulma." Bulma answered quickly.
"Oh hi! So…what's up?"
"I need to tell you something…"
"I'm getting married…and I want you to be my maid of honor."
"What! Are you serious?"
"Sure I'll be your maid of honor! I'd be so happy!"
"Thank you! Well, I have to go now, I'll send out the invitations today, ok?"
"Fine with me."
"Thanks again, bye Serena."
"Bye Bulma!" Serena hung up. Bulma rushed around, making calls all day long, getting a few bridesmaid dresses planned, the cake, the church, the
reception, etc. Bulma was running around all day, while Vegita sat in front of the TV, trying to figure out why it was so important to have all those
bridesmaids and maid of honor, and stuff he couldn't even pronounce.
A week had gone by, and the big day was just two days away! Bulma was frantic, she ran around the house all day, hundreds of flowers surrounded the
house, and the telephone was ringing all day. Vegita was getting quite mad, and what a headache he got!
"Why won't the phone stop ringing!?" he yelled at the top of his lungs. Bulma laughed. Poor prince, he has to live with all this…Bulma thought in her head,
still laughing.
"Well…go train or something." Bulma suggested.
"What? Did you just say I could go train?"
"Well…that's new…" Vegita said, totally dumbfounded. Bulma giggled and pushed him out the door. The phone rang again, this time it was the church. They
said they had everything set for Saturday. Bulma sighed and got out her list of the most important things to check off.

Church reservations
Reception reservations
Wedding Cake
Reception DJ
Groom's tuxedo
Bridesmaids' dresses
Best men
Guest list
Bride's gown

Bulma almost threw a fit. How could I forget the most important part of the whole wedding? She screamed to herself. She hadn't found the perfect wedding
dress yet, and time was running short. Bulma ran to the car.
"Vegita! I'm leaving to get a couple more things!" Bulma shouted at Vegita as she drove off. What was that about? Vegita wondered. Bulma raced to the
nearest store. She ran inside.
"Lemme see all your wedding gowns lady!" she shouted at the clerk. The clerk stared at her, dumbfounded. Then the manager runs in, to see a very tired
and frantic Bulma yelling to see wedding gowns.
"Ma'am…if you will just come this way…" the manager began. Bulma rushed to the way the woman was pointing. She ran around, looking at all the gowns in
less then five minutes.
"Do you have anything better?" she asked quickly.
"I assure you, these are some of the best gowns in the country."
"Listen lady! My fiancé gave me the best diamond ring he could find, I intend to look the most beautiful for him on Saturday, and you better not ruin it!"
"Now then, do you have anything better?" Bulma asked, acting as if nothing had happened. The manager motioned for Bulma to follow.
"This way ma'am…" Bulma followed quietly, she made a big scene, but amazingly, she was acting as if nothing had happened. The manager led Bulma into
several rooms. Bulma looked through all the dresses, taking her time on her favorites.
"Is this all you have?" she asked.
"Sorry ma'am, but yes." the manager was waiting for another series of blows.
"Oh…then I'll take this one." Bulma answered, holding up a white dress, with a v-cut neck and a long train, and Bulma could tell it would fit her perfectly.
"Yes ma'am…" the manager couldn't believe that Bulma had picked the most expensive dress in the whole store. Bulma happily paid, and then smiled as she
went home, everything was perfect now. Bulma could imagine the wedding, and each time she laughed when she saw Vegita in a tuxedo. Bulma sighed and
thought of how they might raise little Trunks up. Pictures of a young, healthy, black-haired, half-Saiyan boy entered her mind. But she couldn't imagine in
her wildest dreams, Vegita holding a baby boy.
Finally the big day…and trust me, no one was more nervous then Bulma and Vegita. Vegita tried quite hard to get his tie on right, and he kept messing with
it whenever someone fixed it for him. Vegita paced back and forth in his tuxedo.
"What's the matter Vegita, cold feet?" Goku asked, grinning like crazy.
