Is This My Destiny?

Authors note:This whole story is inside 18's thoughts.

Oh no! I can't see, he can, That means he can get to me and nobody not even I can stop him
from absorbing me. I have got to get out of here this can't possibly be my destiny. There
is no way I am going to let this thing, this monster absorb me. NO WAY!!! I don't care if
I can't see I am still going to put up a fight.

The little bald guy is going to protect me. If he could just hold off Cell for just a
little bit. Trunks might be able to get back his vision and protect me. Wait either way I
am dead, I am doomed to die, If I survive Cell and they kill him, I am their enemy so they
will kill me. But if I had a choice I would rather be killed by them. Anythings better
than being a part of Cell.

Oh no! I didn't think Cell would just shoot him off. Now I am really doomed!!! There is
absolutely nothing holding him back from me. Oh no this can't be happening. If this is
what fear really is than I would never even taunt a human ever again. Any thing Please,
Dende, help me. Help me Dende, I will never do another living thing harm, ever again. Just
don't let him absorb me, Please!

Well nobody here to protect me. I have to fight for my own self. I can't run, Cell is
faster than me, I can't see him to dodge him, I am toatally defenseless against him. All I
can do is hope that I can hold him off till the others see.

I jump up and start throwing wild punches at him. None of them hit him... It. Then all of
a sudden I feel his tail over my head and this super strong sucking pulling me up. I try
to keep my self down but without success. I hear the bald little man kicking and screaming,
I know then why he saved me, It was because he was in love with me. He tells Cell to leave
her alone. Her... In his eyes I am not a monster like Cell.

Dende, Help me, please don't let him get me, I will do everything I can to help out this
world. I will make up whatever I have done. I don't want to spend the rest of eternity in
this... this... thing... this MONSTER! I havn't even hurt any body who didn't do harm on
me. Do I really deserve this? I feel myself being pulled up even further into the monster.
I am being suffocated. I feel scared... Sad. Why did Gero steal me away from my home? Why?
I did nothing to him. Then he dooms me to spending eternity inside this monster while he
has the time of his life, thinking I am just a little toy that belongs to him, When in all
actuality I have a mind I have a life, I DO NOT BELONG TO HIM NOR DOCTOR GERO! They think
that Just because they modified me into an android that I belong to them. They are wrong.

I slip even further into the monster, while he is laughing at the little man for fighting
him. The only part of me in the outside world is my feet. Dangling outside. I am so scared
that my entire body is almost locked up. I muster just enough energy to pull and slow the
process down a little. But Cell is still much stronger than me and I eventually pulled into

I am surrounded by the monsters tail. Cell weakens his powers on me as if to savor the
moment and tourcher me. What a monster. I start to cry for the first time in my life. I
know I don't have a chance any more. I get pulled even further very, Very slowly. I slip
past 17 and feel all types of needles and cords around him. I get pulled into a nice comfy
area of the stomache. Then the comfy area turns rock solid and becomes the most uncomfortable
place I have ever been. I am pushed into a ball. Then pulled out and stretched till every
muscle in my body aches. Then I open my eyes. Since I am an android I can see everything
perfectly and it isn't dark my eyes light it up.
Needeles come and poke me and my energy starts to drain out. I see a transmission come on
in my head. You are now the property of Cell 18. The part inside of him in which you are
in is to make you as uncomfortable as possible. You know I hate humans and something I
havn't told you. You are mostly human. You will still be alive and will be tourchered
constantly. There is no hope for you now. for you will be abused in every way mentally and
physically. Good bye and have a bad time.

Gero you idiot I wish I could kill you a thousand times over and over again.

I get twisted and turned poked and a new cord hooks to my belly button and starts pulling
energy out of me. I know my infinite energy is gone it is hooked up to cell but there is a
back up supply in my brain keeping my brain alive and giving me life in my brain. My body
can stay alive because it dosn't need food. I have to live like this till, there is no till
it is forever! I start to cry again the only thing I can do. I wish I was dead.