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Have I Told You Lately…

Vegita stalked quietly into the house. He rounded the corner and crept up to the doorway
of his bedroom. His usual smirk crawled across his face as he looked in the room. Quietly,
he watched his wife and young son play. Vegita sighed and stepped into the room, putting
on his usual tough-guy act. Bulma didn't even turn around, her one-year-old son on the
other hand, peeked over his mother's shoulder and stared at his father quizzically. Vegita
stared back, it was almost as if they were talking telepathically, exchanging thoughts on
one another. Vegita couldn't help smiling softly at his son's blank stare.
Sauntering up to Bulma, Vegita crouched down. Bulma was sitting on the warm carpeted floor,
watching young Trunks from the corner of her eye.
Unknowingly, Vegita proceeded to poke Trunks' stomach playfully. Suddenly, as if realizing
what he just did, Vegita pulled his hand back quickly, and scowled, thinking in his head
that he had become too soft and vulnerable. Trunks almost immediately curled his lips up,
and started chewing an imaginary thumb. Vegita barely held back a chuckle.
"That brat…he isn't the smartest thing on this planet…" Vegita managed to comment before
Trunks made an attack on his mother's ear. Bulma laughed, then sighed.
"Time brings knowledge…that 'brat' is only a year old, just imagine how helpless you were
when you were a year old!" Bulma shot back, defending her son. Vegita crossed his arms.
"I'm a Prince, when I was a year old I was stronger then I should have been, why this brat
can't even walk!" Vegita tried his best to save his pride.
Trunks looked up to his father, still chewing and drooling on his mother's ear. Trunks
stopped everything he was doing and stared right at his father, eyes slightly crossed as
he cooed and gurgled. Vegita's eyes went blank, in one way, he found Trunks' little
drooling game quite amusing, in another, he was disgusted at the way his son was acting.
Bulma stood up, and managed to save her hair from being slobbered on before she held
Trunks away from her. Vegita noted how funny little Trunks looked, hanging there, about
arms length away from security, yet all little Trunks managed to do was spit all over the
floor and wiggle his chubby little toes. Vegita had to laugh, the sight of the little
Saiyan could have made anyone's day. Trunks screamed his delight on the subject. Bulma
smiled, it was a rare occasion when Vegita, all-high-and-mighty Prince of Saiyans got a
chance to release all that tension inside and laugh.
Vegita walked up to Bulma, studying her. Bulma watched her husband with a wary eye, but
smiled slightly. Trunks tried swatting at all those imaginary butterflies and such that
float around in every kid's imagination. Vegita slowly reached out, and gripped Trunks'
waist gently. Bulma let go of her son, and watched as Vegita took Trunks to him. Smirking
slightly, Vegita held his son, poking his stomach once in a while, as if testing to see if
it was alive. Vegita had a sudden urge to squeeze Trunks tightly, but then remembered how
fragile he was.
"Well then, I better go and get dinner ready…" Bulma said aloud, mostly to herself. Vegita
stuck a finger out above Trunks' head, and swirled it around, slightly amused as he
watched his son try and catch it. Finally, Trunks gave up on the swirling abnormality, and
set his sights on his father's nose. Crawling up and bracing himself, Trunks studied his
father with large, blue eyes. Suddenly, as if without warning, Trunks attack his father's
nose, munching on it and covering it with as much spit as possible. Vegita's eyes went
wide, he almost dropped his son in a frantic try to escape, but then remembered that his
son had no teeth, and so Vegita settled down to try and pry his son's lips off his nose.
Meanwhile, Bulma was having a nice time preparing the food, still a little weak from the
short cold bug she had a couple days before. Finally, she set all the food down on the
table, and went off to get her son. She walked through the door of the bedroom to find her
son clinging onto her husband's nose with his lips, while her husband attempted to pry his
son off his nose, with as little slobber covering his hands as possible. Bulma had to
laugh, and when both looked at her with wide, wary eyes, she laughed harder.
"Vegita, I'm sorry…but seriously!" Bulma managed to say between laughs. She looked up
again to find Trunks, wide eyed, and still clinging to his father's nose with his little
mouth, and Vegita, also with wide eyed, and being slobbered over like some kind of baby
towel, both staring at her, bewildered. Bulma held back the next fit of laughter. Walking
over, she pulled her son off Vegita's face, and walked out, still snickering. Vegita
almost ran to the bathroom and stuck his face under the faucet. Washing his nose
frantically, Vegita finally got all of the baby spit off his face.
With a disgusted look, he walked out to join his family for dinner.
After a quiet dinner, Vegita strolled to the living room and plopped down on the couch to
watch TV. Vegita had just turned on the TV, and was just flipping lazily through the
channels, when a cry rang through the house.
"Vegita! Come quick!" Bulma screamed sharply. Vegita's head snapped back, and he sped
through the house at a great speed, finally getting to his wife and son. Vegita ran in the
room, almost stepping on his son's spit covered chew toy, and found Bulma sitting on the
bed, and young Trunks, standing in the middle of the room, dumbfounded. Vegita raised his
eyebrow slightly and looked around the room.
"What happened? What's wrong?" he asked suspiciously. Bulma grinned and pointed at Trunks.
Vegita looked toward his son and studied him for a minute.
"He's standing!" Bulma called happily. Vegita stared at her with his 'I'm not impressed'
"And your point is…?" Vegita asked sarcastically, not exactly caring if his son was
sitting at the moment. Bulma frowned and crossed her arms.
"He's never stood before! He'll be walking in a short while…then he'll be off to school…
and to college…and from there to being married and having his own family!" Bulma said
happily, slightly lost in thought. Vegita raised his eyebrow and looked back to his son
again, who was now happily playing with his feet on the soft carpeted floor. Walking over
to him, Vegita placed his hand on Trunks' little head. Turning back to Bulma, he stared at
her, slightly confused.
"He's only…about a foot tall…a family? Whoa…got my genes all right!" Vegita commented,
smirking. Bulma shook her head in disgust, but couldn't help laughing. Trunks stared at
them both with a look that resembled a lost puppy. If you watched Trunks long enough, you
might've expected him to bark. Trunks looked to Vegita, then back at Bulma, then back to
Vegita. Slowly, Trunks stood up again, as if knowing his parents expected him to dance,
Trunks tried his best to keep his balance as he lifted his foot. Bulma gasped, then held
her breath. Vegita was confused and didn't exactly care what happened right then. Trunks,
wobbling and nervous, slowly placed his foot in front of him. Then he looked up to his
parents, as if expecting applause. And he got applause, well, from Bulma at least.
"Vegita! He walked! Did you see it? He walked!" Bulma was frantic. She ran to Trunks, and
hugged him hard, and kissed him, all the while screaming 'he walked, he walked!'. Vegita
stared at his wife, dumbfounded. Shrugging, Vegita lifted his foot, and took a step
forward. Then, sarcastically, he looked to Bulma, and smirked.
"Look! I walked! I walked!" Vegita said sarcastically, almost happily, then he walked over
to Bulma and held out his hands. Bulma looked at him suspiciously.
"Nani?" she asked, eyeing him. Vegita whimpered slightly, then grinned.
"Don't I get a kiss?" he asked, his evil smirk crossing his face slowly. Bulma scowled,
but got up. Walking over to Vegita, she placed her arms around his shoulders, and studied
him for a minute.
"You can be such a jerk sometimes…" she said softly, before pulling him close and kissing
him. Vegita kissed her back, wrapping his hands around her waist he held her tight.
By now, little Trunks had managed to control his feet, but he was still wobbly and
unsteady. Finally deciding that crawling was better, Trunks got down on all fours and
pulled himself to his parents. Gripping Vegita's pants with as much force as possible,
Trunks pulled himself up onto unsteady feet. At the same time wailing his protest. Bulma
and Vegita, who at the moment were still kissing, finally pulled apart to their son's
cries. Bulma sighed sadly, she wanted one normal day when no one cried, wailed, whined, or
yelled. Forcing a smile, she picked up her small son.
Vegita growled in disappointment. Damnit! I was so close! I ought to lock that brat up…
Vegita thought bitterly. As if Bulma could read Vegita's mind, she shook a finger at him.
Vegita shrunk back slightly, then growled his disappointment. At this little feud, Trunks
tried his best at growling, but only managed a slobbery gurgle. The corner of Vegita's
mouth twisted slightly, in one way, this was funny to him, but in a another, he felt his
son was getting a little too over protective of what belong to him and what didn't. Vegita
walked out of the room, wishing he would be aloud to teach that brat a couple lessons.
At the same time, Bulma knew what he was thinking. Sighing, she watched Trunks, who was
now plunging headfirst into the pillows. Bulma shook her head, then laid down on the soft
bed. Trunks climbed over the various lumps on the bed, and made his way to his mother.
Bulma was staring at the ceiling up ahead, mesmerized by the texture, when a little head
bobbed in front of her and blocked out the view. Trunks grinned his toothless smile and
made eating noises with his mouth. At first, Bulma wondered if any man could be worse then
Trunks in babyhood, but then she excepted this fact as another small problem in her life.
Bulma curled up and watched her young Trunks, who was now proceeding to chew the bed
spread to pieces.
The whole time Vegita was making himself quite unwelcome in the refrigerator business.
Devouring most of the leftovers, Vegita sat down on the couch to watch TV. Flipping
through the channels, he happened to land on some kind of baby care channel. Vegita cocked
a brow, then settled in to learn as much as possible about keeping babies locked up. The
show did no help in that, the only part Vegita might have been interested in, if he wasn't
asleep, was the part where the host said something about heating all the food or else the
baby might get sick.
Bulma walked in the door to the living room to find her husband sound asleep, her son was
also asleep in her arms. Bulma smiled at Vegita, bending over quietly, she kissed him on
the forehead, then went on her way to put little Trunks to bed.
Bulma stepped in Trunks' cozy little room. She looked down at her son, and watched him for
a little while before walking across warm rug to the crib. The walls were painted baby
blue, and there were light yellow suns along the edges of the window and walls. The
curtains were a light sea green, as was the crib. Bulma lifted her son from her arms, and
placed him gently in the crib. Kissing him on the cheek, she headed for the door.
Looking back from the doorway, she turned to go when she heard her son whimper his
"Trunks…please go to sleep!" she wailed from the door. Trunks kept whimpering, and slowly
his sniffled and whining turned to soft crying. Bulma sighed, and walked to the crib sadly.
She sat down in a nearby chair and watched Trunks look up at her.
"Please! Go to sleep!" she cried sadly. Trunks stared at her with a puppy dog look, and
added whimpering and whining to the pathetic act. Bulma turned away, she hated that look,
and it always rendered her helpless. Bulma finally looked back to her son. Reaching down,
she picked him up.
"You better go to sleep…" she warned lightly. Placing him in her arms, she rocked back and
forth gently. Trunks quieted down right away, his little request was granted. Bulma sang
quietly, in hopes of making Trunks go to sleep quicker.

