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A Secret Place

Bulma walked over to the open window. She laid a hand on the windowpane and looked outside.
Hoping to see Vegita below, Bulma was sadly disappointed. She reached out to close the
window, but stopped herself.
"Maybe he'll still come…" Bulma thought aloud. She left the window open and smiled weakly
as the breeze outside left her hair in tangles. She frowned and crossed her arms.
"Why do I even love that selfish bastard…" Bulma said unhappily, still frowning. A small,
whimpering cry protested against her. Bulma shook her head in regret. Tightening her grip
on her nightgown, Bulma walked quietly to the light blue crib in the corner. She peered
inside, to see two big eyes looking up at her from a pile of blankets. Bulma laughed
quietly. She untangled her son. Vegita's son. Bulma sighed sadly. She hadn't seen that low
life bastard ever since she told him she was pregnant with Trunks. And that was at least
12 months ago. Bulma looked down at Trunks. He stretched his arms out in a gesture to be
picked up. Bulma gently picked up her baby boy. She looked at him in the eye.
"You're just a lovable bundle…of trouble." Bulma said half jokingly, "Just like you're
father…" Bulma felt her heart break as soon as she thought about Vegita. Not only had he
left her alone, he never even said goodbye. Bulma looked away from Trunks. She wiped a
stray tear away furiously.
"I heard that…" a deep, rough voice sounded through the shadows. Bulma felt her anger grow.
She spun around, to see Vegita sitting on the bed in the middle of the room. Bulma had
moved the baby into her room, so she wouldn't be lonely, even though he was a handful.
"What do you want." She demanded, scowling. Vegita smirked.
"Nothing…" he replied calmly. This enraged Bulma even more.
"What are you doing here." Bulma held her voice steady. She was furious that Vegita dared
to show up, yet she was more then happy to see his face again. She spun around, trying to
hide the small smile that tugged at the corner of her mouth. She walked back over to the
small crib again.
She gently pried Trunks loose, and set him back down. Vegita walked over to Bulma. He
peered over her shoulder.
"Hmm…doesn't look anything like me…" Vegita said, observing what his son actually looked
like. Bulma scowled.
"Thank Kami…I don't need another ugly, selfish bastard around the house…" Bulma said
quietly, hoping Vegita understood. She heard a small laugh.
"Are you calling me a bastard?" he asked quietly, amused. Bulma felt Vegita's lips brushed
against her neck. She shivered. His hot breath tickled her.
Bulma turned around slowly. She looked up at Vegita, searching those black eyes, those
eyes that seem to be endless pits, for a tiny sparkle of love. She found none. Looking
away, Bulma tried to hide her disappointment and tears. She felt Vegita's lips gently
touch her ear. ~No…stop this while you can Bulma…don't do this…~ Bulma struggled to gain
control of herself. She pushed Vegita away roughly, hiding her disappointment. Vegita
could tell she was struggling to get the upper hand. He gently backed away from her.
"Well then…this 'selfish bastard' is going to do us all a favor and leave." Vegita said
gruffly. Bulma spun to face him. She felt her anger boil.
"Don't you dare leave Vegita!" Bulma yelled. She stomped up to Vegita. He stood there, arms
crossed, mouth twisted into a wicked smirk, eyes emotionless. Bulma looked up at him.
"And why not…?" his cold voice startled Bulma. She looked down.
"Because…I need you…" Bulma felt Vegita's shock as well as her own. She closed her eyes
and clenched her hands into small fists. She let a tear slip out from under her eye, and
run down her cheek, leaving a thin, sparkling line. She looked up at Vegita. Shaking her
head, she held back a sob.
"You know…you can leave…I made it this far without you, I'm sure I can raise Trunks by
myself…" Bulma tried to hide the hurt from her voice.
Vegita looked at her. He missed being in her arms. He missed the friendly, passionate
kisses and loving hugs.
"I…" Vegita started to say something, but was quickly cut off by Bulma.
"No… It's ok…you never realized how much you hurt me. You never knew how much I missed you…
but it's ok now, because I've made it this far without your love. If you even have love…
I'm positive I can live the rest of my life without you…" Bulma's voice was choked, and
tears streamed down her face freely. Vegita touched her shoulder gently. Bulma slapped it
away. She turned around and buried her face in her hands.
"Bulma…I…I didn't know…I hurt you…like this…" Vegita said quietly, trying to sound as
compassionate as he could.
"Well now you know…and now you can leave." Bulma regretted those words the minute they
left her lips. Vegita hadn't always been very obedient, but he did a good job of doing
things that made Bulma upset.
"Fine…I'll leave…I'm sorry I ever came here in the first place." Vegita replied quietly.
He turned and walked away. Pausing at the crib, Vegita peeked in one more time, before
scowling and walking toward the balcony. He tossed something on the bed as he passed it.
