The Flower
By: StarryGalaxy2000

     Bulma watched out the window of her Capsule Corp. room to watch
Goku and Vegeta spar together. “He is so beautiful…” She thought out loud.
She shook her head of the thought and ran to her bed, so as not to watch them
any longer. “No. I can’t let myself fall for a man as bad as… oh
Vegeta…”She curled up on her bed and let a single tear roll down her cheek.
“Besides,he’s to cold and heartless to like anyone but himself.”
     Bulma sat at the table in the kitchen the next morning,on her 3rd
cup of coffee. Vegeta walked in the door and headed toward her. “Woman, I’m
hungry, make me breakfast.” Vegeta demanded. Bulma lifted her head up and
stared at Vegeta. “Vegeta please… I’m not in the mood…”she said before
dropping her head again. “I said I’m hungry! Now make me some food!” “Make
it yourself!” She yelled back. She was definitely NOT in the mood for any
wisecracks, especially from Vegeta. Vegeta walked toward the refrigerator,
grabbed the closest thing he could find that was edible, and closed the door.
“…bitch…” He mumbled as he walked past Bulma and back outside.Bulma sighed
a deep and sad sigh. She clumsily took all her coffee cups and put them in
the sink, then grabbed her coat. If she was going to be depressed, she might
as well go somewhere else. She walked out the door with her head hung low,
past Vegeta. “Where are YOU going?” He asked. He was about to go into the
gravity chamber. “Out.” Was Bulma’s only reply. She started walking down the
path away from Capsule Corp., with Vegeta’s eyes following every move she
     She stopped in front of a crystal clear lake, and sat down on the
edge. “Vegeta…” She said, looking at her reflection. “What?” She heard
behind her. She whipped around. Vegeta was leaning against a tree. She
quickly stood up. “What are you doing here?!” she yelled. “You have no right
to follow me!” Vegeta walked closer. “I was just making sure that no people
harassed you on the way here.” Vegeta said as he evilly smirked. “Well…..
damn you!” She said as she turned around. “So, what did you say my name
for?” Vegeta said, crossing his arms. Bulma gasped. “I….uh….” Vegeta made a
little laugh. “Just go away! Leave me alone! I came here to get away from you
asshole!” She hid her face in her hands. Vegeta stared at the back of her
head, then turned away. “Fine.” He said as he started to levitate. Before
Bulma knew it, Vegeta had flown away. Bulma sunk to her knees. She pounded
her fist against the ground. “Damn you Vegeta! Damn you,damn you, damn you!”
Tears streamed down her face like waterfalls. “When…will I get to tell
you…how I feel…”
     Bulma lay in bed with her eyes open, facing her wall. Vegeta will
never understand. That’s what scares me. I’ll never get to let my feelings
out. All he does is ridicule and torment me… She closed her eyes and let out
all of her sobs. Before she knew it, she had cried herself to sleep. Vegeta
flew and landed gently on her balcony. Bulma had left the light on her
nightstand on before she fell asleep.Vegeta pressed against the glass of the
large window, looking in at Bulma. He stared at the back of her head, knowing
that she had been upset. He gripped at the glass, holding his eyes closed as
he thought about the feelings he felt for her. He knew he could never admit
this, but he had to. He was dying to hold her, to comfort her. He wanted to
make her feel better, for her to know that the feelings she felt for him
weren’t for nothing. Yet all he did was bark commands at her, yell at her,
and follow her around. She’ll never understand…
     Bulma awoke to sunlight. She turned over in bed and looked out
the glass balcony doors. “That’s what I need, some fresh air.” Bulma put on
her robe and stepped outside onto her balcony. The beautiful scenery made her
feel a lot better. After a while of gazing, she started to head back inside.
“Ouch!” she said when she stepped on something. She looked down. There, by
her feet, was a single red rose. One rose. She picked it up. It had to be the
most perfect, ripe, reddest rose she had ever seen. Bulma looked up at the
sky. She knew it was Vegeta. It just had to be.
     She got dressed and started heading downstairs. BOOM! Something
big had just blown up. She ran downstairs and outside. It was the gravity
chamber. It had blown up again. She ran toward Vegeta, who lay on the ground,
very badly hurt. She picked up his head and laid her hand on his
chest.“Vegeta… are you alright?” Vegeta breathed raspy, and his body was
covered in blood. Vegeta slowly turned his head to Bulma. Tears started
flowing from his eyes. “Bulma…” Bulma started to cry as well. He touched a
finger gently to her cheek. “Bulma… I…I, love you…” Suddenly his crying
ceased, and his hand dropped. He had fallen unconscious. Bulma cried harder
than ever. “Vegeta……VEGETA!...” She screamed. She laid her head on his.
“You… you cried… just for me…I love you too, Vegeta.”
     Bulma stands next to Vegeta’s hospital bed, staring at his face.
I am never going to let him in that gravity machine again. She thought.
Vegeta stirred and awoke. He stared at Bulma, and smiled the best he could
with the energy he had in him. He fell back asleep again, and Bulma gripped
his hand. I’ll never leave your side, I promise.
     Vegeta is out of the hospital now, sitting at the kitchen table. Bulma
just wakes up, and starts downstairs, not expecting to find Vegeta there. The
stares wide eyed at him. “Why… are you up so early?” She asked. “Don’t
know.” He answered back. Bulma took a seat at the table across from him. “I
want to thank you.” She said. Vegeta stared at her. “For what?” “For the
beautiful flower.” Vegeta smirked. “Your welcome.” Vegeta took her hand in
his. Bulma knew that she had finally told him how she felt, and that he
understood. And now Vegeta knew that her could hold her, and comfort her, and
that’s what he did.
     Vegeta took Bulma in his arms, and sat quietly on the couch with her
in his arms. A single tear slid down Bulma’s cheek, not sad, but happy
because she knew that she had finally found a way to express her feelings for
him. She sat there with her head on his chest, and his arm around her body.
Bulma looked up at him, and Vegeta looked back. Vegeta drew her face to his,
and kissed her. A kiss of love, not lust.

A kiss as pure, ripe, and sweet as the rose.

The End

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