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that's what you do

Bulma sang quietly and softly. This was the only known song that actually made Trunks
sleepy. Bulma noticed his little eyes were getting droopy.
Finally, when he closed his blue eyes, Bulma could rest. Getting up quickly and quietly,
she sneaked over to the crib. Placing Trunks in it, she turned around and dodged for the
door. Slipping out and closing the door after her, Bulma sighed sadly.
Bulma headed out. Reaching the kitchen, she stopped suddenly. Vegita was standing between
the TV and couch. Bulma stared quietly, her eyes glistened with tears as she tried to hold
back a small sob. She watched her husband longingly as if she hadn't seen him for years.
Vegita looked back at his wife, a small touch of warmth and glowing love in his cold eyes.
He breathed deeply, and studied Bulma for a little while longer. Bulma swallowed hard, and
let a tear flow down her cheek. She let out a soft sniffle, then let another tear roll
down her slender cheek. Never breaking his gaze, Vegita could tell that Bulma needed him.
Vegita hesitated, but took a small step forward. Bulma stopped him right there. She ran to
She threw herself upon him, and sobbed on his shoulder. Vegita stood there stunned a
little. He slowly placed his hands on her back, and hugged her. He let her cry, and he let
her complain, without saying a word as she sobbed and tried to tell him that she had no
clue why she was crying.
Vegita pulled her away, held her at arm's length, and studied her. Bulma let a new flood
of tears flow. She sobbed and tried to explain.
"Vegita…I'm sorry…I just…I…" Bulma sobbed as she struggled to get the words out. Vegita
lifted a finger, and placed it on her lips. He shook his head.
"Ssh…" he motioned for her to quiet down. If anyone were there to see this sight, they
would have been amazed…no one ever knew Vegita to be so caring. Yet he was, when his
family needed him, he was there, although he didn't really show it.
Vegita reached up and wiped the tears from Bulma's large, blue eyes. Smiling softly, he
let go of her. Bulma stared for a little while, struggling to hold back a fresh batch of
tears. Vegita opened his arms. As if reading his mind, Bulma collapsed into his strong
arms, and sobbed. She couldn't help it. Vegita held her tight. They stood that way for
hours, Bulma just sobbing, and sniffling when she ran out of tears. And Vegita holding her
After a couple hours, when Bulma quieted down, and stopped sniffling and sobbing, they sat
down to talk. For just about the first time in his life, Vegita didn't care about anything
that happened then, he just wanted to listen. Bulma, of course, did the muffled talking.
"I'm sorry…I don't know what got into me…I'm really sorry…" Bulma confessed silently. She
looked to Vegita with red, worn out eyes. Vegita almost forgot about himself for a whole
two hours. He smirked slightly, then stood up.
"You'll always be strong, nothing wrong with crying. I wish I could cry a couple times,
but I've been trained not to, I can't cry, I can't…Believe in yourself, and you'll get
through these times." He said slowly and carefully. It didn't sound like Vegita…no where
near close. Usually, he would've said something sarcastic like 'Your kind is weak…you
can't handle tough times like these' or something like that. But not today, today he
actually felt a little sad, a little depressed. He longed for his family, his past life,
and a little privacy without his annoying son around. Vegita shrugged and walked out of
the room, leaving Bulma to think and reflect on what had happened.
Training in the gravity machine, Vegita reflected on what he said. He didn't know when, or
where he had heard that. He noticed that he didn't have the usual bloodthirsty spirit for
training he usually had. He didn't care, it didn't matter what he thought about then…he
was tired…for the first time in his training…he was actually tired, without even working
out a little. Vegita lay down on the floor, and sprawled out. Slowly closing his eyes, he
drifted off into a deep sleep. He dreamed of the future…and of the past…of his family…of
his life.
Inside the house, Bulma was sleeping also. She on the other hand, had fallen asleep where
Vegita had left her, on the couch. Trunks was also dreaming peacefully. Of course, his
little brain only registered a few things, such as those dumb butterflies and frogs that
lurked in his imagination.
Everyone in the house and outside of it slept peacefully, dreaming, thinking. It was as if
the house had been put under a spell, and everyone was asleep.
A short while later, the doorbell at Capsule Corp. rang. Bulma was the first to hear it.
Groaning, she got up and rubbed her eyes. Sleepily walking to the door, she managed to get
enough strength to open it. She came face to face with Goku, and a very worried Chichi.
Both of the visitors looked slightly annoyed, and afraid.
"What's wrong? Are you ok?" Chichi asked worriedly. Bulma struggled to get her bearings,
she was close to fainting, at least, and it seemed like that. Bulma's vision was fuzzy,
and she was tired. Nevertheless, she invited the unexpected guests in.
"I'm fine…" she uttered lazily. Goku raised an eyebrow. He looked around a little.
"Hey, where's Vegita?" he asked, suspicious. Bulma sat down on the couch with a plop. She
looked at Goku, slightly confused.
"Vegita? Oh…I think he's asleep…" she mumbled quietly. Chichi glanced at Goku, then back
to Bulma. She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a couple handfuls of ice. She walked back to
Bulma, and eyed her questionably. Slowly, Chichi stuck the ice on Bulma's forehead,
hopefully waking her up a little. This worked quickly. On impact of the ice, Bulma
shrieked and ran to the corner behind a plant. Looking around wildly, she spotted her
"Oh…its you…" she said quietly. Cautiously, Bulma slowly sat down on the couch.
"Are you ok?" Chichi asked again, worried.
"We tried to call you, but you didn't answer…" Goku added, still looking around for Vegita.
"Sorry…I was asleep…" Bulma said, slightly embarrassed. Chichi smiled nervously.
"Umm…where's Vegita?" Goku asked again, a little uneasy. Bulma looked up at Goku, then
"He must still be asleep…" she answered. Goku's eyes went wide.
"Asleep?" he cried, still staring at Bulma. Bulma nodded.
"He must have been working out pretty hard…" Chichi commented, wondering what would ever
make Vegita go to sleep. Bulma shook her head.
"No…he was just in there for a couple minutes, when I checked on him once, he was asleep,
so I just came back here to watch TV…" Bulma replied solemnly. Goku's jaw dropped. Chichi
stared at Bulma, wide eyed. Bulma looked up to see the couple staring at her, dumbfounded.
Suddenly, Chichi noticed that Bulma's eyes were red.
"Have you been crying?" she questioned her friend. Bulma smiled weakly, then nodded. She
looked down, ashamed about it. Goku quietly slipped off to look for Vegita.
"Did you two have a fight?" Chichi asked again. Bulma's head snapped up. She shook her
head sharply.
"No…" she replied coldly, as if she were defending her husband. Chichi backed away
"What happened?" she asked once more. Bulma sighed, she didn't need to explain it all.
"I don't know…I don't want to know…" she answered, thrown off by the question, and the
answer she gave. Chichi started to ask another question, but stopped. She shrugged, and
called Goku to come and get back. Goku appeared at the edge of the door, wide eyed.
"He's really asleep…" he said aloud. Chichi shook her head in disbelief. Then, she tugged
on Goku's arm for him to follow her, it was time for them to go.
"I'm sorry about dropping in uninvited, but we were worried…" Chichi said politely. Bulma
"Its ok, I needed to wake up anyway…" she replied. Chichi smiled, and dragged Goku out the
door, who was still saying 'He's really asleep'. Bulma got up and went to the window.
Glancing outside, she watched her friends take off. Bulma sighed.
Bulma walked out the back door. Heading for the gravity machine, she looked inside.
Frowning, she stepped in. Expecting the gravity machine to be on, she grabbed hold of the
edge of the doorway. To her amazement, she found it turned off. Looking around a little,
she found Vegita sprawled out on the floor. Smiling weakly, she walked over to him.
Kneeling on the floor, she touched his cheek softly. She played with his hair, swirling it
around her finger, trying her best to get it out of the upward flare position. Finally,
she kissed his forehead and hugged him, eventually waking him up.
"Ugh…what do you want woman?" Vegita asked, sitting up. Bulma smiled, it was a usual
response for Vegita. She shook her head.
"Nothing." She replied calmly. Helping Vegita to his feet, she led him out of the gravity
machine and into the house.
Upon entering the house, the first thing they heard was the loud crying and wailing of a
certain one-year-old. Bulma groaned. This was the last thing she needed to add to her day.
Somehow, she got enough energy to drag herself into the nursery. She stood in the doorway,
watching the chubby fingers grip the top of the crib.
Bulma sighed and walked to the crib. Picking Trunks up, she held him arm's length away.
"Why do you people torture me everyday?" she asked him.
"We want to." A voice answered. Bulma gasped and stared at Trunks. Young Trunks just
giggled and laughed. A grunt came from behind. Bulma spun around, still holding Trunks
arm's length away. She saw Vegita, who had followed her to the nursery. Vegita watched his
son's every move. Bulma sighed and walked over to the closet. Pulling out a kiddy chair,
she placed it on the floor and set Trunks in it. Then she turned back to Vegita.
"Give me a break…" she said sarcastically. Vegita shrugged, and sauntered over to Bulma.
Picking her up, he walked out of the room. Bulma just leaned against his shoulder, and
wrapped her arms around his neck. Vegita smiled to himself, he walked to their bedroom.
Standing by the bed, he smirked.
"You just rest, I'll take care of the brat." He said calmly, then without notice, he
dropped Bulma on the bed quickly. Bulma rolled her eyes and got comfy.
Slowly, she drifted off to sleep again. Vegita walked back to his son in the nursery.
Smiling, he picked Trunks up. He walked to the kitchen holding Trunks. Grabbing a couple
jugs of milk, he sat down on the couch. He held up the first gallon of milk.
"Here, good for ya." He said. Trunks immediately grabbed the milk and drank it in a couple
gulps. Vegita didn't wonder why, Trunks of course was half Saiyan, he's got to have an
appetite. Trunks drank the rest of the milk in a matter of a couple minutes. Slowly, Trunks'
eyelids closed, and he was sound asleep against his father's arm.
Vegita slowly put Trunks on the floor, and then he went and laid down next to him. They
fell asleep that way. Happily cuddled up on the floor.

