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                                                                                               Where did we come fromTrunks?   part3

 "Are you down yet!!!" Goten said. Goku look at him and with a mouth full of food he said,"No". Now that just made Goten mad.Frist Goku eats his luch and now this." You know what....." Goten said. Goku look puzzled at him." No..What". He said." You a *BEEP BEEP*"Goten yelled at his father."Um son would you mind repeaing the last two words. Those cars are making so much noise!!!!"Goku said.

    "Your are such a brat." vegita said to Trunks." Now Vegita...You said you would tell him someday."Bluma said as she put Trunks on the bed."You heared mommy" Trunks said. " I will not tell him." Vegita said." Fine then Vegita" Bluma said."WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!" Trunks cryed as he flew out the window.

      Goku had finsh his lunch....or dinner judding by the time of day." Ok Goten....."Goku stated."(Yeah! I will know were I came from! )"Goten though. Goku looked up into the sky." It's getting too late. Let's head home."Goku said. That did it. Now he was very mad." You are so mean,hateful,and crul, daddy" Goten said. "I hate you!!" Goten yelled so loud that anyone could have heared them.With that Goten flew off

       Goten flew until he found Trunks at the hidden lake the two of them go to sometimes

      Goten flew down." I guess your dad didn't tell you anything as well." Goten said sadly.Trunks look up. " All he did was yell nd yell." Trunks said almost crying." I wish I had some friends who now where we came from." Trunks said. Just then an idea pop into Goten head." WE DO!" He yelled. Trunks look at him. " We do?"Trunks said. " Yeh it's Piccole,Denda,Killen,Tein,....You now...THE Z FIGHTERS!" Goten said.Trunks face lit up. " Yeh thats right" Trunks said. " Ok listen we will go in the afternoon." Goten said. the two of them were very happy." We WILL find out how we got here." They said together.