Have I Told You Lately...
(Part 2)

Upon entering the house, the first thing they heard was the loud crying and wailing of a
certain one-year-old. Bulma groaned. This was the last thing she needed to add to her day.
Somehow, she got enough energy to drag herself into the nursery. She stood in the doorway,
watching the chubby fingers grip the top of the crib.
Bulma sighed and walked to the crib. Picking Trunks up, she held him arm's length away.
"Why do you people torture me everyday?" she asked him.
"We want to." A voice answered. Bulma gasped and stared at Trunks. Young Trunks just
giggled and laughed. A grunt came from behind. Bulma spun around, still holding Trunks
arm's length away. She saw Vegita, who had followed her to the nursery. Vegita watched his
son's every move. Bulma sighed and walked over to the closet. Pulling out a kiddy chair,
she placed it on the floor and set Trunks in it. Then she turned back to Vegita.
"Give me a break…" she said sarcastically. Vegita shrugged, and sauntered over to Bulma.
Picking her up, he walked out of the room. Bulma just leaned against his shoulder, and
wrapped her arms around his neck. Vegita smiled to himself, he walked to their bedroom.
Standing by the bed, he smirked.
"You just rest, I'll take care of the brat." He said calmly, then without notice, he
dropped Bulma on the bed quickly. Bulma rolled her eyes and got comfy.
Slowly, she drifted off to sleep again. Vegita walked back to his son in the nursery.
Smiling, he picked Trunks up. He walked to the kitchen holding Trunks. Grabbing a couple
jugs of milk, he sat down on the couch. He held up the first gallon of milk.
"Here, good for ya." He said. Trunks immediately grabbed the milk and drank it in a couple
gulps. Vegita didn't wonder why, Trunks of course was half Saiyan, he's got to have an
appetite. Trunks drank the rest of the milk in a matter of a couple minutes. Slowly, Trunks'
eyelids closed, and he was sound asleep against his father's arm.
Vegita slowly put Trunks on the floor, and then he went and laid down next to him. They
fell asleep that way. Happily cuddled up on the floor.

In the next seven years, the family lived happily ever after. They played together, and
they shared their love…well, at least as much love as Bulma could muster out of Vegita.
Then…in the beginning of the seventh year, they started fighting a little. That grew, until
Bulma and Vegita were fighting every day…