In the next seven years, the family lived happily ever after. They played together, and
they shared their love…well, at least as much love as Bulma could muster out of Vegita.
Then…in the beginning of the seventh year, they started fighting a little. That grew, until
Bulma and Vegita were fighting every day…

Bulma stormed through the house. She looked around a little, then went raging off again,
through the halls until she came to the living room. She hardly remembered how the fight
started. Trunks had suggested for him to go to Goten's house to play, and Vegita was
supposed to take him. As usual, the mighty Prince was caught up in the latest ideas of
training, and agreed without even hearing what Trunks had to say. When the time came for
Trunks to leave for Goten's, Vegita had refused to take him.
Bulma was out shopping at the time, but she got a worried call from Chichi telling her
Trunks wasn't there. Bulma called her house, and Trunks answered.
He blurted it all out, Vegita wouldn't take him, and he was stuck at home. Bulma became
furious, that was the last time she would deal with Vegita not paying any attention to his
Damnit…well…at least he's slightly involved with his family…Bulma shook her head in
disgust and started for home.
"Vegita!" Where the hell are you!" she demanded. She was met by a large, powerful voice
"That's none of your damn business!" Vegita replied. Bulma walked over and faced him.
"You were supposed to take Trunks out!" she cried, now furious. Vegita glared at her, his
voice became louder then hers.
"It ain't my damn job to take that brat out!" he roared. Bulma backed away slightly, then
turned to face him. He was stronger then her, by far, but he wouldn't dare hurt her.
"What the hell is so hard about playing with your own son?" Bulma shrieked, close to tears.
Vegita stared blankly for a minute. Then he walked past her and toward the door.
"Answer the question." Bulma said coldly. She knew not to challenge the Prince of Saiyans,
but this time she'd had enough. Vegita turned around slowly. His eyes narrow until they
were almost closed. He stared at her for a couple minutes, then growled threateningly.
"Because I had no business being with you or that damn brat in the first place." He
answered. Then he turned around and took off. Bulma's eyes followed him. His words hurt
her, Vegita knew that. But Bulma held back tears as she prepared to make a little dinner.
She couldn't hold them back, no matter what. While Bulma was peeling potatoes, Trunks had
come into the kitchen to grab a snack. At that moment, she broke down. She saw the clear,
deep blue eyes that took after hers, she saw Vegita's face, and his attitude. Bulma
watched her son for several seconds, then she let the tears fall. Her son looked up to see
his mother's face saddened with tears. He paused for a minute, then walked over to her.
"Its ok mommy…I still love you…" he said softly. Bulma cried harder at this. She shrunk to
the floor, sobbing. Trunks had never seen his mother cry…except for the past couple days.
The last few days had been living hell, always someone to ruin Bulma's day. Always someone
to yell at her, to make her cry.
Bra waddled into the room, wondering where the cookies she had sent Trunks to get were.
She saw her mother sitting on the floor, hugging Trunks, and bawling her eyes out. Bra put
on a confused expression, then walked up to her mother and brother.
"Mommy? Wats da mader?" she asked quizzically. Trunks shrugged as a response and hugged
his mother a little more. Bra kneeled down by her family, and held out her chubby hands.
Hugging both her mother and brother, she smiled encouragingly.
"Mommy, its ok if you cry…I shtill wuv you! Sho doesh Trunksh…and daddy wuvs you too!" Bra
cried happily, her baby accent added to her normally slurred speech. Oh Kami…if only that
were true…Bulma thought sadly as she hugged her children, looking for comfort. Bulma's
shoulders shuddered in another series of sobs.
Vegita had walked through the house, and stopped at the edge of the kitchen when he heard
the sobbing and commotion. Bulma didn't notice, since she couldn't see Vegita from the
angle she was at.
"I was always better off with Yamcha…" Bulma said sadly, wiping the tears from her eyes.
Vegita's eyes went wide and his jaw dropped. He stared at Bulma from the corner. Trunks,
now sitting by his mother, noticed his father watching quietly. Trunks almost stood up, if
Vegita hadn't motioned for him to sit down and shut up. Trunks shrugged and sat quietly,
listening to his mother.
"Yes…Yamcha cheated on me…whenever possible…but still…it's a lot better then endless
fighting…" she confessed. Bulma sighed and got up. Vegita quickly hid behind the wall, out
of sight. Bulma turned around and headed for the door.
"Mommy…where are you going?" Trunks asked, a little confused. Bulma smiled weakly, then got
on her coat.
"For a walk…" she answered solemnly.
Bulma walked out the door, and shut it quietly behind her. Bulma paid no attention to the
thunder and lightening that signaled a storm coming. Bulma shrugged it off and walked down
the cobblestone path. She turned to the forest and watched the quiet trees for a minute,
before heading off toward them. She guessed she might just take a quick walk, think things
through, and then get back before the rain even started. She had just thrown on her coat,
she was wearing a T-shirt and shorts under them. The wind whipped her hair back, and stung
her eyes. A drop of rain landed on her nose. Bulma sighed. She never was a good weather
forecaster. Oh well…its probably not going to rain that hard…she thought. Bulma hiked up
the steep trail. The rain was pouring now, but she didn't care. She came across a road at
the top of the hill. Looking both ways, she crossed and walked on the side with the cliff.
The rain blurred her vision, but she still walked on. She wanted to get away from it all.
It started to hail a little.
The small balls of ice hit her head and bare legs.
Stupid weather…I hate this…but I'm not going back…I hate him…for leaving me…for everything
he put me through…damnit! I won't take it anymore! He can just take his damn pride and
shove it up my ass for all I care…Bulma thought bitterly. She shivered, and looked back.
Should I go back? Or should I keep going? Bulma thought to herself, worried about the
right decision. NO! I remember what he did to me…I remember…he left me…and then he acts
like he isn't supposed to take care of his family…she thought, scowling. She shivered and
wrapped her arms around herself quickly. She closed her eyes as she saw a flash of light.
She heard the sound of a car go by. Damn him…he left me…and hurt me…and…loved me…damn him…
for making me love him…she gritted her teeth. Looking up to see the stars through the hail
and rain, she threw her arms down at her sides, her fists clenched.
"Damn you Vegita! Damn you! I love you! And you throw me out! Damn you!" she screamed at
the sky, not caring if people in passing cars looked at her as if she was some kind of
egotistical maniac. She turned around, and walked on in the cold rain and hail. Smiling to
herself, she could picture Vegita crawling on his knees and crying for Bulma to come back.
She looked up toward the way she came. This was enough for a walk…she thought. She continued
her way with slight anger and guilt.