"Shut-up Kakarott…" Vegita grumbled, the only reason he hadn't ki blasted the poor fool was because he was a friend of Bulma's.
"I was just kidding…sheesh…"
"Yeah, well I thought weddings were supposed to be serious…"
"Take a break Veggie…"
"Sorry Veggie…ta."
"…" Vegita was very annoyed, and very worried. He started to pace back and forth again, wondering if he could actually create those grooves in the floor
like the Flintstones. Goku watched him, almost laughing at how nervous he could be.
Meanwhile, in the girls dressing room…
"Bulma! How good to see you again!" a girl called from the crowd of guests.
"Hi…" Bulma didn't even recognize her.
"So I hear you and Yamcha got back together again!"
"Oh hell no…"
"What? Then who's the lucky guy?"
"Vegita…" Bulma said, lost in thought about the future. The girl looked at her, and started laughing, very hard.
"What's wrong?" Bulma asked, very confused.
"You and what-his-name? Oh that's funny! He killed millions, you would never fall for a bad guy!" the said between laughs.
"Too late…" Bulma answered dreamily. The girl was about to protest when Serena came out, all dressed up like the other bridesmaids.
"Serena! You look so beautiful!" Bulma cried, she had let Serena wear the dress they had bought a long time ago. Bulma smiled as she watched Serena
turn around in her blue and black dress. Bulma laughed and chatted along with the other girls. The bridesmaid all wore light blue. And the flower girls wore
light yellow dresses.
"So, are you excited Bulma?" Aya, a flower girl, asked.
"Yeah, how's the 'Prince of Saiyans' taking this?" Megan laughed. The girls laughed.
"I bet he's pretty nervous." Amber cut in.
"Not as nervous as Bulma!" Nikki said, giggling.
"Hey! This is my first wedding here!" Bulma argued, though laughing along with the girls' comments.
"You should be nice to the bride." Jordon said, defending her friend. The girls laughed.
"We were just joking Jordon! Its no big deal…" Natarie said, eyeing her dress in the mirror.
"No, its no big deal…only that's she getting married!" Olivia laughed happily. The girls agreed, this was important but at least they could loosen her up a
"Gals! Its almost time!" Caroline said, sticking her head out through the curtains, "Get ready!" Bulma sighed nervously, this wasn't any wedding…it was
hers. Bulma watched the clock quietly. Caroline looked up at her.
"What's wrong?" she asked shyly. Bulma looked at her and smiled bravely.
"Nothing…its just…I've waited to marry my prince my whole life…and its finally happening…" Bulma said happily. Caroline left her to daydream casually. The
coordinator walked in the room.
"All right, everybody ready?" she asked. Bulma looked to Serena, then at her bridesmaids and flower girls who were all watching her.
"Hai…" Bulma took a deep breath. Could she go through with this? She closed her eyes, and saw Vegita's face. She sighed happily and got ready. I waited
for this my whole life, I'm not going to back down now. She thought to herself. She watched as her flower girls walked up, gently sprinkling light purple
flower petals her and there. She smiled as they reached the altar, and went their separate ways, to join their boyfriends. Bulma gasped. There was Vegita
and Goku waiting quietly and patiently at the altar. Bulma had been so worried she didn't even notice them. She studied his face closely and noticed his
eyes were closed. What's wrong with him? She asked herself. Is he ok? Bulma looked a little closer and realized he didn't look tense at all. Almost as if he
was asleep. Oh god! Don't be asleep! Vegita!
The bridesmaids walked down the isle. Bulma struggled to not look over their heads. Vegita! How could you do this to me? How could you fall asleep at our
wedding? Bulma almost started to cry and run down the isle, but she couldn't move…she just couldn't believe what was happening to her. This was
supposed to be the most wonderful wedding ever! And Vegita you bastard! How could you do this? Bulma screamed in her head. She could feel tears
building up, and she just wanted to throw the flowers on the ground and run away. But she couldn't she didn't know why, but she just had to go through
this. She looked closer at his eyes, and realized they weren't closed at all. He was just peeking out at every person that walked by, and she could make out
the nervous habit of twitching in his left eye. She almost laughed out loud. How could she not trust him like that? I should've known he would never do that
to me…Bulma thought, but still, she was relieved that Vegita hadn't fallen asleep.
