Hey, this is my next beautiful story. I though about this one by listening to "Drowning" by the Backstreet boys and "Austin" By Blake shelton. Well, I hope you enjoy this one.

     One day Trunks lay in his room, missing his beloved Pan. Trunks has never told her his feeling, which is why he is still stuck with the bitch Marron. He hardly talked to her anymore. See no Marron wanted to move on a little farther with their relationship , like get a little "more serious." Trunks kept telling her "I will think about it, don't worry." She just won't leave Trunks the hell alone.

     "Mom how do you tell someone you love them but they might not like you?" Asked Trunks walking into Bulma's lab.

     "Well, honey it depends on how you want to say it to them. You could just go up to them and tell them, you could tell them by a sweet passionate kiss, or just hide it until it slips out." Said Bulma glaring at his son." "Well, who is this person that you want to tell Trunks" Asked Bulma grinning.

     "Well, you know how Pan left for collage 2 years ago well I still like her and I want to tell her that I do. But I can't say it to her face." Said Trunks blushing.

     "First of all get rid of the other girl trunks. Plus Pan's coming back tomorrow and we're having a big surprise party for her." Said Bulma smacking Trunks on the back.

     "But Mom." Said Trunks who was cut of by Bulma.

     "Trunks it's getting late. Why don't you go to bed?" Said Bulma hugging her son.

     "Fine I will go to bed." Said Trunks running off to his room.

     When Trunks entered his room he lied down on his bed. All he could think about was Pan, he wanted to hold her, kiss her soft lips, just to be with her, but no he couldn't tell her this before she ran off to collage. Trunks sat up in bed as this stuff bolted through his mind.

     "Crap! What if she already has a boyfriend?" Asked Trunks with a big sweat drops coming off of his face.

     "Yea, you should have thought of that first Trunks. Watch our language to." Said Bulma closing the door his bedroom.

     "Wait, but I didn't know you were there." Said Trunks, but I was to late Bulma had already left his room.

     The next morning Trunks woke up to hear his family already awake. H got up to go down stairs to see what was going on. To his surprise he saw a big sign hung up saying "Welcome Back Pan!" and a whole bunch of other decorations. Bra saw Trunks just standing there in a Trance.

     "Trunks what's wrong?" Asked Bra waving her hand in front of his face.

     "N-Nothing." Said Trunks walking into the kitchen.

     "Oh, good morning honey." Said Bulma putting the last touch of frosting on the big cake.

     "Mom what are you doing?" Asked Trunks rummaging through the fridge.

     "Remember Pan's coming home today." Said Bulma putting the cake cover on.

     "Oh crap I gotta go get dressed." Said Trunks teleporting to his room.

     He sat in his room trying to think of something to where. He opened his closet and pulled out a pair of baggy black jeans and a black shirt. He threw it on, combed his hair and went down stares.

     "Wow Trunks you actually look decent for once!" Laughed Bra.

     "Oh and you think you do?" Asked Trunks glaring at her.

     "OH so you think dark blue bell bottoms with slits in the sides and black half shirt isn't decent?" Asked Bra grinning.

     "Well, the pants are fine it just how can you wear underwear with them if the slits are almost up to your hips? Asked Trunks grinning back.

     "Oh that Mom bought me a thong the other day." Said Bra slapping Trunks on the back.

     "Oh she did, did she." Said Trunks grinning.

     "OH come on Trunks you should know by now that me, Marron, and Pan we all wear them. They are what in style now Trunks." Said Bra walking into the kitchen. "OH and don't forget so dose Mom."

     "Why dose Mom wear them?" Asked Trunks turning into the kitchen.

     "So she can turn dad on in bed." Said Bra laughing.

     "Where did you hear that from?" Asked Bulma looking up.

     "Believe Mom I can hear you two all night. It is so annoying." Said Bra breaking down into a laugh.

     "Bra if your father found out....."

     "Found out what?" Asked Vegeta cutting off Bulma's sentence.

     "Oh nothing honey. You just finish putting the balloons out on the house." Said Bulma glaring at Bra.

     "Fine women but believe me if you don't tell me what the hell it is I will sleep out on the couch tonight and you can for get our little date." Said Vegeta leaving the room.

     Bra and Trunks looked the eachother, then at Bulma and started laughing.

     "Whats so funny guys?" Asked Bulma placing her hands on her hips.

     "Oh nothing!" Laughed Trunks and Bra at the same time.

     "Ugh, you guy I'm pretty sure Trunks has done the same thing." Said Bulma laughing.

     With that Trunks stopped dead in his tracks. He turned around and aimed a ki blast right at his mother. But before it hit her Vegeta teleported in front of the blast and caught it.

     "Boy are you trying to kill you're mother!" Yelled Vegeta holding Bulma in his arms. "Now stop you're fooling around, the guest will be arriving any minute." Said Vegeta leaving them in them in the room.