Bulma heard the sound of a horn, but paid no attention. Then, to a sudden screech, she
whirled around. She saw a bright light, then another screech.
Bulma screamed and held her hands in front of her face. No help. The tour bus crashed into
her full force. The bus had lost control on the slippery road, it spun and landed on its
side, still sliding, and it rammed into Bulma full force. Bulma was knocked back against a
cliff, and trapped under tons of steel. Vegita…she thought of her family, and of her dear
Vegita, before the world faded to cold, harsh, black.
The bus driver jumped out. The people inside the bus weren't injured, but Bulma was. One
of the passengers immediately called the paramedics. Within a couple minutes, ambulances
and fire trucks surrounded the bus. They called in a crane operator, and in a few moments,
the huge crane was lifting the bus up. Bulma's broken body lay under it. The paramedics
were about to move in, when a creaking from above, and a metallic snap, sent them running.
The chain broke and the bus rammed down on the pavement again. A sickening crack was heard
as the bus hit Bulma's body once again.
The crane tried again, this time succeeding, the bus was pulled clear of the road. The
paramedics ran to the rescue. Strapping Bulma safely in the ambulance, the paramedics took
"All right, I've got an emergency, patient was trapped under a vehicle. Broken neck,
internal bleeding, lots of blood, severe fracture to the skull...blood...and some more
blood. GET US SOME HELP HERE!" The paramedic made it very clear that they needed medical
help right away. Not only was the bus driver panicking, so was the paramedic.
Pushing her in the hospital, the doctors went to work right away. They were half way
through the procedure, when one discovered a severe bleeding in the skull. Bulma would die,
they knew it. There was no mistake in it…a bus had been dropped on her twice…there was no
way she could live. They stitched her up best they could, then put her on a stretcher,
hoping to find out anything about her family. One of the doctors that sat by her bedside
and watched her with such sorrow, that at one point the medical crew started crying. The
doctor got up and walked to the crew.
"No hope…it'll be over in a couple minutes…" the doctor said quietly, "I just wish she had
family…or someone to be with." The doctor shook his head sadly.
Ushering everyone out of the room, he closed the door behind him quietly.
Vegita's head shot up. He stopped all possible training, and listened. He sensed something
wrong, but didn't know what. Vegita ran out of the gravity machine, wearing plain old
shorts, and a towel wrapped around his neck. He knew they had fought earlier, but still,
Bulma was his only love. Vegita quickly ran for the door. As if he were shot from a
projectile, Vegita flew through the sky like a rocket. As he flew along, he felt Bulma's
presence growing stronger and stronger, yet fading and going farther away.
Soon, he spotted the hospital. Flying down like an arrow, he hit the pavement hard,
denting it. He ran inside the building, even though the doctors told him against all odds
that he could not go in there.
"Sir! Sir please! You can't go in that room! Sir!" the doctors and nurses tried to stop
him, but a menacing look from Vegita's cold eyes told them that what he wanted, he got.
Vegita located the room and ran inside. He was stunned. Bulma, blue and black from bruises
and cuts, was hooked up to every type of machine available.
Vegita slowly walked to the side of her bed. He noticed the clipboard.

Patient number: 1847903
Day arrived: April 17
Day departed: April 17

Vegita stared hard at the clipboard, then he looked to what was left of Bulma. He knelt by
the bed, and lifted one of her hands up gently. He held it tightly, afraid to let go of
his only love. Bulma's eyes slowly lifted.
"Vegita…" she managed to whisper his name in a choked voice. Vegita looked up, his eyes
glistened. He watched Bulma, and slowly, very slowly, he closed his eyes, and let a single
tear roll down his cheek. Bulma was amazed…Vegita was crying.
"Bulma…please…" he whimpered softly. The doctors who were watching in the doorway started
crying also. From previous encounters with Vegita, they knew his cold attitude…they had
never seen him cry. In fact, this was the first time he had cried…accept on his earlier
life, on Planet Vegita. The doctors whispered amongst themselves, that this was a treasured
good-bye, none would forget this moment, no matter how sad.
"Vegita…sing to me…" Bulma whispered hoarsely. Then, she sighed deeply and gripped his
hand, a surge of pain went through her body, then she relaxed.
Vegita looked up.
"Have I told you…lately…" Vegita's voice was choked, he let another tear fall from his
eyes. He could hardly continue, but he did, those three words were all he wanted Bulma to
hear, "That I love you…"
"Vegita…" Bulma whispered quieter now. Her time was drawing near, she could only hold out
for a little while longer.
"Have I told you…there's no one else…above you…" Vegita sung softer now, his voice deep,
and sad, "You fill my heart with gladness…take away all my sadness…ease my troubles…that's…
what…you do…" Vegita's voice was sullen and gloomy. He had to stop several times in the
song to wipe away the salty tears, and once in a while he had to stop to muffle and
occasional sob. When Vegita finished his song, he saw Bulma close her eyes softly. Another
tear rolled off his cheek, and hit Bulma's face gently.
"Vegita…I love you…" she whispered, barely above hearing level. Vegita's lips quivered,
and he bent down near her ear.
"I love you too…" he whispered. Then, he sat back, and sung his song again, as Bulma
closed her eyes, and her breathing ceased to only a couple short breaths every once in a
while. Vegita watched Bulma slowly fall into an eternal sleep, and he cried, but held on,
and sung his song:

Have I told you…lately…that I love you,
Have I told you…there's no one else…above you,
You fill my heart with gladness,
Take away all my sadness,
Ease my troubles, that's what you do,