Bulma stormed through the house. She looked around a little, then went raging off again,
through the halls until she came to the living room. She hardly remembered how the fight
started. Trunks had suggested for him to go to Goten's house to play, and Vegita was
supposed to take him. As usual, the mighty Prince was caught up in the latest ideas of
training, and agreed without even hearing what Trunks had to say. When the time came for
Trunks to leave for Goten's, Vegita had refused to take him.
Bulma was out shopping at the time, but she got a worried call from Chichi telling her
Trunks wasn't there. Bulma called her house, and Trunks answered.
He blurted it all out, Vegita wouldn't take him, and he was stuck at home. Bulma became
furious, that was the last time she would deal with Vegita not paying any attention to his
Damnit…well…at least he's slightly involved with his family…Bulma shook her head in
disgust and started for home.
"Vegita!" Where the hell are you!" she demanded. She was met by a large, powerful voice
"That's none of your damn business!" Vegita replied. Bulma walked over and faced him.
"You were supposed to take Trunks out!" she cried, now furious. Vegita glared at her, his
voice became louder then hers.
"It ain't my damn job to take that brat out!" he roared. Bulma backed away slightly, then
turned to face him. He was stronger then her, by far, but he wouldn't dare hurt her.
"What the hell is so hard about playing with your own son?" Bulma shrieked, close to tears.
Vegita stared blankly for a minute. Then he walked past her and toward the door.
"Answer the question." Bulma said coldly. She knew not to challenge the Prince of Saiyans,
but this time she'd had enough. Vegita turned around slowly. His eyes narrow until they
were almost closed. He stared at her for a couple minutes, then growled threateningly.
"Because I had no business being with you or that damn brat in the first place." He
answered. Then he turned around and took off. Bulma's eyes followed him. His words hurt
her, Vegita knew that. But Bulma held back tears as she prepared to make a little dinner.
She couldn't hold them back, no matter what. While Bulma was peeling potatoes, Trunks had
come into the kitchen to grab a snack. At that moment, she broke down. She saw the clear,
deep blue eyes that took after hers, she saw Vegita's face, and his attitude. Bulma
watched her son for several seconds, then she let the tears fall. Her son looked up to see
his mother's face saddened with tears. He paused for a minute, then walked over to her.
"Its ok mommy…I still love you…" he said softly. Bulma cried harder at this. She shrunk to
the floor, sobbing. Trunks had never seen his mother cry…except for the past couple days.
The last few days had been living hell, always someone to ruin Bulma's day. Always someone
to yell at her, to make her cry.
Bra waddled into the room, wondering where the cookies she had sent Trunks to get were.
She saw her mother sitting on the floor, hugging Trunks, and bawling her eyes out. Bra put
on a confused expression, then walked up to her mother and brother.
"Mommy? Wats da mader?" she asked quizzically. Trunks shrugged as a response and hugged
his mother a little more. Bra kneeled down by her family, and held out her chubby hands.
Hugging both her mother and brother, she smiled encouragingly.
"Mommy, its ok if you cry…I shtill wuv you! Sho doesh Trunksh…and daddy wuvs you too!" Bra
cried happily, her baby accent added to her normally slurred speech. Oh Kami…if only that
were true…Bulma thought sadly as she hugged her children, looking for comfort. Bulma's
shoulders shuddered in another series of sobs.
Vegita had walked through the house, and stopped at the edge of the kitchen when he heard
the sobbing and commotion. Bulma didn't notice, since she couldn't see Vegita from the
angle she was at.
"I was always better off with Yamcha…" Bulma said sadly, wiping the tears from her eyes.
Vegita's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. He stared at Bulma from the corner. Trunks,
now sitting by his mother, noticed his father watching quietly. Trunks almost stood up, if
Vegita hadn't motioned for him to sit down and shut up. Trunks shrugged and sat quietly,
listening to his mother.
"Yes…Yamcha cheated on me…whenever possible…but still…it's a lot better then endless
fighting…" she confessed. Bulma sighed and got up. Vegita quickly hid behind the wall, out
of sight. Bulma turned around and headed for the door.
"Mommy…where are you going?" Trunks asked, a little confused. Bulma smiled weakly, then got
on her coat.
"For a walk…" she answered solemnly.
Bulma walked out the door, and shut it quietly behind her. Bulma paid no attention to the
thunder and lightening that signaled a storm coming. Bulma shrugged it off and walked down
the cobblestone path. She turned to the forest and watched the quiet trees for a minute,
before heading off toward them. She guessed she might just take a quick walk, think things
through, and then get back before the rain even started. She had just thrown on her coat,
she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts under them. The wind whipped her hair back, and stung
her eyes. A drop of rain landed on her nose. Bulma sighed. She never was a good weather
forecaster. Oh well…its probably not going to rain that hard…she thought. Bulma hiked up
the steep trail. The rain was pouring now, but she didn't care. She came across a road at
the top of the hill. Looking both ways, she crossed and walked on the side with the cliff.
The rain blurred her vision, but she still walked on. She wanted to get away from it all.
It started to hail a little.
The small balls of ice hit her head and bare legs.
Stupid weather…I hate this…but I'm not going back…I hate him…for leaving me…for everything
he put me through…damnit! I won't take it anymore! He can just take his damn pride and
shove it up my ass for all I care…Bulma thought bitterly. She shivered, and looked back.
Should I go back? Or should I keep going? Bulma thought to herself, worried about the
right decision. NO! I remember what he did to me…I remember…he left me…and then he acts
like he isn't supposed to take care of his family…she thought, scowling. She shivered and
wrapped her arms around herself quickly. She closed her eyes as she saw a flash of light.
She heard the sound of a car go by. Damn him…he left me…and hurt me…and…loved me…damn him…
for making me love him…she gritted her teeth. Looking up to see the stars through the hail
and rain, she threw her arms down at her sides, her fists clenched.
"Damn you Vegita! Damn you! I love you! And you throw me out! Damn you!" she screamed at
the sky, not caring if people in passing cars looked at her as if she was some kind of
egotistical maniac. She turned around, and walked on in the cold rain and hail. Smiling to
herself, she could picture Vegita crawling on his knees and crying for Bulma to come back.
She looked up toward the way she came. This was enough for a walk…she thought. She continued
her way with slight anger and guilt.

