What Kurrin Did for Me

Kurrin, he had done a lot for me. I know that he thinks that I take that for granted, but I do not. I just can't show him that I love him because, I feel that there is a barrier between me and my emotions. I always feel like crying but I never can. I can't even make myself say a simple thing like thank you for saving my life to him or anybody. He saved my life and the least I can do is to say thank you, but I can't even do that.

He saved my life, even though I was evil and cared nothing of his fate. I even was trying to kill his lifelong best friend Goku. I beat up all of his friends. He was mad at me at first and I took pity on him and gave him what I call the "Kiss of death" which meant that I would kill him later(very glad I did not, I would hate myself if I did). He risked his life along with the very fate of the planet all because he loved me, and I was a threat to him and the planet the whole time. Was his saving me the cause of me giving him a kiss? I decided to ask him, even if it was 3:18 in the morning.

I opened up my eyes, thought over the words I was going to say and was about to wake him up when he stirred in his sleep.

Wait, it would be better if I just asked him in the morning, he probably wants to get some rest, marron's birthday is tommorrow, and we had a long day going out to buy her some gifts. It will be her second birthday. I remember the day she was born. I felt like I was not alone in the world anymore. I fell back to sleep.

I awakened with Kurrin rubbing my head. "Good morning Juu-chan."


sleep well

Yeah, you?

Don't really remember

As usual, if you don't remember that means you slept good dummie, anways I had a question to ask you.

Kurrin scratched his head, ahhh.... ok.

What made you save my life during the whole Cell thing?

Ahhh... why do you ask?

I was evil tried to kill your best friend, beat up all of your friends, was a threat to the whole universe, yet you saved me from Cell when he was trying to absorb me, and if he managed to do that .... which he did... he became the most powerfull fighter trying to destroy the universe. you risked your life and everybody elses trying to save an evil person like me, why?

I guess because, you did not look like you really wanted to kill, you looked beautiful and I fell in love with you..... after the kiss that is

ahhh. so it was the kiss.

Yeah I guess so. Sorry.

Sorry, for what saving my life and wishing the bombs out of me, that was more then I could ask for.

I have allways wanted to tell you thank you for what you have done and that I love you too.

You mean it?

Yeah, It has been hard for me to say it, even though I mean it with all of my heart, just an android thing.

They hugged each other, 18 wispered in Kurrins ear, "Hey, lets go to dinner tonight, and leave marron at Goten's house. want to?"

Yeah that would be great!

I know that it was not a really good fiction but, it was just something I did at night when I was really bored, If you want to talk to me about it just visit the feedback section or the top of my home page and send me feedback there