Vegita's singing ceased as he heard the sharp, continuous beep of the machines. He hugged
Bulma's body, and kissed her forehead. He played with her hair for a little time, watching
her. She slept so peacefully. She would sleep forever though. Vegita shed a couple more
tears, then stood up and walked toward the door slowly. He stopped and turned around,
stealing one last glance at Bulma.
Vegita let another tear fall, then turned around and walked out solemnly, not caring what
happened any more. He didn't even care that through the whole thing, the only item of
clothing he was wearing, was his shorts, and a sweaty towel.
The doctors and nurses slowly walked to Bulma's body, and covered it with a white blanket.
One of them whistled sharply, and a couple of men with a stretcher came in.
They slowly lifted her body, and moved it away for the next patient. The men gave a
questioning look as Vegita waited outside, a gloomy look on his face. A doctor came out
and stood by Vegita. His eyes were red from his tears as he had watched the passionate
couple say good-bye.
"There was…nothing we…could do…" he said gravely. Vegita nodded without turning his head.
"Its…not your fault…" Vegita answered, his voice was harsh and dreary, "Life…happens…no
stopping what life wants from us…"
"Sir…we're…terribly sorry…" the doctor said, placing a hand on Vegita's shoulder. Vegita
moved away sharply, his reflexes taking action.
"Don't tell me your sorry, it's none of your business anyway." Vegita answered coldly.
Vegita turned and headed down the street, the rain and hail jostling his hair, and cutting
his body. Vegita turned to face the doctor, with his cold, sober eyes, gleaming with
hatred for those who dared to take his Bulma away. He stared at the doctor, no expression
on his on moving face. When a distant memory came flooding back, when he and Bulma first
kissed, Vegita closed his eyes tightly, as if trying to see the two of them better, he
let a single tear slid out from under his closed eyes.
As Vegita made his way down the street, he thought of all the times Bulma had been with
him. He smiled to himself as he pictured his life. How Bulma and Vegita first saw their
son, how they first kissed, first cuddled, and when they got married. Vegita could almost
feel Bulma cuddling next to him again. He took in a staggered breath.
"Bulma…" he whispered her name quietly as he walked slower, stopping occasionally to look
at the sky. He stopped in the park, sat down on a cold, wet bench, and let his head hang.
An elderly lady came up to him.
"Sonny…you'll get a slight cold out here, better go inside, no?" the lady asked him,
holding her umbrella over his head. Vegita slowly lifted his head, and his eyes rose to
meet hers. She could almost immediately see all the hate and pain he had.
"I don't care…" Vegita answered coldly. He stood up and walked to a nearby tree, yet hoped
the lady would follow, and ask about what had happened, so he could just get it off his
chest. He shrugged it off, even though he could feel his heart aching.
"Deary…what's the matter?" the lady asked again, from a distance. Vegita clenched his
teeth. He didn't know if he should tell this stranger, it was his life, not hers. He
turned to face the woman. He took a deep breath, then walked over to her.
"She's gone…" he said quietly. The lady looked at him questioningly. She almost read his
"She meant a lot, didn't she?" the lady asked him. Vegita nodded, he had no clue that this
was the nicest he'd ever get toward other people. He had a feeling he would never be that
"She was my life…my world…" he answered.
"Sonny, just because something passes along doesn't mean we should give up, we wish we
could, but we can't. Do you have a child?"
"A son…and a daughter…"
"Look at him, what do you see that belongs to her, her eyes, her hair, her personality,
things like that dear." The old lady smiled while she said this. Vegita scowled as a
response, but then got up, and walked away solemnly.
"Well, be seeing you dear!" the old lady called after him. Vegita nodded, but knew she
wouldn't see. He walked the rest of the way home in the cold rain.
Vegita slowly opened the door to Capsule Corp. It was hours since he left…but it seemed
like a couple minutes. Vegita noted the time. Eleven thirty…was I out that late? He asked
"Daddy!" a cry sounded throughout the house. Vegita forced a weak smile as Trunks and Bra
came thundering through the house, followed by Mrs. Briefs.
Bra got to Vegita first, she reached only up to his knee, but she latched onto his leg and
hugged him tightly. Vegita reached down and ruffled her hair, smiling sadly. Trunks
reached Vegita second. Trunks was taller, and could easily hug his father tightly at the
waist. Mrs. Briefs watched from a distance, noting Vegita's face was smudged with dirt,
and a few clear streaks running down them. His eyes are red…he was crying…what could have
happened? And my…is he sympathetic today! Mrs. Briefs wondered, not knowing the heart
breaking news just ahead.
"Vegita! Where were you?" Mrs. Briefs cried, sounding worried and afraid, at the same time
a slight tone of suspicion in her voice. Vegita looked up to meet the eyes of Mrs. Briefs.
He stared hard and cold at her.
"Daddy…where's mommy?" Trunks asked, looking up at his father. Vegita looked down, and
searched his son's face. He has Bulma's eyes…he thought, ruffling Trunks' hair.
And her hair…but he's got my face all right…no one can deny a face that handsome. Vegita
smirked slightly at his own little joke.
"Daddy? Where's mommy?" the question came again, piercing sharply through Vegita's
thoughts. His heart ached, how was he going to tell his children they'll never see their
mother again? Vegita took a deep breath.
"She went away…" he said slowly, his voice sad and afraid. Trunks and Bra looked up at him
"Where did mommy go?" Trunks asked, hugging his father tighter. Vegita swallowed hard. He
looked up to Mrs. Briefs, noting her eyes were wide and her face pale. He looked at Mrs.
Briefs, watching her.
"She went…to a place…but she can't come back…" he said quietly, keeping his eyes on Mrs.
Briefs the whole time. Trunks and Bra were puzzled slightly by this answer, and even more
confused when Mrs. Briefs gasped, and shrunk to the floor, crying.
Bra ran to comfort her grandmother, but Trunks stayed clinging to his father.
"Why daddy? Why did mommy leave?" he asked innocently. Vegita could almost feel his heart
"She had to…" he said quietly.
"When is she coming back daddy? When?" Trunks asked again. Vegita couldn't help it any
more. He let a tear slide down his cheek, but quickly wiped it away before anyone noticed.
He took a deep, staggering breath.
"Never…" he said, his voice choked. Trunks whimpered slightly. Vegita knelt down, so he
was face to face with Trunks.
"But doesn't she love us?"
"She loves you more then you will ever know."
"Then why'd she leave?"
"She…had to…"
"Daddy…are you going to leave too?" Trunks stared at his father, his eyes glistened with
tears. Vegita frowned, almost returning to his normal state, but resumed his careful words.
He laid a hand on his son's cheek. He shook his head as he let a tear flow freely.
"No, I'm staying right here, I'm never going to leave." He said slowly, his confidence was
rising. Trunks smiled and wiped the tears from his eyes. He turned around and ran to Mrs.
Briefs, who was still crying. Hugging her tightly, he grabbed Bra's hand.
"Come on, we have to go to sleep." He said. Bra struggled.
"No!" she cried, looking to her father for support.
"Go on Bra, its late, go to sleep." Vegita said in a gruff voice. Trunks and Bra ran to
their rooms, and hopped in bed. Turning back to Mrs. Briefs, Vegita shook his head and
"You ought to go to sleep too." He said quietly. Mrs. Briefs shook her head.
"No…tell me." She said, biting her lip to hold back tears.
"Tomorrow…I need to sleep…" he said, "So do you." They exchanged a wary look, then went
their separate ways. Everyone needed sleep that night, Vegita especially. He knew nothing
would ever be the same without Bulma around.