Bulma heard the sound of a horn, but paid no attention. Then, to a sudden screech, she
whirled around. She saw a bright light, then another screech.
Bulma screamed and held her hands in front of her face. No help. The tour bus crashed into
her full force. The bus had lost control on the slippery road, it spun and landed on its
side, still sliding, and it rammed into Bulma full force. Bulma was knocked back against a
cliff, and trapped under tons of steel. Vegita…she thought of her family, and of her dear
Vegita, before the world faded to cold, harsh, black.
The bus driver jumped out. The people inside the bus weren't injured, but Bulma was. One
of the passengers immediately called the paramedics. Within a couple minutes, ambulances
and fire trucks surrounded the bus. They called in a crane operator, and in a few moments,
the huge crane was lifting the bus up. Bulma's broken body lay under it. The paramedics
were about to move in, when a creaking from above, and a metallic snap, sent them running.
The chain broke and the bus rammed down on the pavement again. A sickening crack was heard
as the bus hit Bulma's body once again.
The crane tried again, this time succeeding, the bus was pulled clear of the road. The
paramedics ran to the rescue. Strapping Bulma safely in the ambulance, the paramedics took
"All right, I've got an emergency, patient was trapped under a vehicle. Broken neck,
internal bleeding, lots of blood, severe fracture to the skull...blood...and some more
blood. GET US SOME HELP HERE!" The paramedic made it very clear that they needed medical
help right away. Not only was the bus driver panicking, so was the paramedic.
Pushing her in the hospital, the doctors went to work right away. They were half way
through the procedure, when one discovered a severe bleeding in the skull. Bulma would die,
they knew it. There was no mistake in it…a bus had been dropped on her twice…there was no
way she could live. They stitched her up best they could, then put her on a stretcher,
hoping to find out anything about her family. One of the doctors that sat by her bedside
and watched her with such sorrow, that at one point the medical crew started crying. The
doctor got up and walked to the crew.
"No hope…it'll be over in a couple minutes…" the doctor said quietly, "I just wish she had
family…or someone to be with." The doctor shook his head sadly.
Ushering everyone out of the room, he closed the door behind him quietly.
Vegita's head shot up. He stopped all possible training, and listened. He sensed something
wrong, but didn't know what. Vegita ran out of the gravity machine, wearing plain old
shorts, and a towel wrapped around his neck. He knew they had fought earlier, but still,
Bulma was his only love. Vegita quickly ran for the door. As if he were shot from a
projectile, Vegita flew through the sky like a rocket. As he flew along, he felt Bulma's
presence growing stronger and stronger, yet fading and going farther away.
Soon, he spotted the hospital. Flying down like an arrow, he hit the pavement hard,
denting it. He ran inside the building, even though the doctors told him against all odds
that he could not go in there.
"Sir! Sir please! You can't go in that room! Sir!" the doctors and nurses tried to stop
him, but a menacing look from Vegita's cold eyes told them that what he wanted, he got.
Vegita located the room and ran inside. He was stunned. Bulma, blue and black from bruises
and cuts, was hooked up to every type of machine available.
Vegita slowly walked to the side of her bed. He noticed the clipboard.

Patient number: 1847903
Day arrived: April 17
Day departed: April 17

Vegita stared hard at the clipboard, then he looked to what was left of Bulma. He knelt by
the bed, and lifted one of her hands up gently. He held it tightly, afraid to let go of
his only love. Bulma's eyes slowly lifted.
"Vegita…" she managed to whisper his name in a choked voice. Vegita looked up, his eyes
glistened. He watched Bulma, and slowly, very slowly, he closed his eyes, and let a single
tear roll down his cheek. Bulma was amazed…Vegita was crying.
"Bulma…please…" he whimpered softly. The doctors who were watching in the doorway started
crying also. From previous encounters with Vegita, they knew his cold attitude…they had
never seen him cry. In fact, this was the first time he had cried…accept on his earlier
life, on Planet Vegita. The doctors whispered amongst themselves, that this was a treasured
good-bye, none would forget this moment, no matter how sad.
"Vegita…sing to me…" Bulma whispered hoarsely. Then, she sighed deeply and gripped his
hand, a surge of pain went through her body, then she relaxed.
Vegita looked up.
"Have I told you…lately…" Vegita's voice was choked, he let another tear fall from his
eyes. He could hardly continue, but he did, those three words were all he wanted Bulma to
hear, "That I love you…"
"Vegita…" Bulma whispered quieter now. Her time was drawing near, she could only hold out
for a little while longer.
"Have I told you…there's no one else…above you…" Vegita sung softer now, his voice deep,
and sad, "You fill my heart with gladness…take away all my sadness…ease my troubles…that's…
what…you do…" Vegita's voice was sullen and gloomy. He had to stop several times in the
song to wipe away the salty tears, and once in a while he had to stop to muffle and
occasional sob. When Vegita finished his song, he saw Bulma close her eyes softly. Another
tear rolled off his cheek, and hit Bulma's face gently.
"Vegita…I love you…" she whispered, barely above hearing level. Vegita's lips quivered,
and he bent down near her ear.
"I love you too…" he whispered. Then, he sat back, and sung his song again, as Bulma
closed her eyes, and her breathing ceased to only a couple short breaths every once in a
while. Vegita watched Bulma slowly fall into an eternal sleep, and he cried, but held on,
and sung his song:

