The Big Finale

As we reached our destination I got more and more curious. I wanted to see what they had conjured up. Then I gasped. We stopped in front of the
clearing and got out. Bulma put the car back into its capsule.

"Wow…" I managed to mutter.

The scene was beautiful. There was a crystal clear lake in front of us with beautiful trees and flowers, not to mention a table with… my tablecloth? There
was also a wood stage with velvet curtains. Suddenly I felt a hand slip around my waist. I whipped around.

"Gohan!" I practically screamed. I noticed he was still wearing he waiter's suit from the other night.

"Good evening ladies."

"What's going on here?!"

"Is there a problem?"

"Uh, I guess not."

"Good, then shall I show you to your table?"

He guided us to a table and pulled our chairs out for us. We at down and I looked down. I was right! I knew it was my tablecloth! I looked under it. Aha!
And this was Bulma's lab table! So I guess I was right about the ninjas…

"I was right." I said.

"About what?" Bulma asked.

"Look under the tablecloth."

Bulma looked under it and gasped. "That's my lab table!" She turned to me. "So it was them after all!"

"And I bet Darien was the one you saw kiss me last night!" Diana beamed.

She was right. Goku was the tall muscular one, Vegeta was the short muscular one, and Darien was the average skinny one. Ha! I knew it was them.
Gohan came up to us once again.

"What would you like to eat?" He asked.

"Pssst. Psst! Hey kid!" Someone whispered.

Gohan turned around. "What?"

Vegeta stepped out of the shadows. "You can't feed them."

"Why not?"

Vegeta turned around and yelled: "Because some baka ate it all last night!"

Goku came out and blushed. We giggled. Goku with his Saiyan appetite it's no wonder he ate it all already. I saw him eating a bag of chips while he was
stealing the food last night. He couldn't even wait until he got out of the house!

Goku smiled. "Hey ChiChi!" He picked me out of my seat. "Why are you wearing my clothes?"

"I like them."

"And I like them on you. You look more… more…"

"More, what?"

"More… manlier."


"You look more…… manlier." He said it more slowly and carefully this time.

Darien came along with a microphone. What was he going to do with a microphone? He went up to Diana and picked her out of her seat also.

"Diana, I'd love it if you'd sing." He said into the mic.

Diana gasped. "I…"

He giggled. "And I promise I won't start any fights."

"But, I don't have any music or anything."

"I'll take care of that." He pointed to the stage. "Hit it guys!"

The curtains opened. We all gasped. Piccolo, Trunks, Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien were all onstage with various instruments. Diana gasped and covered her

"These guys are friends of Goku, Vegeta and Gohan." He explained. "They agreed to play for you."

Diana gave Darien a big hug and kiss. She took the mic from him and went to go on stage. Darien wouldn't let her. He insisted that she dance with him
also. She nodded and the band struck up music. She started to sing a pretty song called I Will Always Love You. Goku started dancing with me also.

"ChiChi?" He said while we were dancing.


"I'm sorry I ate all the food. But, we still have some chips!"

I laughed. "No, that's ok."

"But what if you were hungry?"

"Don't worry about it."

Goku frowned. "And… I'm sorry for dancing with that girl."

I gasped and looked up at him. How did he know I knew about that? How did he know I was upset about it? But I was glad he knew. Because if I ever
catch him dancing with a slut like that again I'll- I didn't want to think about that though.

"And…?" I said.

"And…I'll never do it again." Goku smiled.

I smiled and sighed a happy sigh. I placed my head in the nape of Goku's neck. Oh no! What about Bulma! I totally forgot about her! I looked over to the
table and she wasn't there. Then I noticed, Bulma was dancing with her husband.


"Vegeta?" Bulma said.

"I… didn't mean what I said. I… really don't hate you." (You can imagine how much pride he just lost there.)



Vegeta held Bulma closer. She hoped he was right and he was just letting off some steam last night or something. Bulma wrapped her arms around his

I was relieved. Bulma and Vegeta had made up, and Goku was sorry, and hopefully Darien will get over his nasty fighting habit. I looked towards the left
and saw them two dancing and Diana singing.

"Hey Diana…" Darien whispered while she was singing. "Guess what? You got to sing in front of an audience like you always wanted, and I didn't start a

She smiled and continued singing.

::sigh:: I placed my head on Goku's chest. I wasn't paying much attention to anyone after that though. I think it was because I had just realized something
I hadn't earlier. Goku, Vegeta, and Darien went through a lot of trouble to set this all up. It was their way of saying they were sorry. I couldn't believe it at
first. In fact, I denied it, but when I saw Goku's goofy face and hold out his hand to me, I couldn't refuse the fact anymore.

I felt like crying so badly, yet I held it in just like Goku was holding me in his arms. I pressed even closer to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. I
looked around once again and saw Bulma dancing with her husband. Vegeta had finally swallowed his pride for once, just to make his wife happy. And
Darien, he vowed never to start another fight again, and let his girlfriend sing her heart out. I couldn't help but smile as I laid my head back on Goku's

"You know what?" He whispered to me.


"I love you."

I loved him so much at that moment. If only everything could stay like this forever. It was an impossible wish, but one could dream. Besides, I'd always
have this moment to treasure, forever.

THE END (Finally.)