The next morning would be the hardest morning that anyone had lived through. Vegita got up
early, as usual. He didn't train the whole day, he didn't want to train, but he didn't cry
either. He missed Bulma, who wouldn't? But he wouldn't let his emotions make him a weaker
person. He sat all day, right up into eight o'clock in the evening, telling what had
happened about Bulma, to every person he knew.
People, or friends as Bulma would call them, all crying, or confused or listening to
Vegita's tale surrounded the living room.
"Did she…say anything?" Chichi asked through tears. She knew this was prodding a little
bit too far, but she had to find out. Vegita nodded solemnly.
"What did she say?" Mrs. Briefs butted in the conversation. Vegita snarled.
"Nothing about you!" he growled at the guests, who backed away to give him some room.
Chichi walked up to him, and sat down in front of him.
"Now listen you…you idiot! So what if Bulma was your wife, good for you, and good for your
kids, but she's OUR friend too you know! We deserve a little respect to find out what her
last words were!" Chichi was turning beet red. She gritted her teeth. Vegita's eyes were
wide, but they quickly resumed their position of narrow slits. He took a deep breath.
"She…told me…" Vegita hesitated.
"Vegita…please…" there was a pleading cry to those around him. Vegita sighed.
"She told me to sing to her…" he finished the sentence. Chichi's eyes went wide.
"Did…you…sing?" she asked, not believing a man so powerful as Vegita would dare sing.
Vegita nodded again. Chichi touched his arm lightly.
"What did you sing?" she asked. Vegita looked in her red eyes, hesitating once again. He
gritted his teeth and was about to refuse, when he saw Bulma at the back of his head. She
smiled to him, and told him to go on.
"Have I told you…lately…that I love you…" Vegita began whispering the words, his voice
rising once in a while, "Have I told you…there's no one else…above you…" Vegita sung
softer now, adding tunes and notes to his harsh whisper, "You fill my heart with gladness…
take away all my sadness…ease my troubles…that's what you do…"
Vegita and all of the guests knew that he would never again sing the way he did for Bulma.
Chichi smiled through her tears. Vegita slowly stood up, and headed for the door.
"Vegita! Wait!" Chichi cried after him.
"NO! I'm leaving. I don't want to be around a couple useless people." Vegita's voice had
a bit of fear and revolt in it, but Chichi could tell he needed time alone. She watched
him walk out the door.
Vegita flew off toward a spot he came, to think. He smirked slightly when he saw it.
Flying down, he landed silently on a bed of moss. He looked around him.
Flowers, everywhere, the stars shined like polished crystals, and the ocean waves glimmered
and danced. Yes, the ocean, it was a fact that Vegita loved water, though he would never
admit it. Vegita sat down on the large rock he had conveniently placed before.
"Damnit…" his word rang through the small cove, until it hit the forest surrounding it. He
shook his head. He took a good look around, noting how beautiful the place seemed, and how
spectacular the place was in the shine of the moon. And I never thought to bring Bulma
here…Vegita thought.
A twig snapped behind Vegita. He didn't bother turning around. He knew who it was. A tiny
hand rested on his back.
"Daddy?" Trunks spoke softly in his father's ear.
"Go away brat!" Vegita hissed.
"But daddy…I was wondering…if you could come back home…" Trunks protested softly.
"That's none of your business! Go away!" Vegita could almost turn around and smack the
brat. But he stopped. He sighed and shook his head. He picked Trunks up carefully, and
placed the boy in his lap. He pointed out over the stars, and carefully named off a couple.
"What's that star daddy?" Trunks asked, pointing to a small star just above the trees.
Vegita looked up.
"That's the North Star." Vegita answered.
"Why is it north? Why not east?" Trunks asked, squirming to get more comfy in his father's
"It feels like it." Vegita answered. This shut Trunks up. Anything that confusing would.
He decided not to ask any more questions.
The sound of a step behind Vegita made him grab Trunks tightly and spin around. He came
face to face with Goku. Vegita growled.
"What do you want Kakarott…" Vegita hissed, his voice showed complete anger for the Saiyan.
Goku smiled, and sat down beside Vegita.
"Nothing." He answered. This irritated the Saiyan Prince more. Trunks crawled across to
Goku's lap. He played a little game with Goku, one that Vegita never understood.
He watched as they slapped each other's hands, saying strange words, like Taboo. Finally,
Goku slapped Trunks hand, when Trunks tried to pull it away.
Trunks screamed and giggled. Goku chuckled.
Suddenly, Vegita became jealous. Jealous of Goku. Not for his power, or for his training,
or anything, but on how Goku treated his children. Vegita watched, almost in awe, that his
son would tell this low class Saiyan about something he would never tell his own father.
And how Trunks took joy in playing with the low class.
Vegita gruffly stood up, and walked to the edge of the cliff, slightly embarrassed, but
angry. He stood at the very edge of the cliff, watching the ocean waves splash up against
the cliff. He drifted off into deep thought, not even noticing his son was calling for him
to play.
Meanwhile, Trunks and Goku were playing a game, which Vegita would never understand, not
even follow. The older Saiyan grinned and threw Trunks up in the air. Trunks screamed
shrilly, but was caught by Goku quickly. Trunks felt Goku's hand wrap around his legs. He
eyed the older Saiyan for a moment, before the world became a blur and Goku started to
spin the child around. Trunks grinned as much as he could, he smiled as he passed his
father, and winced when he got up close and personal with a tree branch.
As quickly as it started, the spinning stopped. Trunks was set down on the grass carefully.
The little Saiyan tried standing up. Looking around, he saw blurry patches of things, and
smiled slightly when he ran into Goku, wobbly. He wobbled around a little more, running
into a tree, and hanging onto it for support. He smiled again, a lopsided smile, that more
then likely resembled the Son smile, instead of Vegita's scowl.
"Still dizzy?" a voice entered Trunk's messed up thoughts. He shook his head when he meant
to nod. Goku smiled and picked Trunks up again. He grabbed his legs and spun him around a
couple more times.
Trunks smiled as he spun around and around, and came dangerously close to Vegita's back.
His eyes went wide as he realized that he was growing closer to Vegita each time. Suddenly,
Goku lost his footing, and sent Trunks flying in the direction of Vegita's back.
"Daddy!" Trunks screamed before hitting his father's back, hard.
Something hit Vegita's back and brought him to reality, the needle-like pain and sensation
that signaled a couple broken bones. He tried to step forward, looking for footing, but
suddenly fell, not remembering that he had been standing at the edge of the cliff.
Trunks looked up to see his father fall over the edge. Even thought the breath was knocked
out of him, Trunks crawled over and watched his father fall. He knew that if his father
was all right, he would stop in time and just scold his son. He looked below Vegita's
falling body, and saw every child's worst enemy, sharp, impaling rocks.
Vegita looked below him and grabbed his side. The breath was surely knocked out of him,
but that wasn't the problem. He looked down, and noted the rocks below. He could stop if
he really wanted to, but he more then likely didn't want to. He looked down and spread his
hands out, hoping to take the rocks full force. He smiled, an evil smile, but a full
smile at the least, and let himself fall.
"DADDY!" a cry pierced Vegita's ears. He thought of his son, what would his son do without
him? Anger rose in Vegita's mind. He's not my son anymore, I never paid attention to him,
its too late for me, Kakarott can take care of the brat, he's been taking care of him for
the past couple years anyway. Vegita thought bitterly. Then, as if Bulma had heard this,
she appeared in Vegita's mind. Vegita tried to shake his head and clear it, but finally
gave up. He looked out to see the rocks coming closer every second. He thought about Bulma
quickly. I'll join her, we'll live in peace, and we'll never be apart again. He thought to
himself, a smile spread across his face, his first real smile. He came closer and closer
to the rocks. Vegita let out one ear splitting scream before a bright light filled his
Trunks looked down to see his father brutally impaled on the rocks. He heard the sickening
crack. Trunks looked away.
"Daddy said he would never leave…" Trunks said quietly. He walked to Goku, tears running
down his face. Goku couldn't understand why Trunks was crying, he hadn't seen the suicide.
He smiled bravely and hugged Trunks. He stood up and grabbed his hand. They walked home
together, like Vegita would've.


