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            Where did we come from Trunks Part2
by Frankie and Joy

 "Did somebody get the number of the bus" Goku says as he slowy sits up. He looks around and see Vegeta laying on the ground." Somebody did a number on him." Goku said as he sat up." Dad your awake."Goten yelled to his father.Goku then heared a mumble."Where am I." Vegeta said as he slowly woke up.Goten looked happy."Hey Trunks,Vegeta up too." Goten said." Come on out Trunks." Goten yelled.Trunks came out into plain veiw." Um..guys..don't hurt me if ...um you think were...not ...um ready ...yet" Trunks said choking on every word." What are you taking about." Vegeta said. "I don't remember you asking us anything" He said." Yeh Me to" Goku said.Goten frowned. "Well then you can't tell us were we came from"Goten said. Goku and Vegeta started the faint but Trunks throw water on them." My dog ate my homework!" Goku yelled as he got hit with water." I did'nt know you had a dog Goku" Vegeta said laughting. Goku look at Goten. Ok Goku. You did this with Gohan and now have to do it with Goten.Goku though." Ok so you wan't to know where you came from." Goku said to Goten." Yes. Yes. YES!" Goten said. "Ok then. Come with me." Goku said as he flew off.

  " So dad are you going to tell me were I came from."Trunks said hopefuly." Well let me think....NO!" Vegeta said." But why? Goten get's to know and so should I.' Trunks said." No and that's that" Vegeta said laguthing.(Crying) " Your mean" Trunks said. Trunks being so anrgy he fired a KI blast at Vegeta." Why you little.." Vegeta was cut off by a voice." VEGETA! YOU STOP IT RIGTH NOW" Bluma's voice came. Vegeta just truned away.I hate that women.Vegeta though.

  " This stop is Goten" Goku said as he and Goten pick a spot to *Talk*. "Yeah this is great and all but can you please tell me were I came form" Goten said for about the 1,000,000 time.Goku sat on a rock and started to think about were to begin." Well I think.." Goku said. Goten grin started to grow. " I think we should start right..." Goku said. Goten grin grew even more." I think we should start right after......Lunch. Man am I hungry."Goku said.Goten grin drop and he fell Japaness stile.

 AT this rate will they every find out how the came to be?

To be continued.....

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