"Bulma? Bulma!" the coordinator whispered in her ear harshly, breaking Bulma's thoughts.
"Its time!" she whispered before pushing her out in front of the people. Every one turned their heads to see the bride walk down the isle. Bulma swallowed
hard. Here goes nothing…she thought. Slowly she started to walk down the isle to the altar. She looked at all the people, smiling nervously. Suddenly she
felt Vegita watching her. She looked up, and into his eyes. She didn't even hear the music, and she didn't see the people, all she saw was Vegita, Vegita's
face, his cold yet kind eyes, and his smile. He smile that said he was happy about what was happening. Bulma just walked without knowing it, and the
guests felt it. They watched as she walked past in her wedding dress, a beautiful lacy wedding dress, with a v-cut neck, and small ruffles at the shoulders.
The sleeves ended in a hippie style cut, long and over the hand on the top, and shorter on the bottom. The dress stopped at the waist, and branched out in
a typical wedding dress style. The train was rimmed with lace, and it gathered hundreds of tiny flower petals as she walked. The veil folded over her face
twice, a small crown held it up. Vegita stared in awe. She's beautiful…and she's mine…he thought to himself. Smiling, he held out his hand and brought her
up to the altar. Bulma smiled, and they held hands. They searched each other's eyes through the whole ceremony. They looked deeply into each other's
eyes, and it was almost as if they could see into their happy future together. The crowd just watched, seeing the flood of emotions between them. Goku
smiled and hugged his wife with one arm, he watched the ceremony with pure happiness for Vegita and Bulma. The minister watched them for a little while,
then got to the important part.
"I do." Bulma said, her voice quivered a little, but she smiled in satisfaction. Vegita smiled warmly, which is not something Vegita would do very often.
"And do you, Vegita, take Bulma as your lawfully wedded wife--to love and to honor; for richer, for poorer; in sickness, and in health; and forsaking all
others--'til death do you part?" the minister said. Bulma held her breath.
"I do." Vegita said calmly. He smiled as the minister handed him the ring.
"Take this ring and put it on her left ring finger, then say: 'with this ring, I thee wed'." the minister ordered. Vegita picked up the ring, and held Bulma's
hand carefully. He carefully put the ring on her finger.
"With this ring, I thee wed." Vegita said without turning. Bulma smiled, and did the same.
"With this ring, I thee wed." she repeated. The minister smiled and spoke.
"In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride." The minister said gleefully. Vegita lifted
Bulma's veil and studied his target carefully. Slowly, very slowly, he leaned forward. He caught Bulma in the longest, deepest, most passionate kiss he had
given her since they became a couple. Bulma tilted her head back and closed her eyes as she kissed him back. They stayed like that, kissing for what
seemed like ages. Meanwhile, The crowd had released balloons, and sparkly dust on the newly wed couple. When they finally pulled apart, a light, hazy
glow, surrounded them. Vegita smiled, and picked Bulma up. Bulma sighed and wound her hands around his neck.
At the reception, no one cared about their lives. They just watched the happy new couple, and cooed and awed them happily. At first, Vegita was a little
embarrassed, but he got used to it.
"I want to dedicate this song to you Vegita, and to you Bulma, and may you live happily!" Goku shouted as the song Truly Madly Deeply started playing.
Bulma grinned and pulled Vegita up in front of everyone. Bulma wrapped her arms around his neck, and Vegita hugged Bulma close. Bulma laid her head on
his shoulder, and Vegita happily laid his head on her head. They danced for a while, and Vegita slowly picked up her chin, directing her eyes to his. Smiling
he kissed her. He kissed her deeply and longingly. Bulma gave in quietly, she kissed him back. This was the kiss. The kiss that reflected their lives, their
eternal love for each other, the kiss that had to end, but never would.

~~The End~~