Opening the door to the balcony, he turned around to see Bulma looking at him. Her face
was as cold and emotionless as his own. She quickly turned her head away, not letting him
see her cry. Vegita closed the door to the balcony and levitated. He turned away from
Capsule Corp. and flew of to who-knows-where.
Bulma turned around and watched Vegita leave. She shook her head and walked over to the
window. Closing it gently, she made sure not to lock it.
She turned around. Bulma looked once to the balcony, hoping to catch a glimpse of Vegita,
before she looked to the bed. She gasped and walked over to the bed. Sitting down at the
edge of the bed, she picked up a single red rose. Bulma immediately knew Vegita had put it
there. It wasn't one of the best roses on the earth, but to Bulma, it meant the world. She
studied it for a minute, before picking up the small note beside the rose.
She opened it, and smiled warmly. A tear slid down her cheek. She wiped it away gently.
Picking up the rose, she walked over to her dresser. Putting it on the dresser, Bulma
hugged the note close.
"He loves me…" Bulma whispered quietly, "Oh Kami…I sent him away…he loves me and I sent
him away…oh Vegita…why are you doing this to me…"
Bulma shook her head, as she let a couple more tears flow freely. She sighed sadly. She
did love Vegita. He just didn't see it. Or he did see it, and just chose to ignore it.
Bulma heard a soft cry. Trunks. Son of Bulma and Vegita. A bundle of trouble, just like
his father. Bulma felt her heart ache when she thought about Vegita again. Trunks was the
proof that Bulma loved Vegita. Bulma sighed heartlessly.
A short while later, Bulma turned off the lights. She stumbled over chew toys and blankets
as she made her way to the bed. Glancing at the clock, she realized Vegita had left a
little over an hour ago. She closed her eyes and snuggled down under the soft, fluffy
covers. Bulma rolled over and looked to the spot where Vegita would be sleeping if he were
there. She touched the pillow softly, hoping he would appear out of thin air. Bulma sighed
and curled up in the bed. She closed her eyes and fell into a restless sleep.
Vegita landed silently on the balcony. He looked gently opened the door. Waltzing inside
the room as if he owned it, Vegita walked up to the bed.
He looked down at Bulma, and noticed she had her hand on his pillow. Vegita smirked softly.
He gently pulled Bulma into his arms, and picked her up.
Heading back toward the balcony, Vegita scowled when he noticed Bulma was wearing a long,
white nightgown. Vegita levitated with his pride in his arms, and slowly flew off toward
the horizon.
Bulma shivered. She felt rather chilly, maybe it was a bad idea to leave the window open.
Wait…she had closed it. Then what was causing this draft? Bulma's eyes opened a crack. She
glanced around and all she saw was darkness. Deep, dark secretive blue sky, with bright
stars, speckled here and there. Bulma opened her eyes all the way. She looked around, and
still all she saw was the dark sky. She glanced down, and saw a couple bright lights.
Cities. Bulma's eyebrows knitted in confusion. She suddenly realized what was going on.
She was flying. Bulma squealed and clung to the nearest object. This happened to be
Vegita's neck. Vegita chuckled quietly. He looked at Bulma.
"Afraid?" he asked quietly. His voice was deep, but somehow gentle and caring. Bulma clung
to Vegita's neck tighter.
"Baka! What do you think you're doing?! Take me back NOW!" Bulma squeezed her eyes shut,
hoping she wouldn't get sick. Vegita laughed quietly and loosened his grip on Bulma. She
slipped a little, and in turn, clung to Vegita's neck even tighter. Vegita smirked, he was
quite amused.
"You should know it's safe to fly with me…" he said quietly. Bulma glared at him.
"If you even THINK of dropping me…" Bulma scowled menacingly. Vegita smirked evilly, he
let go of Bulma completely. She screamed and fell down into the darkness below. Vegita
swooped down and caught Bulma. She clung even tighter to his neck.
"VEGITA!" Bulma screamed in Vegita's ear, still clinging to his neck. Vegita chuckled
quietly. He was quite amused with this. Vegita flew a little quicker, glancing around down
below them. Bulma looked down with him. She saw mountains. Lots and lots of mountains.
They were everywhere.
Bulma looked at Vegita, confused.
"Where are we?" she asked, suspicion hinted in her voice.
"Austria…somewhere in Austria." Vegita replied calmly. Bulma's eyes went wide.
"Austria? Wow…" Bulma glanced back down, staring in awe at the many mountains and hills
that rolled along the landscape. She smiled and squeezed Vegita's neck lightly in
excitement. Bulma had always wanted to go to Austria. The snowy mountains and fresh spring
lakes were something anyone would enjoy seeing. Vegita slowed down a little, then let
himself drop at an alarming speed. Well, alarming to Bulma. She hung on for her life,
Vegita landed lightly on the soft ground. He set Bulma down gently. Bulma turned around
and put her hands on her hips. She glared at Vegita.