Vegita opened his eyes. A bright light filled them, and he quickly shut them again. Yawning,
Vegita opened his eyes once again. He let them get used to the light and surroundings
before looking around. He smirked when he saw Trunks playing in the mud.
"Vegita! Do you hear me? Are you even listening?" Bulma cried in her husband's ear. Vegita's
head shot up and he scowled. Now he remembered why he had fallen asleep, he was listening
to another one of Bulma's stupid lectures on taking care of his kids and caring about his
"Woman…you need to sit back and shut up." Vegita growled. Bulma grabbed his hair and
pulled his head back.
I'LL HAVE TO BEAT IT IN THERE WITH A WOODEN SPOON!" Bulma screamed shrilly. Vegita's eyes
went wide. He groaned.
"Ok…Ok…" he gave up. No one has ever fought against one of Bulma's lectures…and lived. He
sat back to listen to the entire lecture once again, not hearing a single word.
He smirked. That woman is wasting her time…he thought. But that dream was probably some
kind of brain wave monitor or something that put all that stuff in my head.
Vegita scowled, he was confusing himself.
"You get that scowl off your face right now!" Bulma's voice broke through his thoughts.
Vegita rolled his eyes and sat silent. Vegita heard a couple words, like love, baby, home,
care, others, and three words that broke his heart: no more food. Vegita sat up quite
quickly. He stared at Bulma, a look of horror on his face.
"Yes, you heard me, no more food until you pay at least SOME attention to your family!"
she said. Vegita sighed and stood up.
"I'm not finished talking to you!" Bulma cried out, wondering where her husband was going
this time. Vegita walked over to Trunks and sat down in the mud.
"Hi daddy." Trunks smiled sweetly at his father. Vegita scowled back.
"What's that game you always wanted me to play?" he asked his son.
"Taboo…why, will you play with me?" Trunks asked eagerly. Vegita shrugged his shoulders.
"Ok! First, put your hand here, and then you slap my hand and…no! That's not it!" Trunks
talked his father through the game. Vegita did the wrong thing again. Vegita growled.
"What's the point of this?" Vegita asked.
"Well…if you move your hand away before I move my hand to hit your hand, then you win, but
if I move my hand and you don't move you hand, and I hit your hand, then you lose. And if
you move your hand to hit my hand, and I don't move my hand, and you hit my hand, that
makes you the winner. But if you move your hand to hit my hand, but I move my hand, and
you miss my hand and hit your own hand, that's makes you lose." Trunks said quickly, the
words flowed together. Vegita's eyes went wide.
He shook his head and let Trunks play with his hands a little longer before both of them
finally gave up.
"You confuse me too much…" Vegita said gruffly. Trunks grinned.
"Thank you." He answered. Vegita rolled his eyes and stood up. He walked back to his seat
and sat down. He looked up at Bulma with a smirk.
"How's that?" he asked. Bulma nodded, dumbfounded. Who would ever believe that the all
high and mighty Prince of Saiyans would EVER play a childish game? She thought.
"That was good…you know…for a…beginner…" Bulma said quietly. Vegita smirked.
"How many times I year do I have to do that?" he asked again.
"Oh…about once a day would be nice…" Bulma replied, still picturing Vegita dressed up, and
playing Barbie with Bra. She grinned.
"Every day…ugh…I'm not in the mood to argue right now woman…" Vegita grumbled, piercing
Bulma's thoughts. Bulma smiled seductively, and sat down in Vegita's lap. She laid her
head on his shoulder and stroked his cheek.
"Tell me…you've taken care of your son…what do you intend to do next?" Bulma asked, a
slight gleam in her eye. She grinned and snuggled closer to Vegita.
"Well?" she whispered in his ear.
"Eat." Vegita smirked. He picked Bulma up and dropped her in the chair. Turning around, he
walked toward the house, to the great disappointment of Bulma.
"You're never sleeping in the bed again!" she cried, shaking a fist at her husband.
"Oh…I have ways…" Vegita smirked and walked in the house. Bulma frowned. That man…I swear…
she shook her thoughts off, and walked in the house. To find Vegita devouring the entire
refrigerator, if not the ice box along with it. She sighed.
"Do you HAVE to eat so much?" she asked, annoyed. Vegita nodded, smirking.
"Do you HAVE to whine to much?" he asked. Bulma shook her head in disappointment. She
walked out the door. Sitting down on the first step, she saw Vegita join her, carrying the
biggest sandwich man kind could ever see. He downed it in one bite.
"I hope you choke…" Bulma grumbled. Vegita almost immediately started coughing. Then
"Sorry, out of luck there." He replied. Bulma groaned.
"Look." Vegita pointed at something. Bulma hesitated, but followed his finger. She smiled
warmly at the setting sun.
"Trunks." She called her son quickly. Trunks obediently walked to her.
"Yeah mom?" he asked, while playing with his thumbs, and tried to whistle, which only
resulted in Vegita getting mud on his face. Trunks winced and back away. Vegita shook his
"You got me dirty…" he said slowly. Trunks looked down.
"Sorry daddy…" he apologized quietly. Vegita smirked and pushed his son toward the house.
"Go inside, watch TV." He suggested. He turned back to Bulma and started wiping the mud off
of his face. Bulma stared at him suspiciously.
Suddenly, Bulma got up and tackled Vegita, pinning him to the ground. She looked him in
the eye.
"Hey!" Vegita started to protest, but Bulma stopped him.
"Ok…no funny stuff…what did you do to my husband and who are you." She eyed Vegita
"What the hell is wrong with you woman?" Vegita stared at her, a wild look in his eye.
"I'm serious…where is he?" she raised her hand to smack him.
"Bulma…are you…Ok?" Vegita looked at her, worried. She let her hand fall and was about to
smack him, when she found herself on the floor, pinned, her hand held tightly in Vegita's
hand. Bulma shook her head.
"No…you must have been drunk or something…" she thought out loud. Vegita stared at her for
a moment.
"What the hell…" he was confused.
"You didn't act like…Vegita would…"
"Oh…point? I change moods often…"
"No…I mean…you never…
"I never what?"
"You were never nice to Trunks…never treated him like that…"
"Change of heart."
"I don't know…"
"No…your right…I'm not that good of a father…"
"But Vegita…you're a great father…well…up to what my expectations are…"
"No…I'm not."
"You just need to show your emotions…"
"Like Kakarott…"
"What's this got to do with Kak…err…Goku?"
"See…now you've got me doing that 'Kakarott' business…"
"Get used to it…"
"Anyway…what's it got to do with Goku?"
"He's a better father…isn't he?"
"He's a good father…but…you're just fine for me…"
"He's a better father…because he lets his emotions out…but that makes him weak…"
"What? Weak? He's stro…"
"YES! I KNOW! I KNOW! Stronger than me…"
"Well…its true…" Bulma said quietly, laying a hand on Vegita's shoulder. Vegita growled at
the comment.
"But he isn't a true Saiyan…" Vegita started another conversation.
"What? He's an alien from another planet, the same planet your from, what the hell do you
mean he's not a Saiyan?"
"He's a Saiyan with a human mind and heart…caring for others…thinking of others…"
"What's the matter with that?"
"A true Saiyan only cares for himself, for his life, for nothing else…" Vegita looked down.
Bulma smiled.
"Does that make you a true Saiyan?" she asked, poking Vegita lightly. Vegita scowled and
stood up.
"End of conversation woman…" he growled. Bulma grinned. She had gotten to him. She stood
up and tugged on Vegita's arm. He turned around with a scowl on his face.
"What…" he stared at her coldly for the answer. She cuddled up to him.
"Nothing." She answered, this annoyed the Prince. He shook her off and walked in the house.
Vegita finished his shower and came out to find Bulma sitting on the couch, watching TV.
Vegita looked around a little.
"Where's that brat." He demanded. Bulma didn't look up.
"Went to sleep." She answered just as coldly. Vegita shrugged and glanced at the time. He
walked to the couch and plopped down by Bulma. Bulma put down her book and looked at Vegita
"Do you remember…when we got married?" she asked quietly. Vegita nodded.
"Remember…when you always took me to that special place?" she asked again. Vegita stayed
quiet for a moment, then nodded.
"Do you miss that?" she questioned Vegita once more. Vegita knew what she meant by this.
He smirked and stood up.
"Vegita?" Bulma called out his name, and started wondering if she had scared him away or
something, when Vegita held out his hand.
"Come on." He motioned for Bulma to come with him. Bulma hesitated, but took Vegita's hand.
Vegita picked her up and she was safe and secure in his arms in a matter of minutes. Vegita
smirked and walked out the door. He levitated, and flew off toward the direction of the
setting sun.
"Vegita…what about Trunks?" Bulma tried to think of a reason in which she could go back
home, but deep inside, she had missed these mysterious rides.
"Forget about that brat for a couple hours would you?" Vegita complained softly. Bulma
settled back and watched them fly for what seemed like eternity.
Vegita landed softly and silently on the mossy rock. He set Bulma down, then walked to the
edge of the cliff. He sat down and let his head hang. Bulma looked around, breathless. She
looked over the flowers and grassy meadow carefully, and looked up into the trees. She
turned around to see Vegita sitting at the edge of a cliff, the deep blue ocean stretched
out behind him. She walked to Vegita slowly. She touched his shoulder gently, startling
Vegita jumped. He turned to see Bulma's wide eyes watching him. He shook her hand off,
only to have it rest up there again. He looked back out over the ocean, studying the stars
overhead. Bulma crouched down by him, and wrapped a warm hand over his shoulder. They sat
in silence, watching the stars and the ocean together. Vegita broke the silence.
