If you ever leave me

     It was an early morning for Bulma. She wasn't sleeping really well at night nearly six months now. Since Vegeta had left. I was 7am and as she got up from the bed, she thanked Kame for letting her be able to see the beautiful sunrise that took over the sky that morning. At least it took away the pain of her broken heart, and it made her forget the loneliness she felt. At least it filled a little that empty space that had her in so much pain and suffering, altough it only filled her for a few moments. The pain of losing Vegeta was killing her slowly, not just only because he had left her, but because six months passed as nothing and still he wouldn't even show up to just let her know he was all right. She became nostalgic and started shredding tears, when she started to remember the day before he left. She remembered how he made love to her in the most passionate, delicate way. She remembered how he touched her, how he felt her. How he went all the way trough her skin and flesh to her heart. She remembered how he moaned with pleasure beside her as he slowly, and gently inserted his member trough her. She woke up from the memory and broke down to a flood of tears. She, then remembered Trunks was at Chichi's house. Since it was saturday, and there was no school the other day she had given him permission to sleep over Goten's house. She got her painful body off the sofa and went into their bedroom, since it was early, she was not hungry and there was no one to make breakfast to. She crawled her body, sumerged in pain, on Vegeta's cold side of the bed, smelling the sweet, fresh scent that enclosed his pillow. Suddenly a cold breeze aproached the room. Bulma quickly glanced, and saw Vegeta get inside the room. Drying the tears off her face, she glanced at him, long enough to see his eye's gaze. Now there was a look that melted her heart always. But this time, she was strong. How long could she hold on?

     As Vegeta aproached her, she simply tried to ignore him, and walk away. Vegeta grabbed her arm, turned her around for her to face him. They met. Eyes on eyes, breaths on breaths. There he was, standing right in front of her. She could feel his body heat alredy. She could smell his sweet fresh scent too. Suddenly, she became weak. Weaker than she ever tought. But then she remembered all the suffering she'd been trough. It was time to stop this.
" What do you want now? A place to stay for to days and then head off? Oh, and let me guess, a woman to make love to so you don't get bored, right? Sure I knew that's what you came here for. That's what you always come here for." Vegeta glanced at her, meeting her eyes. He glanced long enough for her to turn away. Long enough to make her weak.
" Don't look at me that way, not after everything you've done. What is this, huh? Is this a relation where you simply walk away when you want, and come home when you want? Is this what, you find someone to break his heart and then, you just feel good for it? Is that it? Teah sure, I tought so. That is simply you. I should have known-" she was cut off by Vegeta's words
" Woman, I just got here. Stop this" he said coldly but kind of angry in that tone of voice that stood for: " I don't want to hear you. Shut up!" kind of way.
" NO, I won't stop this. When I'm the one who's heart is broken, when I'm the one who has to explain a innocent son where his father is, when I'm the one that provides you everything, NO, I will not stop this!! How can you do this? What? What does this mean to you?? What?? Is this worthless for you?? Huh?? Talk to me! Speak!! Come on, tell me!!" a moment of silence took over the room. Bulma, sensing Vegeta wouldn't answer, started talking again.
" You break my heart, you piss me off, then you make love to me, hoping it'll make everything ok, but it's not! Then you leave and it's the same stupid routine all over again. How can you do this? Don't you love me? Don't you need me? Don't you feel me? What is it so wrong about me that you just can't accept to live with? Huh? What is it that makes you so lazy, so diferent around me and so stupid that makes you leave what you enjoy so much? Have I let you down?? Let me tell you this-" Bulma's screaming was cut off by Vegeta's words again.
" You don't know what you're messing with" he said coldly. That made the room awfully quiet again. Vegeta began again.
" Do you honestly think I need you to continue my life? How can you even say that? Stupid weaklings, always caring about the stupid heart or stupid feelings. You're all the same. Have you ever seen a Sayian shred tears, woman? We are strong. You should think about learning yourself some strong manners. I have to become the most powerful Sayian in the Universe. I have to train harder. I can't take care of your sensitive side. It's not what I was born for-"
" Me, me, ME, that's all you can think about is it?" she asked sarcastically.
" It's not about ME, It's about taking care of this worthless planet so you can keep living on it. Don't you see?!" Vegeta answered rising his voice.
" Have you ever wondered if I have needed you? If I've missed you? Damn it! I have feelings.
" Feelings, who CARES?!!" screamed Vegeta now. Bulma's eyes began to shred tears. Sobbing she answered
" I care. I love you with all my heart, Vegeta. Everything, absolutley everything I have inside of me I give it to you. You're everything to me. Every single tear, every single smile. I mean it, everything. But [sob] if I can not be anything more to you than a stupid human with feelings, a stupid mathc you can dare to lose [sob] a single sweat drop-" Bulma was covered in tears. Sobbing continuesly, and whining a little bit, she took a deep breath so she could calm down and keep talking
" I want you gone. I want you to leave like you always do, just don't come back." A flood of tears were shreded by Bulma. Vegeta's eyes widened. It felt as if one thousand blasts had teared his heart apart. He was not only hurt, but confused too. He uncrossed his arms and aproached to Bulma. He wanted to hug her to make her feel sheltered. He wanted to hold her, so he could take the pain away. He touched her shoulder in turn to make her face him. But she did not face him. Instead, she moved foward.
" Don't touch me, just turn around, walk away and GO!" she cried out to him.
" Don't make me do this!" he shouted, trying to make some sense of what was happening. But it was just too late. Bulma, with her eyes full of tears turned around and glanced at him, and looking him straight trhough his eyes, she said
" I want you to leave. Leave, now". As she kept looking at him straight, he turned around in her face, walked foward and just before he flew off, he walked towards her. He aproached his hot lips to hers, and just before the kiss
" Goos bye, Bulma" and flew off. Bulma imediatly collapsed into the floor, covered in tear. She could not breathe right. She was sobbing hard, and she was whining as well. She lay there all alone, just crying. After, she eventually fell asleep, and woke up at 5pm.