"As much as I do enjoy seeing Austria, this was not necessary!" Bulma said, she was
slightly made that Vegita had jokingly dropped her.
"I thought you might enjoy seeing this though…" Vegita replied quietly, smirking.
"Seeing what?" Bulma asked, still glaring at Vegita. Vegita smirked and lifted a hand up.
He waved it around as if he were showing something off.
Bulma scowled and turned around. She caught her breath.
The frigid, snowy peaks were towering above them. Bulma noted the jagged peaks. It wasn't
a very big mountain, but it was a beautiful mountain.
She noticed the lush, green forest around them. Bulma stared in awe. There were evergreen
trees everywhere. She could make out the trees on the mountain clearly. She realized they
were in a clearing. A small clearing, completely covered in wildflowers. Wildflowers that
reached about waist high, all different colors, all different fragrances.
Bulma turned to face Vegita. She stared at Vegita, wide eyed. Vegita smirked and side
stepped, giving Bulma a view of what was behind him. Bulma gasped. She saw the wildflowers
come to an abrupt stop. Bulma took a couple steps forward. She stopped when she realized
they were standing on the edge of a cliff. She gently walked to the edge of the cliff. She
held her breath when she reached the edge. Below, a sparkling, crystal clear lake
shimmered down below them. The wind picked up a little and caused the waves below to dance.
Bulma leaned over a little and spotted a clear, fresh waterfall tumbling out from a cave
in the rocky ledges of the cliff. Bulma could make out a soft, sandy beach at the water's
edge. She clearly saw the evergreen forest that continued around the edge of the lake.
Bulma smiled and turned around to face Vegita. He wasn't there. Instead, Bulma found him
on a flat, bench-like rock. It was obviously carved, and conveniently placed in the middle
of the clearing. Bulma smiled smugly and ran to Vegita. As she got closer, she noticed the
rock was flat and smooth, comfortable looking, with slightly tilted backboard. Bulma
stopped in front of Vegita.
"Why…did you bring me here?" Bulma asked quietly. She sat down next to Vegita and peered
deep inside his dark eyes. Vegita smirked and didn't answer. He took out a remote.
Pressing one button, Bulma suddenly heard singing in the distance. It sounded faint and
faraway, but soon it grew until Bulma could here it clearly. She looked to Vegita. Her
eyes twinkled in happiness and excitement.
"Have I told you...lately…that I love you…" Bulma whispered the words along with the song.
She smiled warmly and looked to Vegita. She understood completely. He had brought her to
this place to show her how much he really cared. Bulma smiled and scooted closer to Vegita.
Looking up at him fondly, Bulma crawled closer until she was practically sitting in his
lap. She leaned against him, and rested her head on his shoulder.
Vegita wrapped a warm arm around her waist, and pulled her close. Bulma suddenly realized
that the sun was setting. She blinked several times.
She shrugged. She wasn't going to ruin the mood by worrying. She snuggled closer to Vegita
as the song switched to Desert Rose. She hummed along quietly.
Bulma looked up at Vegita. He looked down at her. Their eyes locked. A sudden outpour of
emotions caused both of them to pull a little closer together. The wind picked up quickly.
It whipped around them wildly, sending Bulma's teal blue hair dancing around them. Both of
them felt the wonderful warmth of the sun as its rays hit their little spot in the
clearing. The wind howled gently, adding a sudden musical effect to the song that was
playing. Bulma smiled and leaned in toward Vegita. A couple wildflowers lost their petals
in the wild wind. The petals and flowers swirled around Bulma and Vegita, as if creating
a protective barrier from the surrounding world. Vegita pulled Bulma closer to him, until
their lips met in a tingle of electricity. Bulma kissed Vegita openly, not holding back
any of her emotions as she told him mentally how much she really loved him. Vegita's heart
spoke, not his brain. It sent the same gently, yet spicy message through that kiss. I love
you. Both of them cherished the moment. Vegita pulled away from Bulma reluctantly. Bulma
looked up at him and smiled fondly. Vegita wrapped his arm around her shoulder in a half-
hug. He smirked, and leaned back against the smooth back of the bench-like rock. Bulma
curled up beside him, resting her head on his chest. She smiled when she heard the
continuous beating of his heart. Bulma smiled and snuggled up closer.
Bulma and Vegita watched the spectacular array of colors, which some people call the sun,
set. They sat there, on that bench type rock, snuggled up and cozy. While the wildflowers
danced around in the wind and the waves in the lake twirled around at the shoreline. The
birds chirped occasionally, then quieted down completely as the last rays of the sun
disappeared over the vast forest. The warm wind picked up again, as the different flower
petals twirled and swirled around Bulma and Vegita, they both realized the true meaning of
bondage, and love.

The End

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