Frootie's Fiction

This is my friend Frootie's fanfiction (she has a LOT...). She is a completely AWSOME writer, so check out her stories! And she came up with the name herself, so that just tells you she is okay with her wierdness, as am I! I'm allright with her wierdness, and with my own! Hell, I support and encourage strangness! Most of Frootie's stories have heavy swearing and Chichi bashing (Hey! Same as me!). Enjoy!

A Look Into The Past - A very sweet story of Vegeta remembering his past. It gets really sad, but it is VERY well written. Warnings: Tissue alert!

A Secret Place - Vegeta takes Bulma to a special place. Very cute! Warnings: Slight swearing.

Another Day - Vegeta's day with Bra... Hillarius! Warnings: Slight swearing.

Another Love - A Bulma and Vegeta get together story. Warnings: Slight swearing.

Choutzu's Secret - Choutzu has a secret... and he's ready to tell it. Can you guess what it is? Yea, that's right... A very, VERY twisted story, yet hillarius! Warnings: Very queer...

Field Trip - Vegeta and Bra go on a little field trip... a field trip from HELL!! At least for Vegeta... Warnings: Swearing.

Have I Told You Lately... - ::sniffle:: This is such a sad, yet sweet story... Bulma dies and Vegeta is taking it VERY hard. Frootie is SUCH a talented writer!! I love you! Warnings: Swearing.

In The Beggining Of Time - A Vegeta/Bulma and Goku/Serena (original character) get together fic. Chichi out (litterally), Serena in. Warnings: MAJOR swearing and TOTAL Chichi bashing. If you like Chichi and don't like swearing, DO NOT READ.

Just A Dream - This is a Blue Seed fic, a different Anime. It is a cute Kusanagi/Momiji... romance I guess you could call it. But it's really good. But if you haven't seen Blue Seed, you might get a smidge confused. Warnings: Is not a DBZ fic, it is Blue Seed.

Saiyan Horror Chicken Show - A DBZ version of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, along with tons of other movie references, such as Hair, Monty Python: Holy Grail, Austin Powers, JoeCartoon.Com, Road To Elderado, and MUUUUUUCH more! Warnings: This story is TOTALLY twisted and crazy!! But it is really funny! Also has swearing.

Time Flies - A really nice Trunks/Pan romance fic. I really liked it! Warnings: Swearing.

To Be Forever Young - A very sad, yet precious story. Vegeta dies, but he dies happy... ::sniff:: Warnings: Tissue warning.

That's all for now, when Frootie writes more, I will post 'em of coarse! E-mail Frootie at