     As Bulma picked herself up the floor, she couldn't feel nothing but the pain inside her broken heart. She couldn't even feel a beat, and walking slow, all depressed, and all down, with a pain that ran trough her whole body, she got herslef in the bathroom. She turned the water on, and took a bath with not warm, but hot water. The water burned her, but she was so hurt, so depressed, she didn't even care to notice. When she got out, she started to comb her hair. After a while she started remembering that she always combed her hair with cute styles and tought about what Vegeta would think about them. She imediatly droped the hairbrush to the floor, and collapsed again in the cold bathroom floor. Covered in a flood of tears, she ran over and over again the image of Vegeta before he left. How he got so close to her. How he touched her, and how he said goodbye. She cried so hard, that it even drained the energy out of her, making her fall asleep onthe floor.

     Vegeta flew off the place he used to meditate. He sat on a hill to get the perfect view of the moon. He stood there all alone, and suddenly one tear droped from his eyes. Quickly drying it off, another one came down. He dried it off, and raised his head up, to look at the moon. " Not even you are prettier than her" he murmured. He kept running over and over again the image of her. How she calmly looking at him told her to leave. Hoe her eyes were covered in tears. That image tear his heart apart. He could stand anything but seeing her eyes full of tears. But seeing her suffering by his faults, but seeing her destroyed all because of him. He could not stand this because it not only made him feel guilty, but it hurt him more than anything in the world. Not even a blast could hurt that much. He tried to erase the image from his head, and tried to forget about the fight, but he couldn't. He needed her to wipe away his sorrows. He wanted her, to love her, to hug her, just so he could wipe out her tears, her pain, her suffering. But he was wrong. He didn't even meant any word he said. Altough it was the truth, he just didn't mean to say it to her. He had to get her back. He couldn't just stand there and let her suffer. How could he? He couldn't just dare to lose her, because he knew he wouldn't find that true beauty anywhere, nor the understanding, or trust she gave him. He would not be able to make love to just anyone, it had to be her. He had to get her back, somehow....He shut his consience up, so he could sleep better. But he knew the fact was, he loved her so much, and he knew he had wounded her....deeply.