Have I told you…lately…that I love you,
Have I told you…there's no one else…above you,
You fill my heart with gladness,
Take away all my sadness,
Ease my troubles, that's what you do,

Vegita's singing ceased as he heard the sharp, continuous beep of the machines. He hugged
Bulma's body, and kissed her forehead. He played with her hair for a little time, watching
her. She slept so peacefully. She would sleep forever though. Vegita shed a couple more
tears, then stood up and walked toward the door slowly. He stopped and turned around,
stealing one last glance at Bulma.
Vegita let another tear fall, then turned around and walked out solemnly, not caring what
happened any more. He didn't even care that through the whole thing, the only item of
clothing he was wearing, was his shorts, and a sweaty towel.
The doctors and nurses slowly walked to Bulma's body, and covered it with a white blanket.
One of them whistled sharply, and a couple of men with a stretcher came in.
They slowly lifted her body, and moved it away for the next patient. The men gave a
questioning look as Vegita waited outside, a gloomy look on his face. A doctor came out
and stood by Vegita. His eyes were red from his tears as he had watched the passionate
couple say good-bye.
"There was…nothing we…could do…" he said gravely. Vegita nodded without turning his head.
"Its…not your fault…" Vegita answered, his voice was harsh and dreary, "Life…happens…no
stopping what life wants from us…"
"Sir…we're…terribly sorry…" the doctor said, placing a hand on Vegita's shoulder. Vegita
moved away sharply, his reflexes taking action.
"Don't tell me your sorry, it's none of your business anyway." Vegita answered coldly.
Vegita turned and headed down the street, the rain and hail jostling his hair, and cutting
his body. Vegita turned to face the doctor, with his cold, sober eyes, gleaming with
hatred for those who dared to take his Bulma away. He stared at the doctor, no expression
on his on moving face. When a distant memory came flooding back, when he and Bulma first
kissed, Vegita closed his eyes tightly, as if trying to see the two of them better, he
let a single tear slid out from under his closed eyes.
As Vegita made his way down the street, he thought of all the times Bulma had been with
him. He smiled to himself as he pictured his life. How Bulma and Vegita first saw their
son, how they first kissed, first cuddled, and when they got married. Vegita could almost
feel Bulma cuddling next to him again. He took in a staggered breath.
"Bulma…" he whispered her name quietly as he walked slower, stopping occasionally to look
at the sky. He stopped in the park, sat down on a cold, wet bench, and let his head hang.
An elderly lady came up to him.
"Sonny…you'll get a slight cold out here, better go inside, no?" the lady asked him,
holding her umbrella over his head. Vegita slowly lifted his head, and his eyes rose to
meet hers. She could almost immediately see all the hate and pain he had.
"I don't care…" Vegita answered coldly. He stood up and walked to a nearby tree, yet hoped
the lady would follow, and ask about what had happened, so he could just get it off his
chest. He shrugged it off, even though he could feel his heart aching.
"Deary…what's the matter?" the lady asked again, from a distance. Vegita clenched his
teeth. He didn't know if he should tell this stranger, it was his life, not hers. He
turned to face the woman. He took a deep breath, then walked over to her.
"She's gone…" he said quietly. The lady looked at him questioningly. She almost read his
"She meant a lot, didn't she?" the lady asked him. Vegita nodded, he had no clue that this
was the nicest he'd ever get toward other people. He had a feeling he would never be that
"She was my life…my world…" he answered.
"Sonny, just because something passes along doesn't mean we should give up, we wish we
could, but we can't. Do you have a child?"
"A son…and a daughter…"
"Look at him, what do you see that belongs to her, her eyes, her hair, her personality,
things like that dear." The old lady smiled while she said this. Vegita scowled as a
response, but then got up, and walked away solemnly.
