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                                 Whear did we come from???
by Frankie and Joy

One sunny afternoon Trunks and Goten were hanging out by Goten's house. They were talking about thing that kids would take about.(AN: The Trunks in this story is the baby trunks that is in the DBZ eps now.) It was going along fine till Goten brought up the question.

"Hey Trunks?" ask Goten a little nervously." Yeah Goten." Trunks said to Goten."Well do you know...." Goten said sundering."What is it Goten. You know I can tell me anything." Trunks said. Goten shyly said," Do you know were I came from?" Goten look at the expesstion on Trunks face. Trunks look at Goten and said," Well How am I suppose to know that" He said. Goten was very embarrassed he ask that questoin. Goten quickly  said," I know. It was a stupid question. I just thougth because...." He was cut off by Trunks." I mean how am I suppose know were you came from If I don't know were I came from." Trunks said also looking a little embarrassed.Goten look surprised. He though for sure he would have known were he came from. Thats why he asked him."You  don't know were you came from ?" Goten ask." Nope" Was all that Trunks said. A grin came across Goten face. " Well If I want to find out and you want to find out we should ask our dads!" Goten yelled. "Hey who said I wanted to find out", Trunks said. " Oh stup up." Goten said as he pulled Trunks into the air and flew off.
   "Ka ma ha ma HA!!!" Goku yelled. (AN: Gokuu is how the realy spell his name but who cares). The kamahamaha blast went flying across the plain were he and vegeta were training.Vegeta block the blast and sent it into the air." Was that your best shot."Vegeta snickered." I was just warming...Goten and Trunks?!?!" Goku said as he saw the two fling down to them. Vegeta looked very angry when Goten and Trunks landed. "What do you two brats want." ,He said . "Relax Vegeta. Hi Goten. Hi Trunks. What do you guys want?"Goku said nicely. Trunks started," Well....we....would like...too..know were we came... from"Trunks said. Goku look puzzled. "What was the last word?" He said." From" Goten said. Veget and Goku both fainted. Trunks and Goten look at there fathers" You killed them" Trunks said

  To be contiued.....

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