     The next day, Bulma woke up at 1:30pm. She figures she had eventually fallen asleep in the bathroom, since she was cold, and a little bit unconfortable. As she got up, her body felt like a thousand deaths had lied upon her. She could barely breathe, and nearly walk. She got up somehow and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.She had dark circles under her eyes. Her hair was in the same mood as her, so she just grabbed it on a ponytail and moved on. As she walked to their bedroom, she saw a picture of Trunks and his father holding him, when Trunks was like 1yr old. She quickly smiled, remembering the drama Vegeta had given to the photographers for the picture. She quickly dropped a few much tears. As she tried to forget about the memory, it was 2oclock. Time to get over Chichi's to pick up Trunks from Goten's sleepover. She opened a drawer and got out a blue tee with some letters up front written in yellow, and grabber her favorite pair of yellow shorts, and quickly drove off.

     As she parked the car in front of Chichi's house, a lous sweet voice screamed out
" Mama!" Trunks with excitement jumped on her arms, hugging her and giving he the tinniest, sweet, little kiss on her cheek.
" Hey baby! How was your sleep over? Huh? Did you have a good time?!" she asked a little excited too and with a smile on her face.
" It was so cool, mom. Goten and I spared yesterday and I wont the three times!"
" Hey, that's so cool, honey! See how I teached you to be stronger, huh!?! Why don't you go get your things from Goten's room, so we can go home now, huh?"
" Ok, mom." he said, letting her go, and running to the house to get his things.
" Trunks, don't run, you could get hurt." Bulma yelled from behind.
" Oh, don't worry honey, they're half sayians remember?" said Chichi happily, with a smile on her face.
" Hi Chichi, how are you? Thanks for having Trunks in you house for the sleep over."
" Sure. Anytime you want, I'm here. Bulma....what's wrong? you look tired and all stressed out?" asked Chichi concerned.
" Nothing's just, well, I've been busy, he he..." answere Bulma a little nervous and insecure.
" Oh talk about it. Gohan's got me so worried, he has a test this week- GOTEN!!" she screamed out.
" Get off the roof this instant young man!!" she shouted out lous to him, glancing at him in the pose of " I am mad!"
" Wait mom, I want to catch a bird so we can have chicken for dinner. I don't want meatloaf again!!" Goten answered in a little scrweeny voice.
" Goten! get off now! I'm not doing meatloaf anyway, today it's fish!" she shouted to Goten.
" Wait, I got it!" He shouted as he blasted the bird off the sky. The bird landed straight on the front lawn. Trunks was walking back with his things from the sleepover.
" Yeah!" Trunks shouted. Bulma quickly tapped softly his head.
" Yeah!" shouted Goten.
" Ow!" Trunks said after his mom tapped him.
" Don't do that. That is not right." Bulma said to Trunks.
" I swear [sigh] is it so much to ask" Chichi said glancing at Bulma.
" Goten get down. You're in so much trouble young man!!" Chichi said to Goten.
" But I can't, I'm stuck!" he shouted from the roof.
" Gohan would you please help your brother to get off the roof. He's getting on my nerves, and I'm afraid he might fall down, please hurry!!" she shouted loud to Gohan.
" Ok, mom, I heard you. Hi Bulma!! Um, what's wrong? you look tired or stressed out..." Gohan asked Bulma
" I've been busy..." she said. Her voice sounded down, depressed, sad.
" Well, hope you can soon be free of all of it!" he said excited.
" Yeah well thanks. Chichi I've got to head home. Give me your new telephone number so I can call you and plan a visit of Goten to our house. I'm sure he can soon!"
" Ok, then well let me write it down for you" Chichi said, heading inside to copy the phone number on a little paper.
" Trunks, get your stuff on the back so we can go home, ok!" she said smiling. Trunks headed for the trunk of the car, and stuffed his bags in.
" Did you say thanks to Chichi?" she asked him, looking him in the eyes. She had discovered, his eyes tended to do the same little thing Vegeta's eyes did. The tended to look on the side, answer and then look her eyes when they lied, so she enjoyed making Trunks lie. First she got to see the little trick. And second, she got to say him to do it right. What better than that? There he did it again
"[eyes on side] Yes" and he looked at her.
" Trunks, what have I told you about liying?!" asked him seeming to be ticked off.
" Ok, I'll go tell her. But you can't be there!?!" he said. The boy was smart. Bulma used to make statements like " what a sweet little boy I have" and " you're so cute and educated" and " i have such a kind boy" when he did an act of courtesy, wich bugged him really much. Trunks went in, and found Chichi.
" Thanks" he said keeping his voice down a little so his mom could not hear him.
" You're welcome Trunks! I'll walk you to the car!" said Chichi, walking with him to the car. Trunks steped on the front seat, and Bulma opened a window, so Chichi could lean and talk the last words before leaving.
" Oh Bulma, you have such a cute little good boy" Chichi said in a screweeny little voice.
" Thanks Chichi!" Bulma answered smiling. She knew that bothered Trunks. Yeah thanks Chichi. " Cute little boy" give me a break! he tought frowning, Just like his dad Bulma tought.
" Well here's the phone number. Call me if you need Trunks to stay here and if you need any help!"
" Ok, Chichi, thank you so much. I'll be seeing you around!! Bye!! Chichi shouted from inside the car, driving away.

