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The Best Way To Say 'I Love You'

Bulma sat on her bed thinking. It had been a day since Vegeta flew off for God knows what
reason. But she knew the reason. Right before he left; and most likely the reason he left;
she had admitted her feelings to him. She had just recently realized that she loved him
deeply, for what reason she had no idea. She had kissed him passionately after she told
him, and then in confusion, he just left. She had gone to her room and not come out since

All she wanted was her Vegeta, she knew Vegeta would never cheat on her or hurt her in
any way, she knew that. Not like that scum Yamcha who cheated on her every chance he got.
He had tried many times to get her in to bed, and she had refused many times which pissed
him off every time so he would walk out. She was still a virgin, she was saving herself
for someone she really, truly loved, and that person was Vegeta. She wanted him so bad,
she was lonely and needed someone.

There was a sudden breeze flowing into the room from the open balcony window making Bulma

"Stupid women, maybe you wouldn't be cold if you weren't wearing something so skimpy,"
came a voice from the direction of the window.

Bulma's eyes flew open, she knew that deep voice. She raise her head to face the window
just in time to see Vegeta float through the white, clear drapes. Tears formed in her
eyes. "Vegeta... you came back."

"Yeah well..." he replied turning his head to the side, looking away from her.

"Came back for food or what?" Bulma said getting up and walking over to him. She noticed
that the closer she came the more nervous he got. This almost made her smile.

"Uhhh.... I've been thinking since I left... And I've come to a conclusion...." he
sputtered out nervously.

"Really? What's that?" Bulma said seductively, stopping right in front of him. She was so
close to him she was almost touching him.

"You know I'm not one to openly express my feelings--"

"Isn't that pretty obvious?" Bulma interrupted.

"... Yea, well..... It's hard for me to accept the fact of your damn human emotions. But
upon further investigation of myself...."

"Did you write this speech with a dictionary? Such big words!" Bulma smiled, pushing up
against him, making him shiver slightly.

Trying to ignore her words and her brushing up against him, he continued. "Uhhh.... As
much as I would like to not believe I am capable of such pointless human emotions... I
uhhh.... I uhhh...."

Bulma leaned up and whispered in his ear. "Nothing says 'I love you' like a good 69er..."

Vegeta's eyes widened. 'Boy, she gets right to the point doesn't she...' he thought. He
pulled back and looked at her. He was drowning in her beautiful blue eyes. She wrapped
her arms around his neck and kissed him. At first, he did nothing, but then he gave into
temptation, and his feelings, and deepened the kiss. She licked his lips, trying to get
him to open up. When he did, she slid her tongue into his mouth, sparring with his.

As their tongues searched each other's mouths, Vegeta picked her up and brought her over
to the bed and lay her down. He broke off the kiss and kissed all around her face, then
traveled hot kisses down her neck. His hands grasped the bottom of her clear red nighty
and slowly pulled it off. When it reached her neck, he stopped kissing her and slowly
pulled the nighty over her head. He sat back and just gawked at her wonderful body. She
had on lacy black underwear. Vegeta smirked and continued kissing her neck. He proceeded
in reaching behind her and unclasped her bra; he would have ripped it off, but he wanted
to save these for another time. He removed the bra and tossed it to the floor, the
traveled down to her breasts. He kissed all around them, squeezing them gently.

Bulma felt like she was in heaven, all the sensations filling her at once, Yamcha was
nothing compared to Vegeta. She sighed blissfully as Vegeta started licking all around
her breasts. She gasped as he came to the hardening nipple on her right breast and gently
began to suck on it while pinching her left nipple. Her breathing became ragged as he
gently pulled on it with his teeth.

He left her breasts and traveled down further, stopping at her navel. He started making
circles with his tongue around her belly button before dipping into it, making Bulma
shiver and let out a little squeal.

He continued downward till he reached the top of her panties. He smirked and pulled them
off with his teeth then tossing them to the floor too. He kissed his way up her leg and
to her inner thigh. Finally reaching his destination, he inhaled her scent, hardly able
to contain himself.

But before he could do anything from there, Bulma lifted his head up and pulled his face
up to hers, kissing him long and hard. "Now it's your turn," she whispered afterwards,
flipping him so he was on his back on the bed. She dragged her fingers along his chest,
approaching the hem of his spandex pants. Upon reaching them, she slowly lowered them,
noticing and not surprised that he wore nothing under them. She was amazed at his size,
at least 9 inches. She brushed her lips over his tip, making him shiver. He instantly
pulled her up and whispered, "How about that intriguing idea you mentioned earlier?"
Bulma smiled at this and pushed him down onto the bed.

She lowered her bottom onto his smirking face as she came down to his manhood. Vegeta
thrust his tongue into her, making her squeal before covering his manhood with her mouth.
Vegeta groaned as his tongue wandered around inside of her, tasting her.

She sucked him gently, bringing her teeth all along his length, making him shiver. They
were both almost climaxing just doing this. Vegeta couldn't hold back anymore, letting
himself go, as did Bulma. Her juices came into his mouth like a waterfall, dripping down
the sides of his mouth as he licked it all up. Bulma at the other end was enjoying it
just as much. His cum was overflowing her mouth as some dripped back down his manhood.
She licked it all off, loving every drop.

Then Vegeta pulled Bulma's snack off of his face. Bulma raised her head, panting heavily
from the pleasure, "What?"

Vegeta smirked, grabbing Bulma and flipping her over onto the bed. But before he could
continue, she grabbed his shoulders and said, "Be careful, I am still a virgin."

Vegeta facevaulted. "No way! You didn't seem like it just a minute ago, you seemed very...
'experienced.'" Bulma blushed.

"Oh.. I uhh... I did?" she whispered as he brought his hand down to her sex. He rubbed
her a little before shoving his fingers in her, making her squeal in delight. He brought
them in and out of her in a small rhythm. When he could feel her getting wet and she was
panting extremely heavily, he stopped and removed his finger, licking them seductively.
Bulma thought she was going to explode, this was the best thing that had ever happened to

Vegeta positioned himself in between her, spreading her legs wide with his legs. He
rubbed his throbbing manhood against her.

"Oh god..." she groaned, urging him to go on. He slowly slid his tip in, making her sigh.
He slowly edged his way in. "Come on VEGETA!" He smirked and slid in more until he felt
the barrier of her virginity.

"Are you sure you wanna do this?" Vegeta asked. Bulma nodded her head, "Very much."

"Okay, relax..." he said soothingly, and she complied. Then, with one thrust, he broke
her barrier, making her cry out in pain. He leaned in and bit her neck, marking her as
his mate.

She felt a sharp pain in her neck as tears squeezed out from her eyes. She felt him l
apping up the blood that flowed out of the bite mark.

Slowly the pain faded and was replaced with pleasure as Vegeta's thrusts sped up. She
soon wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with him. Both their pleasure began
rising higher and higher and higher until finally, they bother climaxed, spilling their
juices into each other.

But they didn't stop there, they went on for hours and hours. And finally after their 5th
climaxed, they were both too tired to do anything further. Bulma lay there, drenched in
sweat, panting hard as Vegeta pulled her to him. He held her tight, hoping this whole
night wasn't a dream.

Bulma looked up at him and smiled. "The best way to say 'I love you....'" she mumbled.
Vegeta nodded.

"I love you Vegeta..." she said, drifting off to sleep.

"I love you too......" And with that, they both fell asleep in each other's arms, knowing
the true love that they felt for each other.

The End

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