Author's Notes: A quick TM fic on Marron going off to college and Trunks saying goodbye. But, is he really saying goodbye? You can decide if you want me to make another part or a quick conclusion to show what happens.

Disclaimer: I don't own Trunks or Marron or anything related to DBZ (except, I have a few fics, but I don't own the characters).

*Dreams Beyond Imagination*

Marron stared blankly at the wall of her bedroom wall, feeling the tension grow by the second. Across from her, on her light pink bed, sat the one and only person who was constantly on her mind, the one who's light smirk can send her heart running a mile a minute, the one who's sarcasm and prankster ways can make her smile...Trunks.

He had only come over to talk to her, to tell her something important before she left to college the next day. Even though they would still be close to eachother, they would not be able to talk or hangout much because of Trunks new promotion as President of Capsule Corp and also since Marron would be too busy at the college, what with studying and all.

So far, neither have spoken, both feeling queasy and sad knowing that these would be the last moments they get to see eachother. The silence was growing more unbearable by the second, both feeling as if their insides would explode. Finally, after a long time full of silence, Trunks broke it.

"So? You're going to college," he whispered, staring sadly at the wall in front of him.

"Yeah, I am..." Marron replied, her voice trailing off.

Neither knew what to make of this situation. And silence, of course, soon follwed. Again, after another eternity of staring and quiet, Marron turned to Trunks.

"Trunks? You said you had something important to say. Well, I have something to tell you too."

Trunks looked almost hopefully at Marron. "Do you want to go first?'

Marron shook her head. "No, that's okay. You go first."

"Well...I just want you to know...we've been friends for a long time..." he started.


Trunks seemed to have lost his voice. He stared deep into Marron's eyes, as if trying to find the strength to say the most important words of his life. His emotions were overwelming, almost scaring him, from what Marron could tell.

"Are you going to finish?" she asked, her blue eyes twinkling brightly.

Trunks whisper could barely be heard as he replied, "I'll miss you...that's all."


Disapointment was quite apparent in her voice and she almost wanted to slap herself for saying it like that, as if the world was at it's final days. Why couldn't anything go right for her?

At that moment, she looked deep into her soul, searching for strength. After another moment of silence, she turned to Trunks again, her light blue eyes staring deep into his.

"Wh-what do you want to say?" Trunks asked nervously.

Marron smiled. "I wasn't going to ask you anything. I was only going to"

"Really?!" Trunks said, falling off the bed in shock.

Marron laughed and fell on top of him, giggling crazilly.

"Hahahaha!!! You were so shocked!!! Hahahaha!!!!"

Trunks blushed wildly, staring at the laughing Marron who was pressed so closely against him, and, by the looks of it, she didn't even seem to notice. Then, an evil thought came into mind, and Trunks turned Marron over, pinning her against the ground.

"Trunks??? Hahahaha!!! Stop it!!!"

But before Marron could continue to shout, Trunks pressed his lips firmly against hers, enveloping her into a deep kiss. And as the lay on the floor, the kiss grew more wanting, more needing and Trunks decided to spice things up a bit by forcing his tongue through her mouth, massaging her own and exploring her in the heat of their beginning passion.

Soon, before Trunks even realized it, Marron added even more spice by sliding her arms around his waist and grabbing at his shirt, yanking it off with a force she never knew existed. The heat between them kindled greatly, with Trunks now also tearing off Marron's clothes.

There went the tanktop, skirt, pants, and bra, leaving the couple only in their undergarment, on top of the pink, velvet, carpet. Trunks immediately advanced on Marron, their lips parting as he explored her neck, nipping and sucking on it. His teeth became bared for a moment, the saiyan side of him taking over and he bit into her as she gasped in shock and he lapped up what little blood came out.

His hands roamed around her body, making her moan and gasp in pleasure. He rubbed her large breasts, teasing her pink nipples with his thumbs, before breaking away from her neck and sliding his tongue down. His mouth met it's desired destination, kissing his way to her right nipple and then teasing and suckling her. As he did this, his hands roamed down along her stomach, traveling to her thighs and ripping away her pink panties.

"" she managed to gasp.

Which, Trunks only managed to smirk at her.

His fingers travelled to her navel, running through her light curls and immediately entering the inside of her. Marron winced in pain as two fingers were shoved in, being her first time.

He slowly slid them through in and out in a rythm, increasing a little more as they went along, teasing her. As he went through, she became more wet and when Marron felt as in her insides would burst, he removed his hand, smirking evilly at her.

"Not...fair..." she complained, panting heavilly.

But then, she smirked.

"You're turn."

Sitting up and pushing him down onto his back, crawling on top of his stomach. For a few moments, she marvelled at his muscular body, tracing her finger along the curves of his muscles. Then, all of a sudden, she pulled down his dark blue boxers and grabbed at his manhood, rubbing him as he moaned.

Her hands slid almost expertly along the nine inches. Then, she lowered her mouth onto him, licking the tip of it as he gave a small shiver. She wrapped her tongue around the bulging piece, sucking gently on him. Her mouth covered the whole length as she continued, sucking more greatly on him. At last, he came into her mouth, white liquid dripping down from the sides of her chin as she lapped it up.

By now, both were extremely enticed, prepared for the next step. Trunks pulled Marron under him and advanced on her, thrusting into her right away. After another painful gasp, he continued, thrusting in and out slowly.

Marron was overwelmed, her back arching along with him, along with her bucking hips and her chest starting to heave in exuastion as their movements became faster. She had been wanting him for so long and now she would have him forever, she thought, as they began calling eachother's name.

Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist, allowing him to go even deeper. His hands roamed her body, grabbing at her breasts as the two began to climax. He thrusted into her even harder, the intensity causing a few tears to sueeze through her eyes. And with that one, final thrust, they both climaxed into one another.

Trunks collapsed beside Marron, both covering up with the pink blanket on Marron's bed. At that moment, as they lay, gasping and staring at the roof, only one thought ran through their heads. Is this a dream?

But, as Marron invited Trunks open arms to wrap around her protectively, she heard him whisper, "I love you..." befor he drifted off into slumber and knew that this wasn't a dream. This was her passionate reality.