     After driving a few miles, it got awfully quiet, so Trunks started to talk to Bulma.
" Mom, what happened? Where's dad?" he said in a innocent sweet little voice.
" Your dad left...Um, do you want to get something to eat, I, uh, really don't um, want to seem to cook today..." she said nervously.
" Mom......what happened? Did you fight?" he asked again. His little innocent voice melted Bulma's heart. She was not sure what hurted more: Trunks questions or the fact Vegeta had left.
" Kind of....we just, um......." tears rolled down her cheeks. Trunks saw her and just stared. He had never seen his mother cry. So destroyed and so hurted, he just stared for long. Bulma, realizing it was one of the many attacks of crying she'd been having for the last two days, parked the car on the emergency lane. Covering her face with both hands, and sobbing, she felt Trunk's hands on her hands. She quickly hugged him, as he hugged her.
" It's ok, mom. Really. You can cry." he said holding her tight. She could not belive this, but Trunks possesed his father's body heat, as well as his sweet scent. He possesed the power Vegeta had to wipe out her pain. And she could not belive it was so, but it was. He even breathe to Vegeta's breathe beat.
So strange. So strong. She held him tighter.

     As she calmed down, Trunks let go of her, and she drove what was left to get home. When they arrived, Vegeta was standing at the door. She glanced, and then looked at Trunks.
" It's dad" he said confused.
" Yeah, I know it is. Um, Trunks, why don't you go and get us some food while I go in there and have a little talk with your dad?" she asked him.
" Mom I'm not old enough to buy food."
" I know you'll figure out a way. You're smart honey, just like me." she smiled and winked at him. She handed him two 20 dollar bills.
" There, that should do it." she told him, handing him the money.
" Give me 10 more dollars so I can play" he protested.
" Ok, baby, here. Remember, play first, buy the food next so it gets warm enough to eat." she told him handing him a 10 dollar bill.
" Ok, mom. Thanks!"
" What a cute little boy I have, give me a kiss" she got closer to him, so he could.
" Aww mom" he protested.
" Come on Trunks it won't hurt to be a son to me once in a while"
" A weakling son...ok, ok. Bye" he kissed and hugged her.
" I love you, baby" she shouted as Trunks flew away.
" Love you too, bye Dad!!" he shouted too. Bulma glanced at him as he just raised his hand indicating he said goodbye.