"Well, be seeing you dear!" the old lady called after him. Vegita nodded, but knew she
wouldn't see. He walked the rest of the way home in the cold rain.
Vegita slowly opened the door to Capsule Corp. It was hours since he left…but it seemed
like a couple minutes. Vegita noted the time. Eleven thirty…was I out that late? He asked
"Daddy!" a cry sounded throughout the house. Vegita forced a weak smile as Trunks and Bra
came thundering through the house, followed by Mrs. Briefs.
Bra got to Vegita first, she reached only up to his knee, but she latched onto his leg and
hugged him tightly. Vegita reached down and ruffled her hair, smiling sadly. Trunks
reached Vegita second. Trunks was taller, and could easily hug his father tightly at the
waist. Mrs. Briefs watched from a distance, noting Vegita's face was smudged with dirt,
and a few clear streaks running down them. His eyes are red…he was crying…what could have
happened? And my…is he sympathetic today! Mrs. Briefs wondered, not knowing the heart
breaking news just ahead.
"Vegita! Where were you?" Mrs. Briefs cried, sounding worried and afraid, at the same time
a slight tone of suspicion in her voice. Vegita looked up to meet the eyes of Mrs. Briefs.
He stared hard and cold at her.
"Daddy…where's mommy?" Trunks asked, looking up at his father. Vegita looked down, and
searched his son's face. He has Bulma's eyes…he thought, ruffling Trunks' hair.
And her hair…but he's got my face all right…no one can deny a face that handsome. Vegita
smirked slightly at his own little joke.
"Daddy? Where's mommy?" the question came again, piercing sharply through Vegita's
thoughts. His heart ached, how was he going to tell his children they'll never see their
mother again? Vegita took a deep breath.
"She went away…" he said slowly, his voice sad and afraid. Trunks and Bra looked up at him
"Where did mommy go?" Trunks asked, hugging his father tighter. Vegita swallowed hard. He
looked up to Mrs. Briefs, noting her eyes were wide and her face pale. He looked at Mrs.
Briefs, watching her.
"She went…to a place…but she can't come back…" he said quietly, keeping his eyes on Mrs.
Briefs the whole time. Trunks and Bra were puzzled slightly by this answer, and even more
confused when Mrs. Briefs gasped, and shrunk to the floor, crying.
Bra ran to comfort her grandmother, but Trunks stayed clinging to his father.
"Why daddy? Why did mommy leave?" he asked innocently. Vegita could almost feel his heart
"She had to…" he said quietly.
"When is she coming back daddy? When?" Trunks asked again. Vegita couldn't help it any
more. He let a tear slide down his cheek, but quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed.
He took a deep, staggering breath.
"Never…" he said, his voice choked. Trunks whimpered slightly. Vegita knelt down, so he
was face to face with Trunks.
"But doesn't she love us?"
"She loves you more then you will ever know."
"Then why'd she leave?"
"She…had to…"
"Daddy…are you going to leave too?" Trunks stared at his father, his eyes glistened with
tears. Vegita frowned, almost returning to his normal state, but resumed his careful words.
He laid a hand on his son's cheek. He shook his head as he let a tear flow freely.
"No, I'm staying right here, I'm never going to leave." He said slowly, his confidence was
rising. Trunks smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes. He turned around and ran to Mrs.
Briefs, who was still crying. Hugging her tightly, he grabbed Bra's hand.
"Come on, we have to go to sleep." He said. Bra struggled.
"No!" she cried, looking to her father for support.
"Go on Bra, its late, go to sleep." Vegita said in a gruff voice. Trunks and Bra ran to
their rooms, and hopped in bed. Turning back to Mrs. Briefs, Vegita shook his head and
"You ought to go to sleep too." He said quietly. Mrs. Briefs shook her head.
"No…tell me." She said, biting her lip to hold back tears.
"Tomorrow…I need to sleep…" he said, "So do you." They exchanged a wary look, then went
their separate ways. Everyone needed sleep that night, Vegita especially. He knew nothing
would ever be the same without Bulma around.

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