"No." he said simply. Bulma turned to him.
"Nani?" she looked at him suspiciously, almost thinking there was a magical explanation.
Vegita sighed and shook his furry mane.
"No…no it does not make it a true Saiyan." He said quietly, keeping his eyes away from
Bulma. Bulma looked at him.
"You care? About…me?" she asked, hesitating. Vegita nodded.
"Yes…are you happy? I care about you, happy?" Vegita hissed through clenched teeth. Bulma
"I knew that a long time ago…" she said. Vegita looked up at her.
"Humph…" he snorted. Bulma snuggled up to him, and ran a hand through his tough, but silky
hair. Vegita looked up at the stars again, not paying any attention to what Bulma was
doing. He looked up at the stars, over and over he ran his eyes over the crystal clear
stars. He shifted positions.
"I had a dream…" he said quietly, trying to explain it, but getting caught immediately.
Bulma looked up, and was about to make a sarcastic remark, like 'So did King' when she
noticed a slight gleam and far off look in his eye. She decided he was actually serious
about something else other than fighting.
"What happened?" she asked, trying to look in his eyes, but failing. Vegita looked up.
Bulma noticed his eyes were closed. She looked at him closer, and gasped when she saw a
clear, bright tear slid out from under his closed eyes. She watched it slid down his cheek,
leaving a clear, shiny trail. She reached up, and wiped it away gently, wondering what in
the world would make Vegita, all high and mighty Saiyan Prince, cry.
"You died…" he said quietly. Bulma's reaction was priceless. She stared at him with such
a mix of horror, confusion, sadness, pity, and fear that it puzzled any face. She gently
touched Vegita's cheek, now understanding why he had kept his emotions locked up. It hurt
him to think of his family leaving him.
"Vegita…what happened?" she made Vegita face her, a look of mixed emotions in his eyes.
"We grew up happily…until we started fighting…" Vegita began slowly, but hesitated.
"Every couple fights…" Bulma said gently.
"Not like us…we fought everyday…" Vegita's voice was compassionate, and he seemed to have
a split personality for a moment.
"What happened next?" Bulma decided to put the matter aside for a later time.
"You died."
"You missed me…didn't you?"
"Yes…I did."
"And then I looked into everyday, surrounded by things that reminded me of you…" Vegita
looked up at Bulma quietly. Bulma looked back at him, searching in his eyes.
They savored the moment. Bulma smiled weakly.
"Then what?" she asked again, some what feeling like she was prodding a little too deep
into Vegita's life. She shook off the feeling, he hadn't complained so far, he would if he
had felt that someone was invading his life. Bulma looked back out to the oceans, to look
for a possible answer there.
"Then…then I told everyone…" he said quietly. Bulma's head shot up.
"What did they say?" she asked, almost as if she were asking a fortune teller about the
"Not much…It didn't seem like they missed you…" Vegita replied coldly. Bulma's heart sank.
She felt as if Vegita were telling her the future…and her friends not caring if she died
or not…that broke her heart.
"Oh…" Vegita could hear the sadness in her voice, "What went on next?" she asked again,
trying to get her head off of the subject.
"Then…I came here…to this spot…and thought a little…" he answered, slowly, solemnly, "That
brat of yours came…and Kakarott came along too…Kakarott…damn him…" Vegita scowled.
"Why? What did he do to you?" Bulma looked a little worried. Vegita smirked, then shook
his head in an angry gesture.
"He took that brat away from me…he took that damn brat away…" Vegita said coldly, slamming
his fist into the ground. Bulma jumped back.
"What did he do?" she asked, suddenly worried about Trunks.
"He played with that brat…he acted like he was the father of the nuisance…he took him away…
he made that brat think that Kakarott was his father…" he said, anger filled his voice,
and he slammed his fist into the ground again. Bulma stopped him from a third slam. She
hugged him tightly.
"That would never happen…" she said quietly.
"Why?" it was Vegita's turn to ask the questions.
"Because…you should hear him talk…he'll come running up to me in the middle of something
and say 'Daddy smiled at me! He really did!' or something like that. He's very fond of you,
that boy…He looks up to you…you should be proud." Bulma smiled.
"Seriously?" Vegita was surprised. Bulma nodded, then turned her head back to the ocean
and far away stars.
"So…what happens next?" she asked him, curious, but trying to not prob so deep. Vegita had
been waiting for that question for a while.
"I died." He said simply. Bulma looked at him.
"Nani?" she looked worried, and afraid. Vegita chuckled.
"I commited suicide you might say…" Vegita said quietly. Bulma grabbed his shirt and
started shaking him.
"NANI?!" she was shocked and afraid. Vegita looked up at her, a look of confusion on his
"So…you don't want to be with me?" he asked her. It was Bulma's turn to be confused.
"Of course…I mean…I…" Bulma hesitated, "Yes I want to be with you!" she finally cried.
"Well I died to be with you.…" Vegita said slowly.
"Oh…in that case you can die…" Bulma smiled as she said this. Vegita smirked.
"Gee…and I thought I was cruel…" Vegita chuckled.
"I get it from you…" Bulma replied. Vegita shrugged, then turned to watch the night sky
once again. Bulma slowly cuddled up to Vegita. She reached out and grabbed his hand. Vegita
didn't resist it. He smiled slowly, a look of total contentment crossed his face. He
reached out and wrapped a hand around Bulma's waist. He pulled her close, and ran a gloved
hand through her hair. Bulma smiled in return and laid her head on his shoulder. Bulma
realized that this was probably the only time she would ever see Vegita's 'feminine side'.
Bulma smiled to herself and held back a small laugh. She knew that this would be pretty
much the very last time that Vegita would ever have a normal conversation. He's changed a
lot…he won't admit it…but he knows he's changed…Bulma thought to herself. Usually he would
never even come close to talking normal to someone…and now look what happens…he plays with
Trunks! Bulma held back another laugh. But at least I know he loves me now…and at least I
know he'll never leave me…like when I was pregnant with Trunks…but he's changed…he wouldn't
dare leave me now…that memory is a bad one…She smiled and cuddled closer to Vegita. He
loves me…I know it…this is his way of saying it…Bulma sighed and turned her attention to
the sky.
"So…what does the courageous Saiyan Prince plan to do from here?" Bulma teased. Vegita
"Nothing, I've learned my lesson." He answered calmly. Bulma looked up at her husband for
a minute.
"And what lesson would that be?" she asked.
"I don't think they have a name for it yet…" Vegita replied, a smirk on his lips. Bulma
shook her head in regret and snuggled back down. She was about to doze off when Vegita
nudged her sharply with his elbow.
"What do you want?" Bulma half asked, half whined. She looked up to see Vegita pointing at
something. She sighed and followed his finger half-heartedly.
Her eyes lit up when she saw a shooting star. She poked Vegita in the side, not caring if
he wouldn't even notice.
"Hey, are you going to make a wish?" she asked him. Vegita smirked.
"Are you?" he returned the question. Bulma smiled, then nodded. She turned back to the sky
and closed her eyes. Vegita watched, almost amazed, as Bulma's lips moved in silent speech.
He shrugged and turned to the sky. He looked up for a minute and thought. Smirking, he
closed his eyes, but didn't move his lips. He said his wish over and over in his head, then
opened his eyes slowly, expecting the world to rejoice. He frowned when he found Bulma
watching him. He scowled and turned away.
"So…what did you wish for?" Vegita's gruff voice broke through Bulma's previous thoughts.
"Can't say." She answered him.
"Why not?" Vegita's voice was cold, but his eyes showed a bit of curiousity and
"It won't come true." She said simply. Vegita raised his eye brow slightly. He smirked.
"Want to know what I wished for?" Vegita asked, putting his hand around Bulma's waist once
again. Bulma nodded and kept her eyes glued to Vegita's.
Vegita smirked and leaned over, coming nose to nose, and face to face with Bulma. He
closed his eyes and kissed her greedily, but lightly and gently, like he always did. He
pulled apart from Bulma, leaving her breathless. He smirked and stood up. Holding one hand
out, Vegita pulled Bulma up to her feet.
"That's what I wished for." He said with a smirk. He grabbed Bulma by her waist, leviated,
and flew off toward the now rising sun.
Bulma held onto Vegita tightly. She smiled warmly at him, and snuggled down against his
chest. She looked on in awe as they passed over the red and pink waves of the ocean, that
reflected the sun's warm glow. Bulma smiled and fell asleep against Vegita's warm body,
not even caring if they were a couple hundred feet off of the ground, she was safe. She
smiled, then closed her eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The End

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that's what you do

For the morning sun in all its glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort too
You fill my life with laughter
And somehow you make it better
Ease my troubles that's what you do
There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles that's what you do

There's a love that's divine
And it's yours and it's mine like the sun
And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray
To the one, to the one

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness
Ease my troubles that's what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles that's what you do
Take away all my sadness
Fill my life with gladness
Ease my troubles that's what you do

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