Author's Notes: I wrote a fic based on a terrible disease that many suffer to this very day. Cancer is the worst and takes away the lives of mothers, fathers, children, smokers, non-smokers, grandparents, and others on this planet.

Disclaimer: I don't own the following characters or Dragonball Z.

One of the Fallen : A story of Cancer

Dedicated to my grandmother, greatgrandmother, great uncle and my mother and all other victims and survivors of cancer. My grandmother died when I was three and I barely remeber her last words before she was taken from me. My greatgrandmother was taken two years ago, a happy woman who died of breast cancer. My mother, since God chose it, almost died but wasn't taken from me. But she suffered something that causes her to have a failed relationship : she has no Uterus, meaning she could never have the desired thrid child she had wanted for so long.

Even now, I cry, wondering how all the other suffering families must feel. I understand their pain and fear and even now I fear for my own future. Cancer is common through our family and being my mother's only daughter, I feel that someday I will suffer the terrible disease.

As she lay upon the hospital bed, many thoughts raced across her mind. The day she had found out about this terrible disease...the day she knew all possible actions failed...the day she knew shew was becoming weaker and weaker...

She loved her family. Krillin, with his caring nature and loveable heart...Marron, with her determination and intellectual mind...and her twin brother, the one who she went through all of life's problems with. The three meant more to her than life itself, although she didn't have much left.

When she had been wished a human, she never dreamed that she'd die like this. That day, almost ten years ago, Krillin was able to get the dragon to wish her human so she'd someday grow old and die with him. She could see herself, graying hair, old wrinkled body, sitting beside her beloved Krillin, as the last of their days drew near.

But seven months ago, all that had changed. She had suddenly felt large lumps upon her breasts and was hurting more than she ever knew. Her physical pain increased until she went to the doctor. That's where she found out about this terrible disease. Breast Cancer.

Many had died from it, while the lucky ones barely made it out in one whole piece. There lives had been taken from them so quickly, destiny not allowing them to live through what they wished they could experiance.

She had only lived about 38 years on this planet, although her age was really only 28, since she only became able to age ten years ago. She barely knew much of this planet, being on a secluded island and taking occasional trips to close friends or Satan City.

At the moment, she felt more than 28 years old. She extremely short blonde hair, spiked her head, her skin like that of a skeleton. Her once icy, vibrant eyes, were now as cold and lonely as ever. The last time she was happy and carefree seemed like ages ago.

A clicking from the door told her that someone was entering the room. She used as much strength as she could muster to turn away from the closed window and stare at the pale, sad figure of her husband Krillin, as he entered, closely followed by Marron and Juunanagou.

"How are you doing Juu-chan?" Krillin asked, dreading whatever answer would escape her lips. He tried to hide the fear in his voice but Juuhachigou picked up on it right away.

"A-a little better..." she lied, whispering so softly that she was barely heard.

Marron looked at her with sad, blue eyes that she had gained from her. As much as she tried to stay calm for Juuhachigou's sake, you could tell her thoughts were of fear and sadness.

"D-do you need something mother?" Marron asked, hoping to have some distraction.

Her mother shook her head softly and then broke into a raging cough. Their hearts held in their throughts as they watched the strongest woman on this planet, wither away from an uncurable disease (well, uncurable for her present position).

" should rest a while longer," Juunanagou said coldly.

"Brother, I can't rest. The second I do..." her voice trailed off.

They then knew it had come to this. These were to be her last moments with them. That miracle they had hoped for for so long...all hope for her was immediately diminished by the words she had just spoken. The three fell in silent, realizing her fate as well as herself.

"Juu-kun? Can you come here for a second?" Juuhachigou whispered to her twin.

He approached her, eyes as cold as ice.

"I know you don't show it but you are afraid inside. I can sense it," she said softly. "But the time has come for us to seperate. All through those first days of our creation, I always thought that we'd be side by side for all eternity, reeking havoc on those we thought weaker. But I was wrong and I'm proud to be wrong. I'm proud to feel these emotions and proud to have had a caring, old brother, like you, even though you never show it."

As these words were absorbed by the android, two small tears trailed down his cheeks, striking his sister's face. He then gave a small nod and stepped back to allow Marron forward.

Juuhachigou smiled at her only child, memories of holding the young girl in her arms flooding back to her. Now, she wasn't a little girl anymore, being 18 years old and off to college soon.

"I'm sorry for putting you through this. You're so young and still have your life ahead of you. You don't deserve to have to be put through this along with me," Juuhachigou said.

Marron shook her head roughly, tears falling down her cheeks rapidly. "D-don't be sorry. Things like this happen and we have to deal with them. It's not your fault."

Juuhachigou slowly raised her hand and lightly brushed Marron's cheek. "You're the most beautiful gift I've ever brought into this world. I know you'll make me proud."

At that moment, Marron birst into sobs, hugging her dying mother in a tight embrace. After a few moments, Juuhachigou asked both her brother and daughter to leave the room so she could talk to her husband privately. As soon as they left, he approached her bed, tears threatening to fall at any moment.


"Krillin? I have something important to tell you," she interupted.

He stopped and stared down at her.

" proud I was? How I never dared to say the three words that you could say so easilly and caringly? Those three words that scared me away?"

He silently nodded.

"All my life, I hid behind a mask. I never wanted to appear weak or foolish. And when I felt I could show my emotions, I chided myself for being pathetic. But now, as I realize my last moments are upon me, I fell I can say...the one...thing...I...couldn't say...before..."

Krillin took her hand and held it fiercely as she weakly tried to say the words.


Krillin's eyes watered with more tears as he heard her say those special words she was too afraid to say before. Even as she said it, tears streaked her face and her eyes, for the first time in months, looked so powerful and strong, filled with love and happiness.

But as soon as that moment came, it immediately left, leaving a cold blank space as her life left her. Krillin broke into a heart wrenching sob and Marron and Juunanagou quickly ran into the room, now crying over their late wife, mother, and sister. She was now one of the fallen.


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