     She walked towards the house's door and closer to Vegeta.
" What are you doing here? I tought I told you not to come back" she said regretting all her words, but faking it.
" I came here to talk" he said coldly. Bulma could notice right away that there was something missing from him. She didn't know if it was the gaze in his eyes, or the perfect skin that looked tired today, but she knew he was hurt. Really hurt.
" Ok, come inside". She walked inside the house, as he followed.
" I will talk now. You zip it until I'm done, understand?" he said coldly.
" Ok.."
" For every moment I've spent with you, yesterday I shreded tears. I've cried for you woman. First because I don't like to hurt you, and second because I hurt you and I hurt myself, even more than you. You're smart, and sweet and beautiful, and you have become more than everything to me. You are my weakness and with every single word you say you completley weaken me. I feel soft, and kind, and I can feel my heart. But it's just you. Without you I can not do this. I need you every second of my life to keep me alive. Fighting for you it's a battle that i will fight eternally if need must be. You fill me completley. Without you everything inside of me hurts. I can not breathe right, I can not see clearly, I can not touch lightly, and it's just you. You are my life, my hope, my sadness, my happiness. You make me happy. Who could've know you could give me such a beautiful gift as you did. Trunks to me is a blessing. I love him so much as I love you. I know I hurted you deeply, and there are wounds I caused in you that will be uneraseable and I can not change that, but I can make it up to you, so you can forgive me.." he said gently calmed. Bulma closed her eyes as two tears rolled down her face. Vegeta walked towards her. With his hand half closed, and the first hand finger, he raised her chin up for her to look at him, and with the other hand he touched her waist. He kissed her.
" I love you" she said in a creepy little voice from crying.
" I know......I love you too" he said as he kissed her neck, rollin' his fingers all the way her spinal corpse, wich send waves of shivers down Bulmas body. She took off her shirt as he drove her all the way to their bedroom. He layed her on the bed, him above her. He kissed her neck and all the way down her breasts. While he gently sucked softly one of her breasr, he massaged deeply and gently the other breast as Bulma gasped for air, stiking her fingers trough Vegeta's thick, soft, beautiful hair. As he sucked her breasts and kissed a little bit lower, he carresed her whole body with the other hand and carresed between her two tighs slowly. He took off her pants and underware and inserted his finger slowly, gently into her. Bulma moaned with pleasure as he sucked one breast and pulled his finger in a continous movement inside and outside of her. Suddenly he stoped, taking off his shirt and his pants. Without even noticing, Bulma ran her hands quickly and grabbed his member, massaging it slowly, gently, and hard. This made Vegeta's breath agitate. He didn't want to moan, but he couldn't take it anymore so he made his way trough Bulma's ear and moaned softly on her ear, so she could hear, wich got her more excited. He managed to grab Bulma's arm out of his member and grabbed the other one and placed them on top of her on the pillow. Gently he made his way, pulling his member inside of her slowly. She moaned louder and louder after every second he introduced his member into her. He couldn't take it anymore either so he moaned louder and louder too.

     After three hours of the most passionate love made, his energy started to run out, so he stoped in top of her, breath against breath, eyes against eyes and panting, trying to catch his breath, he talked.
" Have [sigh] I ever [sigh] told you [sigh] how beautiful [sigh] you are?" [moan] he asked.
" No [sigh] but I figured [sigh]" she answered. She kissed him for a long time.
" I love you" she said to him as he, from on top of her, kissed her forhead, and then her lips softly.
" I love you too" he said, got on side of her, and wraped his arm around her waist.
" That's not you tired, is it?" she asked him as if he never felt he was tired.
" When you make love to a man like I made love to you, you'll get tired too. You'll see!!" he said almost falling asleep.
" I make love to you too, I know" she answered with a smile. Vegeta smirked, turned her around and kissed her.
" Did you [kiss] mean [kiss] it [kiss]?" Vegeta asked conserned.
" Mean what?" she asked mistriously.
" Me.....gone?" he reminded her.
" No. But it's not like I can't ever mean-" Vegeta kissed her, a long kiss, then smiled as he kissed her
" You love me, woman. You could never let go of me" he said hestitating.
" Well I can not, but you could never let go of me either, so that makes us even, I guess" she said without hestitating.
" Ok, even..........but you could never stop loving my body heat, my eyes, my hair. Don't you realize, I'm perfect. You deal with a perfect husband-" Bulma kissed him.
" You drove yourself away. I really do need you so much. Please, don't leave-" he started kissing her neck and behind her ear, then gently whispered
" I will never let go of you. I'm not leaving ever again............I'm sorry." in a sweet little voice.
" I know" she answered as she fell asleep. He kissed her cheek again and rested his head on her shoulder, falling asleep with his arms wrapped around Bulma's waist and holding Bulma's hands with his hands.