     A few minutes later all the guests were there except Pan, Videl, and Gohan. Just when Trunks was getting comfy on the couch next to his girlfriend they pulled into the driveway. Everybody hid except Bulma and Vegeta. Marron laying on top of Trunks forced her tongue into his mouth. The doorbell rang and Bulma answered it. Gohan, Videl, and Pan walked in.

     "Why is it so dark in here?"Asked Pan confused.

     Just then Vegeta turned on the light and everyone but Trunks and Marron yelled surprise. Pan was very happy with the party, but she couldn't find Trunks anywhere. All of a sudden everybody stopped what they were doing and found Trunks and Marron on the floor kissing. See Trunks was pushing her to get off him, but she wouldn't budge. Marron finally decided to stop and stood up.

     "Hi!" Yelled Marron a little embarassed because of what happened.

     Trunks stood up and left the room furious. Pan handed her coat to Gohan and ran upstairs after him.

     "Trunks? May I come in?" Asked Pan knocking on the door.

     "Sure." Said Trunks shyly.

     "Whats wrong?" Asked Pan a little jealous of what just happened.

     "Well see Marron want to move on with our relationship, and I don't because I like y..." Said Trunks cutting himself off.

     "Well, I can't help you unless you tell me who you like. Said Pan unfolding her arms to show a beautifully developed body.

     "Well, come here and I will tell you." Said Trunks pointing to his lap.

     With that Pan walked over to where Trunks was sitting and straddled his lap. Trunks took one look at the 20 year old women that sat in front of him. Her hair in a loose bun that had curled bangs in her face, and a twin outfit to match Bra's.

     "Well, are you going to tell me or am I going to have to sit like this all day." Said Pan putting her arms around his neck.

     "Ok I will." Said Trunks putting his arms around his waist.

     But before he could get any words out of his mouth he pulled her into a deep passionate kiss. Pan broke the kiss after a few minutes.

     "So I take it you like me." Said Pan getting off of him.

     "Well, yeah." Said Trunks hugging her.

     Trunks was lucky to let go of her fast because Bra and Goten came up stairs after them.

     "Hey guys hat are you to up to in there?" Asked Goten walking into the room.

     "Nothing I'm just trying to cheer him up." Said Pan walking next to Bra and her Uncle.

     "Well, come on you two Bulma wants to put the food out." Said Goten hurrying them down stares.

     Trunks, Pan, Bra. and Goten hurried down stairs to find everybody with a grin on their faces.

     "Why are you guys staring at us like that?" Asked Bra and Pan confused.

     "Oh so you don't find it weird how Trunks disappeared, then Pan, then Goten, and the Bra!" Said Bulma laughing.

     "Boy you go Pan's lipstick on you." Said Vegeta really loud.

     "Dad shut up! You trying to get me busted by... Oh hi Marron!" Screamed Trunks in her ear.

     "Trunks why didn't you just tell me that you didn't love me any more. I would have been perfectly fine with it. I just want you to be happy." Said Marron. " I will let you think about it for a while and see where out relationship can go." Said Marron hugging her boyfriend.

     With that she walked and away while Bra walked up with Pan.

     "Daddy, can Pan sleep over tonight?" Asked Bra with the puppy dog face look.

     "I really don't care anymore." Said Vegeta. "Boy you can have Goten sleep over with you want to. Said Vegeta walking to Bulma.

     "Oh thanks. I will go tell him." Said Trunks running over to goten.

     "Goten do you wanna sleep over?" Asked Trunks a little hyper active.

     "Yea sure. Lets go get my stuff." Said Goten.

     With that Goten, Trunks, Pan, and Bra took off to get their stuff.

     "Uncle Goten I didn't know you were sleeping over too." Said Pan setting her stuff down on the floor to remove her jacket.

     "Yeah we better keep our selves separated from eachother since we all have crushes on someone." Said Trunks laughing.

     Pan looked over at Bra and laughed.

     "What's so funny?" Asked Bra after they went up stairs.

     "You like Goten." Laughed Pan even harder.

     "Yeah so." Said Bra hiding her face in her pillow.

     "Wait dose goten now?" Asked Pan talking her hair down.

     "Yes," Said Bra hiding her face even more.

     "Wait are you and my uncle going out?" Asked Pan dropping her hair clips.

     "Well, yeah." Said Bra jumping up and down on her bed to drain her parents noise.

     (Later in Trunks' room)

     "Goten are you and my sister going out?" Asked Trunks.

     "Well, yeah I guess I am going out with her." Said Goten blushing.

     "Hey why don't we listen to some music." Said Trunks noticing his parents were at it again.

     "Sure I don't care anything to stop listening to Bra and Pan sing to there music." Said Goten laughing.

     Trunks put on his music and started talking to Goten. After a while they fell asleep.

     "Hey Bra I think they fell asleep. Let's go in." Said Pan laughing.

     They walked in Trunks' room and laid down with the guys.

     "I can't wait for their expression when they wake up." Said Bra and Pan with evil grins on their faces.

-Pan =)