Dear Diary: The Day My Hope Died
(Fanfic by Nana-gou *or Juu-chan*)

Dear Diary,
     I’ve never really talked to anyone about this before. No one would understand, not even Chi-Chi. Even she thinks that Vegeta was nothing but a cold-blooded killer. But I know better. He gave me a wonderful son and I saw a side of him that not even he knew he had. My world seemed to stop when…he died. I think now that it’s time that I tell someone about…that day. So here it is: May 16, the day my hope died.

     It was a wonderfully sunny day, the day kind of day that makes people think that nothing can go wrong. It was almost true, in fact, except that everyone knew that the androids were on the loose. Somehow, even that early in the day, I knew something was going to happen. Vegeta was gone, had been gone since I had woken up that perfect morning. But then again, Vegeta was always gone. Somehow, though, I knew that this time would be different. This time, he was facing the most powerful enemy he had ever faced-the androids, 17 and 18. I thought that he would be all right, so I disregarded the feeling and went to work in my lab. I was alone in the house that day-Gohan had taken Trunks to help Vegeta. I was worried, but they were all strong. I was pretty sure that Vegeta would refuse the help, but even alone he was strong. He would never admit to any weakness. I worked in the lab until late, then decided to visit Chi-Chi. She had been so lonely since Goku passed away. I got in my Capsule Car and headed over. When I pulled up in the Son’s driveway, Chi-chi was outside, crying again over the garden that Goku had helped her plant. I got out of the car and walked over to her. She collapsed in my arms and sobbed against my shoulder. That was when we heard the phone ring-late in the afternoon, when it seemed more than ever that nothing could go wrong. Chi-Chi pulled herself together and answered the phone. She started to cry again as she hung up, and looked at me sadly. She said that it Gohan had been on the phone. Vegeta had died. I guess I went into shock. I ran out the door and got into the car, remembering where Vegeta had told me the fight would be. I remember arriving at the battle scene. Trunks was crying and Gohan kept telling me to go, that he would take care of Vegeta. I yelled for him to let me by. He got out of the way and I jumped out of the car and ran towards the body on the ground. It was Vegeta. He was lying in a pool of his own blood. I fell on my knees beside his body and searched for any sign of life. I didn’t find one. I began to sob. I wouldn’t let Trunks or Gohan pull me away from him. Finally, I just became numb. I couldn’t cry anymore. I was covered in his blood. Trunks picked me up and carried me home. Gohan grabbed Vegeta and followed us at a distance, making sure that I couldn’t see Vegeta. Trunks put me in bed. I don’t know where Gohan put Vegeta until the funeral; he wouldn’t tell me, nor would they let me out of bed. I remember feeling that my world was collapsing in on itself. I don’t remember anything after that until the funeral. It was a rainy day, just like my mood. I burst into tears close to the end so Gohan took me inside and put me back in bed. I stayed in bed, numb, for two months, until we moved into the hidden shelter of Capsule Corporation. I stayed in one of the emergency beds there for another year, until Trunks reminded me that Vegeta wouldn’t have wanted me to sulk. So here I am now, not happy, but I’ll survive.

     It still brings tears to my eyes to remember what happened that day. That was the day my hope died.