Goten and Gohan                      

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                            Gohan and Goten

Mom why dont i have a dad  ??? asked a 5 year old goten

not now dear I'm cooking you can ask me after dinner OK?? sayed chi chi  

OK mom   

now goten go get your brother i think he is traning with vegeta  at  C.C and  no playing with Trunks i want the two of you back  a.s.a.p. do I make my self clear ???

oh Mom do i have to go get brother ?and yes i  understand said goten putting on his best puppy face  

Yes and that face does not work for me OK say a slightly angery chi chi  

OK momma i go get brother and not play with Trunks  and coem back with brother said a sad goten  

thats my  boy  

** Goten left to C.C to get his brother **

**** At C.C ( where Gohan and Vegeta are traning ****



yellled vegeta and gohan at the same time as two differend color beams came out of thear hands .  
As they relest  there beams collide and explode leaving a big crater in the ground and a batted and bloody Gohan and  Vegeta.

*** Goten touches down on to C.C ****

GOHAN - GOHAN  where are you ??? screamed Goten

Im over hear Goten said a beat up Gohan

OK mom sent me to come get you for dinner lets GO !!

I'll be there in a little while Goten i have to finish training

But mom said now and she got  angry befor i left

Don't worry Goten

IM over hear goten  a teen gohan yelled out

OK momma wants you back for dinner lets go

i be thear in a little goten i haev to finish traning

but momma sayd now and she even got mad

dont worry goten i be home in a little  while i promace now go home

NO i wont till you go home !!!! scremed goten

NO GO HOME GOTEN !!! gohan scremed back

WILL THE TWO OF YOU SHUT UP !!!! scremed a now angry vegeta

sorry vegeta  sayd.  gohan

well you better be  say a very cocky vegeta

Goten for the last time GO HOME !!!

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO momma sayed for me to get you and  come home with you

Well I'M 17 and your 5 I dont have to listen to you OK so go home!

NO if i do i tell mom that you would come home and you yellled at me

SO go and tell her

Fine i will with that Goten flew off

Good bye i though i would never get rid of you Gohan said to him self, as he went back to training with Vegeta

To Be Continued ....................

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